What the Rav said about Purim night

This is a bit of a ‘flurry’ of stuff going up at the mo.

For a few different reasons, including that I came back from Rashbi with a lot of energy, BH. And also, that I decided to try and translate almost a whole shiur of the Rav, so that more people can actually understand the depth and breadth of the Torah learning and knowledge going on here.

I tend to just translate the ‘low hanging fruit’ from the Rav’s shiurim, because that’s the easiest stuff for me to do, and it’s usually related to current affairs.

But I’m starting to realise that it’s good to translate more of the true richness of the Rav’s shiurim, and to stop thinking that most people are too dumb to grasp it.

That’s probably true for some people out there, and I guess they’ll either persevere, or give up and go elsewhere.

But most of the people who are regularly visiting this blog are actually pretty darned clever, Baruch Hashem.

And now more of my own arrogance is starting to dissolve a bit, I can see that it’s better to just put out as much as possible, and to stop worrying about ‘explaining’ what the Rav is saying (like I even know…) or trying to ‘dumb things down’ to make it more accessible.

Things are plenty ‘dumb enough’, online, without me adding to it.

And each person will take their own ‘gems’ away from the Rav’s words, in their own unique way.


Before you read the first section, below, this is a comment the Hava just put up in the comments on THIS post:

Here’s an interesting comment from another blog about the failed State:

” Anonymous Anonymous said…

Northern leaders announce communities will secede from Israel on Independence Day

As 80,000 Israelis are still displaced from their homes with no information about when they can expect to return, frustration among northern residents is growing, with some leaders seeking to break away from the State of Israel altogether.

Moshe Davidovitch, head of the Mateh Asher Regional Council and chair of the Confrontation Line Forum declared, “The soul of the public in the north has been torn apart by the lack of action.”

He added, “From now on, we will stop listening to the government; we will run as an independent country and act independently without a state.””


This could be how Israel really fails, if the perimeter secedes on all sides — or maybe most.

We will really need Mashiah then, if we didn’t think we really needed him now, never mind the 200-years-from-now statement. The blog is the End of Days/Years of Awe, at the moment I posted, the last comment: https://www.blogger.com/comment.g?postID=5146033157378287896&blogID=10578166&isPopup=false&page=2

I myself have had the idea that secession might be the way parts of the country could defend themselves against attack without government interference, but I didn’t dare say so, to my chagrin.


And now, read this, the first part of the shiur from the Rav:

Excerpt of a shiur given by the Rav on 28th Nissan, 5784, after the Ma’ariv prayers:

They said that I was Moshiach, and that I will reveal myself on Purim.

In the end [text is missing in the newsletter] with the tikshoret (communication / speaker system), I don’t know what.

I didn’t reveal myself.

Now, they are still makpidim against me (holding a grudge, judging harshly) because of this. They aren’t forgiving me.

It was publicised that they should come with tattoos, they should come with nose rings, they should come with earrings – nobody came.

This was a very big mashber (‘shattering’, breaking).

It was also a mashber for me.

And I ask for forgiveness, that I didn’t reveal myself.

And there will be a wait for another 200 years.

The Gaon said that the Moshiach will come, really, in another 200. Only in another 200.

Only at the end of the 6,000.


We have another 200 years to learn the parsha, to finish eight pages of gemara every day.

A long [Shabbat] day like this, 5.30 is netz, 19.30 is shkia, and in the month of Sivan, it’s already going to be six minutes to 20.00. [Shabbat] will be 14 and a half hours, and there’s what to do, there’s what to learn.


You can’t learn Gemara? So learn the parsha! Read the parsha with the ‘Kli Yakar’, with Rashi. Each person should sit with their wife, and read the parsha.

We need to know the parsha, why Nadav and Avihu were burnt, what’s the explanation, that they said Moshe and Aharon should die, already?

Even Datan and Aviram didn’t say this.


Datan and Aviram said [to Moshe and Aharon] why are you so arrogant?

You took all the jobs, all the portfolios, for yourselves! Defense Minister, and ‘Kehuna’ Minister, and Justice Minister. Each of you has 10 portfolios in their hands. Stop this!

There are 250 men, and they want you to distribute the portfolios to them!

There will be 250 portfolios – the ‘Jerusalem Minister’, and the ‘Meron Minister’, and this one will be the ‘Tsfat Minister’. And this one will be the Minister of Tiveria, and there will be a Minister of Eilat, and a Minister of the Negev, and Minister of the Galilee.


And this one will be the ‘Minister of the Coffee Shop’, and that one will be the ‘Minister of the discotheques’, and there will be a ‘Minister of the Supermarkets’

It’s possible to create 250 ‘ministers’, this is not going to be a problem. Each person will get 50,000 shekels a month.

So, 250 men came, we also want a portfolio, what, don’t we deserve it?!

But they didn’t say they should die.

They didn’t say to Moshe: Die, already! It’s enough! Enough!

[Instead], they said: We want a portfolio, we went to be a part of the government, and a Member of the Knesset.

And “why do you exalt yourselves over the congregation of Hashem?”[1]

You took all the portfolios! Leave some for other people, so they’ll look at you with a favorable eye!


So, at the end of the day, Datan and Avraham wanted a tik (portfolio)[2].

A tik (fil) with the police, a tik (briefcase) in Gaza, a tik Rafiach, a tik in Khan Younis – each person will recieve a tik. Each person will get a tik.


You want to eat some food?

Go to Gaza – there, it’s possible to eat all the food.


[1] Bamidbar 16:3.

[2] The Hebrew word ‘tik’ has many translations, including portfolio, file, briefcase, bag, etc.


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    • Jeff R
      Jeff R says:

      I just read in the other post that you heard the shiur on the way to Rashbi, motzei shabbos. I felt much better after hearing Rav Elmaliach’s take on the apology. From the Rav’s tone during the apology I didn’t know what to think.

  1. AK
    AK says:

    Regarding succession, sounds like a great idea but there is no chance that the deep failed state would let that happen. Wouldn’t it be amazing if the city of Yerushaliim and Yehuda and Shomron said the same thing as well?

    I don’t really understand the Rav’s comment about Moshiach coming in another 200 years, considering we have been hearing that MBD has to come in 5784 by the end of it. (wasn’t that the agreement with the Baba Sali?) This totally contradicts everything that R Elmaliach said a couple of months ago. So what happens to all of those remaining revelations that are supposed to happen by the 25th of Elul?

    • האיש
      האיש says:


  2. doowop rebbe
    doowop rebbe says:

    your post reminded me of my former yemenite neighbor.one summer he went with his very proper english wife to london where they visited harrods.their rambuctious sons were acting up loudly causing him to scream at them ” dai kvar dai dai dai! a shocked silence ensued! (thought you might enjoy this vignette)


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