‘Friendly fire’, and a bit more light in the darkness

In Israel, it’s an ‘open secret’ that something very bad happened this week, that led to the deaths of so many soldiers when those buildings collapsed.

By ‘very bad’, it’s understood ‘very corrupt and something stinks to high heaven’.

They are talking about this ‘anti tank terrorist cell’, whatever, that could apparently appear out of nowhere when the army has been clearing that bit of Gaza for three months already…. whatever.

But this incident is so fishy, even the MSM is trying to bring controlled opposition ‘explanations’, to head off the questions and discontent.


That’s why this story on the propaganda YWN site is very interesting:


Here’s a snippet:

These are soldiers who have done this dozens or even hundreds of times in the past.

In this case, an anti-tank terror cell arrived [and threw an RPG missile which exploded the building prematurely].

[Ed. note – notice the reservist being quoted doesn’t say that the buildings exploded because of a RPG missile fired by terrorists. That’s being added in by the propaganda team.]


Continuing the snippet:

It caught them by surprise because an active terror cell less than a thousand meters from the security fence [at the Israeli-Gazan border] was very unlikely.

If they had followed protocol, 14 soldiers would have been saved.

So many soldiers were at a scene with explosives in violation of safety procedures.”


It’s awful.

But here’s the glimmer of light in the middle of all this darkness:

The reservist added that one safety procedure that was heeded saved dozens of lives.

“All the houses are connected, and at the end, you press one switch and everything explodes. But they sever the connection between the explosives, between house and house.

If that safety regulation had been disregarded, soldiers from two or three companies would have been killed in this incident because all the buildings would have exploded together.”


That was probably ‘the plan’, God forbid.

But even in the middle of all this, God is still sweetening things radically for us.

Courage, dear readers. It’s hard going, all this. We’re all so sick of ‘the Evils’ leading us like sheep to the slaughter and attacking us in a million different ways, on so many different fronts.

But remember what King David taught: the Evils flourish like grass, shortly before God totally eradicates them from the face of the earth, for good.

That moment is fast approaching.

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