TOBIAS BOAS, the biggest Dutch banker you never heard about

One of the names that keeps coming up in this story – but which has been almost totally ‘scrubbed’ out of official Jewish history is TOBIAS BOAS.

I know you never heard of him.

Before a few weeks ago, I’d also never heard of him – and that spurred-me on to start trying to pull together more information, because this gentleman and his family are in the middle of so much stuff in Amsterdam.

Here’s a quick rundown:


The BOAS family have the creme de la creme of the rabbis and Jewish bigwigs knocking on their door in the Hague – including the CHIDA, and apparently also the ‘VILNA GAON’ and his brother ISSACHAR BER.

They own a massive bank, which is giving massive loans to non-Jewish royals including:

EMPEROR JOSEPH II of Austria (Freemason, who is having an affair with JACOB FRANK’s daughter, EVA.

STANISLAUS AUGUSTUS – Last king of Poland, and employer of NATAN NOTA NOTKIN of SHKLOV.


TOBIAS BOAS’s kids are married to a whole bunch of interesting people.

His daughter ABIGAIL BOAS is married to the leader of the maskilim in Berlin, NAFTALI HERTZ WESSELY (and that information has been almost totally scrubbed out of existence….)

TOBIAS BOAS is obsessed with finding the lost Ten Tribes.

He’s a big shareholder in the DUTCH EAST INDIES COMPANY.

And between 1741-1745, he helps to ‘undo’ the order of EMPRESS MARIA THERESA (the mum of MARIE ANTOINETTE and JOSEPH II, above) to expel the Jews from Bohemia.


And yet…. None of us have ever heard of him.

Let’s try to fix that – and also, figure out why so much effort has been made to scrub him and his family out of existence.


Our first stop is the ‘JEWS OF THE HAGUE’ historical pages, in Dutch, HERE.

(It’s in Dutch, but Google translate it.)

To give some basic background to what was going on in the Jewish community of Holland, in the 16th-17th century, it’s basically made up of marrano Sephardim from Portugal, who ‘re-adopt’ Judaism when they arrive in Amsterdam.

I know I say this a lot, but we have to remember that most of these people and their families had been ‘acting catholic’ for at AT LEAST a 100 years.

You tell me, just how much real yiddishkeit a person could really retain in their soul when they’d been genuflecting three times a day in a satanic catholic mass and eating pork for breakfast…

It’s not a simple matter at all.


So, the Dutch lowlands begin to rebel against the Spanish Empire in the 17th century, protestantism becomes the national religion – and then the Portuguese marrano traders flock to Holland, and particularly to Amsterdam, where they can openly return to their Jewish roots.

At least, in some way.


When the false messiah SHABTAI TZVI / SHACH turns up, all of Amsterdam goes crazy about him.

The Sabbateans take hold in a very strong way in Amsterdam. And although it’s been covered up, their grip continues……even until our days.


Then in the 18th century, the Ashkenazi Jews also increasingly start to move to Holland and to build their own Ashkenazi communities in places like Amsterdam and the Hague.


Our very own TOBIAS BOAS is domiciled in The Hague.

Here’s some pertinent info from the joedserfgoeddenhague site, which I’ll bullet-point to keep it more manageable, and put my additions in square brackets, before we unpack it more, below.

  1. The first known synagogue in the Hague is operating in the home of the Sephardi merchant JACOB PEREIRA. [PEREIRA comes from a family of very wealthy and fanatical supporters of SHABTAI TZVI.] The services are mostly held in Portuguese.
  2. Starting in 1694, an Ashkenazi shul is set up in the home of the Ashkenazi butcher TOBIAS MAGNUS.
  3. MAGNUS is the maternal grandpa of TOBIAS BOAS. His daughter MERYA (MIRIAM) marries CHAIM AVRAHAM HYMAN BOAS.
  4. CHAIM AVRAHAM BOAS sets up a fancier shul in his home, called SOLOMON’S TEMPLE.

(No connection to the masons’ obsession with Solomon’s Temple, no sirree, just a CO-IN-CID-ENCE.)


