Some thoughts on our leaders making teshuva

All our leaders are corrupted scum.

Hopefully, we can at least agree on that.

All the ‘leaders’ you hear about, that have all the PR, the adoring write-ups, the social media groupies – if they get anywhere at all in this world, you can assume they are working for ‘the other side’.

And if that isn’t the case at the beginning of their careers – and maybe, it isn’t for some of them – the only way they can carry on being our leaders, without getting jailed, exiled or out-right killed, is if they start playing ball with ‘the other side’.


So, the discussion of whether our leaders can ‘make teshuva’, really, is an interesting one.

In theory, of course they can.

Even King Menashe, son of Hezkiyahu, made teshuva – and he literally slaughtered eight million Jews in his career of serving idol worship, before that happened.

Then, after a few years, King Menashe got kidnapped by his Babylonian enemies, and they started boiling him alive in a big pot.


Menashe called on his buddies the Americans to save him…. called on his buddies the Saudis…. called on Trump, called on Kushner, called on AIPAC, Chancellor Shultz, his old friends from the masonic lodge of Tel Aviv, the Friends of Zion…..

Nothing, nada, nobody.

So then, desperate, he called out to Hashem.


The angels didn’t want that prayer to ascend, so they blocked it.

But God made a special ‘hole’ under His Kisay HaKavod – and that’s how Menashe’s prayer ascended on high.

And God answered it, and saved this idolatrous king who killed more Jews than Hitler.


Point is, if Menashe could make teshuva…. then anyone can make teshuva.

At least in theory.


We are currently at the point where ‘the good guys’ – i.e. the sincere Jews of Eretz Yisrael – are being zapped with blue death rays almost to the point of no return.

(BTW, is it just me or do all these ‘evil emperors’ look like American politicians?)

But you know what happens next to turn that around.

And if you don’t, watch this and remind yourself:


In the meantime, they are so desperate to get ‘the war in the North’ going they are now sending drones that mysteriously don’t explode into the back gardens of local mayors ‘up North’, who then furiously have to tweet that ‘there is a war going on’.

In my experience, you usually don’t need big, persuasive PR campaigns that ‘there is a war going on’ when there really is a war going on.

And it’s interesting to me, that ‘Hezbollah’ managed to send their unexploding ‘drone’ precisely to the back garden of an outspoken mayor who has been pushing for ‘war in the north’ for years…..

(And what, is he retarded?! You don’t get close to unexploded drones just to video them and tweet about it…..What in the world.)



If you want to do your bit to tip the Evil Emperor into the abyss, here’s how:

  1. Join the Shuvu Banim campaign to get 100,000 Tikkun Haklalis said by 7th Adar BET.


Here are the Rav’s words encouraging the saying of 100,000 Tikkun HaKlali’s to end the war:

“Until 7 Adar II, we need to complete 100,000 Tikkun HaKlali’s – the Yahrzeit of Moshe Rabbeinu, 100,000 Tikkun HaKlali’s and the war will end.  The war will end and no Jew will be killed anymore.”


Every day, more poor Jews are dying in the meat-grinder in Gaza – and for what, exactly?

One day soon, I have plans to write something about all the Trojan Horses in the so-called ‘frum community’, pushing for greater enlistment in the religious world.

If you want your sons and daughter betrayed by their commanders and left to be gassed, murdered, tortured and kidnapped while at their posts – because their corrupt commanders ignored their warnings and needed some ‘korbanot’ for political reasons – then sure, encourage your children to enlist!

And if you want your kids to come out totally disconnected from God and Torah, then sure, encourage your kids to enlist!

And if you want kids coming out as quadraplegics and paraplegics and with other serious disabilities and injuries that will  leave them seriously impaired for the rest of their lives – then sure, encourage your kids to enlist!

And, if you want your kids dealing with years and years and years of serious PTSD after seeing and doing awful things in combat situations  – which they will have to deal with all alone, because the State and the army don’t want to admit that PTSD is really a ‘thing’ that so many soldiers experience – then sure, encourage your kids to enlist!

Like, duh, no-brainer.


Here’s the second thing you can do to get the war to stop and the deaths to end and the ‘Evil Empire’ to finally turn on itself and fall into the abyss:

You can help to write the Rav’s Sefer Torah for the soldiers in the following ways:

20,000 nis – donates a whole section of parchment (including the actual writing), and gets your names transcribed as donors.

5,000 nis – donates a page (parchment and writing).

OR, donate whatever amount you can afford.

In all cases, just go to THIS link, and make it clear in the comments that the donation is for the Rav’s Sefer Torah.


A parchment:

A page:

Anything smaller:

6 replies
  1. AK
    AK says:

    I just saw something that the number of PTSD cases in this country is expected to be off the charts in the coming years. You are correct about the army, we have friends whose sons have been in Hesder but now are seriously considering ending the learning to end and go into the army. One friend told me the army came to his son’s Yeshiva and asked the Rosh Yeshiva which students would they be willing to send to the army now. They all want to go into combat because they feel the need to fight for the state. So sad that these parents don’t see what we see, all these young men so eager to join.

    The entire political system in this country is a farce. I was actually a bit surprised that the Rav said people should vote for Agudah in the local elections, part of the same corrupt, evil system. My nephew was in Gaza got released and now his entire unit was called up north. We need those TK’s to end this war once and for all.

  2. doowop rebbe
    doowop rebbe says:

    thank you for answering me re johnathan pollard, personally after the gehena he went through in the usa i doubt that he gives a monkeys behind about any deep state here( or there for sure)iI think the holy trinity of am yirael eretz yisrael and toras yisrael are his focus.if his ideas for us going forward are wise or not is another question

    • Mig
      Mig says:

      IMO, Jonathan Pollard is controlled opposition. He made the chutzpah statement that “Jews in America and in Europe should spy against the country they are living in.” This comment brings up the canard of dual loyalty which only puts Jews in chutz l’haaretz in danger. Stupid man.

  3. Jeremy M
    Jeremy M says:

    b”h did something I’ve wanted to do for a while and memorized the tikun haclali (yeah it’s not ideal to say tehillim from memory but I got a heter) so hopefully I can help more this time than with previous similar campaigns


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