The morning watch

I woke up today to the loud sounds of war planes overhead.

It was before dawn, there were lots and lots and lots of them.

A few minutes later, the ‘Allahu Akhbar’ chants started up from the mosques close to where I live.

They’d turned up the volume, and there was a definite ‘edge’ to the chant that made me feel pretty scared.

The last time I felt scared like that was a couple of years ago, the same morning when the arabs started rioting in Lod for a week while our police and army went strangely ‘AWOL’ and let it all happen.


Two  years ago, I remembered the Breslov teaching that harsh decrees can’t be enacted as long as a person is doing hitbodedut – so I started talking to God.

I don’t know what happened, but the ‘balagan’ in my neighborhood disappeared – and I started to feel much happier and ‘safer’.


So today, I decided to do the same again.

A long hitbodedut, including seven Tikkun Haklalis.

By the end, I am feeling happier and calmer again.

But still quite scared of what is going on, to be honest.


The more the real details of what happened leaks out in Israel – and you still won’t see those real details anywhere in the ‘official news’, for so many reasons – the more there is cause for concern.

There is no way ‘Hamas’ did this all by themselves.

‘Hamas’ were just the puppets, but the planning and execution is State level.

So the question is: which foreign country just launched an attack on Israel and the Jews living here?

We are being told it’s ‘Iran’, or even ‘Russia’.

But I suspect the real culprit is the one country that desperately needs as many wars going as possible right now, to keep their multi trillion debt from crashing down on their heads (amongst many other things, that I don’t feel like re-hashing at this point.)

It’s the real wolf in sheep’s clothing.

The real enemy, who always dresses up as ‘Israel’s friend’.


And then, the next question is:

Did that foreign state that just attacked the Jews in Israel, using ‘Hamas’ as their puppets, have help from within the government and the IDF to do it?


My daughter just left to go to a few of the many, many funerals being held here.

There are a lot of young people still missing.

Many of them were murdered on the spot, at the rave they were at in Re’im – that ‘Hamas’ apparently knew all about, and made a bee-line for.

Many of the people at the rave were kidnapped and are now in Gaza, being used as human shields.


Two days ago, my sister in law took her family out of Israel, and back to the UK.

But she’s in a tiny minority.

For every person flying out, there are 5 trying hard to fly back in from abroad, so they can come back and protect the Jews from our enemies.

The Jews here aren’t going any where.

This is my home – even though I have three passports.

And I am just praying, and praying some more, that we get through the next few weeks OK.


Our enemies are planning another shoah here, God forbid.

‘Hamas’ and ‘Hezbollah’ are just the puppets – despicable, sub-human scum puppets though they still are.

But the real enemy is far more out of reach – hidden away, and seemingly invincible to the attempts of us mortal men to topple them.

But our prayers can reach even to them.

So dear reader, if you want to ‘help’ in this time of severe danger and hardship, get yourself a books of Tehillim – and start saying a few a day, for the good Jews of Israel, and the good people of the world, to win this fight against pure evil that is actually way, way bigger than just ‘Hamas’ or ‘Hezbollah’.

Or, get a tikkun hakali, and just start saying it as many times as you can – once, three times, seven times – whatever you can manage.

Each word creates an angel that will come and fight for the side of good.


And if you are feeling scared for yourself and your family and your friends and your community – make every effort to identify the real tzaddikim, and to ‘join their circle’ ASAP.

We are coming down to the wire now.

The Rav has said that anyone who is part of Shuvu Banim, in any way, will be spared the worst of what is coming down the pipe.

And in the meantime…. we pray for everyone, and we all need all the prayers we can get.

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  1. esscee
    esscee says:

    May Hashem keep all of you safe… i am saying Tikkun Hakalis, and talking to Gd, to please rid you all of your enemies within your precious land, and outside to wherever they be.

    Please! please! I beg you…Hashem, have mercy, please please rescue Your people. Your Chosen…

    May Gd hear my prayers and may He find me worthy to listen to my prayers.

    God have mercy.

    Please, please hear the prayers of all praying for your beloved Chosen, Amen v’Amen.


  2. Yosef from the Galil
    Yosef from the Galil says:

    You mean the country that gave 6 BILLION DOLLARS to the enemy just a few weeks ago? and now has parked an aircraft carrier group off our coast….


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