Rav Berland: Get your ticket for Uman Rosh Hashana

A few days ago, my husband asked the Rav’s gabbai if he should get a ticket for Uman.

Like you, we have no idea what is really going on.

According to the ‘stages of geula’ set out by R Elmaliach, there is meant to be another small revelation of the ‘soul of Moshiach’ on Tisha B’av, a much bigger revelation on Elul 25th (September 28th, 2024) – and then stuff going on, whatever that actually means, until Shemini Atzeret, 5785.

For most of this year, I personally was thinking that Uman Rosh Hashana sounded like it was kind of ‘off the table’.

Also, the Rav wasn’t talking about going to Uman Rosh Hashana at all this year – and that’s also very unusual.


So he asked, and the gabbai asked the Rav who said everyone should get their tickets for Uman Rosh Hashana this year.

So – he’s trying to get his ticket.

And if you want to go to Uman for Rosh Hashana this year, then yalla! At least at the moment, it looks like it’s happening.


Separately, Daisy posted up this video in a comment about ‘Rivka HaTzaddika’, from R Elmaliach:


Here’s a bit of what I wrote back to Daisy in the comments, to explain who this ‘Rivka HaTzaddika’ actually is, whose been given the job of announcing that Rav Berland is MBD of our generation:

This ‘Rivka HaTzaddika’ is not me – halavai, I am nowhere near being a ‘Rivka HaTzaddika’.

There is a Rivka that is very well known in the chareidi world in Israel, and in many chareidi mosdot, who is known to have ruach hakodesh.

For years, she’s been giving over messages to the chareidi world, and was helping to heal people, miraculously, from cancer etc, and giving messages about making teshuva etc, and was very well-respected by a lot of the big rabbis.

Until a few months ago, when ‘Rivka HaTzaddika’ revealed that she was getting all her ‘koach’, spiritually, from Rav Berland.

And then…. it kind of got a bit more complicated.


Long story short, ‘Rivka HaTzaddika’ is not part of the Shuvu Banim kehilla at all.

She was actually Chabad, and lived in the Brachfeld neighborhood of Modiin Alite, (Kiryat Sefer), until very recently she moved to Jerusalem.

What Rav Elmaliach is explaining in this video is that now, the Rav has given permission for his connection with ‘Rivka HaTzaddika’ to be publicised widely – and also given ‘Rivka HaTzaddika’ the job of starting to publically announce he is MBD of our generation.

Again – this lady is NOT Breslov, not part of the Shuvu kehilla in any way, shape or form – and for the last 14-15 years, she’s been very highly respected as a tzaddika with ruach hakodesh, even within the hardcore Litvak community of Israel.


So now….. things are going to start getting interesting, and the birur is going to start going up another notch.

We saw with the autistics, how tons of people, tons of ‘influencers’, who’d been hanging on every word of theirs about ‘Nibiru’ and the ‘Erev Rav’ for years and years suddenly decided the autistics had been ‘corrupted’, when they gave over MANY MESSAGES back in 2019, that the Rav was MBD.

All of a sudden, all those ideas that the autistics had some form of the ruach hakodesh still found by ‘imbeciles and children’ disappeared.


Because the cognitive dissonance was too great.

Most of these ‘influencers’ had been writing stuff against the Rav publically…. And it’s very difficult to retract a mistake online….Especially if you’re still struggling with the ‘narc trait’ of pretending to be perfect, infallible and right about everything.

(Which is a huge problem for all ‘influencers’, including me.)


So now, that test is going up a level, in the chareidi world.

So many people have been following ‘Rivka HaTzaddika’ for years and years and years, and saying she’s got ruach hakodesh and is a very holy woman who can do miracles….

And now?

Now that she’s publically saying everything she was able to do was because she was acting on behalf of Rav Berland, and Rav Berland is the MBD of our generation?

It’s going to be interesting.


BTW, one more word about R Elmaliach.

Whatever is actually happening with these messages, R Elmaliach is a very faithful shaliach of the Rav, and he’s simply doing what he’s told.

He’s been through unimaginable trials the last few months, since before Purim, and it’s clear that he’s not putting these message out from a place of ‘ego’ or trying to be a ‘somebody’ – because all this has had precisely the opposite effect, particularly in the Shuvu community he is part of.

Going forward, I am personally just trying to adopt the attitude of simple emuna, where I don’t know anything, and I have no idea what is really going on.

But anytime I get a message via Rav Elmaliach telling me to pray, show up for an atzeret somewhere, or try to work on fixing some bad middot – why would I not take that seriously?

These are good things to be doing, in any case.


And one more thought about Rav Berland being the Moshiach ben David of our generation:

From what I can see, the people who have the biggest problem with this idea fall into at least one of the following categories:

  1. They believed all the slanders written in the lying media, and ‘went out’ against the Rav, so now it’s hard to back-track and admit they might have been wrong.
  2. They have a different candidate for MBD in mind – like St Pollard, St Bibi, St Trump or the Lubavitcher Rebbe. Basically, anyone that won’t expect them to make the sort of teshuva the Rav constantly talks about, or do any real spiritual work to ‘get to geula’.
  3. They don’t really believe in the concept of ‘MBD’ – even though they are apparently ‘frum’. All this Moshiach / geula stuff is basically theoretical, and so they can’t / won’t / don’t take it seriously. In other words, they are happy continuing in the world the way it is, without any MBD showing up, or geula happening, to change it up.
  4. They DO believe in MBD / geula – but the idea of how the world has to change to get to that is very scary. And the Rav expects a lot of teshuva and ‘getting real’, spiritually, and that’s also very hard for so many of us.


I have days when I occasionally still fall into category 4, above, myself.

Change is scary, for all of us.

Especially, a change of this magnitude.

And I really do believe that Rav Berland is the MBD of our generation.


Tov, ad kan.

Get your tickets for Uman.

And get ready for this whole discussion about ‘MBD’ to go up another level.

I suspect it’s going to be a very difficult birur.

For all of us.

2 replies
  1. Hava
    Hava says:

    I suspect a lot of the change that’s so difficult is the re-transitioning from *democracy* to a (real) *kingdom*. People are really stuck on the current governance in Israel. All they can talk about is which party will do the better job.

    Anytime I mention that we need the kingdom, even the most patriotic people here tend to brush it off. The only kingdoms we have today are, or seem like, placeholders, with the democratic parts of the government doing the work of ruling the country in question. And from what I remember about world history, kingdoms gained themselves a bad name because of the “divine right of kings” to do whatever they pleased.

    So, the idea of “the people” being the arbiter of law (“government of the people, by the people, and for the people” as Abraham Lincoln put it back in 1863) in a country took off when the US began using it. Now, we’re seeing that the people are not as powerful as we’re told we are. And here in Israel, it seems that not all the people are equal, even when they’re in the numerical majority (I shouldn’t have to use two words to express the majority, but apparently numerical superiority doesn’t count here. So, it’s not a democracy after all.).

    As you pointed out about England maybe a few years ago, that one-square-mile of London that is the Kingdom’s home is a totally different place, from where she rules the world, than the rest of England.

    Maybe that’s what scares people about Israel having a kingdom, from where the heir of King David’s throne will rule shortly, be”H?

    I hope I’m clear…

  2. Simon
    Simon says:

    I have no idea how I can go, but I’ve already started praying to God to let me do it.
    Also, I don’t know how my parents are going to let me, because Ukraine is a “war zone”…
    I will do everything in my power to get there, God willing.


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