Rockets in Netivot?

Yesterday, I spent the morning at the Baba Sali in Netivot.


I wrote about it in the last post, how it was so quiet, peaceful and ‘calm’.

Then when I got home, I saw some reports of rockets over Netivot apparently from Gaza, that I was sure must have been from MONDAY 15TH JAN, because I was there yesterday, and the atmosphere was totally quiet and calm.

Then, the friend who I went with texted me that those rockets were apparently falling the hour before we got there, yesterday 16TH JAN.

And then – I had no idea what was going on.

Because there was no tense atmosphere at the Baba Sali, there were loads of people there still, it wasn’t ‘jumpy’ or stressed-out, the way it almost certainly would be if a barrage of rockets had just been fired from Gaza the hour before….

People were doing BBQs, the NA NACH van was blaring music….

And I sat a little way outside of the Baba Sali complex under some trees, under a calm, sunny blue sky with absolutely zero military activity going on.

Nothing was being ‘bombed’ in Gaza, there wasn’t a single chopper or drone in the sky above.

What in the world is going on?!


So, I went back to that original video posted up on the Palm Tree of Devorah site, to see if I could get more ‘clues’ about this rocket attack yesterday morning (?) in Netivot (?)

And that is when I noticed this, screenshotted:


I’m not pretending to be a ‘rocket’ expert, but I can’t understand what that ‘rocket’ is doing in the frame.

If you play the video, it doesn’t seem to appear – at least, I can’t see it.

Again, I was there apparently the hour after all this meant to have happened, this video looks like it was shot from near to the area of the Baba Sali’s tomb.

That ‘rocket’ I circled is already too low to the ground to have been taken out by ‘Iron Dome’ – and there was no burning crater, no big ‘boom’ that I heard or felt on the way into Netivot.

Long story short: I have no idea what is going on.

Was there a ‘rocket attack’ yesterday over Netivot, or not?


What I can tell you, is that our corrupt puppets want this war to continue and continue and continue for as long as possible.

This headline is from this morning, on the TOI government propaganda distribution site:

Netanyahu says war against Hamas set to continue into 2025 — TV report

Every day it continues, they can carry on pushing off the ‘investigation’ into how October 7th actually happened.

They can continue sending our soldiers to their deaths – for nothing.

They can continue wrecking the economy here, and scaring the pants off the citizens of the Southern and Northern periphery – and every one else.

Because when people are scared, they do whatever the government tells them to do.

We saw that with Covid.

We are seeing that again now.

Remember ‘two weeks to flatten the curve’, and then almost four years later, people are still being told to mask-up and worry about ‘Covid’?




Tov, here is the original video again that screenshot came from:

If anyone out there can explain more about that rocket, circled above, I’d love to hear it.

And in the meantime…. the birur continues.



Well, this is getting weirder and weirder.

AK asked for the link to the video this comes from – and I can’t give it to him!

Here is what happened when I tried to post it in a comment:


So then, I tried to just post the youtube link in a different comment – and it’s ‘whited out’ totally.

So now, let’s do the experiment and see what happens in the body of the blog here:

Apparently, the same problem….

To the usual youtube address, add this: v=1ZWOU1sGhoc

See if that works.



First, here’s that sequence of the rocket falling in slo-mo (thanks to Hava):


And here’s the ‘explosion’ – which shows that there is no war head on this rocket.

It’s just a high-speed pipe hitting the dirt.


A high-speed pipe can still kill you, if it falls directly on you.

The shrapnel can still hurt and kill.

And it can still make a round ‘hole’ in a building if it falls directly on it (and kill people with shrapnel who are directly beneath it, lo alenu.)

What I just described is the usual ‘damage’ that’s reported from these rockets in Israel.

Increasingly, I am coming to the conclusion these rockets from Gaza have no explosive warheads.

That’s a huge chiddush.


In the meantime…. the friend I went to Netivot with yesterday is also very surprised that there was apparently such a ‘barrage’ yesterday, and also agrees that it doesn’t ‘fit’ our experience of what was going on by the Baba Sali, and how it felt, at all.


At the same time….

I spoke to my friend in the South, and she reported back from her friend who lives in Netivot that there were ‘booms’ and sirens in Netivot yesterday.

But the booms could have been from the army bombing this:

(Screenshot from the manniefabian Telegram HERE.)


B’kitzur…. we are living in a time when it’s almost impossible to know what is ‘true’ and what is ‘fake’.

