A thousand books

Long story short: a thousand books of the Rav’s Conversations II are now being printed in Eretz Yisrael, BH.

Usually, we print 100 – 200 copies of these books, and hope for the best.

But for some reason, I got a strong ‘push’ in my hitbodedut to print 1,000 copies of this book:


The last time we were doing 1,000 book print runs for the Rav, in English, was five years ago.

A lot of people were starting to get interested in what Rav Berland had to say, were willing to consider that maybe something wasn’t as it seemed in the whole media witch hunt, and were open-minded enough to at least start to hear more of the other side.

Then….. the autistics came out in a series of messages saying that Rav Berland was Moshiach – and all hell broke loose.


You can see one of the messages that triggered the next wave of hatred and state-sponsored persecution of the Rav HERE, from Ben Goldin.

It’s in the usual format, here’s the bit that ‘went nuclear’:

For example, they want to take all the boys to the army they want to empty out the yeshivas. Only let the top top ones stay in the yeshivas and go to kollels. However, there’s one catch to it, that they decide who’s the Talmid Chacham, they decide.

That means the goyim decide who’s a Talmid Chacham andwho isn’t, and its very terrible, just very terrible. And the funny thing is that they don’t really need any more people in the army, they have enough people in the army, because they are more high- tech than they were, so they don’t really need so many people in the army especially frum Jews that demand kashrus and all kind of things like that, they need to daven three times a day and so on and so forth.


The radio announcers speak about the frum in such a disgraceful way, but let me tell you, you non-frum Jews in Israel, the only claim that you have to the land of Israel is from Hashem, He gave it to us and not your chalutzim, HE gave it to us, and He let you come in, but it’s not going to help, you’re not going to continue ruling here, you’re not going to continue.

You’re going to run away when it gets really bad, you’re going to run away and leave here the real Jews. And don’t worry, Hashem will protect us because we have Moshiach, we will have Moshiach, and I will suggest that all real Jews do teshuva fast.

And I agree with many of you, many of our Rabbanim are not the way they are supposed to be, but you’re not the way you’re supposed to be either. And if those rabbis are trying to please you than what do you got against them? They are trying to be like you, so what do you got against them?


But now let me get to the main point. The main point is this – Moshiach is here already and we can’t deny it.

You can deny it if you want but it’s not going to help you, the earth is a in a very bad situation and the people on the earth are in even a worse situation. You think that the earth itself, your cities, your so-called cultures, that that’s the essence of life, but it’s all lies, lies.

The only things in this world that is not a lie is the Torah and all the seforim that the tzaddikim have written like the Gemara, all the seforim that the greatest scholars in Yiddishkeithave written throughout the generations – that’s the truth.

The rest is lies.

And I’m forewarning you, and I’m talking only now to Am Yisrael – you better do teshuva fast. But fast! It’s true, the Moshiach is here, and he lives in Yerushalayim and he’s a great person, and people talk bad things about him, dirty things about him and it’s not true.

But boruch Hashem that they speak dirty things about him because it only proves that he’s Moshiach.


Not chas v’shalom because Moshiach does bad things, chas v’shalom, chas v’shalom, no, that’s not the reason. But because every huge tzaddik was slandered in the worse way because of jealous people that wanted to take over their positions.

Well, it’s happening again and this is one of the greatest signs that he is Moshiach because the dirtier they make the stories, the more we know that it’s all lies, and he is Moshiach. And this great person already has a very large following all over the world, he has worked wonders and he also is the exact description of what Moshiach is going to be like from all the seforim.


So, I will only tell you his name and you can check it out for yourselves.

And I bless you that you use your sechel, you use your intellect, and your Jewish heart to realize that the people that speak the most dirt about him are the dirty people.

They’re the ones that speak the dirt about him, they’re the ones that can’t stand purity, they’re the ones that can’t stand anything that’s close to Hakadosh Boruch Hu, they’re the Erev Rav or worse.

His name is Harav Eliezer ben Etia.

And I tell you, you better daven for him because he’s sometimes very sick and he’s sick because of us, because of our sickness. And he takes it upon himself, but we don’t have to worry about him.

