Time for a change

No, I’m not deleting the blog again.

(At least, not at the moment. Maybe another time, I’ll share the real details of why I deleted it each of the last three times.)

But, I AM going in a different direction here again – or really, returning to things that I was writing a lot about, before I got sent on shlichut to write about how the Sabbatean-Frankist-masons took over the Jewish community.

After this post, I really, really want to be sticking to writing about:

  • Mental and emotional health – with a firm emphasis on how to deal with narc-induced C-PTSD, amongst other things.
  • Continuing trying to follow Rabbenu and cultivate real emuna, especially when that is very trying (like it is for everyone, right now.)
  • Translating the Rav stuff – which inevitably will probably ‘spin-off’ into some ‘real Jewish history’ stuff, but I’m taking it way, way easier, if and when that does happen.
  • Energy ‘medicine’ stuff, including vibrations, stones – and whatever else I’m finding is working, to clear stuff up.


What’s prompted this?

A few things.

First of all, the last week I tripped over a bunch of information about ‘real Jewish history’ that really showed me everything I’ve been writing here is true, baring some of the details that have been so scrubbed, it’s impossible to ever really verify it *100%* until Moshiach comes.

I’ll share a bit of that, for hopefully the last time, below.


Second of all, I realised after yet another rabbinic faker exploded last week, that following ‘real rabbis’ and real etzot is a privilege that a person gets, by trying to go after the truth, especially within themselves.

At this point, I just don’t feel like trying to argue any more with people with incorrigible bad middot, who are lying to themselves about so many things, about seeing ‘the truth’ about Jewish history and the people they are listening to is the least of their problems.

We get the rabbis,mentors, leaders, bloggers, ‘influencers’ who ‘mirror’ our inner dimension.

And when that ‘inner dimension’ is corrupted….. well.


Third – I am so, so close to pinning down all this with so little wiggle room, it’s going to make things mighty awkward for the good people who also descend from all these Sabbatean-Frankist-Masons.

And the truth is, I’ve ‘written enough’ to really explain in a very full way what is going on, and who is behind our issues, within Israel, and around the world.

If a person chooses not to believe the mounds of info I’ve put out at this point – then it’s connected to point 2, above, and no amount of ‘further information’ is going to make the difference.

I’ve done *enough* to prove the thesis that all parts of our community got taken over by evil people with satanic agendas and pedo tendencies, who work for the enemies of the Jews.

Meanwhile, most people are still choosing to ignore this information and carry on pretending that I’m a demented ‘conspiracy theorist’ who just conjures stuff up out of thin air, to fill some deep need to speak ‘lashon hara’. Or something.

So…. there’s not much point pinning this down further.

Let the wiggle room continue – because the ‘truth’ comes from inside a person, not from without.


And finally…. I want to write about different stuff already!

I’ve spent five years (!) researching all this.

It’s enough already.

The thesis is proved (for people who are open to the truth) – it’s time to move on.

Moshiach is imminent, and he’ll do a great job of showing everyone what is really going on, even if people don’t want to see it or believe it.


Tov, so this is the last bit of the ‘real Jewish history’ puzzle, from me, at this stage.

The ‘Bad Baal Shem’ who started this whole saga off four years, Samuel Chaim Falk of London – he’s the son of the Pnei Yehoshua, Yakov Yehoshua Falk.

I got this key bit of info from the English translation of the Chida’s diaries, that a friend lent to me last week.

On page 255, I read this:

They told me remarkable things about the Ba’al Shem of London, Samuel Falk, son of R Joshua Falk – that he wears a coat of gold with letters inscribed that he had made himself; and taht he had a sword that could fly; and that he spent much time in forests and by sea shore in contemplation.

He claimed that he was working for the good of the world and that he was descended from the tribe of Judah; and that no-one had been able to do such works for 400 years…. and that Joseph de la Reina and R Judah the Hassid had also engaged in matters like his, and similar things of nonsense, like having walked in a forest from the Six days of Creation.

