Four funerals, and a wedding

Yesterday was a busy day.

I spent hours reciting the whole book of tehillim, as per the Rav’s requests for more people to stop relying on ‘the army’, and to start spending their time doing things that will really help Am Yisrael.

Then, I talked to a few people.

One friend told me she’d just been to a funeral for one of the three boys from her yishuv known to have been killed in the ‘Nature Party’ that was ambushed by ‘Hamas’, who made a beeline for it.

The fake news is now trying to say that the beduin in Israel told ‘Hamas’ all about that Nature Party in Re’im, so they could include it in their plans – last minute of course, just plain dumb luck! – and have 1,000+ totally stoned, easy targets to kill and kidnap.



There are two more boys from my friend’s yishuv still missing, presumed kidnapped.

In the meantime, my daughter went to another funeral for a young man who was also killed at the ‘Nature Party’ yesterday.

The day before that, she went to a funeral for a ‘lone solider’ who’d been killed at Mt Herzl, and while it had a few people, it wasn’t as packed as she hoped.

Ima, they are burying another lone soldier today at 10.30pm, can you go?

Ok, it’s a mitzvah to accompany the dead.

But I asked her:

Why are they burying people at night?

Because there are so many dead people, that’s the only way to get it done.


In the meantime, I went back to the Rav yesterday night, and spent another couple of hours praying, clapping, jumping a bit to sweeten the dinim – and listening to the Rav’s shiur about what is going on.

It was a very strong shiur.

Amongst many other things, he was saying again there is no army.

And he was also talking about the ‘Nature Party’, and the lack of tznius all over the Jewish world, and how the anti-Torah people here shut down the prayers in Tel Aviv on Yom Kippur.

And those prayers are what ‘atone’ for a person’s sin.

If there is no atonement…. then what do we expect?

God has a lot of patience, but when half of secular Israel goes on holiday to the Caribbean for Yom Kippur, what do we expect?


In the meantime, the Rav said our troops were going into Gaza and Lebanon, are in a lot of danger, and need a lot of prayers.

The disgusting puppets who appear to be in control of the country and army had left all the helmets and flak jackets for the reserves to rot over the last few years.

Just in time for the Gaza offensive.

But that plan didn’t work out for them, because Am Yisrael is clubbing together in an awesome way, and very fast they had so much stuff and money donated to buy what’s required, they were literally turning extra donations away.

The chesed and mesirut nefesh and goodness is flowing here like a torrent.

It’s the ‘good’ in the Jewish people that our enemies keep miscalculating – and that we ourselves keep forgetting about, as the horrible, corrupt media keeps going all-out trying to turn us against each other.

Am Yisrael Chai!

But what we’re going through at the moment is not simple at all, and there is still so much pain to be faced.


So, me and my husband went from the Rav to the funeral at Mt Herzl, and found it had been postponed for a while.

The place was packed.

It was full of policemen, and symbols that kinda just make me nauseous, at this point.

But it was also full of ordinary people answering the call to come and participate in what we were told was the funeral of a ‘lone soldier’.

All sorts of people were there, including a large contingent of obvious chareidim.

Later on, when the family showed up, we realised the fallen soldier came from a chareidi family.

The father was weeping as he said kaddish.

The soldier’s Rav was weeping as he gave the chesped,


Until that point, I’d been standing there crushed, kind of feeling disconnected from everything that was going on.

I didn’t appreciate the weird ‘shuffle’ ceremony of the soldiers bringing the coffin to the grave, draped in a huge Israel flag.

Symbol of our State.

Symbol of betrayal.

I didn’t appreciate the army official who was running the funeral spending five minutes giving us a long speech about what to do if there was going to be a rocket siren during the funeral.


I stood there thinking dark thoughts, and trying to banish them by noticing all the good, that brought strangers to a grave in Jerusalem at midnight.

But the tears of that Rav and his chesped finally melted them, and I just stood there and cried a bit.

Together with everyone else.

For Your sake, they kill us all day long.


