The tipping point

The last few days, I’ve been up North with my husband.


We went to a zimmer in the Akko area, where it was green, quiet and beautiful.

Before that, we had a massive argument, because my husband didn’t want to go anywhere that was ‘being bombed’ – and just after I booked the zimmer, there was that very weird ‘barrage of rockets’ launched at Kiryat Shemona on Friday night.

Except…. if you look at the footage carefully, you see that all those ‘rockets’ spontaneously combust mid-air.

More like fireworks.

Or ‘Iron Dome’ rockets….. except there was no ‘Iron Dome’ in operation.


Long story short, I decided I can’t continue to live in that place of fear all the time.

So we went ‘up North’ – and it was beautiful, green and quiet.


I came back really sick.

Maybe, all the radiation we’re all being exposed to suddenly started doing its thang… maybe, the calm, green and quiet sent a message to my body that ‘you can relax now’, and let all the stress of the last few months out….

And / or maybe, we are now reaching that tipping point, where this whole, horrible, devastating experience since Simchat Torah is about to start turning around for the good.


Conversations II is nearly ready – I’m spending the rest of today going through the typos, then sending it off to the designer.

I know from previous experience that when the Rav’s books come out, they mamash trigger some very big ‘sweetenings’ in the world, and I am looking forward to seeing how this one is going to play out.

Last week, the Rav said openly that the ‘disaster’ was planned by the generals, because they wanted to bring Bibi down.

That is the ‘energy’, the ‘idea’ that is starting to reverberate all over Israel now, and the people who sold us out can’t keep it hidden for too much longer.

Not that Bibi is good – he isn’t. At all.

They are all spiritually rotten to the core.

But if you remember Rebbe Nachman’s story of The Cripple, I think we are now at the stage where the demonic ‘talkers’ (i.e. demonic spooks….) begin a full civil war trying to take each other out.

And when that happens…. the tree finally gets watered…. and geula comes.


So, lots to look forward to.

We are at the tipping point now.

But still lots of challenges ahead.


The Rav is asking for people to start saying Tikkun Haklalis, to reach 100,000 Tikkun Haklalis by Adar II.

The kabbalists are seeing some big ‘disaster’ being scheduled for Gaza, God forbid, and the Tikkun Haklalis are required to sweeten it.

Say one a day, three, seven – ten, even.

But at least, say one a day.

Do your bit, don’t just stand on the sidelines and leave that same small group of Shuvu Banim people who have been doing so much, for so very long, carry the can with these ‘sweetenings’ all by themselves.

The more people get behind the Rav, and simply follow the instructions, the sweeter and easier this goes.

And if you have children serving in Gaza – get a Tikkun Haklali, and start saying it AT LEAST once a day, and more like three, or even seven times.

Do your bit to help this to turn around.

At the very least, you’ll be giving your own children more ‘protection’ while they are in Gaza.

And encourage other people in your communities to start saying the Tikkun Haklali, too.

They don’t need to know it’s being requested by the Rav.

It will still work.


BH, may we just hear good news.

And in the meantime…. the time for ‘evil’ to carry on ruling here is nearly over.

It’s just a matter of ‘when’, not ‘if’.



One of my ‘connected’ readers just sent me this.

(It was a dream they had, about another harsh decree, God forbid. They have now asked me to take it down, so I did.)


Dear reader, I am so *tired*, spiritually, of trying to wake people up.

I’ve been at this for 8-9 years already, when I first started researching what was going on with the strange case of ‘Rabbi Eliezer Berland’, and the story that just didn’t add up.

I have lost a lot of previously good friends, for daring to suggest that something is very corrupt in the State of Israel.

Back then, people simply couldn’t grasp the notion that the State could stitch people up, legally, it didn’t like for ‘religious’ reasons.

Or that there is no justice in this country.

Or that all our leaders, almost without exception, are actually the scum of the earth.


It boils down to this, taken from ‘Conversations II’:

“If there is the true Tzaddik, then it is possible to get through this world, to receive a rectification without suffering. 

But if a person doesn’t know of the Tzaddik, then he needs to atone for all his reincarnations.”

  • Rav Eliezer Berland, speaking on August 16, 2022.


Bottom line, all of us down here on planet earth in 2024 have a massive amount of ‘rectifications’ to go through.

We are the toughest cases.

And that suffering is probably going to break most of us, unless and until we get with the True Tzaddik.

That’s the bottom line.


So, please make your plan to say some Tikkun Haklalis, and to get others to say them too.

Of course, most people will probably ignore this.

And if they do…. what can I do?

I can’t spend my time eating my heart out anymore over what’s going on in the Jewish community, aside from my tiny bit of it.

I’m really praying the next stage is ‘sweetened’.

But if people don’t get with the True Tzaddik….. it’s not looking very good.

That’s the bottom line.


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  1. Hava
    Hava says:

    I have completed 3 books of tehillim by myself, in addition to all my assignments, since Simchat Torah. So I’ve stopped, as of this post, and switched over to doing Tikkun HaClalis instead. So far I have read one per day and 3 on Shabbat since then. I may increase as my skill increases with the ones I have difficulty with. Hope this helps!


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