But what is ‘revealed’ is that he is very wealthy.


JOSHUA FALK, the PNEI YEHOSHUA, did indeed have a son named Samuel (Samuel Joseph Falk).

Samuel Falk married the daughter of CHAIM SEGAL LANDAU of PODKAIMIEN / BRODY – the wealthy parnas who funded MENACHEM MENDEL of VITEBSK’s stay in the Holy Land.

Samuel Falk’s son-in-law was none other than JACOB (ESKELES) FRANK.

The dates all fit, the ‘scrubbing’ all starts to make perfect sense now.


CHAIM SEGAL LANDAU of BRODY has other children, others sons-in-law.

Another one of his son-in-laws is EPHRAIM ZALMAN MARGOLIOT, the wealthy coral merchant who signed on Rabbenu’s Likutey Moharan.

He is the main funder of what remains of the ‘chassidic aliyah’ in Israel – and so, so much about him has been totally scrubbed.

CHAIM SEGAL LANDAU’s other children include SAMUEL LANDAU, and ELAZAR LANDAU – two of the main funders of the ‘NOBLES of VILNA’ charity, that was funding the GRA’s Perushim in Eretz Yisrael.


The point is – the ‘Bad Baal Shem’ of London, who is practising black magic and ‘practical kabbalah’ witchcraft, to the point of nearly getting burnt at the stake for sorcery in Poland – that guy is their brother-in-law.

And his son-in-law is Jacob Eskeles Frank.

And just like that, you see how the main funders for the ‘Eretz Yisrael’ project, on both sides of the chassidic / mitnaged divide, are actually close family of the witch-craft practising, xtianity-promoting, Freemason-joining, satanic Sabbatean Frankists.

And it’s all still going on today.

Albeit, with different branding.


But I am stopping the story here.

The real point of ‘truth’ that matters is the one that is within each person’s soul, and from here on in, I want to start writing way more about the unhealthy emotional, mental and spiritual atmosphere these people have created, down the years, to keep us all away from our inner truth, and our souls – and from having a real connection to God.

And how to overcome it within our own dalet amot.

At this stage, with Moshiach round the corner, that’s what really matters.

Because once a person ‘connects’ to the real truth from inside, nothing and no-one can shake them away from it.

Regardless of what the lying news says, or the manipulative, mistaken and / or corrupted ‘influencers’.


Once a person starts living in the ‘world of truth’ within themselves, they will spot all the lies a million miles away.

The lies aren’t going to stop.

They’ll just keep shifting, and changing.

And each person has to learn how to deal with them, without being ‘spoon fed’ information from the outside.

So that’s where this blog is headed next, BH.

I hope you’ll come along for the ride.

3 replies
  1. Simon
    Simon says:

    I know I’ve asked about this before, but in this time we’re all told that homosexuals cannot change that about themselves. To what extent is this true?

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Everybody on the planet has traits and ‘tendencies’ that are either helpful, spiritually, or aren’t.

      Every single person has the ability to boost positive tendencies, and to reduce negative tendencies.

      That inner work is the whole point of being alive. Some people (most people actually….) have a specific area where they are particularly challenged.

      It could be with lust, jealousy, anger fear…. everyone has their particular ‘thing’ that is just so hard for them to work on and overcome.

      And without God’s help, no-one can really overcome their yetzer, as the yetzer hara is a holy angel.

      But with God’s help – everything is possible.


      The additional problem with issues connected to ‘spilling seed in vain’ is that each time that occurs, the person brings literally billions of ‘demons’ into the world, that the side of evil then ‘sucks the energy’ out of, to fuel whatever it fuels.

      This leads to so much destruction, particularly of the mental health and ‘spiritual connection’ of the person who created these forces of destruction in the first place.

      The Tikkun Haklali goes a very long way to ameliorating the problem spiritually (And for sure, that’s part of why the Rav is asking for 7 TKs a day right now).

      But it’s still not pashut at all.


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