When the lies becomes ‘the truth’

This one is a little more recent  – from last Saturday night.


Shiur given at Seudat Shlishit, Shabbat Vayetza, 12th Kislev 5784, (Nov 25th, 2023)

…The force of the imagination that deceives a person is called ‘Lavan Ha Arami’ (Laban the Aramean).

There is something that is called ‘Lavan Ha Arami’, that decieves a person, it cheats a person.

And it tells him that a sin is really a mitzvah, because it simulates [fakery] and deceives a person so very much – it just deceives a person all day long, into making all sorts of mistakes.

With all sorts of lies – he’s the biggest liar in the world. He’s a total liar. He was the greatest liar.


To the point that the lie is obvious. By them, the lie is more obvious than the truth.

All day long, they lie to themselves…. So the lie is ‘clear’ to them, as though there is absolutely no doubt about it. The lie is ‘the truth’ for them.

By the evildoers, the ‘lie’ is ‘the truth’.


[On Simchat Torah, October 7, 2023) It was forbidden to fire on the terrorists.

The BAGATZ (Israeli Supreme Court) put out a law that it’s forbidden to fire on terrorists.

They said: people are crossing over the fence!

They said back: No, they are just coming to walk around. They are just having a vacation now…

It was Shabbat, on Shabbat people like to go on trips…

They said: You aren’t understanding, they are just coming to look around.

But they’d already breached the fence.

They said: If you say another word, we are going to take you to court.

This is what they said, if you say another word….


But who said that they are just coming to look around?! Can I shoot them?!

Chas v’shalom! These are ‘innocent’ people! ‘Tzaddikim!’ They are just coming to visit.

This is what they said to the tatzpatnim (army observers on the Gaza border), the soldiers who were on the border, and who said: People are crossing over the fence!

So they said, So what, if they are crossing over the fence?! What? It’s forbidden to go for a day out on Shabbat?!


In Shuvu Banim, it’s forbidden to go for days out. But they aren’t Shuvu Banim, they want to walk around for a bit, so what’s the problem? So, they are coming to visit, what’s the big deal?

They told them: It’s forbidden for you to shoot.

They asked the commanders.

They told them: It’s forbidden for you to shoot…..


So now, we are talking about how the the lie is so very clear to them, that they say it’s forbidden to shoot at the terrorists.

Only if they are armed. Only if they are shooting at you.

There are something like a hundred conditions attached to shooting a terrorist. Only if he puts his gun mamash up next to your heart, because if he doesn’t put it by your heart, the bullet could go to the side.

And if that happens, ‘what’s the big deal?’ – this didn’t injure the heart. If he didn’t injure your heart, ‘he didn’t do anything’. They’ll take the bullet out, and that’s it. What’s the worst that can happen?

Only if he comes from the other side….

So, there are many conditions, and you need to abide by all the conditions – these are the laws of the BAGATZ.

The ‘laws’ of the BAGATZ.


So, Rav Natan says that the more ‘secular’ a person is, the more his intelligence is ‘backwards’.

He inverts the lie to become the truth, and he thinks that he has ‘values’.

[The secular people think that] We have ‘values’. We aren’t like the religious. The religious say ‘if someone comes to kill you, rise up and kill him first’.

But by them, it’s the opposite: If someone comes to kill you – so let him kill you.

Only if he kills you first, can you kill him back.

By them, there is no ‘rise up and kill him first’.

This is the ‘intelligence’ of the chilonim – it’s all opposite and backwards.


So now, Rav Natan explains that Lavan Ha’Arami he exchanged the lie for the truth, and this is the aspect of loven d’klipah (the klipah of whitewashing?). All the chilonim, this is loven d’klipah.

The whole disaster [on Simchat Torah] was totally unnecessary.

[The number of those murdered] has got to 1,500, including 200 terrorists. This is not….


In the whole War of Independence 1,700 people died.

Afterwards, during all the wars of attrition we already got to 22,000 killed, since the founding of the State.

But in the War of Independence itself, not more than 1,500, but here – in just one hour, 1,500 disappeared.

All of this is because of the ‘backwards’ intellect. Because their thinking is all the opposite of the opposite of the opposite of the opposite. The lie has been transformed into ‘the truth’.

Yet they claim that they are the ‘enlightened’ ones.


They said to them: What do you want, you are doing the demonstrations, but you lost.

You lost in the elections. What, the majority here are religious, most people here are traditional.

Even the chilonim want a religious government.

They replied: No, you are the ‘dark ones’! You hate Arabs, and this shows that you are the ‘dark ones’! You are cave-dwellers. In the caves, they taught you to hate Arabs.

And we are the ‘enlightened’ ones. We are the ‘learned’ ones. We finished university. There, they taught us [to love Arabs]. All the professors are Arabs.

There, they beat up students who are Jewish – and that’s how it is the whole world over.

Because in university, they teach people to hate Jews and to love Arabs. And this is called ‘having values’.

That they are ‘educated’, that they are ‘enlightened’…..


[skipping some]

Lavan ‘whitewashed’ everything.

Lavan took the lie, and called it ‘having values’, being ‘enlightened’. Loving Arabs means you are an ‘enlightened’ person. And whoever hates Arabs, this is a person of ‘darkness’.

Even if they…. But this doesn’t make any difference. They are ‘people of darkness’, primitive people. Today, it’s already the modern world, the ‘new world’, where we hug the Arabs.

We love the Arabs.


[In the Kibbutzim in the Gaza envelope] They prepared balloons.

They prepared balloons [to release into Gaza, that had written on them] ‘we are your brothers’.

On Shabbat Simchat Torah, they prepared balloons in the all kibbutzim, to fly over the fence, over the border.

They said: It is impossible to ever break through this fence. Never.

