More hints from the Rav

This is the next bit of the translated shiur from October 30th, 2023.

You can read the first part HERE.

And as usual, tons of hints and clues as to what is really going on here, for anyone prepared to do a little bit of thinking and investigation for themselves.


So, we need “to cry out over it, and to blow the shofar, and to know that all of this is the result of their bad deeds.” – Rambam

They beat people up on Yom Kippur.

And there are those that don’t even fast at all.

In Be’eri, nobody fasted, maybe just five people. They are admitting everything, they say: Everything is because we didn’t fast on Yom Kippur.

What, a person who is full of transgressions, at least they should fast once a year…


The Arabs fast on Ramadan for 30 days.

They really fast. We live with them. They are here, in the house across the street. There are sappers here. Hamas lives here, in the house next door.

I don’t know how it’s permitted to live here at all, I’m advising everyone to leave this place urgently.

So here, after this house, then you cross the road[1] – everything is Hamas. Today, all the Arabs are Hamas, they all have weapons, and rockets, and cannons.

And we have nothing. Us, we have nothing.


Just like it was when we left Mitzrayim.

They came with tanks. They came with 600 chariots.

Sisera came with 900 chariots….”900 chariots made of iron.”[2]

And us – we don’t have anything. I don’t know how it’s allowed to live here, I don’t understand this.

So, everyone can at least say tehillim – at the least!….

[Skipping some].


The moment that a woman folds back her sleeve, so a thousand soldiers are killed.

A dress is shortened, even just by a centimetre – this is thousands of soldiers.

Every second that a thousand soldiers are not being killed [in Gaza] – this is something above nature!

Because everything is stored there, without end – no end of ammunition and weapons.

Another little while, and they will even have a nuke.


So if they [i.e. Jews who refuse to see God’s hand behind what is happening] don’t cry out and don’t shout, and just say that….

Ok, it happened, by ‘coincidence’, the way of the world is that by accident this happened….

This is the language of the Rambam:

“This is cruelty!!!!”

That you see people, 50,000 soldiers now entered [Gaza], 400,000 [reserves called up] – and you see that everyone is being killed there.

Already, there are two very seriously injured.[3] And you see that everyone is in life-threatening danger, and you don’t recite tehillim….

The Rambam says that this sort of person is the most cruel person there could possibly be – this is cruelty!

We need to finish three books of tehillim every single day, also for those who are going to seminary at 8.30am.

Because the girls need to be teachers and headmistresses.

There will be a thousand seminaries, because all of Am Yisrael will make teshuva.


“To know that all of this is the result of their bad deeds.” – Rambam

So, when a person doesn’t pray, and doesn’t recite tehillim, this is mamash cruelty, because they are causing soldiers to die, and that there will be more suffering, and more suffering. [God forbid].

Because it’s impossible to know.

Always in Germany [at the time of WW2], they said ‘this is the last tragedy’. In 1933, the [harsh] decrees began. In 1939, on September 1, they already invaded – it was the 17th of Elul. They invaded Romania.

And by Sukkot, they’d already conquered the whole of Poland.

So they said nu, they aren’t going to do anything….

A lot of people had come to Germany from Russia, because in WW1, the Germans just distributed food. In Boyan, there was food aplenty, more than there was in peace time – at the Court of Boyan, in Vienna.

The Germans brought such bounty, that was never before seen in the world.

And each platoon had a Sefer Torah – the commanders were Jewish.


So, if a person says this is ‘coincidence’….

Lots of the people from Russia ran away, when the Germans conquered Poland.

[The Rav seems to be saying they ran away from Russia to Poland, when the Germans conquered there.]

They said, now, it’s going to be great! The Germans are a kind people, they are people who say  bitte schön and danke schön.

Not like the Jews – Bring it! Give me! Give me falafel! Give me pizza! Give me!

There, by the Germans, everything happens in an organised fashion, everything is orderly.

They don’t just kidnap the pizzas, they say bitte schön, is it possible to get another pizza? Danke schön, is it possible to get another pizza? They say danke schön about every pizza. You need to say danke schön.

It’s not like how it is with Shuvu Banim.


In any case, the Germans are the most noble [i.e. Aristocratic] people, the most polite.

But it doesn’t help…. A non-Jew is still a non-Jew, like Biden already reversed course.

Germany is [also] already against us, France is against us – everyone is against us, already!

What do you want from these poor Arabs, these unfortunates.”


So at every moment, they are prepared to add another tragedy upon tragedy – to conquer us.

The Germans want to conquer Eretz Yisrael all over again.

They already conquered Eretz Yisrael once, during the First World War….

All of this is so we will make teshuva.

The men need to smash their Xiomis [smartphones] now.

Each person should bring a hammer, and smash his Xiomi.

He needs to know that every naked picture he sees – even the seven fires of hell won’t help him [atone for it]. No teshuva will help – it won’t!

This is the biggest transgression there could possibly be.


[1] Route 60 – that goes directly past the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem Sha’ar Shechem is a three minute walk from the Rav’s home on HaHoma HaShlishit.

[2] Shoftim 4:3.

[3] This shiur was given over the first day the IDF went into Gaza, the number of soldiers killed by 6.11.2023 has now reached 31. May Hashem avenge their blood.


PS: Take a look at the Wiki entry for Boyan Chassidut.

There’s a lot of very interesting stuff going on.

As always.

But I am not deep diving into this stuff at the mo – still two days of tehillim to go, and a wedding to make, BH.

But if you’ve been following some of the posts on the old blog and you have headspace and some free time, feel free to dig a little, into the Boyan Court in Vienna, circa 1917.

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    Simon says:

    I looked and I could barely find anything at all about this Boyan court.
    I’m curious.
    I’d like to continue looking into that stuff from your old blog again. That was very insightful.


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