How the masons took over the Jewish Community – Part I

Part of the reason ‘the masons’ have been able to take over, and to do so much damage to both the Jewish community, and the wider world, is that most people have no idea just how ‘bad’ all this stuff really is.

Yah, it’s just a bunch of people doing funny handshakes and getting each other good jobs and nice business contacts!!!

The nepotism problem would be bad enough, in many ways, and has also meant that ‘only masons’ get jobs like being the PM or President, or any other important position, like head of the army, police, central bank, TV network or court.

And if a ‘non-mason’ happens to get anywhere near a real position of power – he’s either blackmailed, corrupted, threatened or killed.

That’s how it is.


So, the nepotism is one problem, and perhaps, the more ‘obvious’ problem in all this.

But the real problem with masons, and all these ‘secret societies’ that are built around the same pattern and principles, is that at their core, they are literally satanic.

The small guys at the bottom of the pyramid usually don’t understand that – for them, it’s really just a club of funny handshakes, weird (but ‘meaningless’) rituals – and good business contacts.

But they are giving their energy, their ‘soul power’, literally, to the forces of evil.

Whether they know that, or not.

Whether they believe that, or not.


And now with that intro out the way, let’s take a much closer look at the satanic-masonic-Frankist secret society that is at the heart of the subject of ‘how the masons took over our Jewish community 200+ years ago’.

Which goes by the name of THE ASIATIC BROTHERHOOD.


As we’ve seen many other times with the Frankist real history, some solid attempts have been made to obscure and ‘scrub out’ the real importance of THE ASIATIC BROTHERHOOD.

But in its day, it was in the same league as it’s ‘rival’ THE ILLUMINATI lodges.

Except it went underground much earlier, and had a lot of interesting members from the Jewish community who belonged to the creme de la creme of the elite families with yichus.


Some of the known members of THE ASIAN BROTHERHOOD include people I’ve written a lot about here, including:

BARUCH SHICK of SHKLOV – translater of Euclid, student of the GRA, and grandson of the ALTER REBBE of CHABAD. His descendants are literally running all sides of the show here, in Eretz Yisrael, from the Eida HaChareidit to the secular z-ists who made the Ha’Avara agreement with the Nazis in 1933.

BERNHARD ESKELES – Frankist-reforming banker, and descendant of the HANNUKAT HATORAH from Cracow, family member of JACOB ESKELES FRANK.

NATHAN ARNSTEIN – business partner of ESKELES – and somehow connected to all these ORNSTEINS / HORENSTEINS who took over the chassidic world, and especially the flow of charidee funds into Eretz Yisrael.

And a lot more people, besides.


OK, so let’s learn a little more about why this ASIATIC BROTHERHOOD is and was just so very bad, spiritually.

(Much of this information is a condensed presentation of the information you can find on the site, HERE.)

First, who founded it?

We are usually told that it was founded by a xtian mason, Hans Heinrich von Ecker und Eckhofen, and the Frankist ‘Jew’ MOSES DOBRUSHKA, almost certainly a made up name.

MOSES DOBRUSHKA is said to be the grandson of JONATHAN EIBSHITZ, the nephew, cousin or second cousin of JACOB FRANK (ESKELES).

And what is beyond doubt, is that he’s married to ELKE,  the first cousin of BARUCH SHICK of SHKLOV, grandson of the ALTER REBBE.


MOSES DOBRUSHKA famously converts to xtianity, adopts the name of: FRANZ THOMAS VON SCHÖNFELD (aka JUNIUS FREY) – and then, shows up in Paris egging-on the French Revolution.

MOSES DOBRUSHKA’s sister even marries FRANCOIS CHABOT, another leader of the satanic ‘French Revolution’, who converts Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris into ‘The Temple of Reason’.

That link leads to the Wiki page for the satanic ‘Cult of Reason’ this Temple was meant to belong to.


At the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris, on 10 November 1793, a special ritual was held for the “Feast of Reason”: the nave had an improvised mountain on which stood a Greek temple dedicated to Philosophy and decorated with busts of philosophers.

At the base of the mountain was located an altar dedicated to Reason, and in front of it was a torch of Truth. The ceremony included the crowd paying homage to an opera singer dressed in blue, white, red (the colours of the Republic), personifying the Goddess of Liberty.


Some time down the line, both men are both publically guillotined for some fishy business going on with the FRENCH EAST INDIA COMPANY.



Just notice at this stage that the Frankists, and their masonic buddies, were playing a leading role in the French Revolution, that also was essentially ‘satanic’ in nature.

Napoleon banned marriage, closed down churches, and tried to make the week 10 days instead of seven, so they could prevent people from keeping ‘the sabbath day’.

Most people don’t know this stuff about the French Revolution.

Because if they did, they would understand the Russian Revolution a century later was planned with exactly the same satanic end-goals in mind.


