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Translated comments from Shivivei Or 365 (week ending June 28th, 2024)

Over the course of the week, the Rav was in the hospital, and the cholkim (opponents of the Rav) publicised all sorts of rumours about the condition of the Rav, may their mouths be filled with ashes.

And this was told to the Rav, and the Rav mamash derived vitality from this, and said that in the merit of this, he would ‘lengthen his days’, and the ‘Tzaddik hai v’kayam’ and doesn’t die.

If [the cholkim say that he’s] ‘dead’ – then 40 more years are added on.

This is the gematria of ‘mem’[1], like with Moshe Rabbenu, when Eldad and Medad said that Moshe was going to die, but [instead] he lived for another 40 years.


On Friday, the Rav returned to his home from the hospital, and there was a brit for Yechiel Stern[2], but afterwards, we didn’t merit for the Rav to come out to the prayers, because the Rav was very weak – even though the Rav really wanted to come out for the prayers.

Only around 10.30pm prayed ma’ariv of erev Shabbat.

And the Rav really ‘sacrificed’ himself to stand up throughout the prayers, even though he was offered a chair. He wasn’t prepared to sit down, instead he leant with all his weight against the chair – and afterwards, suddenly, the the Rav felt better.

So the Rav said, we said [Blessed is He who] ‘revives the dead’ – there really was here ‘revival of the dead’! Every word of the prayers is secrets. It was really ‘the revival of the dead’.


Afterwards at the meal, the Rav exerted himself to sing the songs.

The Rav sang Yah Ribon Olam with the Breslov niggun (this is not the melody usually used by Shuvu Banim).

When ‘Koh Echsof’ was sung, in order for the Rav not to over-exert himself, one of this grandsons speeded-up a bit, and on sang [the parts that says] v’yihiyu rachmaicha only three times.

And it appeared to him that the Rav was not entirely pleased by this, but the Rav didn’t say anything.


Afterwards, the Rav was speaking in praise of this song, and that every word is great secrets of the initials of [H-v-a-y-a – Hashem’s ineffable name], and that ‘Aharon v’nishma’ refers to R Aharon of Karlin, who wrote this song.

And then, the Rav began from the beginning to sing all of the Koh Echsof.


[Today, Sunday June 30, is the yahrzeit of R Aharon of Karlin.]


And the Rav told over some stories praising the Rabbanit [his wife, the Rabbanit Tehilla], and said how the Rabbanit had performed tahara [the purification process for a dead Jew before they are buried] for her grandmother, who passed away two years after the Rav’s wedding.


[The author of this update in Shivivei Or continues:]

I heard that the Rav said that now, there are harsh dinim, so the sefer of the Rabbanit[3] needed to be reprinted.

When the Rabbanit heard this, she said that she wants to have it reprinted, but that she’s not prepared to take out any more loans or have more debts.


Ed. Note: they are collecting the money to get this printed now, a woman in the community took the project on to raise the cash required. If you want to help, contact me via email (or on the contact form) and I’ll give you the details.


Ad kan, from Shivivei Or.

It’s actually incredible, to see what is going on with the Rav at the prayers.

He stays standing up for one and a half to two hours, trying to get all us ‘exhausted’ younger, healthy people clapping a bit, dancing a bit, singing a bit, to help ‘sweeten the judgments’.

You just don’t see this anywhere else.

(If you have the eyes to see what is really going on with the Rav…. Which sadly, most people don’t.)




[1] ‘Dead’ in hebrew is met, mem taf.

[2] A great-grandchild of the Rav.

[3] Called: B’or Pnei Melech – a commentary on Rebbe Nachman’s Likutey Moharan.

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  1. Remi
    Remi says:

    I am very happy with your decision to write more about the Rav!

    Please tell us how the Rav is doing all the time.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      I’ll try – but I’m not as ‘plugged in’ as some others. Did you join the English speakers Whats App group? They often have a lot more info there, as it’s a closed group.

      • Remi
        Remi says:

        Yes I joined the English group after you posted it a while back.
        Thank you.
        I just love your updates about the Rav as well.

  2. Simon
    Simon says:

    So the redemption isn’t being “pushed off” 200 years..
    I’m getting really sick of these horrible, Satanic rulers and Agenda 2030/25. May God uproot them soon!

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      No-one (who is writing online…) really knows.

      But, there is a personal redemption, that just boils down to us getting a grip on our own bad middot, and a ‘general redemption’ when the evil in the world gets vanquished.

