Audio Message from Rav Berland

The Rav is currently in a special private facility getting urgent heart treatment.

While the rest of us get illnesses because of our tikkunim and spiritual debts, when it comes to the tzaddikim who are from the aspect of the ‘Tzaddik Yesod Olam’, their illnesses are caused by the spiritual situation of the Jewish people.

That’s why the Rav is currently in a very bad situation, health-wise.


The Rav has been in similiar situations before, and what really turns things around – both for him, and for the Jewish people, because everything is totally interlinked – is prayer, teshuva and tzedaka.

This isn’t wishful thinking.

Anyone who has read the One in a Generation Series can quote literally a dozen examples of where we have seen this phenomenon occur, over the last decade.

As Rabbenu taught his students, we can’t do anything much without a strong connection to the True Tzaddik. But the True Tzaddik also can’t do anything much, without us.

We aren’t ‘xtians’, where the Tzaddik does all the work and we just sit back and polish buttons.

And we’re also not cynical ‘rationalists’, who have very little emunat tzaddikim and think that St Bibi and the army, and owning a machine gun, are going to ‘save us’.


So now, here’s a new, short, audio message from the Rav.


It’s in Hebrew, but the basic gist is that he’s asking everyone to take it upon themselves to say 7 Tikkun Haklalis a day, for his refuah – which of course, is really for the refuah of our very weak, battered and bruised nation.

And for ourselves, most of all.

And the Rav also says that whoever takes it upon themselves to say 7 tikkun haklalis a day will merit to see open and revealed miracles.


Because Hashem built the world with free-choice, there is always the option available to just mock all this, and relate to it all with maximum cynicism.

Yah, how is saying tehillim going to change ANYTHING?!?!!?

This is how cynics think and believe.

If you want to be a cynic, that option is on the table. 

I watch these ‘cynical types’ spend hours analysing fake news reports, and more hours arguing about stuff on Instagram and Facebook and Linked In, and even more hours secretly worrying to themselves about what’s going on, while continuing to pretend that they have some emuna.

(The ones who pretend to believe in God, that is.)


At this stage, I’m more and more coming to the conclusion that all I can do, really, is ‘throw my own brains aside’, as Rabbenu teaches, to follow what the Rav is saying and instructing.

I see doing that works in my own dalet amot to keep things chugging away as ‘normal’ and ‘nice’ as you could really hope for, considering just how crazy the world really is at the moment.

So, you can either waste another hour listening to more fake news, or you can spend an hour doing something constructive for yourself, your family, the Jewish people – and the Rav.

And you don’t have to say seven in one go, you can split them up here and there, wherever you have a few minutes.

The effort, the genuine yearning to do it, is everything.


And if you want to give some tzedaka to Shuvu Banim, you can also do that, HERE.

If you want to help get the Rav’s Torah completed, to finally stop the war, you can follow the links at the end of this post.

If you want to make some sincere teshuva, good places to start are clothing, internet (ab-)use – and ignoring the instructions of the real tzaddikim in our midst.

But as always, there is free choice, and people will be guided in the direction they really want to go in.

With all its consequences.

And may we just hear good news.



A parchment (20,000 nis)
A page (5,000 nis)
Anything smaller
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  1. vivian corey
    vivian corey says:

    Hi Rifka just donated to the Sefer Torah campaign, in merit of the Ravs refuah Shleimah and the Chayalim and Ervin Netanel Ben Tziona.

  2. Molly
    Molly says:

    Thank you for the updates. Today while reading the tikkun, the line in psalm 32 hit a little different now that I’m learning more about the poles shifting and how it will cause the sea levels to rise. “For this, shall every pious person pray to You in a time when You are found; then surely the floods of greats waters shall not come near him.” I always wondered, why is this line needed since HaShem promised no more flooding the entire earth? But I understand this time the flood won’t cover the entire earth. I live near the coast, so I wonder if I should move lol.


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