More clues from the Rav: They moved the whole army to Huwara

We are continuing the translation of the shiur given in Bet Shemesh, the 9th of Tevet, (Dec 20th), 5784.

(Read the first part HERE, and the third part HERE.)


Moshe prayed from the first until the 7th of Adar.

And if there would have been just one more prayer, just one more tefillah, then he would have entered into the Eretz, and revived all the dead – revived all the dead in the world.

Hashem told him that it’s still not the time, because they had worshipped avoda zara.[1]

You can’t do it, the ikker (main thing) is to rectify the souls, so there won’t be any secular people in the nation of Israel.

The second there are chilonim….[there will be destruction].


So, they did ‘semachta be’hagecha’ – rejoice on your festival.

We didn’t.

We danced until 12.25am [on the morning of Simchat Torah][2].

The army came and said ‘no, you are staying too long.’

Because the army wanted to accompany us until Sha’ar Shechem, so nothing would get broken on the way, and so that we wouldn’t do what they had done in Huwara.


Because they took all the army [from the Gaza border], and moved them to Huwara.

They moved the army two days before, in order to catch the 16 year old children who couldn’t bear to see Jews being murdered.

We were in Huwara, we passed by there, a few times. We were in Har Tavor, we were here, you go past Har Gerizim, you go through Huwara.

You get stopped there at the traffic lights for a quarter of an hour, and so it’s possible to liquidate everyone there.


So there were ‘liquidations’ [i.e. terror attacks against Jews driving through Huwara], one after another.

So the 16 year old children, the hot-heads, didn’t understand that we just had to “accept this with love.” That Bibi wanted this, and we needed to ‘accept this with love’…

The Left wanted this, and the Left was supporting this, and we needed to ‘identify’ with the Left.

They didn’t catch on, small children don’t catch on. At age 16, they are hot-headed, they are against the murder of Jews.

So they went and broke the shops [in Huwara].


So now, [on the night of Simchat Torah], they brought the whole of the army to protect Huwara, so [the Arabs] wouldn’t have their shops broken.

[On the Gaza border] There was no army, there was not a single soldier. There wasn’t [in the whole Gaza envelope].

And whoever wasn’t a soldier, they took their weapon away.

And it was only permitted to have 10 bullets in the guns. A mafaked (commander), rekez (organiser), a rekez of all the soldiers, [there were allowed to have] 15 bullets.

So, he fired 15 bullets – in Kissufim – he fired 15 shots, and he took down 15 terrorists, then ran away. But this fifteen – it meant that all the other terrorists ran away, because they saw one who….

Because they didn’t know that he could only kill 15, they thought that he had more bullets. So, they saw 15 dead, and already everyone else ran away.

This was in Kissufim.


[Ed. note: see my attempts to track down this story below.]


In Zikim, they didn’t enter in the first place.

Because in Zikim, they [the security team] didn’t agree to give over their weapons [to the army].

They only entered 21 kibbutzim.

They [the security team] were even sent universal warrants for arrest – what is this?! That you aren’t giving the guns?!

They told them: You are going to make some mistake, suddenly, and you are going to fire on some poor Arab.

[The security team] Answered, we don’t care, put us under arrest, we aren’t giving them.

And exactly the day after, the terrorists showed up.


So in Zikim, on the beach, they killed everyone.

There were around 100 young men there, because they wanted to feel the ‘delight’ of the festival. Simchat Torah, the biggest mitzvah is the oneg, the delight.

“[I]f you proclaim Shabbat ‘a delight…”[3]

So everyone went to the sea, to bathe. And then, they [the terrorists] came with boats, and annihilated everyone.


So now, we need to know that it’s possible to revive the dead.

Now, the war of Gog and Magog, they are saying that the war will continue until Pesach, at the minimum.

We need to harvest the tomatoes, and the eggplants, and the cucumbers.



[1] See Shemot Rabbah, Parshat Ki Tisa.

[2] Weeks earlier, the Rav asked his attendants to organise hakafot on the evening of Simchat Torah for the Shuvu Banim community at the Western Wall. Right up until the last moment, the authorities didn’t want to give permission for the Rav to come to the Kotel on the evening of Simchat Torah, October 6th, 2023. It was only after the attendants said that they would rent the Rav an apartment in the Old City for the whole week of Succot, and then the police wouldn’t be able to prevent him from coming to the Kotel, that he was given permission.

This is what the Rav is describing in his comments above – that the police wanted the hakafot ended as early as possible, and also requested Shuvu Banim to organise hundreds of their own ushers to line the route from the Kotel through the Old City, that leads back to Musrara via Sha’ar Shechem.

[3] Isaiah 58:13. The full verse reads:

If you restrain your foot because it is Shabbat; refrain from accomplishing your own desires on My holy day; if you proclaim the Shabbat ‘a delight’, and the holy [day] of Hashem ‘honored’, and you honor it by not engaging in your own affairs, from seeking your own needs or discussing the forbidden – then you will delight in Hashem. And I will mount you astride the heights of the world.”


Ad kan, for the Rav’s shuir.

Now, let’s see what we can dig up more about what happened in Kissufim, mentioned above.

If you go HERE, you’ll find a GoFundMe page for Kibbutz Kissufim, together with a short video and description of what happened there on October 7th.


There is something ‘off’ with the timings here.

In the video, around the 1.26 minute mark, it says that ‘after 12 hours in the MAMAD’, they left the house – with the Israeli soldiers that showed up then.

But if they are leaving in broad daylight….

And if the attacks began at 6-6.30 am, as we are being told – then it wouldn’t be ‘broad daylight’ like we see in the video, 12 hours later.

This screenshot shows the netz and night times in Israel, on October 7th, 2023:

(From HERE).


BTW, I am just ‘noticing’ stuff here, not accusing anyone, or jumping to conclusions.

When God is ready, the truth will come out all by itself.

But in the meantime, there’s a whole website set up called ‘’ that has a bunch of media there, and that’s where I found what sounds like the story the Rav is talking about.

Or as near as I can get to it.

That seems to be THIS – in Hebrew on the Mako news-site, the story of Saar Margolis, head of Kibbutz Kissufim’s two man ‘Emergency Response’ team, who was killed tackling the terrorists in Kissufim on October 7th.

His ‘second in command’ was Shai Asher – who just as the Rav described, apparently repelled dozens of terrorists single-handedly.

The clip below has English subtitles, and tells his story (from two months ago.)


While I was scooting around trying to pin down what happened in Kissufim, I watched another interview describing what had happened in near by Yechini.

If you want to, you can also watch that interview for yourself HERE.

I have screen-shotted some of the things that took my eye – compare and contrast with the remarks the Rav has repeatedly made about the guns being taken away from the kibbutzim, leaving them with just personal handguns and a very limited supply of bullets:


The man saying this lives in Yechini, and was one of the people who ran all over Yechini the morning of Simchat Torah to warn his neighbors that they were being invaded by terrorists.

He made another comment that apparently some law was passed three years ago (i.e. in 2020 – at the height of the Covid lockdowns) to take the big guns like the M-16s etc away from the kibbutzim etc in the Gaza envelope.

A lot of planning went into this.

Can anyone out there help me track down when this law was passed in 2020 – and who actually sponsored it?


Lastly, just if you’re bored, take a look at this on the Hebrew Wiki (and also, this):

קציני צה”ל בוגרי תוכנית המנהיגות הבכירה של קרן וקסנר

You’ll learn a lot.



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