A book of tehillim every day

In the shiur yesterday, the Rav asked that every girl and woman 7+ should try to say a whole book of tehillim a day.


For non-Hebrew speakers, that’s an even bigger ask – see if you can team up with some friends and divide the book between you.

Also, the Rav said every boy and man 7+ should learn 10 pages of Gemara a day.

There is a very uneasy feeling in the holy city right now.

Please, spend less time on pointless news and fake news, and more time praying.

Every word of prayer counts.

The situation feels extremely serious.



They just translated the Rav’s shiur from the day after the attack HERE.



I was in the middle of the update, above, when sirens went off again and I left the computer to just ‘bind myself to God’ and the true tzaddikim, and to start saying a Tikkun HaKlali.

What else can I do?

I live in an old rented house with no mamad, but the truth is, even if I had a mamad – only God decides if a person lives or dies.

The day before Yom Kippur, I literally nearly choked to death on a crisp.

God doesn’t need rockets, if your time is up, God forbid.


Anyway, so those rockets apparently landed more in the Gush, plus one hit the mosque in Abu Ghosh, and another hit the judenrein Bethlehem.

So maybe, that’s a small sign that maybe this horrible din is starting to sweeten, a little, as more and more people start saying tehillim and Tikkun HaKlalis, and wasting less time on pointless political discussions and ‘news’ that is just sucking us all dry of our energy and keeping us far away from God.

And far away from really solving our problems, via prayer, teshuva and learning Torah – and acts of kindness and charity.


Here is the bit of the Rav’s words I wanted to highlight:

Rabbeinu warns in [Likutey Moharan] Lesson 260, that every year numerous souls need to go for the sanctification of God’s Name — and this is the greatest unification, of the Ten Martyrs. 

The unification of the Holy One Blessed is He and His Shechinah (Divine Presence), about which we say, “God of Vengeance Hashem, God of Vengeance appear” — that everything happens because of the sale of Yosef….

[T]he greatest unification is made through those who are killed for the sanctification of God’s Name.


Rabbi Natan of Breslov prayed about this in [Likutey Tefilot] Prayer 47, that at the conclusion of 120 years, everyone should merit to go for the sanctification of God’s Name.  This is the true unification, that only through this unification is it possible to come to the Land of Israel, because the souls ascend on high through self-sacrifice; they return to the Shechinah. 

They are included in the Shechinah, in Keter of Keter [the highest point in the highest of the Ten Sefirot]; for all those souls who now ascended in a whirlwind to Heaven, in a chariot of fire and horses of fire, they are all included in Keter of Keter.


These are not just dry words, at least, not to me.

I was talking to my kid about this yesterday, as she sat weeping to see yet more people dead, injured and kidnapped.

There is a spiritual tikkun going on here, and whenever we forget that, we can get pulled away from Hashem, and away from our emuna, God forbid, that God is doing everything, everything is for our higher good – even when it hurts – and everything is just a message, a hint, about what WE OURSELVES need to be working on.


I have been planning to translate more of the Rav’s stuff, but I am currently feeling very tired.

The heaviness here is coming in waves of ‘palpable’, there is a ton of din in the air, and so much still needs sweetening.

But I will carry on updating, BH, to the best of my ability.

And please keep praying… that’s the only way this really turns around as quickly and painlessly as possible.

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