      If we’re busy with the former, then our lives will be so much better, sweeter, nicer in any case, regardless of whether the latter comes on Elul 25th of this year – or only in another 200 years.

      No-one can fight the evils within ourselves…. except ourselves. It’s our job to do.

      And each person that knuckles down and starts doing that job – that’s how the evil really gets vanquished globally.

      When we stop buying the xtian / Chabad ‘line’ that moshiach comes to do all the hard work for us, and we just sit here stewing in our bad middot without lifting a finger to try, at least, to overcome them – we are empowered to have our own ‘personal redemption’.

      And once we stop being controlled by our own bad middot – life gets so much sweeter in any case, and then we can wait however long it takes, until God decides to bring the global redemption.

    • Yossi
      Yossi says:

      The Rav never said that the geula was pushed off 200 years.
      What the Rav said is that the Mashiach War has been pushed off 200 years, which comes long after his revelation. The story has been twisted and changed since he made those comments.
      Even then we have reason to believe he was not speaking literally. But that’s a longer story.

      • Rivka Levy
        Rivka Levy says:

        Who, specifically, are you accusing of ‘twisting and changing’ the story?

        No-one knows what is really going on here, and you have a bunch of your own comments up on the site about this exact topic, where you’re flip-flopping all over the place with it as well.

        I know there is a lot of frustration around this whole subject…. but it’s Rabbenu’s ‘boiling pot’. The situation is bringing up all our bad middot to the surface. It’s our job to stand with the spoon and to just keep ‘scooping them out’, until the pot is clean.

        No need to keep lashing out at others, or trying to make them ‘wrong’.

        No-one knows what’s going on.

        Including you.

        • Yossi
          Yossi says:

          Nobody specifically, it just became whisper down the alley and has taken on a life of its own.
          Within a couple days of the first time the Rav talked about 200 years, I got the full low down on it from our mutual friend. I even still have the recordings he left me about it.
          I’ve never looked back. I have no idea what you’re talking about. If I commented about it, it was probably to get others to think more critically about it and listen to the Rav’s words instead of the giant story it became.
          Our mutual friend explained it very clearly from the beginning and I never had any more questions about it.

  3. Rivka Levy
    Rivka Levy says:

    This is what the Rav said, about the calamities in 200 years, taken from OIAG 3:

    [On] Lag BaOmer 5779 (May 23, 2019)….Rav Berland said the following:

    “[O]n Lag BaOmer all the trumpets of war that are heard around us will be cancelled. In the merit of Rebbe Shimon bar Yochai and Lag B’Omer, may there be no more wars in Eretz Yisrael.
    We are standing before that great moment when the great shofar will be blown.
    We are standing before the most dramatic moment ever, the moment when: “And it will be on that day, the great shofar will be sounded, and those lost in the land of Assyria and those exiled in the land of Egypt shall come to Hashem, at the holy mountain in Jerusalem.”

    The Geulah shleimah (complete Redemption) will come via this L’ag BaOmer, and we will see how the sea will split anew…”

    To our great sorrow, that didn’t happen back in 2019.

    Perhaps, the Rav was explaining why things needed to be slowed down again when he gave another shiur a few days later, on May 26th, where he explained:

    “The calamities will only take place in another 200 years, not now. Moshiach will come without anyone dying.

    In the Midrashim, it’s written that: In the days that the Moshiach comes, there will be a terrible war. People will be chopped and sliced into bits, because everybody will have done so many transgressions, that it’s impossible to atone for any other way.

    It’s written that in the war of Gog and Magog all the mountains will totter and melt. All the mountains will collapse, the big mountains! They will collapse because of all the explosions. All the mountains!

    But whoever is with Rabbenu (Rebbe Nachman of Breslov), and whoever will do an hour a day of hitbodedut, and whoever comes to pray together with the Rav – so they have nothing to fear. Not him, and not his children, and not the children of his children, all his grandchildren.

    It’s written that Hashem will bring all the 10 plagues, but this will be on the goyim (the non-Jewish nations), not on the Jews. It will only be on the non-Jewish nations.

    We have nothing to be afraid of! These things are only going to occur in another 200 years.”

    Someone from the audience then said to the Rav, “Chas v’shalom, that this will only be in another 200 years! This should only apply to the hard things!”

    The Rav then told him:

    “The good things will happen now. All the good things will start to happen now.”


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