Take heart! And turn off the news

The news – and most of your social media – is lying to you about everything.

It’s lying about what happened on Simchat Torah, and how.

It’s lying about who did it.

It’s lying about who arranged, planned and financed it.

And most of all, it’s lying about ‘what is going to happen next’.


All you really need to know at this point is that you can’t trust the government – no matter where you happen to live in the world.

You can’t trust any of the politicians or ‘leaders’ – including any religious leaders who are constantly getting play time in the corrupt media.

And you can’t trust anyone in senior positions of authority….

So, turn it all off!


Stop wasting your time with pointless speculation.

Stop having anything to do with the cess-pit that is ‘politics’, in all its forms and guises.

Stop interacting with, and giving your strength, to stuff in the media that is either just pure lies, or planned manipulation or fake news.

Instead, pick up your tehillim, your gemara, and do something useful and productive with yourself.

And / or go and beg Hashem to destroy all the evil in our midst.

You don’t need to detail who or what it is – He knows way better than any of us.

And then spend the rest of your day working on things like developing more emuna and bitachon, weaning off the poisonous, heretical news, and making every effort to detach from false idols….

It’s all an illusion.


If you spend even five minutes talking to God, you will quickly get the understanding of what is really going on here.

Underneath, we all really know what is going on here, but then we are getting gaslit by our lying media and our false leaders, which pulls us away from our own understanding and real truth….


We spend 6o billion on our army every year.

(At least.)

And yet, we are being told that there aren’t basic supplies required for soldiers, and that the army needs the guns of private individuals.

And that the army somehow ‘couldn’t afford’ to keep guarding those communities in the South, shortly before the attack.

So then, where is all the money going?


Here’s a another snippet from one of the Rav’s shiurim, from last week:

The terrorists could have gone all the way to Tel Aviv.

They could have wiped out the people of Israel in one second.

There is no army, there is nothing, because secular people are leading the country.

There are no soldiers.

They took the weapons from the soldiers that someone will not harm a poor Arab.


So, turn it all off, tune into the Rav – and pick up your Tehillim and Gemara.

If we follow instructions – if more and more of us put our effort into saying the Tehillim, a book a day for the next 30 days, and reading the Gemara for men, 10 pages a day – all this turns around the sweetest way possible, with BH no more horrible deaths of Jews and innocents.

But for all those people still holding on to the idols of …. ‘their weapons’ to save them….

It’s going to be a very difficult, painful process, until they understand they have been misled, lied to and fooled the whole time.

Going back decades.


We only have Hashem to rely on.

That’s the understanding we all have to reach at this point, for things to really change and improve.

And the faster we do that, the easier and ‘sweeter’ this next bit goes.

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  1. Simon
    Simon says:

    I read on Efraim Palvanov’s site (I know, not entirely pure stuff there) that he says the US and Iran are funding Chamas (and I know myself certainly the Mixed Multitude Israeli government). He connects this to an end-of-days prophecy that when the horses of Paras/Persia [Iran] cause graves/deaths in Israel, the messiah is very close. Is ‘Iran’ involved at all?
    What’s currently happening must surely be the “build-up” toward the war of Gog of the land of Magog.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      It’s amazing how a school teacher from Toronto has so much ‘inside information’ about who is really funding Hamas…

      The people who have a spiritual response to the situation – i.e. prayer, teshuva and tzedaka – are all just wasting our time with this speculation.

      The truth will come out in Israel very soon.

      And God will give the right people the job of dealing with the clean up at the gashmiut level.

      Our job is to focus on the tehillim and learning gemara, and whatever else the Rav and the other real tzaddikim tell us to focus on, in order to give the side of ‘good’ the spiritual power it needs to really begin that clean-up job in the physical realm.

      Don’t get distracted.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      No, it doesn’t count.

      And I’m now editing the rest of what I said out, for reasons that will be obvious if you read down to the new comment from Lisa.

      But the truth will come out sooner or later – and the more they try to squash it down, the more truth has a habit of busting out all over the place.

      • Shira
        Shira says:

        The one where he says there is no bottled water and they ask people to fill Up their water from the sink but that water is poisoned

        • Rivka Levy
          Rivka Levy says:

          Often, the Rav says things kind of like a ‘joke’, but that are actually sweetening things that may have been thought of, or ‘planned’ by the other side.

          I wouldn’t worry about it.

          If you are used to drinking the tap water, continue, and if you stopped drinking it a long time ago anyway because it’s ‘poisoned’ with fluoride, GO, who knows what – then carry on not drinking it.

          But definitely don’t worry about it – God is in control here, there is nothing else to do.

  2. Leah golan
    Leah golan says:

    שבוע טוב.
    אתם לא יודעים כמה פונים אליי ונותנים לי לידים, טיפים והוכחות. תודה רבה לכולם. המטרה של כולנו היא האמת, ורק האמת!

    זה מה שסיפר לי עכשיו במוצאי שבת בחור מנתיבות (נקרא לו בחור 1):
    1. ביום רביעי 4 באוקטובר (3 ימים לפני מאורעות הדמים) ראה בחור 1 מנתיבות גליידר (באקי/טרקטורון מעופף) מעל נתיבות.

    2. ביום חמישי 5 באוקטובר (יומיים לפני מאורעות הדמים) בחור 2 (חבר של בחור 1) ראה בצומת אשקלון אוטובוסים עם מאות עובדים עזתים. בשבוע הזה בגלל חול המועד סוכות יש סגר מעזה, ופועלים מעזה לא אמורים להיות בישראל. (העובדה הזאת לא הופיעה בשיחה של בחור 1 עם המשטרה לאחר המאורעות, כי הוא התרכז בעובדה 3)

    3. ביום שישי אחר הצהריים ב-6 באוקטובר (יום אחד לפני מאורעות הדמים) אותו בחור 2 ראה מאות עובדים עזתים ברהט!!!!!! בחור 2 התקשר ישירות למשטרה כדי לדווח והמשטרה אמרה שהם ייבדקו ויישלחו ניידת. בשבוע הזה בגלל חול המועד סוכות יש סגר מעזה, ופועלים מעזה לא אמורים להיות בישראל.

    מצורפת הקלטה של בחור 1 (לא של הבחור 2 שלא רוצה להזדהות) שהתקשר למשטרה לאחר המאורעות ודיווח רטרואקטיבי על הגליידר שהוא זיהה ועל המאות עזתים ברהט שבחור 2 זיהה.

    וכאמור, בחור 1 לא ציין למשטרה את העניין של יום חמישי באשקלון (שבחור 2 סיפר לו) כי הוא רצה להדגיש למשטרה את העזתים ברהט ביום שישי אחר צהריים!
    אם מישהו ממשטרת ישראל שומע, חייבים לבדוק את השיחה המקורית ביום שישי 6 באוקטובר על בחור 2 שדיווח בזמן אמת על מאות עזתים ברהט.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Facebook banned me a long time ago….

      I think more and more people are getting censored on Facebook. I know a lot of Israelis rely on it for a lot of things, but probably time to start weaning off, and finding alternatives to social media.

      I also heard the censorship is reaching to WhatsApp too now.

  3. lisa
    lisa says:

    frontline news has an article….bill written up to arrest anyone that speaks of corruption in gov’t being responsible for massacre. uh oh….

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      yes, I’ve heard that from a few people.

      It’s probably a nudge from God to move into emuna and bitachon mode, now that we know the truth (as much as is required…) of what really happened.

      I will probably pull a couple of posts and then move on.

      The information is already out there at this point.


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