The Secret of Contentment

Last Wednesday, I had one of those oh-so-rare days, were there was nothing pressing to do with myself.

I decided to go and walk around downtown Jerusalem for a couple of hours, something I used to do very often, but now I haven’t done it for months and months.

Because it’s kind of depressing.

So many shops have closed… So many ‘gaps’ on the high street… Sometimes, such a sense of quiet desperation, from the people walk around and the shopkeepers who are still going.

But Mahane Yehuda still has some ‘buzz’, some of the time. So I started there, and then walked up Yaffo Street.


I was sitting having a bowl of soup on the pavement, under one of the big umbrellas the soup place set up over a couple of tables, when a young woman dressed all in black passed by.

She stopped, fumbled in her pocket and gave me something to read:

It was a prayer from the Rav, entitled ‘The Secret of Contentment’.




How do I know it was a prayer from the Rav?

Because I chased after the young woman to ask her who the ‘anonymous Rabbi’ who’d written it was.


Here’s what it says:

Ribonu shel olam, Who can do anything.

Give me the merit of always being happy with my lot.

And only this is the ‘true wealth’.

And I shouldn’t fall into poverty, chas v’shalom, because there is no ‘poverty’ except in da’at (spiritual understanding).

And every ‘feeling’ of poverty is kefira in the kindess of Hashem, because a person isn’t happy with their lot.


And so, it’s a mitzvah to be happy, always, in each and every single situation, without a second’s break.

And even in situations that seem ‘bad’, this is always the best it could be, because “Hashem is good to all, and His rachmanus is upon all His creations’.”

And Hashem never does ‘bad’ things to us, because a good and merciful Father only benefits His children.

And even when they are given a ‘punishment’, this is only from an abundance of mercy, to raise them up onto the ‘derech HaMelech’ (the path of the King.)


Ribonu shel olam, Who can do anything.

Give us the merit to always know that You only do good with us.

And that we shouldn’t fall into kefira, chas v’shalom, and [instead] just thank You, for each and every breath, and each and every movement, and for each and every minute, and each and every second that we’re alive and breathing – us, our wives, our sons and daughters, and our grandsons and grand-daughters.


Answer, Hashem, take us out from this character trait of being a cry-baby (i.e. Whining and complaining), that we’re always crying for nothing, over things that have no substance, whose ‘roots’ is only complete goodness.

And even if we don’t see this ‘goodness’ – truly, it’s just only good.

Because You are only good, and do good to everyone.


Wow, what a prayer to get thrust into your hands as you eat a bowl of soup on Yaffo Street, feeling a big down about ‘the matzav’.

This happened last Wednesday, but this is the first day I’ve really had the time to sit and translate it properly, as I’m having another break from the evil internet, where I can actually contemplate life, a little, and not just stress myself out with one ‘nervous reaction’ after another.


Dear readers, if you aren’t already, I can’t underline just how very good it is for the soul to spend a few days totally unplugged from the internet.

I know if you have a smartphone, it’s much, much harder to ‘break free’ – you have to either switch to a kosher phone, or leave your phone behind.

But the benefits are enormous.

I literally can feel all the stress dissolving, because instead of wasting hours and hours reading rubbish online written by mentally-ill people (at best….) – I could actually do a whole bunch of things that were just good for my soul today, pro-actively.


I went and did some more weeding in the garden.

I planted a couple more flowers. In the process of doing this, I made even more peace with my downstairs neighbor, and even went out of my way to give her a trowel and pruning scissors to borrow, so she can also feel like she’s got a ‘part’ in the garden.


Straight after I did that, a beautiful brown dove came and walked right next to me on my mirpeset, while I was eating a sandwich.

And because I was in ‘slowed down’ mode today, I could a) notice and b) really enjoy it and c) even take some time to ponder what it meant.

I decided it’s a ‘dove of peace’ – because the real peace in the Middle East boils down to each of us making peace with those Jews who are so different from us, and who we don’t like very much.

(Easier said than done, of course. Way easier said than done.)



Whatever ‘the madness’ is meant to be this week, yes Rafah, no Rafah, yes hostages back, no hostages back, yes ‘massive antisemitism’ in chul, no ‘massive antisemitism’ in chul, yes ‘St Pollard’ / ‘St Bibi’ are ‘MBY’, or no, a dead guy is DEFINITELY not ‘MBD’ – yadayadayada – turn it off, and do something good for your soul instead.

Appreciate all the true beauty that each of us still has in our lives, even if it’s just being able to take one more breath, or scratch one more itch.

God loves us so much.


I know this stage is hard going.

I know the uncertainty and the confusion is very hard to deal with – and the worry and the anxiety that will probably accompany the ‘clarity’, when it starts to come in more.

We are heading for a massive war, beginning Elul 25th, that is going to take Uman off the table, last through Rosh Hashana, and only going to end Simchat Torah 5785.

This is the message from the Rav, via Rav Elmaliach, that was given out three months ago, already, around Purim Katan.

And Moshiach is only going to be fully revealed after Elul 25th some time, even though there will be more ‘hidden’ revelations of the next stage of ‘Moshiach’s soul’ occurring again on both Shavuot and Tisha B’Av.


When that war begins, on Elul 25, 5784, (September 28, 2024) it’s first going to appear that the Jewish people are totally stuffed.

But then, Hashem and the Moshiach are going to fight on our behalf, not the IDF, not ‘St Bibi’ or ‘St Pollard’. It’s going to be supernatural. And there will also be truly enormous earthquakes occurring all over the world, as Hashem grabs hold of the four corners, and shakes hard.

