Busting the paradigm

I’ve been thinking a lot about how ‘the evils’ turn us all against each other.

In our puppet-controlled world, they make all these machloket, all these ridiculous arguments between us, about details that are actually totally pointless, but become the whole ikker.

I lost a few good friends over the whole Covid psyop, because they insisted I should have three shots just to come to the wedding of their daughter – someone I knew for the last 18 years.

I didn’t get them. Obviously.

And I haven’t spoken to that friend of mine now for three years.


Sometimes, I also fall into the trap of arguing about stuff and with people who are ultimately just inconsequential ‘fluff’.

It’s one of the pitfalls of blogging.

And while I try to avoid it, occasionally the baiting I consistently get from my own pet psychos here in the comments section gets to me, and I bite back.

But the point is, there are very important things going on here, and they need to be discussed as calmly and as unemotionally as possible, to get to the truth of what is really going on.

I know that there are many sincere people out there all trying to get to the truth, in their own ways, and I respect them a lot, even if I sometimes totally disagree with their conclusions.

Ultimately, we all have our own bad middot to deal with, our own ‘hot buttons’, and especially at the moment, it’s just so darned easy to explode at other people, because we’re actually all just feeling so frustrated and upset about the ongoing situation here in Israel, and in the world.


Bottom line:

Anyone in a position of power or real influence over the last 150 years (at least….) was probably put there by ‘the evils’.

And especially in our Jewish community.

That is the main place we need to start trying to figure out, which ‘agent provacateurs’ and ‘false leaders’ with hidden agendas were put in place, or maintained in place, to subvert the Jewish community from within.

That this is actually what has been going on for at least a good couple of centuries (at least…) shouldn’t really be a ‘newsflash’ to any of us, should it?

For years, we’ve been reading about ‘erev rav’, and how at the end of days they push themselves into all the real leadership positions, to the great detriment of the sincere Jews fooled into following after them.

But the controversial part of this is that it’s always been so much easier to point the finger at the other guys, the other bits of the Jewish community….

Our bit is always fine. Our bit is always totally ‘uncontaminated’.

But that’s just not true.


Before I got to Shuvu Banim, I went through a whole bunch of other Breslov communities and institutions.

There are issues all over.

And there were also massive issues within Shuvu Banim, too, until around a decade ago when the Rav went into exile, and then went to prison twice, and since then, nearly all the high-level fakers and yucky people disappeared.

That was one very good thing that came of the whole birur process that occurred at Shuvu Banim, because narcissist fakers, psychos and pedos really don’t like outsiders assuming right from the beginning they are up to no good.

Or being attached to such a poor, down-trodden and insulted community.

Evil flourishes the most in those places were people keep making excuses for it, and covering it up all the time.

And with all the non-stop persecution and scrutiny and insults, Shuvu is now a million miles away from being that.

Rabbenu made it clear when he came back from Eretz Yisrael, that he was bringing his followers the ‘present’ of machloket.

For years, I couldn’t understand why that was a ‘present.’

Now, I’m starting to develop more appreciation for the true wisdom of Rabbenu.


Point is, if you want to tell me any community is only good, or only bad – that’s just not how it is.

And even very good and holy communities like Shuvu have had massive issues with psychos in the past, and it’s only the ongoing bizayon and persecution that has really shaken so many of those elements out of the picture.

But psychos are in leadership positions all over the Jewish world still, including in the ‘frum’ world, including in the ‘dati leumi’ world, including in the ‘hilltop youth world’ – it’s those erev rav psychos we all learned about from the Zohar and the Vilna Gaon.

And the only way we can really ‘clean them out’ is by cleaning their horrible traits and bad middot out of ourselves.


So, that’s basically what our job at this very difficult time boils down to.

Working on ourselves, doing hitbodedut for an hour a day so we can have clarity and not ‘get confused’, and constantly challenging our own assumptions and being willing to sacrifice our own ‘holy cows’.

BH, there are so many good Jews all over the place.

The Jewish soul is such a wonderful, powerful force for good.

That’s why ‘the evils’ have been working so hard to keep setting up more false ideologies and fake or misguided people to ‘lead us’ away from authentic Torah, and the real Tzaddikim.

We get through this next stage only with a lot of hitbodedut, a lot of humility, and a lot of working on our own bad middot, instead of just pointing the finger at everyone else.


But in the meantime, we have to keep doing the birur, and keep trying to check who is real, and who isn’t, and what ideas are genuinely helpful, and what ideas are really not.

It’s a painful process.

It’s not easy to have our most cherished ideas and ‘heros’ constantly probed and challenged.

But just like I’ve had that process ongoing for a decade now with the Rav, and before that, for another decade with Rabbenu and Breslov – so each person has to also go through this birur with their own ‘heros’, their own rabbis, and their own beliefs and ideas.

There is nothing to fear from this, if a person is really interested in the truth, and really interested in working on themselves and their own bad middot, and really interested in coming closer to Hashem, and developing some genuine humility.

Although for sure, the process is often very painful and upsetting.


So, first, I’m sorry if this process of trying to get to the truth is pressing your buttons.

But second, we’re all wrong about something, at least some of the time.

That’s the whole point here, to take some time every day to figure out what was I wrong about today? What did I react to in a ‘wrong’ way? What did I say or do that was ‘wrong’ – i.e. not in alignment with what God really wants from me?


May Hashem help us all to figure it out.

And to break out of the paradigm we are currently trapped in, that sets us at each other’s throats over details and ‘fluff’ and ‘politics’ and fake leaders that don’t really matter.

Bottom line: God wants our sincere teshuva.

And our prayers.

And some humility, that we don’t know everything, and we aren’t always ‘right’.

God, please help me to give You what you want!



PS: More and more info is coming out that some of the soldiers being killed in Gaza are being killed by IDF drones.

Take a look at THIS, on the ynet site (Hebrew).

The drones have been responsible for a huge amount of death and destruction in this war, but hardly anyone is talking about them.

And a lot of the drones in Gaza are not being operated by the IDF, but by the US and UK.

Just something to keep an eye on….especially connected with more reports of our soldiers dying due to ‘friendly fire’.


3 replies
  1. Hava
    Hava says:

    Rivka, are you saying that the US and UK are operating OUR drones and killing OUR soldiers??? It would be bad enough if they were operating their own; but, if it’s true, it’s BEYOND TOO MUCH EVIL.

    Watch this video by Caroline Glick. She UNWRAPs the real US agenda for us to LOSE this war.


    Bonus: find out what UNRWA stands for, if readers don’t already know. In my opinion, it should be called United Nations Works Relief [by eliminating Israel] in Association with Palestine. UNWRAP.

    Except that Palestine was the Roman name for us, first. As anyone who knows real Jewish history knows. 😉

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Our current PM attended her wedding…. her sister headed up USAID (to ‘Palestine’…) under Trump… and she’s as much part of the machine as everyone else.

      Hava, you are so smart. I know we all want to know ‘what is happening’, but people like this are not really telling us anything except the information (and disinformation….) ‘the evils’ want us to have.

      Personally, I’m not wasting any more time listening to what these people are being directed to tell us.

  2. yosef d
    yosef d says:

    you’re correct, i was wrong in the other comment. was going to watch some eulogy for kissinger, watching shuvu banim english instead.
    b’ahavas yisroel,
    yossi d.


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