Things are starting to move…

Yesterday, the Rav was back at the prayers again.

He looked good, BH, he sounded strong, he was singing very loudly. Indeed.

It’s a good sign.

I would even go as far as to say the Rav appeared to be in quite a good mood.

Yes, I know they are trying to force the chareidim to serve in the army…. it seems to me as though that is probably the last ‘drip’ they are pouring into their cup of stupefaction, before Hashem just deals with this whole problem, at its root, once and for all.

Because just like that, every single chareidi man of conscription age has become someone the evildoers are ‘rodef-ing’ after – and we all know the dictum that Hashem is with the person who is being persecuted.

(Even if that person has an i-Phone, a bunch of dodgy habits and a distinct lack of Torah learning going on….)


To put this another way, the State has just shot itself in the foot, spiritually, about the biggest way it could.

And now, we just wait to see how God is going to ‘deal’ with it, finally.


In the meantime, one of my readers sent me this:


If the star behaves in 2023-2024 as it did in 1945-1946, then the next eruption should take place in 2024.4+-0.3,” says Schaefer. “That’s May 2024 plus or minus a few months.”

The explosion will be visible to the naked eye. Schaefer expects it to be about as bright as the North Star (2nd magnitude). When it blows, T CrB will burst forth as an extra jewel in the “Northern Crown” (the constellation Corona Borealis), easy to find high in the summer night sky between Hercules and Bootes.

“T CrB will be the brightest nova for generations,” says Schaefer. “It’s a chance for everyone in the world to step outside, look up, and see the hellfire.”

Observing tips: (1) Tonight, go outside and see what Corona Borealis normally looks like: sky map. Then, when the nova explodes, you’ll be able to tell the difference.


Personally, I’m not much of a ‘star watcher’, but my correspondent suggested that there may be some interesting effects going on down here, from all the space weather, and also flagged the timing of it as being ‘amazing’.

Here’s the other thing they linked to:

It’s starting to get interesting.

Meanwhile, another friend just told me Wikileaks has dumped EVERYTHING they had on file, online.

Happy Digging! Here you go, please read and pass it on…..
Send to everyone you can as fast as you can! 😎
(I haven’t checked this out myself, and I probably am not going to. I have my hands full with the research projects that no-one else is really looking into, and I’m sure 5 million ‘Qanons’ will be all over this and posting up their findings….Which is also striking me as kind of strange….)

In the meantime, things ARE starting to move, it seems to me.

More of the fakers are being exposed…. more of the lies are starting to implode…. and more and more Jews, good, great, awesome Jews, are finally starting to shake off the brainwashing, to start having some real conversations about real topics like making aliya.

Serving in the army.

Supporting ‘the State’ mindlessly, like a zombie, regardless of what it really does, or what it really stands for.

And a bunch more things, besides.

These conversations are quite painful in parts.

But they are SO necessary, to start moving into the world of truth.

And one way or another, things are starting to move….BH.



We saw something similar happen 5 years ago, when Epstein was arrested, and for a few short weeks it looked like ‘things were starting to move’ again.

But then it all got squelched.

And we got Covid and lockdowns instead, while the Rav got sent to prison for two years for the ‘sin’ of taking charity.

(Funny, how they never went after all those Rebbes and rabbis with 10 times, 100 times, 1000 times the money and assets the Rav was supposed to have….)

So – keep praying! Keep going with the 7 Tikkun Haklalis, they are literally changing everything!

We aren’t there yet.

But the light at the end of the tunnel is starting to sparkle.

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