Help required: The Lurie Legacy

I am trying to get hold of a full copy of The Lurie Legacy from 2004.

I can’t find it anywhere online as the full PDF, and none of the second hand booksellers seem to have it either – which is a little strange, as it’s a popular book from 2004.

Does anyone out there either have a copy they can lend or sell me, or can you help me track down a full PDF in some way?

I’m at the stage where I think that book will probably fill in a whole bunch of the ‘missing links’ required to make more sense of our real Jewish history.

And that’s probably why I am finding it so very hard to track down.

If you have my email, get in touch that way, or leave a comment and I’ll get back to you.




There is a short 24 page PDF that’s easily found online – thanks to all readers who emailed me with that.

The actual book is 360+ pages long – that’s what I’m after.

At this stage, I think it will answer most of the ‘questions’ about how all the people leading us are connected to each other -and to other things they’d rather we didn’t know about.

It’s probably going to be super hard to find, but let’s try anyway!

If God finally wants the info ‘out there’…. it will get ‘out there’.


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    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      It looks that way.

      But the same is true of the BESHT and Rabbenu.

      And also, of course, the Vilna Gaon.

      And Chaim of Volozhin.

      And a bunch more people.

      From the greatest darkness, comes the greatest light.

      But it’s always the same family, which ever side of the equation the descendants chose to participate on.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      I’ve kind of been ‘off him’ for a few years already… He was giving a lot of messages like this years and years ago, and also saying that the doors to Israel were closing (which they may well be, fair enough) – but also actively supporting the govt and calling it ‘holy’.

      I just started to get the feeling I didn’t like where all this was coming from.

      But I’m happy to post things up here from readers, and everyone should make up their own minds.


      Now I actually went through and carefully listened.

      I’m getting an even stronger vibe of ‘off’ here.

      Just keeping the doors closed isn’t going to help anyone get through this – although for sure, it will up everyone’s paranoia, fear and despair, which is exactly what the evils ‘feed’ off.

      Rabbis should be talking about praying, checking mezuzahs, turning to God, making some real teshuva, doing pidyonot to ‘sweeten’ decrees – and not just scaring the pants off people telling them to live in fear with their doors glued permanently shut.

      No-one with half a brain cell thinks that we are ‘safe’ and that all this over just because there is a stage-managed cease fire.

      Just, we also know that the terrorist organisations are also all puppets. And no-one can do anything here without the nod and the wink of the American masons who are currently trying to get WW3 started with all their little ‘puppet leaders’ on both sides.

      We live in a police state with AI facial recognition cameras now installed on every street corner.

      And the ‘release of terrorists’ is just the cover story for what others behind the scene are trying to ignite as the next step in their literally diabolical plans.

      We only have God to turn to.

      It’s a shame he forgot to mention that.

  1. molly
    molly says:

    What’s weird is even the publisher’s website has scrubbed the pages referring to it. but it does show up in their list of out of print books, albeit with a misspelling. I accessed the wayback machine to find the scrubbed pages, and got the following links – one showing the breakdown of the contents, which might be a bit helpful on its own, and one showing a little anecdotal story of napoleon’s coat.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Yeah, that ‘Napoleon’s Coat’ that got made into a shul parochet – and which is now apparently in a museum in Haifa – also caught my eye.

      Chabad sources talk about them having a ‘spy’ very high up close to Napoleon, who was working for the Russians, called ‘Moshe Meisels’.,the%20person%20was%20hiding%20something

      ‘Moshe Meisels’ apparently ended up in Hebron. And he for sure was hiding something…. the whole Meisels family were v close family of the SHACH / SHABTAI TZVI, and then morphed into the Berlin bankers that also got ‘scrubbed’ out of real history and replaced with the catch-all banker-baddies called the (fake name) Rothschilds.

      And, they also married Spanish catholics – and that’s how the Chatam Sofer (amongst many others….) has v close family who were apparently ‘Spanish catholics’.

      So…. the plot thickens with the Yona / Jonas guy who got Napoleon’s coat.

      I have been trying to track down ‘Chaim Yona II’ for the last couple of years – it seems he is either a fake persona hiding someone ‘famous by another name’, or a real person who got totally scrubbed except for some vague references on geni.

      I’d love to be able to figure that out, finally.



      This is a better version of the story, with more details:

      It’s also possible that this ‘Moshe Meisels’ was actually the Baal HaTanya’s youngest son, Moshe, who later converted to xtianity. The whole thing is so murky, but there are a lot of overlaps with ‘Moshe Schneerson’ and ‘Moshe Meisels’.


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