When we are praying for him, we are really praying for ourselves because he is above everyone, and he is sacrificing himself for Am Yisrael, he’s taking the suffering on himself so that we can be saved. However, we have to still do teshuva because Hashem loves us very much and he loves Eliezer ben Etia even more and he wants us to do teshuva and it’s not enough that he suffers for us, Eliezer ben Etia, it’s not enough.

We have to ourselves do teshuva and we have many people that are sure they’re tzaddikim. And
they’re not. Not at all.

Only כאילו, just as if, they are tzaddikim.

So, my dear fellow Jews, you haven’t got much time you better get your act together because time is out. Finished. And we’re almost at the end, and we’ve better get it straight.


These messages from Dani18 and Ben Goldin came out in July 2019.

And they ignited a firestorm.

All of a sudden, commentators and bloggers who had been avidly sharing every tiny little whisper about ‘Nibiru’, and the ‘Erev Rav’ from the autistics decided that Shuvu Banim must have somehow ‘infiltrated’ the FC with ‘pro-Rav Berland’ messages….

Of course!

That’s what happened…. of course! How very smart those anti-Rav Berland people were.


And I found myself in a bind, because I also used to hang off every word from the autistics about ‘WW III’ and the ‘Erev Rav’, and the need for people to make some serious teshuva, that including moving to Eretz Yisrael.

I pressured my family members (all of whom still live in chul) to make aliyah, shared the scare stories of the ‘end of days’ – and long story short, most of my family stopped talking to us for a couple of years, because they were sick of us harping on about things that seemed to have zero relevance to their ‘real life’.

And back in July 2019, all the autistics’ ‘scary stories’ and WW III alerts were kind of wearing thin.

Back in July 2019 (just before when Jeffrey Epstein got arrested….), it looked like the people who believed in all the stuff the autistics were saying didn’t have a heck of a lot to point at, in terms of ‘things that actually came true’.

Now, I know it’s because the Rav was holding off the geula, and busy sweetening everything again and again and again.

But back in July 2019?

I had been ‘off’ the autistics for a long time, already.


And then, they showed up with all these messages saying that Rav Berland was Moshiach.

And then, that led to some MASSIVE push back, as people like ‘Mr Nibiru’, (who’d built his whole career in the frum community giving ‘presentations’ on how the dark star was going to show up and cause massive natural disasters on planet earth), went into ‘damage limitation mode’ and started claiming this latest batch of ‘autistic messages’ had somehow been ‘faked’ by Shuvu Banim.

As if.


For a few more months, the autistics continued giving out very clear messages that the Rav was moshiach and WWIII was imminent….

And then the Rav himself told them to stop.

Look at the timing: July 26, 2019.

That massive earthquake had just hit the China Lake ‘torture base’ of the US Navy…. Epstein had just been arrested…. there was a real feeling in the air that ‘the bad’ was about to be revealed openly, and stuff was finally going to start going in a much better direction for us all.

But…. we flubbed the ball.

We had an opportunity to do things ‘the sweet way’, and instead, we said:

Nah, Shuvu Banim are faking these messages, and the MSM are the ones you should be believing, when it comes to Rav Berland!!!


Barely six months later, the Rav was back in prison, based on more scurrilous lies in the media – and we were sailing straight into the misery of ‘Covid 19’, brought to us all by the same liars who’d framed the Rav.


Once the Rav was back in prison, the book sales kind of dropped off.

Nobody wanted a book from the Rav even for free.

And it really felt to me like ‘the bad’ had won again.


So here we are, in February 2024, and in my hitbodedut, I got the ridiculous idea in my head that we need to print 1,000 copies of Conversations II.

That equates to 50 boxes of books, at least.

Being delivered some time in the next few days, BH.

And I am starting to panic.


Dear reader, I need your help.

I need some ideas of where to take these books, I need some help to do the hafaza, I need some more people to gird their loins, to help get these books ‘out there’ more in the English speaking world, because we are currently standing before another very big crossroads, in this whole spiritual process of geula.

(If you have no idea what I’m talking about, go check out R Shlomo Elmaliach’s channel on Youtube. Maybe more about that another time.)

Point is: it doesn’t really matter if Rav Berland is, or isn’t hezkat Moshiach.