I quote this article on the site from 2018, above, a lot – but it looks to me like we’ve finally got to this stage:

“Like Rav Natan says, the main revelation of truth will be in the End of Days.

The falsehood will be spread in the world until it reaches its satisfaction, until there are almost no more people left that it needs to conquer. There won’t be any space for a point of truth. Then, specifically, will ‘the lips of truth be established’, through the sheker being increased very much. 

When there’s more and more sheker, that’s when the truth will be established.


There is so much sheker right now, even the people with both eyes wide open can’t always tell what is true, and what is false.

BH, that’s a good sign.

But in the meantime, it’s very hard to live in this non-stop world of lies.


Last PS for now – please go and read this article about the Rav’s Torah scroll:

And also, read this small shiur, from last week:


May God save us from all this soon, and BRING OUR SOLDIERS BACK HOME NOW.



That Telegram channel, ‘Mannie’s War Room’ (he’s a journalist for the govt propaganda site TOI) has more footage from the rockets in Netivot, including apparently a shop that was damaged by a falling high-speed pipe.

You can see that HERE.

It says 50 flying pipes were launched at Netivot yesterday.

And that 20 of them were intercepted by Iron Dome (which is another interesting subject, all by itself. Tell me again how Iron Dome is meant to work, and why I only see one ‘explosion’ in the air when the Iron Dome rockets apparently explode the flying pipes from Gaza?)


I am leaving this subject alone again for now…. and returning to the Evils who took over our community 250 years ago in the next post.

But whatever I write about, I can’t seem to get away from the topic of the ‘world of lies’ and the Erev Rav and the media puppets who are controlling it, and fooling us all.


9 replies
  1. AK
    AK says:

    For some reason, I don’t know why, I can’t play the video here and when I checked the Palmtree Devorah site, I don’t see it. Can you post the link so I can copy it? Thanks

    • AK
      AK says:

      Hi Rivka,

      I just tried the link with the updated part 1ZwoulsGhoc, and well what do you know, I get a message that the video isn’t available anymore.

      We are definitely being played.

  2. Rivka Levy
    Rivka Levy says:

    The short answer is – the link is now being whited-out and I can’t seem to post it here in the comments.

    See above – I updated the post. This is getting weirder and weirder.

    In the meantime, to the usual youtube address, add this: v=1ZWOU1sGhoc

    See if that works.

  3. Yosef from the Galil
    Yosef from the Galil says:

    The bigger question for me is, assuming the videos are real, what has the IDF accomplished in 100 days? Apparently nothing at all. We pulled out of areas in Aza that we claimed were completely cleaned out, and then these missiles were launched from that exact area.

  4. Hava
    Hava says:

    When I played the video at .5 speed and paused it/played it/paused it until I got to the scene with the separate rocket, it was about 5.5 seconds in. Then I slowed it down to .25 speed. At this speed, you can actually see it coming from the upper left to the lower right just by watching.

    It looks to me that the big grey smoking on the right side of the screen after that is where it landed. I could be wrong; the whole sequence I described in these two paragraphs could be an insert on the part of a really good video editor, but I’m not expert enough to tell. Please let me know what you see when you do this.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Yes, I also see that.

      If the video is ‘real’, then it looks like none of these rockets they are launching from Gaza actually have a warhead attached to them….

      Which would also explain the minute ‘casualties’ normally sustained in Israel from hundreds and even thousands of these ‘rockets’.

      But in the meantime…. the ground invasion has killed almost 200 soldiers, and wounded and maimed thousands more.

      Doesn’t sound like the ground invasion in Gaza was worth anything.

      And I am praying they don’t manage to manipulate us all into thinking a ‘ground invasion’ in Lebanon would do anything at all, except just get more precious Jews killed and maimed.

  5. Hava
    Hava says:

    “If the video is ‘real’, then it looks like none of these rockets they are launching from Gaza actually have a warhead attached to them….

    Which would also explain the minute ‘casualties’ normally sustained in Israel from hundreds and even thousands of these ‘rockets’.”

    Or, it could be them playing the part of the magician who says, “Look over here” while he does the real thing “over there” somewhere.

    In either case, it would seem that sending our foot soldiers in is always a bad idea. It’s not as though the nations give us “brownie points” for doing that, anyway. We’re bad no matter what we do, so why not disregard how they “regard” us, and not let them have their opportunity to genocide us once and for all.

  6. Shimshon
    Shimshon says:

    I don’t know what it means, but I find it interesting that the rockets all follow the same closely grouped path for a time, then veer off in various directions.


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