While we were there, I saw one of the ‘juvenile delinquents’ who spent two years in my house over the Covid lockdowns.

He and his friends used to love all those ‘Nature Parties’, which are full of drugs and promiscuous behavior.

One of that group, Itzik, also spent a lot of time in my house over Covid.

He was the biker who broke his leg in an accident, and who I spent about six months helping to nurse him back to health.

I cooked for that guy… I food-shopped for him…I took him out for meetings and even ‘tiyulim’ in my car, while he was recuperating….

He was a big soul, from a frum Breslov family – but stuck in a massive klipa that he just couldn’t seem to shrug off, especially after his accident.

I already knew he’d been at that Nature Party in Re’im on Simchat Torah, and that no-one had heard from him.

So, I asked the other juvenile delinquent who was his best friend, any news of Itzik?


By this point, the options are that he’s dead and has been rotting in a field for three days, or that he was kidnapped.

It’s hard to know what answer you’d prefer to hear.

I am sure he’s dead, he reached his tikkun, the juvenile delinquent told me, with the sort of calmness you see in people who checked out of living in their own felt experience a very long time ago.


At the funeral, I overheard someone saying they are working non-stop to bury 300 dead soldiers from the attack on Shabbat.

We’re back to that question of how the bases could get ‘taken out’ like that, and no-one even noticed, apparently, for six hours.

No police came from Ashkelon – less than a 20 min drive away.

No army came from any of the other bases dotted all over the south, also less than half an hour’s drive away for a civilian in normal traffic.


For six hours.

And meanwhile, the communications were not ‘taken out’, which is just more lies.

‘Hamas’ couldn’t live stream themselves killing people on Facebook if the communications were ‘taken out’.

Wake up, and see what is staring us all in the face here.


Why is it taking so long to know if Itzik was killed on Shabbat, or kidnapped?

Because there were so many people murdered at that nature party, who were then left in the heat, and fed on as carrion, that many of the bodies are already badly decomposed.

Without DNA, it’s not easy to identify them.

So in the meantime, I’m waiting for funeral number 4.


This morning, I woke up feeling pretty sad.

I had a feeling that Itzik was going to die young.

But not in this way.

But then I remembered what the Rav said, that all these people killed al kiddush Hashem go to the highest place in shemayim, to keter she be keter.

They become a beautiful crown for God’s head, sanctifying His name, killed just because they were a Jew.

In the end, that’s what Itzik, that big soul, merited.

But I’m still crying as I type these words.


Today, we were meant to be going to the wedding venue for a ‘menu tasting’.

Everything has been cancelled.

Israel is currently operating under partial ‘lockdown’ circumstances, with only essential businesses and government offices open.

It’s Covid all over again, just without the masks and with a bunch of rockets.

And hundreds of thousands of our citizens  being sent to fight ‘the enemy’, by the same people who opened the door to ‘the enemy’ on Shabbat, and who are praying that most of us just won’t notice what really happened.

That we’ll just continue buying all the lies in the media about ‘Iran’ and ‘drones’, and all the fake timings and other details.


I already said 50 Tehillim today.

It’s the only way I could get out of bed this morning.

I will continue the rest of the book.

For the ilui neshama of Itzik, and all the other people killed just for being Jews on Shabbat.

For the speedy healing of the 2,000+ injured, including very seriously.

And for the hundreds of thousands being sent off now to fight ‘the enemy’.

We need all the prayers we can get.

So please join in, and add yours to the pile, until it gets high enough that all the harsh judgements against the Jewish people are obliterated from sight – and God can finally bring the geula b’rachamim.


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  1. vivian corey
    vivian corey says:

    Baruch Dayan Ha Emet….I’m so heartbroken, and yet the chesed makes my heart sing! Am Yisrael Chai !! Please Hashem Ad Mosai !!!! Time to obliterate your enemies do it FOR YOUR SAKE and let the entire world know that U R One and Am Yisrael r your children!!!ENUF is ENUF


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