Everything with Qatar was a lie

Shavua Tov!

Over Shabbat, I managed to catch up on a few of the Rav’s shiurim from the last couple of weeks.

I will just carry on translating the bits that took my eye, and you take from it whatever you take from it.

There’s lots and lots of hints…. as usual.


Excerpt of a shiur given Tuesday night, Kislev 1, 5784, (November 13, 2023) to the Shuvu Banim Kollel

Now, there was someone from Zaka in the South – he’s responsible for all of Zaka.

He said: We couldn’t drive anywhere, everyone was dead.

300 they killed within the [Nova] party, within two minutes – an M16.

[M16s], every second this is 30 bullets – every second! So five seconds is 300 people, 5-10 seconds, this is 300 people.

Within ten seconds, within a minute, they destroyed 1,000 people there.

Everyone ran away, so they killed them on the roads. All the roads were full of terorrists.

There were 10,000 terrorists.

They say two thousand, three – what are you talking about, two thousand?!

Everywhere, all the kibbutzim, were full of terrorists. Terrorists were everywhere.


Now, there was the rakaz (defense organiser, community leader) of Be’eri.

He said I was left with one pistol with 15 bullets. They took the guns away from everyone.

In case they would fire on some ‘innocent’ Arab, some ‘sweet’ Arab, who would suddenly pass by the gate there, without paying attention.

So, they took all the guns away from the [kibbutz] guards.

They came, they killed the guards – they didn’t have any guns. Ten terrorists came and killed the guard, and then entered into the kibbutz.


The guards were left without weapons.

So, they ran to the armoury – there is an armoury, it’s a room with all the guns that belong to the kibbutz.

There are 300 people, 300 guns in the armoury – the armoury was empty.


They passed everything to Hamas, to the army, to Gaza.

The first priority is to give weapons to Gaza,,,,

They just gave Gaza one and a half billion. Now, Bibi passed them one and a half billion. A billion and a half he gave them with his own hands.

Everything that there was with Qatar, this was a lie. This was [just] to pass a billion and a half to Gaza.

They built there a million tunnels, 10,000 tunnels. Every house there has a tunnel.


Now, on Friday night, they went to open a tunnel.

Everyone got blown up.

They tunnel was booby-trapped. Five people were killed in one shot.

Yesterday, someone from the Electricity Company by the name Yaakov (Shalom Aboudi) from Tiberius was killed. Everyone knew him.

Twenty one injured, five killed, every day.

There is no end to this. They are saying that maybe this is going to take a year, because it’s impossible to get close to the hospital (Al Shifaa).

Underneath the hospital, there are all the bunkers of the commanders, of all of Hamas. They are not letting the sick people to be evacuated. They want to evacuate them, but they aren’t letting them – the Hamas.

They are saying that if you evacuate them, we are going to fire on the patients.

Hamas will fire on them, and then say that we fired on them.


This shiur is from two weeks ago – but it’s still happening today, when the ceasefire is over and rockets are being fired at Israel and ‘the war’ has apparently started again.

Screenshot from HERE:

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