  1. There are only ‘intermittent’ Ashkenazi rabbis in the Hague, until R SAUL HALEVI shows up in 1748. [He is connected to the Vilna Gaon and his brother, and the person they write to in Holland, to help them track down rare books of kabbalah in YEAR.]
  2. Pay attention to this next bit: Jewish merchants in the Hague are very limited in what local guilds they can join, in order to do business. The main guild most of the Jewish shopkeepers belong to is called: Saint Nicholas Guild or Kramers Guild. [‘Kramer’ is one of the surnames given to the Vilna Gaon’s family, suggesting the GRA’s family was in Holland, selling stuff, way before the 18th century..]
  3. The Hague’s Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi, SAUL HALEVI (1712-1785) is married to DINA LOWENSTAAM, the daughter of ARYEH LEIB LOWENSTAAM, the Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi of AMSTERDAM. They get married in RZESZÒW – which also happens to be where JACOB FRANK’s family comes from.
  4. SAUL HALEVI is very closely aligned with TOBIAS BOAS and his family – BOAS pays his salary, and also gives him a nice house to live in, for free.

  1. The BOAS family originally comes from Western Poland. TOBIAS’s grandpa ISAAC CHAIM makes the move, with his father ABRAHAM (CHAIM) BOAS really starting to make the family’s money, when he starts trading gems and gold. [Only people who were connected to the Portuguese marranos who monopolised this trade could get into that particular game.]


OK, with that basic background out the way, let’s now zoom-in to take a closer look at TOBIAS BOAS himself, this guy:


He’s born in The Hague in 1696.

He’s apparently married three times:

First wife is DUYFJE LEVI, who he marries in 1712.

Second wife is SARA SYMONS of Amsterdam, who he marries in 1722.

Third wife is SCHEBA MOZES GOLDSMIT, the widow of Michael Mozes Goldsmit of KONIGSBERG.

Let’s quote the joedserfgoeddenhague site a bit now:

From the first two marriages he had sixteen children, eleven of whom reached adulthood.

Boaz married his children to prominent members of the European Jewish elite, such as the Gompertz, Wertheimer, Oppenheimer and Kann families.


This guy is Jewish royalty!

And he’s marrying his kids to (Sabbatean….) Jewish royalty all over Europe!

And he’s very closely connected to royals across Europe too, here’s another relevant snippet:

In 1727, Tobias took over his father’s banking house, but still continued to trade in jewels.

The wealthy Boas occupied a key financial position both in the Republic and beyond its borders. He was financier of the Oranges and helped the Republic with large sums of money during the crisis of 1750.

The banking firm’s clients included the emperor of Austria, the king of Sweden, and The King of Poland.

Tobias Boas issued loans of millions to various royal houses in Europe and also to the stadtholder’s court. At the same time, he remained a merchant in precious stones. In addition, he was known as very generous to the poor.


(We’ll unpack the relevant parts of all this to our story in a moment, hang on.)


We also need to know that:

Boaz owned a large library and had collected books in the fields of mysticism, philosophy, and rabbinic literature, and owned rare Bible editions.

I.e. – if someone was interested in tracking down ‘rare volumes’ of kabbalistic teachings in Holland, TOBIAS BOAS and his library would definitely be on their list of places to visit.


Via his connections with the DUTCH EAST INDIES COMPANY, Tobias Boas is constantly asking scouts for any information they may have about the lost 10 Tribes.

For example, he writes one very famous letter to EZEKIEL RAHABI, head of the Jewish community in Cochin, India, which RAHABI responds to with a whole scroll detailing the history of the Jews of Cochin in 1768.

Meanwhile, his son SIMEON BOAS is recorded as travelling all over the world to meet ‘Catholic clergy’.

Why? No-one is explaining that part of the story.


Here’s another relevant snippet from the joedserfgoeddenhague site:

in 1745, Boas, together with the Gomperts family from Nijmegen, asked the administrators of the Republic to urge Empress Maria Theresa to stop the expulsion of Jews from Prague.

Later, in 1781, Maria Theresa’s son Emperor Joseph II would come to visit him in The Hague.


In an alternative account of this Jewish expulsion from Prague, ISSACHER BER ESKELES, father of the Frankist banker and mason, BERNHARD ESKELES, is said to have overturned the decree, together with one BARON D’AGUILAR, a marrano Jew and favorite of MARIA THERESA.