There were actually five ‘founding fathers’ of the ASIATIC BROTHERHOOD, who were:

Hans Heinrich von Ecker und Eckhofen – Catholic, former member of the ROSICRUCIANS

Franz Thomas von Schönfeld (aka MOSES DOBRUSHKA) – Frankist, close family of JACOB FRANK.

EPHRAIM JOSEF HIRSHFELD – Frankist, joins in 1782 (I suspect he is one and the same as BARUCH SHICK of SHKLOV. Read on.)

‘Justus’ BISCHOFF – Franciscan catholic who spent some years living in Jerusalem

‘AZARIAH’ – who believes to be an imagined founder, but who I think is probably either JACOB FRANK himself, or his father-in-law SAMUEL CHAIM FALK, the bad Baal Shem of London, who was busy setting up a bunch of satanic ‘black kabbalah’ secret societies all over the place, including THE GOLDEN DAWN.


OK, now let’s quote a bit from

Lodges of the Asiatic Brethren have been confirmed for Vienna – where their original headquarter was – Prague, Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt and Innsbruck.

Equally, due to member lists found amongst the order’s papers memberships of several powerful potentates of the time are confirmed, the most influential of whom certainly was the future King of Prussia, Friedrich Wilhelm II.


The ASIATIC BROTHERHOOD were major players, in the ‘satanic-masons’ game – and they brought together a lot of Frankists from Sabbatean families with royalty and other nobles – and satanic xtianity.


This is another quote from a contemporary writer, Von Goue, who describes the ASIATIC BROTHERHOOD like this:

Their gatherings they call Melchisedek-Lodges and offer their services to include Jews, Turks, Persians and Armenians.

The order aims to be a fraternal association of all righteous and (currently) separated human children. (…)

The order’s teaching are partly moral, which means one is taught how to govern the spirits by breaking the seven seals, and partly physical, which means one is taught how to produce miracle cures (Wunderarzneyen) and how to create gold.

The order expects blind faith and blind obedience; it’s regulations are the true teachings of the son’s of Loyola.”

— VON GOUE, LEIPZIG 1805, P.411


(The ‘Sons of Loyola’ is basically a reference to the Jesuits – who are the real ‘power behind the throne’ with everything that is going on. Just, they have their ‘externally Jewish’ fall-guys in place to deflect that onto the Jewish community. Smart.)


All the non-Jewish members of the ASIATIC BROTHERHOOD had ‘Jewish names’, even if they were not Jews. At all.

So, while BARUCH SHICK of SHKLOV (the ALTER REBBE’s grandson) was called: PETRUS ben K-eL CHAI, the German, non-Jewish founder BISCHOFF’s name was ‘ISH TZADDIK’.


On the ORDO AB CHAOS site HERE, we find a few more details of the non-Jews who belonged to the ASIATIC BRETHREN.


According to the anonymous Rituals of the Fratres Lucis, Saint-Martin, along with the chief occultists of the period, including Emmanuel Swedenborg, Comte de Saint Germain and Count Cagliostro, were all members of the Asiatic Brethren….. The Asiatic Brethren also composed a Sanhedrin, over which presided the Duke of Brunswick [FERDINAND, DUKE OF BRUNSWICK-BRAUNSCHWEIG-LUNEBURG-WOLFENBUTTEL.]


Just to go off on a tangent for a moment, when the anti-semites accuse ‘the Jooooos’ of writing things like the PROTOCOLS of the ELDERS of ZION, the people who really wrote that stuff is the masons.

Most of whom were not Jewish, at all, but had ‘Jewish names’ from their twisted-kabbalah-practising secret societies.


OK, so when was THE ASIATIC BROTHERHOOD founded?

Here’s where the story gets even more interesting.

The official story is that Hans Heinrich von Ecker und Eckhofen is meant to formally found it in 1781, after receiving ‘information’ from BISCHOFF, who spends time in Jerusalem before returning to Europe.

While BISCHOFF is in Jerusalem, some unnamed Sabbatean Kabbalist who is given the name AZARIAH ‘initiates him’ into the secrets of dark kabbalah – with a specific focus on Eretz Yisrael.

That’s why the order is called the ASIATIC BROTHERHOOD – it’s focussed-in on Israel, right from the start.


So, BISCHOFF unofficially starts the secret society 38 years earlier – in or around 1743.

We know that the Sabbateans who ‘ascended’ to Israel with the Sabbatean JUDAH HACHASID in 1700 settled primarily in Jerusalem.

We also know that the Holy Land is crawling with Sabbateans still in 1777, when MENACHEM MENDEL of VITEBSK complains that the inhabitants of Tsfat are ‘thoroughly wicked, believers in Shabtai Tzvi’ – which is why he moves to Tiberius instead.

The details fit.


What this means, is that THE ASIATIC BROTHERHOOD wasn’t just some Frankist creation.

It was the continuation of the twisted kabbalah of Shabtai Tzvi, mamash, that had been incubating in the Holy Land, given a new ‘Frankist’ twist and exported back to Europe.


