Thank you, Leah Golan

In all the mad rush to get this research as ‘finished’ as it can be, I’m in my own little world at the moment.

I have literally piles upon piles of notes stacked by my desk and by my bed – the surviving remnants of the ‘suitcase purge’ of last week, that I am now going through and pulling together.

And the good news is, I AM pulling it together, finally, with God’s help.

There is clear, abundant, evidence that our community got hijacked by a bunch of different masonic ‘secret societies’, some more outwardly ‘frum’ than others – but all of them with vested personal interests that did not have the true good of the Jewish people at their heart.

It’s been covered up, ignored and distorted for a very long time.

But even with all the censorship, God is helping me to figure out enough things, enough of the time, that give the main gist of what was happening, and who, broadly, was responsible and involved.


But it’s such a lot of research….

And it’s pretty overwhelming and all-encompassing.

So it is, that I missed the lovely comment from Leah Golan here on the blog, giving me some encouragement and appreciation to continue.

And I wanted to thank you Leah, for taking the time to ‘feedback’ like that.

I really appreciated it.

And I really appreciate all the chizzuk, support and encouragement from other friends and readers, in all the ways that happens, even if recently I haven’t been responding very much, as I’m simply overwhelmed with ‘work’.


Yesterday, I had to be in Ramat Gan.

I was starving as I’d run out of the house without breakfast, and it was already 2pm, so I found a parking spot and decided I was going to track down something greasy in a pita to eat.

I found a sabich shop, with wholewheat pitas (!) and covered with Na Nach stickers and Breslov stuff.

The two young guys running the shop didn’t have kippahs on their heads, nor tzitzit.

They made a mean sabich (which was so greasy it dripped all over my dress….. what can we do, there is no perfection until Moshiach comes.)

Then, one of their mates on a motorbike shows up, with long, dangling tzitzit and no kippah, and starts telling them he’s going to Uman in a few hours.


Achi, why didn’t you call and tell me that earlier?! I would have come with you!

Said one of the sabich guys.

I didn’t tell you because you were already there two weeks ago, said the guy on the bike.

But I would have come again with you!


For some reason, hearing this conversation put me in such a good mood.

Even in the middle of all the high tower ‘luxury’ of Ramat Gan, with all the massive political posters and big screen adverts all over the place, all the weirdly-tattooed creepy looking people, all the gashmiut – the real beating heart of the Jewish people can still be heard.

Rabbenu is in the mix here.

Things are, and will turn around for the revealed good, very, very soon.


The drive back home was a nightmare.

I don’t know if it’s the heat, the situation, the fact that people now have cars that can accelerate SO fast – but there were literally 16 ‘accidents’ or break downs or cars parked on the hard shoulders, or even, bang in the middle of the fast lane on the 443 highway….

The last few days, I’ve seen so many ‘nearly accidents’, it’s actually getting very scary to drive.

People are going bonkers from the stress and the heat and ‘the matzav’, and it’s coming out in all weird ways.


One of the 16 ‘incidents’ yesterday involved a cat that had got half run-over by Modiin.

Two cars were parked blocking the lane, and I thought it was a fender bender, at first.

As I inched past, I looked to see what was going on – and got transfixed by the sight of a black cat with all its fur on end, with the back of its body crushed.

It’s hard to explain, but the look on its face was horrible – and very human.

I started crying my eyes out, so upset that the world has to be like this, so full of all this ‘suffering of the nefesh’, as was so clearly written on that cat’s creepy face.


Our boys are being blown up and shot at every day.

I’m mostly trying to ignore it all, so I can continue to function and do what I need to do every day (whilst reading 7 tikkun haklalis a day for our soldiers, and everyone else here that needs them.)

But the cat somehow got under the emotional barrier.

I was crying for a few minutes, whilst speeding and trying to dodge all the cars parked in the fast lane of the motorway.


So, the intense mix of ‘good vs bad’ is continuing, and not so easy to handle.

But it’s all leading to something very good, something way better than what has come before.


The important thing to understand at this juncture is that all the ‘false messiahs’ had one thing in common:

They all operated out of a paradigm of trying to say:

THIS is the appointed end time, and geula is happening now regardless of the teshuva made by the Jewish people.’

They based all their end times on sophisticated gematriot and hints in the Zohar, and other kabbalistic works.

By contrast, the Baal Shem Tov was told clearly that geula is dependent on personal teshuva.


BH, I am going to put up an old post next, that sets this idea out more.

And then next week, BH, I have a lot of new research to share with you, about who more of the false messiahs really were, who were powering the move to Eretz Yisrael, and predicting ‘the end’.

And how it all fell apart when ‘the end’ didn’t happen as scheduled, leaving the believers in such a mess that many of them became totally despairing and even converted to xtianity.

Exactly as happened with Shabtai Tzvi.

And exactly as happened with ‘Jacob Frank’.

Except this latest wave of ‘false messianism’ took place in the lead-up to 1840, and got so covered up no-one even talks about it.

But next week, we’re finally going to air it out, BH.


In the meantime, I wanted to just thank all the people who are joining me on this journey of discovery, and encouraging me to continue, even when it’s hard going.

The real Am Yisrael is truly awesome.

It’s full of good people, still trying to do good things, still trying their best to serve Hashem, even in the midst of so much confusion, pain and suffering.

Very soon now, the ‘crud’ that took over our community will be totally exposed – and then, it will fall away totally.

And all the true spiritual beauty of our nation will finally shine out.

It’s going to happen much sooner than we think.

(I hope…)

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  1. AK
    AK says:

    I haven’t commented recently, but I too will comment on how much I greatly appreciate your posts. I can only imagine the hard work that goes into it. Baruch Hashem, none of my kids drive right now, and to be honest I hope none of them do ( I don’t think it is realistic though), you are right, so many near misses, accidents, and the government keeps the cycle of fear going. We need to strengthen ourselves and to always remember to be happy!

    Shabbat Shalom Rivka

  2. MF
    MF says:

    I’ll add my two cents too!!!
    You have impacted my life in such incredible ways, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to fully express how much gratitude I have for you and all your work. Even from the previous blog your words have transformed my life…!!
    Thank you thank you thank you !!!!!
    Gut Shabbos!


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