The only protection

Things are pretty bad here in Israel right now.

Jerusalem is quiet, thank God.

Things are still being ‘sweetened’ here.

But what happened yesterday is awful beyond words.

Do you think it was just an ‘accident’, a ‘security failure’?

Please go and read THIS.

There is a news blackout on a lot of the details still.

For many reasons, I am choosing to stay away from discussing ‘details’ of what’s going on here, but if you talk to God for even just five seconds about what really happened yesterday, and who let it happen, you will get your answer.

We only have God to rely on.


So, what can we do in this horrible situation we now found ourselves in?


Say as many tikkun haklalis as you can.

Talk to God in your own words, as much as you can, and beg Him to finally eradicate this evil from the world – and to protect all the good Jews, all the good people.

Make teshuva.

Especially the teshuva required for pushing God out the picture, and relying on the ‘might and strength of our own hands’.

The ‘Iron Sword’ is the weapon of Esav.

And it’s being used against the Jews all the time, obviously and less obviously.

Give tzedaka.

Because tzedaka still cancels out the harsh decrees – money for blood.

And even if that tzedaka, those pidyonot, can’t ‘sweeten’ it for everyone – they can at least ‘sweeten’ things for you and your family.

And finally – get with the real Tzaddikim.

The people who told you what was going to happen, if they didn’t get to Uman for Rosh Hashana this year, to sweeten the terrible decree of war.

And that decree is still unfolding as we speak, God forbid.


I am going to start posting some snippets here about the power of the Tikkun Haklali and the Torah to protect us.

And I have stuff from the Rav to translate too, which I hope to get on with today and post up here.

This first snippet, though is from the One in a Generation Book, Volume I, and was given over many years ago:


On another occasion, Rav Berland commented:

“Everyone is talking about what would happen if there was no army. Who would protect Eretz Yisrael then? But really, there’s nothing to be scared of, as it’s only the Torah that’s protecting us.”

When Israel began deploying its Iron Dome rockets across Israel in the face of regular rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip, the Rav returned to the subject of what was really protecting the nation of Israel from its enemies.

“We don’t really need the Iron Dome, because all the Torah that people are learning and all the times they recite Tikkun Haklali is what’s really protecting us.

“And even if Iran does decide to try and attack us with a nuclear bomb, all the words of Torah that we’re learning here are going to fly up in the air and create so much confusion and crosscurrents that the Iranians’ rocket is going to change direction and end up falling back on those who sent it.”


And this is another snippet, given over in 2015:


About a month after rockets started raining down on Eretz Yisrael, in the days immediately following the discovery of the three kidnapped boys’ bodies, one of his followers contacted Rav Berland to ask him if he had any words of wisdom, or chizuk, to share about the rocket attacks.

The Rav said the following:

“Tell everyone not to be afraid, and not to start running away from one city to the next.

As soon as the siren sounds, take your Tikkun Haklali out of your pocket and start to read it slowly, word by word, and if you do this, you have nothing more to worry about, and there will be miracles, with God’s help, and the rocket won’t fall anywhere near you.”


Also, pray for our soldiers to be protected.

And for all of Am Yisrael to finally wake up, make teshuva, and return to God as ‘one man with one heart’.

Because there is No-one else to rely on to get us out of the terrible situation we are now in.

As the days go by, more and more people are going to understand the true depth of the betrayal that happened here.

And is still happening here.


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