The spiritual fight back begins

This morning, before I wrote that last post, I was feeling pretty down.

***Excerpts from the Rav’s shiurim updated below – scroll down.***

After I wrote it, I started to feel a bit happier, but still not great.

Then, one of my Breslov friends sent me this:

“They” really didn’t want us dancing….

But today is still Isru Chag and we can still sweeten dinim!


And that’s when the penny dropped, that what the yetzer is really after is all the sadness and depression yesterday’s horrible stuff is causing.

So then, I called ‘Southern Command’ – my friend S. who lives on a moshav in the South and who got really taken out by the events of Simchat Torah.

And I told her:

Yalla! We need to get out of bed, get out of our apathy, get out of our fear and anxiety and yeoush – and we need to start dancing!

With our kids!

And we need to start saying Tikkun Haklalis, and telling our kids, friends and neighbors to say tikkun haklalis.

And to re-attach ourselves to our prayers, and to God, and to shout from the rooftops:



God is still with us!

God didn’t go anywhere!

Yes, some very bad stuff happened yesterday, but right now, our job as the real ‘home front command’ is to stand back up, connect to God, connect to our prayers and our emuna – and to encourage ourselves and the people around us that:


And that all this can and will turn around in a miraculous way.

As long as we don’t get depressed, and as long as we don’t stop praying and believing and doing our best to live our emuna.



Our soldiers need us!

The Jewish people need us, to keep dancing and praying and believing.

So yalla!

Start dancing.

Keep saying your tikkun haklalis.

Encourage others to join you and to stand strong.

That’s is the best and fastest ‘response’ to this – and turn off the lying news, too.

It’s working for the same people who arranged what happened yesterday.

And it’s trying to bring us all down, and to pull us away from God, and into fear and yeoush.

That is the real war being fought here.



These snippets are from Shiurim from the  Shivivei Or Newsletter, 326, given September 1st and 5th, 2023.

Bear in mind that at least some of the sections of the Gaza Fence were bulldozed down by the terrorists.


Shiur after the evening prayers, Elul 15th 2023, Parshat Nitzavim-Vayelech.

“Sulfur and salt, a burning of all the land.”[1]

It’s written in the parsha that [after the destruction of the Beit HaMikdash] all of the land of Israel will be turned into sulfur.

And any Arab who tries to plough his field will encounter a mound of sulfur, and it will explode.[2]

Because sulfur explodes on the spot, like matches that ‘combust’ immediately.


And all the Arabs that try to ‘plough’ the land – seven years, they were all killed. They were all murdered.

Innocent people….pure holy souls that went up to Shemayim.

Until Serach bat Asher came, and began to dance.

And via her dancing, then everyone merited to have the complete redemption, may it be speedily in our days, Amen.


Second shiur, emphasising the importance of the women dancing again:

Shiur after the evening prayers, Elul 19th, 2023, Parshat Nitzavim-Veyelech.

“And the sister of Aharon,the Prophetess Miriam, took the drum in her hand, and all the women went out after her, with drums and with dancing.”[3]

Because Miriam just danced.

Pharoah said to her every day, I am going to kill you! I’m going to hang you! Every day. You are a criminal! You are transgressing dinah de’malchut dinah (the law of the land).

I’ve also got a daughter whose a criminal (Bitya bat Pharoah). I said every Jewish boy, should be drowned. Every Jewish boy – they should drown him! And she saw some Jewish boy , and she took him out of the Nile.

She had seven girls (maidservants), and they said to her: “If you take him out of the Nile, they will annihilate you! You should know that this is the end of you!”

And then, Rashi says holchot – they went.

[Rashi says: Our Sages said the word ‘holchot’ here is the language of death (Sotah 12b). Like it says in Bereishit 25:32, hinei, anochi holech la moot – behold, I am going to die…. They were going to die because they protested against her.]

The Angel Gavriel came and beat them to the ground, in the merit that the Prophetess Miriam merited just to dance all day and all night.

She merited to enter Gan Eden with her body.



[1] Devarim 29:22

[2] Yalkut Shimoni, Yirmiyahu, Chapter 9: “The Cuthites who were there, what did they do? They sewed here, and it burned. They sewed there, and it burned.” Then, there is an example given of a Cuthite who was ploughing a field in the valley, and it burst into flames.

[3] Shemot, 15:20.

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  1. adelle
    adelle says:

    as part of my seder yom I started learning ben ish chai, halachot which is divided up according to the parsha. oh sure just a breezy esoteric exploration of the zohar and arizal about the garments of adam harishon that led to a discussion of tzitzit whose secret is the ohr makif. I’m not going to pretend I understood any of it. and then I opened up my daily likutei moharan which was the end of torah 8 and rabeinu was also talking about tzitzit and of course connecting to the true tzadikim. I remembered the story of the chossid of the ba’al shem tov who battled a cossack with his tzitzis. as the day ended I got a message from a friend that the michael levin lone soldiers are desperately asking for tzitzit and they are collecting donations to purchase them for the chayalim.

    bH our soldiers know who protects them. may the zchut of their ratzon to walk b’derech hashem be a shield for them and may hashem surround them in his protective light as they bind themselves to the true tzadikim and we welcome them home quickly whole and complete, amen.


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