The explanation of the 770 tunnel that actually makes sense

Just got this from my Chabad friend.

And I’m posting it up, then continuing my small break.

I asked a friend about the tunnels under 770, unfortunately it’s all politics and fighting inside the community.
Since the Rebbe passed away, 770 slowly was taken over by “mashichistim” – people who deny that the Rebbe died.
They are trying in every possible way to gain full control over the building.
During Covid, when the shul was officially closed down, they dug a tunnel from mikve , which is behind the building to the shul in order to continue praying there.
So now the tunnel was finally discovered and it was supposed to be filled with cement, but the group of violent mashichists started breaking the wall in an attempt to connect the tunnel in an official way to the shul as an “expansion “.
Whatever, long story, so sad that Jews can not coexist…

Ultimately, only God is behind everything…. whatever else is going on.

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    • Malka
      Malka says:

      I am with you on this one. Fishy! Right after this story was published, I was scrawling web trying to find answers. This issue was known months ago and all
      Jewish forums discussing it were scrubbed! Chabad condems its students – what a horrible thing! Like they were surprised, because no one knew about anything!


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