Strange stories

Something pretty weird is going on with the ‘media coverage’ in Gaza at the moment.

Long story short….. it’s not going ‘to plan’ – at least, the plan of the evils who sat down and planned how this war was meant to happen and progress a longgggg time ago already.

In a mo, I just want to ‘unpick’ a couple of stories that have taken my eye, in the interests of demonstrating how to take these stories apart yourself, so you can how we are being played and manipulated and lied to.

But also, so it gets easier to spot the small nuggets of ‘true information’, that turn up when you start to get good at dismantling the lies.

But first…. this.

From the Israeli satire show (that I usually hate….) called ‘Eretz Nederet’, where they are taking the woke university crowd on:


It’s so true it’s actually not even funny…


But you see, this is also part of ‘playing the crowd’.

Because only ‘stupid liberal progressives’ would question the narrative of what is really going on with this ‘war’ that was pre-planned by the satanists running the planet a longggg time ago.


Really dumb people…. like you and me.




After mulling this over for a few hours, I came to the conclusion that going over these lying stories is probably not so useful, at this point.

We are in such a deep, dark world of lies, that I think it’s probably just wasting my time and energy – and not helping you, the reader – to deep dive into the details at the moment.

The truth WILL come out at some point.

But in the meantime, I remembered what the Rav said, back in 2018, reposted from HERE.

Each person has to come to the truth from the inside-out, now.

There’s no other way to do it.


“The more falsehood there is, the more that the truth will be revealed in a clearer way. The truth will be revealed in the end. As much as the sheker (falsehood, lies) will be spread in the world, more sheker, more falsehood to fool everyone, that’s the degree that the truth will be revealed in the end. They didn’t tell all of the lies yet. It’s only the beginning…

Rav Berland: falsehood-must-prevail

“There are a still a lot of Tzaddikim in the world, in every generation, that aren’t listening to the sheker-falsehood, they’re not letting themselves be fooled by the sheker. There’s not enough sheker. As long as we see that there’s still Tzaddikim in the world so it’s a sign that the sheker is not dominating enough. We need the sheker to be victorious. Until the sheker is victorious, there can’t be the redemption. When the sheker is victorious, then the people will go through a birur (clarification process), they’ll be sifted out, according to all of the strong truth that’s inside of them.


“And that’s how Moshiach is going to be revealed. Moshiach needs to be revealed from the epitome of sheker. 

Moshiach and his people, they’re not going to be pulled by the sheker. The sheker wants to take everyone. The sheker says: ‘I didn’t say enough sheker. Maybe I’ll say a little bit more, maybe I’ll succeed in saying something else, a different way.’

“In every generation there are new lies. The sheker makes up things that never existed from the creation of the world. But specifically through this spreading of the lies, the sheker will take over the whole world and there won’t be even a drop of truth. Only a small number of people will hold strong to the truth, but the sheker will take over everyone, like Rav Natan says. And everyone will be taken over by the sheker and everyone will be fooled, and only then will the truth be revealed and Moshiach will come.

Only through the increase of sheker.


“Therefore, we need to strengthen the people saying the lies. Don’t go against them, give them strength. It is the opposite of Likutey Halachot to go against them. Likutey Halachot is always telling you the opposite way of what people think. We need to strengthen them even more, so they should make up more lies and do more articles.

“Without this commentary from Rav Natan we wouldn’t be able to understand what the verse says, that: ‘the lips of truth will be established forever, after the sheker will be fulfilled’. What does it mean that the sheker will ‘be fulfilled’?

That only when the sheker reaches its end and is completely satisfied, only then will the truth be established.


“We want the sheker to be satisfied and to get stronger and stronger without end, [in a way] that wasn’t since the creation of the world, and then whoever is still holding onto the truth, will merit seeing Melech HaMoshiach.

Moshiach will come when he sees there are some people who aren’t being pulled and who know that it’s sheker and nothing is able to fool them or confuse them.

“Because as long as it’s possible to change people’s minds, to brainwash them to go for the sheker, and then to convince them to go against the sheker, Moshiach won’t have anywhere to go. Because then Moshiach will come and also convince people to come after him… No!


We need that the sheker will be able to convince everyone until it’s no longer possible for them to change their minds again.

“When everyone’s minds are turned around to the sheker, if there’s even a minyan left, 10 people left, like it says ‘Bei Knishta Hada’, (one small group of people) whose minds haven’t been turned by the sheker, then the Moshiach can be revealed, and he’ll reveal himself to this group of people. And from here, it will go on and spread throughout the whole world.

