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In case you haven’t realised already, “the news” is lying to you.

Sure, there is some truth mixed in to all this, because without the element of truth, no lie would last long.

And this particular ‘lie’ has lasted 75 years and counting….

(At least.)

So, I am going to stick to just passing on emet, the real information you really need to know from our true tzaddikim.

Before we move on, a question: what happened to take out all the army bases on the border – and all the people in them – BEFORE ‘Hamas’ even came close to breaching the fence?

When we know the answer to that, we will know a whole lot more.


Here is what the Rav is saying, from yesterday, the main points, paraphrased in some cases.

  1. There is literally no-one to rely on except Hashem. Anyone who is waiting for ‘the army’ or the ‘the security forces’ to turn this around is living in fantasy land.
  2. The news is lying about everything, (including how this really happened, and who really did it.)
  3. The numbers involved are much higher than being reported.
  4. The more women and children are left in their homes without their men to protect them, the more they are at risk, God forbid.
  5. Only saying tehillim, learning gemara and paying tzedaka can get us out of this situation.


The Rav is putting a very strong emphasis on turning off the news, and to stop engaging with all the manipulated and manipulative ‘info’.

He’s asking people to say 3 books of tehillim a day now, instead of one – I am a third of the way through my first book today, and my advice is just to do something, whatever you can manage, but to for sure spend more time doing that something than surfing the net looking at more awful snuff videos from the attack, or reading media prostitutes who are being paid to tell you ‘Iran did this’.

Men should learn 10 pages of Gemara a day.


The Rav is not allowed to talk about money at all these days, in case they arrest him.

So, this is coming from me:

People should pay tzedaka to sweeten the judgement – money for blood.

And they should pay it to Shuvu, and have in mind that it’s for a ‘global redemption’ – a global pidyon – for the Jewish people to get out of this mess.

Even a tiny bit will do something awesome in shemayim.

Go HERE to do that online.



The link above is currently not working, so use this link instead, in the meantime – it comes from a trusted source, one of the Rav’s gabbais who I know personally:


I am not getting into arguments about pidyonot here – go and read Likutei Moharan Lesson 180 about how they work generally.

And then, read this:

Know: There are 24 types of spiritual ransoms [pidyonot], corresponding to the 24 Heavenly courts of justice. For each and every court there is a unique corresponding ransom to ameliorate its judgments. Therefore a ransom is not always effective, since not everyone knows all 24 ransoms…

But know: There is a certain ransom that includes all the 24 courts of justice and is able to ameliorate [the judgments of] all the 24 courts…But among the tzaddikim, not everyone knows of this ransom. Only one in a generation knows of it…

Likutei Moharan I:215


That ‘One in a Generation’ in our generation is Rav Berland.

The Rav also said to pray with niggunim, with melodies, otherwise the prayers don’t ascend.

Preferably, he said to come and pray with Shuvu Banim (usually starts around 8-8.30 pm, on Ido HaNavi Street – it’s a crush, and bring your own chair as they are in v limited supply.)

You can also watch the livestream of the prayers on the website HERE (right hand side of the screen).


If neither of those options work for you, then the Rav says to find a place where they daven with niggunim, because that is how the prayers ascend.

That’s why we spend half an hour before the prayers at the Rav just singing ‘Or zeruah’, and then another half an hour afterwards singing Uman songs.

And sometimes, when there is a lot of stuff to ‘sweeten’, the singing and the dancing go on way longer.


So, to recap:

  1. Stay away from the news – it’s lying about everything, and is designed to make people waste all their time and energy on either falling into depression and despair, ranting about ‘Iran’ and ‘Hamas’, or being manipulated into view points and actions that further the agenda of the same scumbugs who arranged for all those people to get murdered on Shabbat.
  2. Up the tehillim and the gemara learning – at least one book a day, three if you can manage it (!), plus men to learn 10 pages of Gemara.
  3. Pay a pidyon – whatever you can manage, and have in mind it’s for a ‘global redemption’ for Am Yisrael, as well as for you and your family.
  4. Pray with niggunim – either join the Shuvu minyan online or in person, of find your own davening where they pray with melodies.
  5. Only rely on God.

Because there is no ‘State of Israel’ or ‘army’ waiting in the wings to rescue us from this situation.

As those poor people on Shabbat learned at an incalculable cost.


Take heart!

Prayers, teshuva and tzedaka can and will turn all this around!

God is with us.

He’s just waiting for more of the people who are so far away from Him to realise that, and come back home.

This is Gad Elbaz’s Mizmor Le David from Caesaria, I have it on repeat.

It’s Psalm 23:

Even if I walk through the gates of death, I won’t fear evil – because You are with me.

6 replies
  1. mikki freedman
    mikki freedman says:

    thank you for sharing the instructions from The Rav . working on staying off the news, and just saying whatever tehillim i can, with all my ids and extra visitors stuck in our home most of the time my avoda is smiling at everyone and being patient and doing kindnesses with the people i am fortunate enough to have at home.
    may Hashem help us all do His ratzon, return in complete teshuva, keep us safe and comfort us and welcome the complete geulah brachamim gedolim.
    besuros tovos!!!

  2. skala
    skala says:

    Just need to know, to forward money on that second place you mention, how to say there its meant for Rav’s prayers. Forgive me not used to doing this, and i do so want to now, just want to be sure it gets to the right source. If you can help direct me how to, i appreciate.


    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      I haven’t used the link myself, so I don’t know – I think there must be a comments box or something, where you can put in your name, and what your intentions are for donating.

      If there isn’t that option, come back to me and I’ll try to help figure something out.

  3. Samlam
    Samlam says:

    Whether the mainstream narrative is accurate (unlikely) or a deeper and more sinister narrative is accurate, whoever is behind what’s going on now vastly miscalculated the strength of the unity of the Jewish People and how it can bring about our redemption and turn their plans back on them (whoever they are).

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Yes, they did.

      But it’s still going to be a very painful process.

      Until ‘whoever is really behind this’ is properly exposed, we are all vulnerable to repeated pogroms and other disasters, all orchestrated from abroad – but executed by the puppets here.


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