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Back to Berdichev

Back to Berdichev Before I got totally up-ended by the Rav’s awesome hints about the links between the maskilim, the Sabbatean-Frankist-Freemasons and the Austrian monarchy, I was actually working on more stuff to do with the Berdichev Bankers. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, go back and read THIS article, first. (Maybe, […]


The Oppenheimers

I almost called this post ‘the Oppenheim Invasion’…. ***UPDATES*** In the course of trying to figure out how the Jewish community got so hijacked by corrupt ‘court Jews’ – many of whom repeatedly converted to xtianity down the generations, yet their descendants somehow kept on ‘ruling’ the Jews – one name keeps coming up: OPPENHEIM(ER) […]


Berdichev Bankers and the Tzemach Tzedek

The story begins, as these stories so often do, with a chance comment one of the readers here made. You can see it here on THIS post, about ‘Mr Israel’, the WWF wrestling nephew of the Chazon Ish who was also a member of the (masonic….) ‘Muslim Brotherhood’. (Again, who can make this stuff up?!) […]


The mystery daughter of the Alter Rebbe

The story begins with a book called ‘The Vilna Gaon and His Cousinhood’. My husband tripped over it in the library, and I went back and took a look. Long story short, I went through the whole book, and there, on page 226, I saw a family tree that said the following: Pinchas Reizes Shick […]


Freeing the captives is the most important thing

These are comments from October 17th, 2023. Before our troops went into Gaza, and there was apparently an offer from Hamas to free at least some of the captives. There are a ton of ‘hints’ here about real Jewish history.  After the Rav’s comments, I will try BH to unpick some of them. ==== In […]