Update from the Rav

I was just at the tefillot of the Rav tonight.

He spoke for 30 minutes, and at times seemed close to tears.

What I understood him to be saying about the situation was:

It’s the most serious time for Am Yisrael, they are really trying to do another shoah, mamash.

Everything that is happening is because of the government, which is full of bandits and gangsters.

Mothers and children were killed in the kibbutzim.

Up to 1,000 were killed.

150-200 kidnapped – and nobody knows when, how or if they will be released.

Hakafot – dancing – can sweeten all the judgements.

But the anti-Torah government cancelled all the hakafot.

This is going to last for at least 30 days.


It was very sombre.

The Rav has been trying for years to ‘sweeten’ what we are now about to go through.

The more people get behind him, stop listening to the news, start saying tehillim every single day etc – the easier this will go.

But it’s going to be difficult.

And it’s not disappearing tomorrow.

Like we all wish it would.

I will update when I  have more details.

May Hashem have mercy on us.



The atrocities committed are beyond awful.

People were raped, shot and beheaded in their beds.

The one ray of light at this point is that more and more people are understanding that this CANNOT have happened just by the will of the terrorists on the Gaza side of the fence.

Think about this carefully.

And think about who was in a position to give the terrorists they kind of help they so obviously had to break the fence in multiple places, and rampage all over the South for 6+ hours before any semblance of any army showed up.

Know thy enemy.

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  1. Daisy
    Daisy says:

    Thank you for clarifying the situation, Rivka. People here believe the official version without any questioning, Unreal! May Hashem spread clarity to all Am Yisrael the world over. Then maybe things will change. Will share. Chizku ve’Imtzu!

  2. moshe parry
    moshe parry says:

    [Edited] to have an excuse to attack iran which absolutely was not involved… they’re not stupid or suicidal… they would not have risked being annihilated without having a nuke or two to take their enemies down with them… they also would not put their own heads on a chopping block like this over such a relatively small incursion into isr…. at a minimum they would have timed this attack with a simultaneous northern attack from hezbollah with a hail of tens of thousands of missiles… and finally they would not have risked raising the ire of biden who just last week released billions of frozen assets to the iranian regime to buy them off… for these reasons it makes absolutely no kind of sense that they would undertake this operation at this time… plain and simple this was an inside job/partial false flag black op sacrificing innocent jewish blood for political purposes and for military gain…

    the 6hr lapse in response time is the giveaway of this nefarious betrayal and treasonous act… it was no blunder or mistake by israel’s defense forces… this looks to me like a case of obvious prior stand down orders having been issued… and there are very few people inside israel with the requisite power who could have made those orders… so I’m not buying any other scenario put forth… those 6hrs have to be explained and accounted for first sufficiently and adequately to my mind before I’ll entertain any other plot or any other gang of commanding culprits who organized and oversaw this savage rampage and massacre… truth.out…

  3. owyheewindsfreego
    owyheewindsfreego says:

    This was arranged, so that the non-Torah government could “justify” taking out Hamas/ISIS. They watched and encouraged the whole thing for 2 years. They may have even lent a hand or many hands. The IDF and IAF were held back for 7 hours. The colder than cold-bloodedness of it takes my breath away, literally. Then, they will strike Iran hard, while they have the support of the NTO nations, by running the horrific videos Hamas/ISIS posted over and over. They hope to do all this before the nations turn again.
    This same government that mandated the injections that are killing, fast and slower, so many people. Israel has the best scientists and doctors in the word, but they were not consulted, and they were punished for speaking up for Israelis.

  4. Rivka Levy
    Rivka Levy says:

    An important note to commentators:

    PLEASE don’t post comments against any ‘named individuals’.

    These people are just puppets, taking orders from the outside. As soon as we start talking about specific politicians, generals or other ‘named people’ we are just falling into more of the same pointless ‘blame game’, and totally missing the point that all these ‘named people’ are actors, at best, who can’t even brush their teeth without getting the OK from their controllers.

    Also, I am not willing to have accusations made against ‘named people’ on the blog, for legal reasons.

    There is a game being played here, a very narrow bridge to be walked, and the rules have to be tightly followed.

    To sum up: I won’t put up any comment that is making accusations against any ‘named individuals’.

    If you want to talk about countries, organisations or ‘invisible actors’ that’s fine.

    But stay away from naming the specific puppets as being ‘to blame’.

    It’s not helpful, for a lot of different reasons.


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