Great Jewish Music Interlude: Yossef Assayag

Now and then, I want to start also introducing the English-speakers to more Israeli ‘soul music’.

So, meet Yossef Assuyag:


Great Jewish lyrics, with some wicked electric guitar licks….

What more could you ask for?



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  1. Simon
    Simon says:

    I’m having very much difficulty not despairing heavily and being afraid right now. Very much just seems hopeless at the moment.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      There is no despair in the world…. if we really believe in God, and that whatever God does, it’s for our very best.

      That’s a very tall order, btw, and if we reach that level when we’re 120, that’s already impressive.

      But that’s what we are aiming for. When you fall down, don’t stay there – just start anew the next day, and turn the page.

      Our job is to just work on ourselves, our own bad middot, our own lack of emuna.

      Even for me at the moment, I’m starting to realise more and more that I personally can’t ‘save’ anyone, even close family members, all I can do is work on my emuna, pray a lot for the people I care about (and where appropriate and necessary, pay pidyonot…) and just ‘stay in my own lane.’

      The whole world was created for free choice.

      And there are serious consequences for choosing the wrong things, and ‘against’ God.


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