The government abandoned everyone

Another excerpt from the Rav’s shiurim from last week.

As always, there are a ton of clues contained here, about what was really happening on October 7, 2023.

BH, if I have time, I will translate some more later in the week.


Except of shiur from Oct 30th, 2023

Now, we are seeing ‘a time of great difficulty’ [for Yaakov], that over the course of three days it was impossible to reconquer the kibbutzim.

The government abandoned everyone.

People cried out for help for 40 hours, 30 hours, 22 hours. People cried out via their smartphones, there didn’t have batteries, they didn’t have electricity, it was impossible to call, even.

Whoever could call, said ‘come’! ‘Save us!’

The commanders forbid the soldiers from entering the kibbutzim.

The soldiers advanced, but it was impossible to enter, because in each kibbutz there were 500 terrorists. No end of terrorists! It took three days to reconquer again – instead of defending them, in the first place.


And they telephoned, and said 5,000 people are crossing the border.

There is no fence, it’s the most elaborate fence in the word – 50 billion dollars. If there was…

When they give 100,000 to a yeshiva, the whole world goes mad – ‘these leeches’, ‘these bloodsuckers’. Lapid goes out of his mind.

And here, they spent 50 billion on a paper fence. If they had made a fence out of cardboard, from paper, it would already have been much better. There is nothing left of the fence.


Now, at the Erez Crossing there has already been three hours of war.

Because they wanted to break through a path from the Erez Crossing.

There is no fence, there is nothing.


And this is what each person needs to know, that now it’s a ‘time of difficulty for Yaakov’.

There is no government, a government of chilonim, it’s worse than….

They abandoned their brothers.

For 40 hours, people waited for the army to come – and it didn’t come. And in the meantime, they burned everyone alive, there are no houses, there is nothing.

It’s possible to build a house in one day. These days, they already have pre-fab walls, in a day, you can build a house.

[The refugees from the Gaza envelope] are sleeping five people in a room of one square meter. They aren’t giving them food, they aren’t giving them anything.

They are treating them worse than monkeys, worse than cockroaches, is how they are treating them.


A government like this has never been since the creation of the world, that is abusing people who went through a Shoah.

Today they are ‘evacuated refugees’, they are in camps for displaced people. And however much food you bring them, it’s not enough. The children are orphans, or they no longer have a father, or there is no mother, or both of them are missing.

They already turned into ashes.


And so it’s an obligation for each person to know that this time is a ‘time of trouble’.

We are obligated [to act accordingly and constantly recite tehillim]! This is d’oraita! This is what the Rambam says, this is d’oraita!

To say a chapter of tehillim every second, and another chapter of tehillim. And a girl who can recite three chapters of tehillim, will be blessed, because people have to still attend the seminaries.


In the ‘Sharon’ [region], they already cancelled all the classes, because now they are already scared that they are going to fire a million rockets.

They have maybe 100,000 rockets. Every day, they are bringing into there another 10,000 rockets. There is not supervision, they have tunnel-highways.

Egypt doesn’t care, they are happy, and all the Strip is full of rockets. They are firing rockets non-stop.

Except for [at] Jerusalem, where rockets don’t reach to here.

Because we are exactly in the centre of the country, the furthest from Gaza, and the furthest from Lebanon.

The whole North is under rockets, the whole South is under rockets, [Kibbutz] Kissufim is under rockets.

They are being showered down with no end, a ‘rain’ of rockets. We read [the bracha in the Shmoneh Esrei] “and give dew and rains of blessing” – so we got rockets.


“And this thing is from the ways of teshuva and it’s for everyone.” – Rambam

Such that the moment that this is a ‘time of difficulty for Yaakov’, we need to feel the suffering of Am Yisrael.

130,000 people without homes, without apartments, without clothes, who fled in their pyjamas.

Suddenly in the middle of being asleep there was a siren. They thought it was just a regular siren, suddenly they see rain – a rain of rockets!

“And give dew and rains of blessing.”

They still hadn’t said this blessing. This is only said in mussaf, but already at 6.15am, there was already a rain of rockets.

We need to cry out – [about all suffering].

If we see Am Yisrael suffering, then we need to say tehillim.

Any girls who are able to say three books of tehillim, this is above everything.

The bachorim (young men) should break their Xiomis, because this Xiomi brings all the punishments. They see nude pictures, and immediately a thousand soldiers are killed at that moment.


We are in danger at every moment, that they will kill 1,000 soldiers.

Because Hamas there, they say it’s 40,000, but really, it’s 100,000. All of them are armed with the most up-to-date weapons, because Iran gave them the most up-to-date weapons.

And even though we are here in Jerusalem, which is the most protected – Jerusalem protects us and guards over us – we still need to pray for all of Am Yisrael.

This is d’oraita.

To feel the suffering, as though we are in the Shoah.


That there are no homes.

That they took people out of their homes while they were sleeping. And they put on minivans in their pyjamas. They were put on minivans and megashmim.

They went barefoot. They don’t have shoes. They don’t have clothes – nothing! The babies don’t have diapers.

“And this thing is from the ways of teshuva…. The moment that we see that this is a time of suffering for Yaakov, everyone is obligated to cry out.” – Rambam

And to say tehillim endlessly.


And to cry out over it, and to blow the shofar, and to know that all of this is the result of their bad deeds.” – Rambam

All of this is because they beat them with blows [in Tel Aviv on Yom Kippur].


Ad kan, from the Rav.

BH, even with all the censorship, the questions are starting to pop up even in the mainstream media in Israel, about what really happened.

This guy is talking about the 20 tatzpaniot (observers on the border with Gaza, in the army bunkers) who ‘disappeared’ from the Nahal Oz base without a trace.

And also their smartphones disappeared without a trace.

And also, all the cameras in the base ‘disappeared’, together with the footage of who really over-ran the base and killed and kidnapped everyone.

(Google translated from HERE – the video plays in Hebrew.)

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  1. Yossi
    Yossi says:

    Rav Berland was being polite when speaking about the government.

    re: Nahal Oz, please stop spreading MSM lies like this. I’ve already said too much on this site before, so I’ll only say that I’m close to the situation and these talking heads are only about getting their ad money and their 15 minutes. To be clear, they are making stuff up and lying through their teeth.

    Our guys know exactly what happened that day and where all the stuff is.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      I’m interested in who ‘our guys’ actually are, at this point?

      And how you seem to know so much, if you don’t actually work for the intelligence services yourself?

      And if you do work for the intelligence services yourself…. then it’s strange they picked someone who apparently can’t keep their mouth shut in public forums.

      Just to be clear, I don’t trust any information that isn’t coming from the Rav.

      But I find it interesting that even the MSM is asking some questions.

      Personally, it’s clear the US is behind all this, and is just using our own puppets as their ‘cover story’ for when it all hits the fan.


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