The Rav is back in hospital

Yesterday afternoon, the Rav was taken back to hospital.

I don’t have more details at this stage, but please continue to pray for the health and recovery of:


The Rav’s health has been very difficult for a long time, but it’s the prayers that lead to miraculous improvements – and clearly, more prayers are required at the moment.

And not even just for the Rav – for all of us, all of Am Yisrael.

When we ‘pray for the Rav’ etc, we’re really praying for ourselves.


There was quite a weird, depressed mood in Israel yesterday.

From what I can tell from my small dalet amot, the release of the four hostages seems to have ‘backfired’ in some way.

Even ‘normies’ are questioning how people can come out of 8 months of the ‘harshest captivity’ looking like they do, with perfect eyebrows and hair, good skin tone, and by no means ‘skeletal’.


We live in interesting times.


I’m offline now until Wednesday, when I’ll have a bunch more stuff about how the masons hi-jacked our Jewish community – but especially Eretz Yisrael.

And in the meantime, may we just hear (some more, real….) good news.

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  1. Neshama
    Neshama says:

    If one considers just who was holding them; a alzazeerah reporter, employee, and terror operative, one can think “fatten them up to show th3 world that terrorists treat their hostages well”! A possible negotiating ploy? So this “action” condoned by HKB”H had several purposes which I believe will come into the light soon. A diet of only rice can do that!


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