Sobering up

Yesterday, I went to the graduation for my daughter.

I thought we’d at least get to see her walk across the stage, to get her diploma, but apparently, that’s not how they do things anymore. At least, not at her university.

Instead, we had two hours of interminable speeches from the university ‘big wigs’ (plus Moshe Leon, mayor of Jerusalem) – all patting themselves on the back for the ‘wonderful support’ they’ve been giving the students, first with Covid, and now with the war.


We were sat way up in the balcony, where I could just carry on reading through the seven Tikkun HaKlalis I am trying to do a day, without drawing too much attention, or having to pause every five seconds to ‘fake clap’.

Thank God, I was doing the Tikkun HaKlalis.

It’s what stopped me from ranting.

What support?!

Like, the way you told the university guards not to let anyone into the campus unless they had a ‘green passport’? All the pressure you put on the students to pay tons of money every two days to get poisonous swabs stuck up their nose, if they were raggedly refusing to shut-up and vaccinate?

The way you made my kid with asthma sit in a room masked up to the eyeballs, while her ‘professor’ preached from a podium surrounded on three sides by plexiglass – all to save her old parents ‘from Covid’?


The speeches were pretty much all the same.

All taking about how much ‘pride’ (ga’avah) everyone who was making them had.

On that point, I fully agreed.

Then, there was all the back-slapping about just how ‘inclusive’ and ‘unifying’ everything all was – and to prove it, they brought an Arab student up to speak (in Arabic, for the last minute), together with a dati leumi guy whose spent most of the last 8 months in the reserves, fighting in Gaza.

Ah peace and harmony!!!

Who knows what the Arab student actually said in Arabic, but it got the biggest cheer of the night….


You educated people are making the world a better place!!!

At least three of the stuffed shirts said.

With your commitment to learning in university, you are building the world in such a good way, and making it a much better place!!!

Again, the TKs helped me to stay out of ‘openly ranting’ mode.

But what, are these people oblivious to what is happening on campuses across the world?

Let’s remind them, with a bit of help from Eretz Nehaderet (definitely not shmirat eynayim friendly, but actually really funny.)


So then at the end, when we all realised that we’d all just shelled out 40 shekels on the parking to hear a bunch of stuffed shirts patting themselves on the back for all ‘the good work’ they were doing in their university….

There was one more bit of ‘total disconnect from reality’ to endure.

We all had to stand and sing ‘HaTikvah’.

(I was considering just staying sat down, to finish off my TKs, but then I realised that would make my daughter uncomfortable, and ‘principles’ aren’t always worth the distress they can cause other people who are close to me.)

So I stood up – and continued saying my Tikkun Haklalis.


Half the crowd there were Israeli Arabs.

At least.

All expected to sing this:

Our hope is not yet lost,
The hope that is two-thousand years old,
To be a free nation in our land,
The Land of Zion, Jerusalem.


I couldn’t help thinking about another little song being sung about this Holy Land of ours, on other campuses across the world:

“From the river to the sea, Palestine will be [Jew] free….”

The sense of total ‘disconnect from reality’ was complete.


The question is, when are all these deluded people going to sober up?

Are they ever going to sober up, from all the brainwashing, all the cognitive dissonance that is gathering speed here like a Formula One racing car?

On the one hand, we had to ‘super-clap’ the sweet dati leumi guy whose spent months in Gaza (killing Arabs….)…. and on the other hand, we also have to ‘super-clap’ the sweet Arab girl on the podium next to him, who is just thrilled about singing HaTikVah, whilst standing next to an IDF soldier fresh from Gaza….

And all of this somehow goes together in the mad world that is a ‘university campus’ in Jerusalem.


And people call me ‘out of touch with reality’…..



PS: Go HERE for an update on the Rav’s health.

BH, things are improving slowly – the Rav was at the evening prayers again, albeit with a catheter stuck in his hand and hospital band on.

But please keep on praying, and keep saying the 7 TKs a day, or whatever you can actually manage to do.

There is a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel.

But we aren’t there yet.


PPS: Rav Elmaliach just put up a new shiur, with a recent message from the Rav, and more ‘hints’ about the masons – and the ‘next generation’ of mason we are actually dealing with today.


He’s explaining how the main goal of these evil people is to ‘mix up people’s da’at’ so much, they come to believe that it’s OK to sin and go against the Torah.

He also mentions how groups of these people are trying to get into the Ari’s mikvah in Tsfat, to bathe there men and women together.

The ‘moths’ are always attracted to the greatest light.

If you understand Hebrew, turn on the subtitles, they are pretty good and you should be able to grasp most of what Rav Elmaliach is saying.

I know some people don’t like him, but I personally feel he’s coming from a very good, holy place.

He hasn’t said anything that hasn’t panned out, so far, and even the message about the Rav’s health was accurate. Just, all this stuff is being ‘sweetened’ with our prayers constantly.

And if you understand how mixed-up this world is right now, there is no way the Rav could be putting this information out directly, without even more of ‘backlash’.

But, as always, believe what you want to believe.

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  1. Hava
    Hava says:

    I signed in at the Rav’s livestream when they posted his Arvit service to video a couple of nights ago. I saw the end of the catheter on his right hand; I thought I noticed that it was disconnected from the tube it was supposed to be connected to. I hope this is a sign that his health is improving, even a little bit.

  2. JA
    JA says:

    Hey Rivka – have a listen to this if possible:

    Rav Daniel Asor has been on point about a lot of things and has sources within and outside the system. He shares a lot of details about Oct 7th and what’s truly happening behind the scenes here in Eretz Yisrael, plus so much more. The establishment hates him, that’s how I know he’s legit.

    (On a related note since you mentioned COVID-19 scamdemic, Rav Asor along with Yuval Hacohen Asherov were among the first to speak out against the COVID-19 “vaccines” and were not at all surprisingly heavily attacked by the authorities for it.).

    [While we’re on the topic, did you know, in Gematria:

    Anthony Stephen Fauci = Doctor Mengele

    אנטוני סטבן פאוצ’י = 454
    דוקטור מנגלא = 454

    Thought you’d find it interesting.]

    • Efraim Yochanan ben Avraham.
      Efraim Yochanan ben Avraham. says:

      some more tips המן=בג”ץ . מדינה=חמאס . נתניהו=עתליהו )דברי הימים ב כד:ז


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