I don’t know which account is correct – or which people are actually the ‘real’ personas, here.


Point is, BOAS has connections to the same royal circles where freemasonry, secret societies and Frankist Jews are also hanging out, in great quantities.

He’s also being visited by people like CASANOVA (another big player in secret masonic circles), and kings come to see him, in his home, called SOLOMON’S TEMPLE.

Another snippet:

Boas was also held in high esteem by the Swedish royal family. In 1780, King Gustav III visited him in his house in The Hague to see jewels. Also, Tobias Boas maintained a good relationship with the Polish king Stanislaw August, who had even requested him to educate one of his (bastard) children.


OK, now let’s take a look at more of the Jewish personalities who are known to have been hanging out with TOBIAS BOAS in the Hague.

The Dutch Jewish site mentions the following people:

ABRAHAM HAMBURG, also named Abraham Nansich or Rabbi Abraham of Nasig (Nancy), lived from 1757 to ca. 1778 in the house of Tobias Boas, as the family’s tutor.

ABRAHAM NANCY is interesting for a lot of reasons, not least, because he wrote a publication pushing the smallpox ‘vaccination’ that was published in London in 1785.

(The masons had a huge role to play in creating and pushing that smallpox ‘vaccination’. But we’ll leave that story for another post. Maybe.)


Other tutors in the BOAS household included:

Josef ben David Heilbronn from Eschwege was probably also a house teacher with Tobias Boas
he had been a house teacher with the Kann family in Frankfurt am Main in the years 1753 to 1762.

 Rabbi Abraham, the son of Model from Oettingen (ca. 1760)


Other visitors included:

Chaim Joseph David Azulai (1724-1806) – the CHIDA

4) Mordechai Tama, he translated Arabic responses of Maimonides into Hebrew and published them in Amsterdam. He published another work in 1779 in The Hague with Löb Soesmans. Abraham and Simon Boaz financed the publication.

5 Naftali Herz, the son of Jehuda Löb Ulman of Mainz, a pupil of the German philosopher J. C. Wolff. Philosopher Naftali Herz lived in The Hague from about 1765. This author wrote in one of his works that he had found refuge in The Hague around 1765, when he had fled ‘the enemies of truth and Justice’.

He was highly critical of supporters of Rabbi Shabbatai Tzvi who proclaimed in 1665 that the coming of the Messiah was imminent.


Apparently, DINA LOWENSTAAM, the wife of SAUL HALEVI was also busy learning Torah in the Hague, and had a reputation as quite the scholar.

When the CHIDA was visiting with her husband, he recorded her standing behind a curtain and vigorously joining their debate on matters of halacha etc

(‘Women’s lib’ is a recurring theme amongst closet Sabbateans. Remember, SARA SONIA DISKIN also wore a tallit katan and gave over psakei din...)


But there is no mention of the VILNA GAON, nor of his brother, visiting TOBIAS BOAS.

In fact, there is no mention of them – at all – in the CHIDA’s diaries whatsover.

And what makes this even more strange, is that the GRA and his attendant, probably BARUCH SHICK of SHKLOV, are meant to be in Holland at exactly the same time as the CHIDA is there.

Presumably, visiting exactly the same people.

And yet, not a whisper about ‘ELIYAHU BEN SHLOMO’, the Vilna Gaon, in any of the CHIDA’s writings.


Call it siyatta di shmeya, but my good friend C. happens to have the diary of the Chida, and she’s been reading it off and on.

After THIS post about Baruch Schick accompanying the GRA to Amsterdam, she went to look up what was written in the CHIDA’s diary for that time period.

As we said, the CHIDA and the GRA are meant to be Holland at actually the same time, visiting exactly the same people.

The CHIDA even mentions MOSES LEHREN a lot – the father of that same TZVI HIRSH LEHREN who funds the GRA’s disciples, the PERUSHIM, in the Holy Land some 30 years later, and who is a big ‘follower’ of the GRA’s teachings.

And yet….

It seems that the ‘GRA’ either was travelling under an assumed name…. Or he isn’t who we have all been told he was.


OK, let’s pick up some more pertinent details about TOBIAS BOAS, before we draw this post to a close.

He has so many interesting family members that he’s been deliberately ‘dislocated’ from.