This is what the True Tzaddikim of the generation, with real ruach hakodesh, are telling us, not just bloggers or ‘commentators’ who can read Kol HaTor or the Zohar and then make some nice guesses.


One of the commentators wanted to know what ‘warnings’ have there been, recently, about the world being destroyed?

Back in October 2017, R’ Aharon Stern came to Shuvu to give some chizzuk – and some information, about the next stage of the geula process.

He’s the son of the famous kabbalist from Bnei Brak, R Chaim Dovid Stern, and he used to be the shamash of the late Rav Yehuda Zev Liebowicz, z’tl, the ‘head of the Lamed Vavnikim’ when he was alive.

Here are some snippets, but remember, this is from SEVEN years ago, already.


[Rav Stern said:]


“But even so, I’m coming to warn you. As Rav Shach, z”tl, once said, who can promise you that another holocaust won’t happen?

I experienced the awesome gathering that occurred [behind the scenes] during the second Gulf War, when the Tzaddikim gathered together. The tzaddik Rabbi Avraham, z”tl, and the holy Rav Kopolovitz, z”tl, together with my master and father Rav Stern, shlita, came to Rav Leibowitz, z”tl, and told him ‘come, let us turn this war into the war [before the coming] of Moshiach!’

“Rav Leibowitz, z”tl, asked them: ‘Were you in the holocaust?! What are you talking about! Did you see the world shake?! I saw the world shake! I won’t let the Moshiach come if it will involve even a single hair on a Jewish head being harmed.’”


Rav Stern continued:

“It gives me great sorrow that my father is so ill that he can’t come to this gathering himself, and that the Samech Mem (dark side forces) are preventing the Tzaddikim from meeting. But when I came here, I met Moranu Rav Berland, shlita, and he said to me:



There’s that date again – from seven years ago.

Then, Rav Stern said:

Before his death, Rav Leibowitz ordered me to make the following announcement about America, so I repeat this every opportunity I get.

He told me that the anti-Semitism in the United States is only going to continue to grow, until it gets to the point where the Jews will be forced to flee.

We can also see how the forces of nature are going crazy there, and this is because we see how the people there are overturning everything, and no longer know who is their abba and who is their ima….

“The same is true in Tel Aviv, which is why Rav Leibowitz told me:



Moranu Rav Berland, shlita, is fighting against the head of the snake, in direct combat.

Rav Berland is gouging out its eyes, and he’s taking upon himself all our troubles. I heard from my teacher and father, shlita, who told me: ‘I’m scared… I don’t know how Rav Berland is doing this!

There is no other rabbi in Israel, there is no other rosh yeshiva in Israel, there is no other rebbe or admor in Israel who knows how Rav Berland, shlita, is able to fight this war, and to fight against the head of the snake itself,” concluded Rav Aharon Stern.


There used to be a video up on Youtube, for years, where you could hear Rav Stern saying all this with your own ears, in Hebrew.

But the cholkim managed to get it taken offline, recently, with false copyright claims.

That’s part of why all this is getting harder and harder, for the people who are ‘new’ to this sugya, because so much of the evidence, the proof, the information, is being ‘disappeared’.


(There’s still a lot of the words of our true kabbalists and rabbis ‘captured’ in OIAG II, tho. You can download the PDF HERE, or get a hardcopy on Amazon HERE.)


If you go HERE, you’ll find a post from July 2018 – six years ago – when the Rav said this:

At the end, Hashem is going to shake off all the rashaim (evildoers). He’s going to turn everything over, and prevent the evildoers from seeing the daylight, and the deceitful limbs [He will] break.


It’s a whole post talking about ‘moving stars’, and natural disasters.

Here’s one of the footnotes from that post:

The Rav was referring to many of the concepts found in both the book of Iyov (Job) and in the Gemara, in his remarks on the constellations and stars.

For example, “‘Ash” or “‘Ayish” is mentioned twice in Job, and has been identified with the Great Bear. The Gemara in Brachot 58b says: “But for the heat of Kesil, the world could not endure, on account of the excessive cold of Kimah, and vice versa.”….

Elsewhere, the Gemara explains how the stars Kimah and Kesil are directly related to the mabbul, which came about when God took two stars from one constellation and moved them to another, leading to Noah’s flood.


This is another way of referring to the ‘magnetic star’ that Rav Elmaliach talks about, which is going to cause the enormous natural disasters, including earthquakes that are off the charts.

Really, for people who have been following the Rav’s hints for years, there is very little that’s ‘new’ in all this, it’s just a matter of timing.


In Sichos HaRan (translated into English as ‘Rebbe Nachman’s Wisdom’, by the Breslov Research Institute), Rebbe Nachman tells us the following:

“It’s written about the time of Moshiach (Job 38:13): ‘To grasp the ends of the earth and shake the wicked from it’. However, one who comes close to a true Tzaddik, [he] can grab hold of him, and not be cast off.

When we hold on to the Tzaddik, we can stay firm.”


That is how we get through the next few months with our sanity intact, no matter where we happen to live in the world.

We hold on to the Tzaddik.

And if you think that this means holding on to St Pollard, St Bibi, or some dead guy in Queens…. then Hashem should have mercy on you.


We aren’t living in simple times, not at all, and it is scary.

Even for me.


But in the meantime…. Every day life, offline, is so good.

And there are still five more months to make some real teshuva, and to get with the Rav, and under his protection.

So, there is no despair in the world!

And every breath we take is cause enough for us to happy and grateful.

(Or at least, it should be. When we work on our middot enough to actually get to that stage.)

And there is plenty of room still, under the Rav’s spiritual tallit.

Just don’t leave it too late.



A parchment (20,000 nis)
A page (5,000 nis)
Anything smaller
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