There is probably so much more to say about this, and how it connects with the satanic gnosticism that was the original seed-bed of what became ‘xtianity’.

But let’s try and keep focussed here on the ASIATIC BROTHERHOOD.

The other ‘Jewish’ founder, at least officially in 1781, is one:



Here’s another snippet from the theomagica site, about who he actually was:

Hirschfeld was born as a son to a Jewish cantor in Karlsruhe who held considerable knowledge in talmudic and kabbalistic studies (Katz, p.245)…

Hirschfeld’s father… had aimed to create and strengthen his family ties to several Christian families of noble decent.

As a protege of these powerful allies the young Hirschfeld was allowed to visit a higher school and study medicine initially…

Early on in his life we find him working as a teacher and accountant for several aristocratic families, such as ultimately the famous 19th century banker David Friedländer….

Different to many other Jews of the time who aimed for access to Christian secret societies and a place on the social parquet, Hirschfeld never converted to Christianity and always held on to his Jewish roots.


You know who else was in Karlsruhe at exactly this time?

If you said ASHER LOW / LYON, the son of the SHA’AGAT ARYEY – award yourself a million brownie points!!!

To put this another way, EPHRAIM JOSEPH HIRSHFELD is doing much of what ‘BARUCH SHICK of SHKLOV’ is said to be doing, at exactly the same time – including studying medicine, hanging out with the Berlin haskalah circle, and playing a major role in the ASIATIC BROTHERHOOD with his deep knowledge of Talmud and kabbalah.

(You recall that BARUCH SHICK of SHKLOV’s mother is meant to be the sister of the SHA’AGAT ARYEH, while her brother ASHER LYON is rabbi in Karlsruhe. It’s always a very small world…)


In the meantime, in 1790 HIRSHFELD and Von ECKER fall out, HIRSHFELD is banned from the order – and then, he tries to take Von ECKER to court.

Here’s another snippet from theomagica:

Now, what is particularly interesting about this conflict is Hirschfeld’s opinion on Kabbala as he expressed it in public documents as part of the related law court.

He argues very confidently that Kabbala as such was not based on any particular religion, but rather formed an open path for anybody interested – be they Muslim, Catholic or Jewish – to transcend the limitations of one’s own religious tradition and to gain access to “the one and only, true, pure and all embracing religion.” (Katz, p.267)


This is the basis of the ‘one world religion’ we are still dealing with today.

And it’s rooted in the poisonous, twisted ‘kabbalah’ of those satanic heretics who have been hiding out within the Jewish community for at least 2,000 years.

If not much, much longer.


Here’s a quote about this from HIRSHFELD himself:

“But because it is in the principles of the true Cabalistic that lies the one and only, true, pure and all-embracing religion, nothing is more natural than that all kinds of religious members are coming together here (in this order).

It is here for example that the orthodox Jew, Mohametan and Christian learned the sacred three-in-one as well as the true faith in the unbiased doctrine of Christ – of which the first two mustn’t know and the third downrightly knows nothing (…).”



HIRSCHFELD’s notion of ‘enlightenment’ is not scientific achievement, per se, but that all the ‘man-made’ religions fall away (including our God-given Torah-based yiddishkeit!) to leave behind it just the ‘real religion’ of kabbalah.

Again, this sounds very much like the real root of the ‘disagreement’ between BARUCH SHICK of SHKLOV and the Berlin circle of MENDELSSOHN and DAVID FRIEDLAND – who HIRSHFELD (aka SHICK?) was working for as a tutor, and in close contact with.


In 1792, HIRSCHFELD is actually imprisoned in a debtor’s prison for a few months, in Schleswig.

Another mystery figure called ‘ISAAC ben JOSEPH’ shows up to pay off his debts – 550 thalers – and get HIRSHFELD freed.

They both then disappear out the picture, show up together in Strasbourg for a little while, and then HIRSHFELD returns to KARLSRUHE – when he’s not spending time in JACOB FRANK’s court in OFFENBACH (which has now been taken over by his daughter, EVA FRANK).

He dies in 1820.


‘ISAAC ben JOSEPH’ appears to be none other than MOSES DOBRUSHKA, using yet another one of his aliases.

While the historians are baffled as to why he would show up and spend a huge amount of money to free his main ‘rival’ in the ASIATIC BROTHERHOOD – we’re working on the assumption that both these men are related to each other, and are close family.

But here’s where we really start to pull all this together, with the focus on Eretz Yisrael, and how it was taken over by the masons.


While they are in Strasbourg, DOBRUSHKA and HIRSHFELD hook up with another leading ‘satanic secret society mystic’, by the name of LOUIS CLAUDE ST MARTIN.

(He’s mentioned above, as also belonging to the ASIATIC BROTHERHOOD).

He’s the founder of the satanic sect called THE MARTINISTS.

Here is their symbol:

What do you notice?


Let’s continue this discussion in part II.

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