One of them is his son-in-law, the famous maskil NAFTALI HERTZ WESSELY.

I only know this because I read Morgenstern’s book on the Vilna Gaon.

On page 184, where he’s discussing the GRA’s obsession with tracking down the 10 Tribes, he writes this:

Another personality who searched for the ten tribes during this time was Tobias Boas (1696-1782) of the Hague…one of the greatest bankers of the Netherlands….

The pertinent point….is his role in financing the activities of the Dutch East India Company, the Hague-based shipping company…

Boas exploited his access to this company to spend “more than 20 years” (1762-1782) searching for the ten tribes in Asia.

His son-in-law, the maskil NAFTALI HERZ WESSELY, described Boas’s activities at length in the journal Ha-me’asaf.[1]

It is noteworthy that even though Wessely, as a progenitor of the Haskala movement, is considered a rationalist, he believed in the existence of the ten tribes and took an emotional, credic interest in the cause of searching for them.”


There’s a lot to learn out from this.

Not least, that that same Berlin circle of ‘initiated’ maskilim that BARUCH SHICK the mason was hanging out with, were also looking for the Ten Tribes.

At exactly the same time the GRA was trying to make his aborted trip to Eretz Yisrael, via Amsterdam, as some sort of ‘Moshiach’ figure.


As I mentioned, this link between BOAS, the Netherlands banker with tight links to the Dutch East Indies company, and his son-in-law, the Berlin maskil NAFTALI HERTZ WESSELY has been hermetically scrubbed.

That by itself tells you we are over the target.


Going backwards, BOAS’ family are connected to the known Sabbateans that include GLUCKEL OF HAMELN. (She writes about how her father-in-law sold his property in readiness for the move to Eretz Yisrael, when SHABTAI TZVI / SHACH fever was gripping the Jewish world.)

While fake history tells us that the Sabbatean craze blew out pretty fast for nearly everyone – they are lying about that.

It just went underground.


Going forwards, we find more ‘strange scrubbing’ of BOAS’ family tree.

While the joedserfgoeddenhague site told us clearly that:

From the first two marriages he had sixteen children, eleven of whom reached adulthood.

Boaz married his children to prominent members of the European Jewish elite, such as the Gompertz, Wertheimer, Oppenheimer and Kann families.

When you go to sites like geni, you find it’s very coy about who his kids actually married.

But let’s unpick a little anyway, as much as we can.


The one kid I want to focus in on here is SIMEON (SIMON) TOBIAS POLLAK,to give him his full name.

His mother is wife number two, SARA SYMONS KANN, who TOBIAS BOAS apparently divorces.

In turn, this SIMEON marries twice – both to interesting people.


They have a daughter together called ESTER who marries one MARX MORDECHAI CERFBERR.


You’ve heard that name before, in THIS post about Napoleon’s ‘Sanhedrin’.


[I]t looks like those Jewish-Jesuit RATISBONNES we wrote about HERE, who bought up a ton of land in Jerusalem – Ein Karem and the Old City, and built monasteries on them – are the grandchildren of this same CERF BERR, B-I-L of David Sinzheim, and arms dealing philanthropist….

That’s where we learnt that ESTER CERFBERR’s daughter ADELAIDE marries the head of the French rabbinical ‘consistoire’ under Napoleon, a guy called AUGUSTE SUSMANN HIRSH RATISBONNE (1779-1818)

Not a few of his kids go all ‘Jesuit’, buy up a ton of land in Eretz Yisrael, and build massive monasteries in the Old City of Jerusalem, Ein Karem – and also, over the tomb of ELISHA the PROPHET in Haifa.

(These Jesuit-Frankist kids are also part of the PRIEURE DE SION catholic secret society….)


It’s a small world!

And remember what we learned above, that:

SIMEON BOAS is recorded as travelling all over the world to meet ‘Catholic clergy’.

There are no CO-IN-CID-ENCES.


In the meantime, SIMON BOAS’s next wife is ROESLE ROSETTA ZUR KANN – his first cousin.

His wife’s grandpa is one MOSES LOEB KANN, of Frankfurt.

If this name sounds familiar, it’s because his Frankist descendants had the famous bank in NY, KUHN-LOEB and Co, that was busy helping JACOB SCHIFF to finance the Bolshevik Revolution.