‘Never’ – it turned out that within a minute they broke through it, within a second, a thousandth of a second, they broke through the fence.

The brought a few few bulldozers and busted it open. And they also brought a few drones that blew up the cameras.


So, a person ‘whitewashes’ the lies.

The work of the person is to ‘whitewash’ the lie, this is his job. To ‘whiten’ the lie, to make it seem that it is totally clear and ‘white’, to make it seem that this is how it is.

Even now, [after October 7th], they asked them: Nu, what do you say about the Arabs now?

They said: If there would be ‘peace’, this wouldn’t have happened.

We are in favor of ‘peace’. We want ‘peace’. If we were living in ‘peace’ with them, this wouldn’t have happened. All of this is because of the religious! Because of the right-wingers, who hate the Arabs.

Why should a person hate such ‘sweet’ people?! Such ‘cute’ people?! We say that they are the cutest people in the world.


Now, I heard someone on Friday morning, they asked her: What’s your viewpoint now?

[She said] What do you think, that I changed my viewpoint?! Dafka, dafka now, I am saying ‘if they had made peace with the Arabs, with the Hamas – the sweetest people in the world – and given them a few kisses, then everything would have been OK.

Now, it’s been proven that I was right! Now, everyone can see that I was right!


Ad kan.

There’s a few more interesting bits to translate from that same shiur, including some remarks about Argentina’s new leader-elect, that many of the Spanish speaking ‘awake’ people are fingering as a total psycho.

BH, I’ll get to translating that soon.

In the meantime, the more of the Rav you read, the more your brain starts to work in a totally different way, and the more you start to deduce what’s really going on.


On that note, please go and read OIAG 3, if you didn’t already.

And if you did read it already, go back and re-read it – there are some truly amazing examples of ruach hakodesh in it, describing what happened on October 7th in a few different ways, and where you can clearly see what the Rav was actually referring to, when he was repeatedly talking abou the ‘shoah’ that was going to happen.

Ashrenu, that we have a real Tzaddik like this in our lowly generation.

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  1. AK
    AK says:

    This Mamash is the absolute truth! Sadly, there are many “religious Jews” who also suffer from Lavan Haarami”. I see it here on my Yishuv when it came to the Arab labor. I would hear, I worked with this guy for over 20 years, I trust him implicitly, he is a “bachor tov”. I was doing Shmirah at one point, and saw this all of the time. The shmirah was totally hefker. Many of the Jews even would say if it was up to me I would bring the Arabs in without a shomer. So again, sadly this is also a view of many of the religious as well. Baruch Hashem, we are connected to the Tzaddik and know the truth!

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      It’s a very narrow line to tread.

      At the same time that the Rav says what he’s saying here, he’s also emphasised in the past that the Arabs are also human beings, created in the image of Hashem.

      Holding both of these things ‘together’ is v.v. difficult.

      It’s the house inbetween the heaven and the sky – (Rabbenu’s story of the Exchanged Children). Without the guidance of the real tzaddikim, it’s impossible.

  2. ak
    ak says:

    You are right they are created in the image of Hashem. I don’t believe all are going to commit terrorism, many want to work on the yishuvm as it is gold for them and no jobs in their areas. You just don’t know what their intentions may ever be. As you said it is a fine line.

  3. Neshama
    Neshama says:

    IMHO: The only civilized residents in any of Gaza MIGHT be the children from captive Jewish women married to arabs. The others are Amalikites or Amalakite sympathizers.
    From the latest Rabbi Kessin shlit”a Shiur:
    5 G-dly – spirituality (the highest)
    4 Righteous – 7 mitzvos bnei Noach, G-d fearing
    3 Human – civilized – kindness
    2 Animal – survival, barbarian
    1 sub-animal, savage, beastly

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      OK, say that’s true (I don’t know every single one of the two million residents of Gaza, so personally I’m not in a position to be able to state categorically who is meant to belong to which category, nice for R Kessin that he is apparently on the level to know that….)

      But now, we also know that there were ‘Americans’ and ‘Europeans’ who were participating in the kidnapping and murders of Jews on Simchat Torah – there’s video of them.

      Given that ‘Amalek’ is actually a descendent of Esav / Edom – i.e. xtianity and the West; given that the US and Europe funded and armed the terrorists – and are continuing to both fund and arm the terrorists, whilst giving the puppets on our side of the fence clear instructions that they can’t take Al Shifaa down because ‘America needs the terrorists’ – that puts the leaders and militaries of the US and Europe in the ‘sub-animal’ category of being Amalekites, mamash, or at least ‘Amalekite’ sympathisers.

      America, Europe and the xtians are the real Amalekites.

      If R Kessin ever gets around to talking about that – and not just blaming everything on Arabs and ‘Democrats’ – I’d love to know.

      • Neshama
        Neshama says:

        Oh, did you actually listen to him?
        You sound a bit angry?? Why?
        What I wrote was MY opinion. His categories just supported my opinion.
        BTW the Torah def of Amalek is known by their relentless hatred and murder of Jews.

        • Rivka Levy
          Rivka Levy says:

          This morning I was feeling a lot of despair about what is going on in our world.

          R Kessin has some interesting ideas, but he spent years misleading a whole bunch of people that Trump was the ‘good in Eisav’ – years where a whole bunch of people could have been making some serious teshuva and thinking about moving to Israel.

          Instead of which, they got told ‘Trump is the good in Eisav’ – he’s the Esavian ‘moshiach’, don’t you know, so go back to sleep and just wait for Trump and the ‘white hats’ to get back into office and save you.

          It’s such a superficial approach to what is going on in the world, being lauded as the highest of high Torah.

          Personally, I can’t listen to this stuff any more.

          There is so much at stake.


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