He certainly fits the bill, but nothing is ‘guaranteed’ until it’s actually ‘guaranteed’ – and by that point, there is no argument.

But in the meantime, there are so many people in the English-speaking so-called ‘frum’ community, who are still buying the lies about him – and still buying the media’s lies about what is happening in our failed State around ‘Operation Swords of Iron’, and who is really responsible for what is going on.


Conversations II is literally dynamite.

By the end of the book, the world of lies has been totally blown to pieces and a person’s brain suddenly gets flooded with all this insight and da’at about what is really going on in Israel.

It’s invaluable information to have, as we lurch forward into the next stage of the geula process.


Yah, I know.

There are so many arrogant ‘news junkies’ out there, who think they know everything there is to know about Rav Berland because they never miss a bit of gossip anywhere online.

And dafka, those yucky people with horrible middot are usually the ones that start yelling the loudest, when any whiff of challenging their viewpoint comes up.

The question is:

How much longer do we let the narcs and the bullies and the people with bad middot and very little critical thinking ability rule the roost, in our communities?

That is the question.

I don’t have an answer.


So, a thousand books are about to land on my doorstep.

It’s either going to be awesome – or a nightmare.

(Or more realistically, a big admixture of both.)

And it looks like things are going to start getting ‘interesting’ again.


PS: One of my friends follows a lot of kabbalists online, and apparently they are saying something, something, some big revelation of Moshiach, is due this Shabbat, Purim Katan.

She’s worrying that means more war, God forbid.

From my experience, these ‘revelations of Moshiach’ can be way, way more gentle.

It can be that we ourselves wake up one morning and start to make some serious teshuva, smash the i-Phone, apologise to that family member we’ve been feuding with for years, switch our priorities around in a serious way…

Really, so much of this comes down to us.

If we make ‘teshuva from below’, then God doesn’t need to send harsh wars ‘from above’ to wake us up.

Each person knows their own struggles.

But I will say this:

Anyone who is ‘anti’ Rav Berland should probably give that topic some serious consideration.

You don’t have to be ‘pro’.

But to be openly ‘anti’ is a very big problem – most of all, for you.

May we just hear good news.

9 replies
  1. Hava
    Hava says:

    How much is each book? Is there a price scale based on how many are bought by one person?

    A woman in my hood holds geulah parties sometimes, and someone there brings materials from Rav Berland. Maybe that person should hear about this, and have some of these books. I’ll try to get her contact info, be”H, b”n.

      • Hava
        Hava says:

        I texted my friend, and she’s been sick too, for weeks. So I don’t know how long it will be before she replies. But anyway, when you find out, could you please let me know how many books are in a box and whether there’s a price per box? Maybe the woman who we both know, but my friend knows her better, would like one or more.

  2. Rivka Levy
    Rivka Levy says:

    I am still finalising the prices – it could be that people who are willing to do hafetza and to commit to distributing 10 books will get those 10 books for free – I am talking to a potential sponsor at the moment.

    The cost price of printing each book is 18.5 nis.

    There, or there abouts, is what the book will sell for, for anyone who wants to buy multiples, and do hafaza.

    The single book will probably go for double that, but still figuring things out. The point, the real point, is just to get the book into as many people’s hands as possible, so whatever pricing arrangements will help that to happen, I’m happy to hear suggestions.

    At the same time, if everything is ‘totally free’, people don’t value the book the way it should be valued. So trying to balance everything up together, and v happy to have help and concrete suggestions – including if anyone wants to be the ‘distribution point’ for their neighborhood, which basically means you just keep a box of books in your mamad for any locals who live nearby who want to buy the books in Israel.

  3. Daisy
    Daisy says:

    Shavua Tov.

    And what about in the US? Are you going to be selling the book on Amazon too, please, Rivka? I will buy it, bli neder, if you sell it online, and maybe share it with some of my friends too – online I mean, as they don’t live close by. Is that a possibility? It would be very good. Thanks in advance!

  4. yosef d.
    yosef d. says:

    bli neder i can still buy one on amazon if available, Be’Ezrat Hashem, about a week from now. it looks like amazon prints them locally.
    thank you for working on these books.


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