The KANN family are very interesting – and also very ‘scrubbed’, mostly, out of real Jewish history.

They were at least partially responsible for booting the PNEI YEHOSHUA out of his rabbinical post in Frankfurt (after they’d pulled some strings for him to be appointed as ‘their guy’….) when he dared to start publically challenging the Sabbatean practises and heresies of JONATHAN EIBSHITZ.

You can read more HERE – it’s a PDF published by Prof. Sid Leiman, entitled:

The Stance of Rabbi Jacob Joshua Falk in the Emden-Eibeschuetz Controversy.


And there is more information about this communal ‘war’ that erupted in Frankfurt, again over power and money, on the Encyclopaedia of Judaism page for MOSES KANN, HERE.

MOSES KANN was the son-in-law of (the Sabbatean funder of Yehuda Chasid’s trip to Israel) SAMSON WERTHEIMER.

Samson’s sons-in-law were:

Moses Kann of Frankfurt-on-the-Main; Issachar Berush Eskeles, father of the Vienna banker [and known Frankist-mason] Bernhard Eskeles; Joseph, son of R. David Oppenheimer; and Seligmann Berend Kohn, called Solomon of Hamburg.

His youngest son, Joseph Josel (b. 1718), married a daughter of his stepbrother Wolf.


And here’s another interesting snippet from the Geni page for this same MOSES LOEB KANN of Frankfurt, grandpa of TOBIAS BOAS’s 2nd wife, SARA, and S-I-L of SAMSON WERTHEIMER:


“In 1770, the grandchildren of Simson Wertheimer gathered in Munich to make arrangements for the security of the foundation.

The transaction was signed by Samuel Wolf Wertheimer also in the name of his brothers Abraham and Joseph, Isaac Moyses Kann, Isaac Seligmann Kohn, David Joseph Wertheimer.

Witnesses: Moyses Enoch of Berlin, Latzer Seligman of Schwabach.

[The text of that document said]:

‘By decree of January 19, 1780, Samson Wertheimer (died 1787, son of Löw), Samuel (son of Wolf) and David (son of Josef) were appointed as foundation administrators.

In 1783, David Wertheimer, Simson Wertheimer (probably son of Samuel), Samson Löw Wertheimer, Seligman Berend Salomon in Hamburg, Simson Löw Zurkand (Zurkant = Zur Kanne = Kann) in The Hague and Abraham Wolf Wertheimer were summoned.

In place of the now deceased Samuel Wertheimer and Simson Löw Zurkant, Abraham Wolf Wertheimer in Munich and Joachim Zurkant appointed administrators.’


OK, so now what is that WERTHEIMER ‘FOUNDATION’ all about?

It was set up by the known Sabbatean SAMSON WERTHEIMER to provide funds for the settlement of the thousand or so Sabbateans that accompanied YEHUDA CHASSID to the Holy Land in 1700.

This is exactly the same ‘idea’ that occurred 100 years later, when TZVI HIRSH LEHREN of the HAGUE took over, and started funding the Vilna Gaon’s Perushim in Israel.

But that story will have to keep for the next post.


Last thing for now.

I have more than a sneaking suspicion that TOBIAS BOAS became the second father-in-law of JACOB FRANK (ESKELES FURTH).

(His first F-I-L is SAMUEL FALK, the ‘bad Baal Shem’ of London, who starts up a bunch of satanic secret societies with his twisted, fallen kabbalah.)


Look at this ‘clue’ from the Geni page for JACOB FRANK, put together by Frankists descendants who keep putting a bit too much ‘truth’ out there (albeit, mixed up with a bunch of lies.)


It could be that they were related like this:



Simon has a brother, PHILIP POLAK GOKKES, who is meant to marry DINA MOSES GUMPERT, the exact same woman as ABRAHAM CHAIM BOAS, the dad of TOBIAS BOAS marries.

That would make TOBIAS BOAS the uncle of JACOB ESKELES FRANK…. And ‘Hannah Boas’ his first cousin.

And we know that these people just married each other over and over and over again.

It fits with so many other piece of the puzzle.

No wonder, they tried so hard to scrub him out of history.




[1] Kingsberg, Sprin 1790.

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