“Like Rav Natan says, the main revelation of truth will be in the End of Days.

The falsehood will be spread in the world until it reaches its satisfaction, until there are almost no more people left that it needs to conquer.

There won’t be any space for a point of truth. Then, specifically, will ‘the lips of truth be established’, through the sheker being increased very much. When there’s more and more sheker, that’s when the truth will be established.


“Therefore, we shouldn’t try to stop it, we shouldn’t go against it.

We shouldn’t do articles against articles to prove that they’re wrong. Why do we need more articles? We don’t need more articles against articles

“Like Rav Natan says, as it’s known, the sheker has strength to fool the whole world. The strength that it has, it got from the kedusha, the holy side. It all comes from the kedusha, anyways.

“So why did Hashem let it happen? Hashem let it happen so that the truth, a person’s truth that he has within him, should be so strong, should be so burning strong, and should get stronger the more he sees that the sheker is winning. 

That real truth from within him, the pure truth from within him, should get so strong they can’t brainwash him [anymore]. And then, he’ll reach the level of Atik Yomin, a very high level, and then Moshiach will be revealed.

Taken from a recording of a Lesson Rav Berland gave on Likutey Halachot, in Shvat 5775. See the full Hebrew transcript here


BH, we are basically at this point:

The falsehood will be spread in the world until it reaches its satisfaction, until there are almost no more people left that it needs to conquer.

There won’t be any space for a point of truth.

And then God will turn it around, when He’s ready.

In the meantime, I’m going to stick to translations and carry on avoiding the news.

The lies are coming so thick and furious, trying to deal with them is just a fool’s game, at this point.

Because the truth can only come from within.


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  1. Leah golan
    Leah golan says:

    Now this is getting freaky the more you think of it….at first I thought, well I have been to a few funerals of soldiers and so have my kids and friends…but no civilians….I wonder….now this little girl emily…she was quite in the beginning found….the ones they still are having trouble identifying are the badly burnt bodies….I checked about this if DNA can be done are burnt corpes to identify….and they can easily…badly burnt you still have the teeth…..but think of it, they used fuel on these bodies to burn till hardly anything can be identified … this was done to children and others in each kibbutz systematically, and also to many in the rave party….and again, how convenient their use of decapitation so DNA on the teeth can not be done….oh my, truly scary what really went on….השם ישמור….

  2. Leah
    Leah says:

    Hey Rivka, what happened to the 2 stories you had in this article? They are not there…you have an update added but without the 2 stories….

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      I decided to remove them, for a few different reasons.

      I guess this time around, it’s going to be some one else’s job to bottom all this stuff out publically.

      • Daisy
        Daisy says:

        Rivka, I just saw the headline of an absolute sickening sheker video posted by Mike Adams on Brighteon, which I received by email a few minutes ago: do you give me permission to link to it, just so people will see what unbelievable lies they are spreading? To think that I respected and trusted this guy for his research? What can I say…. your guts were telling you the truth. I remember how much you loathed him. Well, you know what? You were right! Such a Jew hater, unbelievable; he seems so concerned about humanity in general, but Israel can definitely be sacrificed, right? Because we know how evil those Jews are – satanists, Talmudists, yoshke rejectionists, or whatever else points the finger at Am Yisrael….. I would never have guessed.

        OK, so I am linking to that video ( which I did not watch, and don’t want to watch). You decide whether to share the great sheker. OK? Thanks.

        Good article; very interesting the way Rav Berland describes reality. Thank you!

  3. Simon
    Simon says:

    The first Boyaner Rebbe has the following surnames/people amongst his ancestors:
    Katzenellenbogen, the Maggid of Mezeritch, the “MaHarSha”, Isserles, and Lipschitz… Every time I look at “big rabbi” family trees, I just see the same names over and over again.
    One big family, as you say.

  4. Molly
    Molly says:

    Just saying this so I don’t feel like I big liar lol. I’ve gone back down to doing just the tikkun every day. I think this exercise of full book of psalms from Rav berland is also to help us appreciate the simplicity and comparative ease of the tikkun haklali!! Because I absolutely breezed through it today!!

      • Hava
        Hava says:

        I’m going to be in a “tehillim mundial” chat tonight later on, with Spanish- and Portuguese speakers from around their world. Mostly Latin-Americans from Central and South America, but also Israelis and Floridians (from Miami) from the US, and Brazil. A lot of attendees – there’s hope we’ll finish probably 2 books or more, be”H.


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