“Freed from all the imprisonments” – shiur from the Rav

So, I planned to translate the following shiur in any case, when I was reading it on Shabbat.

But now I’ve started work on it, I suddenly understood it’s another small example of the Rav’s ruach hakodesh.

It was given the day before yesod she be yesod, last week, June 1st, 2024.

And it’s talking about people getting freed from imprisonments in ‘sudden’ and ‘miraculous’ ways.

(BTW, just to be clear, while I’m so happy that four captives got freed alive, that doesn’t mean I’m buying the ‘official story’ at all. The same people who had the hostages ‘kidnapped’ now decided to ‘free them’.

It’s all masons running ‘the show’ here, it’s all ‘theatre’.)


Read on – I will come back and fill in the blanks when I’m done with the translation, and then also post up the second part.



Excerpt of a shiur given on June 1st, 5784, motzae Shabbat, Parshat Behokatai

[From Shivivei Or 362, shiur begins on page 34]

Tomorrow, it’s Yesod she be Yesod.

Everyone goes to to Yosef HaTzaddik, everyone should take care not to stay in Jerusalem.

There will be levuyi (‘accompaniment’), there is permission from the army. Yoav Gallant, the Security Minister, gave commands for everyone to be at Yosef HaTzaddik.

By doing this, he ‘atoned’ for the fact that there was no Meron, because the z-ists closed Meron.

It was stam, shtuyot (nonsense), there were no rockets, no sirens.

They especially wanted to close Meron, everyone recieved murderous blows, they broke their hands and their legs.


Avraham Kroizer who was here, who is the biggest tzaddik, who knows the whole SHAS by heart, forwards and backwards.

He lives here, five minutes from here. They threw him onto the road, onto the floor. They stepped on him, they crushed him, all of this was filmed. So the legal advisor is encouraging him from the beginning to take the MAFKAL (Inspector General of the police) to court.

Everything was done according to the instructions of the MAFKAL.


Tomorrow, everyone goes to Yosef HaTzaddik, without any exceptions to the rule!

Everyone will get to Yosef HaTzaddik. 23:00 at night, everyone is by Yosef HaTzaddik. The whole week, it’s possible to travel to Yosef HaTzaddik, the way is ‘clean’, there are no terrorists, there are no terrorists.


The rule is to know that every word of Rabbenu – Rabbenu is doing everything.

Rabbenu announced to travel to Eretz Yisrael. Whoever doesn’t travel to Eretz Yisrael won’t stay alive.

Rabbi Avraham ben Rabbi Nachman said: Your children already won’t be laying tefillin…

[The Rav repeats this in Yiddish].

Rabbi Avraham ben Rabbi Nachman guaranteed this, he promised, he took an oath, that they would no longer lay tefillin. And so it was.

Because he saw everything in the Megillat Setarim.[1]

After all, there is a Megillat Setarim that belonged to R Avraham ben Rabbi Nachman, and he saw everything that was going to happen, such a Shoah.


It’s written in Kochavei Or that there was going to be a terrible Shoah, and not a single Jew would remain alive. Not a single Jew would stay alive!

Everything was because they didn’t believe in the Tzaddik, they didn’t understand that all of this came from Rabbenu. Rabbenu is the True Tzaddik.

He said already in 5682 (1912) that everyone was obligated to ascend to the Land of Israel, and it was forbidden to remain in chutz l’aretz.


[Ed. note: Rebbe Nachman died a hundred years earlier, so it could be the Rav is saying that this is something that Rabbenu encoded in the Megillat Setarim, about what was going to happen, that the author of Kochavei Or then gave over in Rabbenu’s name.]


The Rebbe travelled in a warship, in the middle of the fighting, in the midst of the cannonballs, that they were firing a million cannonballs at him.

There were a million sirens, but he didn’t ‘give up’ on Eretz Yisrael, he travelled in the middle of the cannonballs.

He got to the walls of Tiberius, and he almost fell to the bottom. He said: “One time, I cried out with all my heart, when I was on the walls of Tiberius, and I was holding on to the wall.”

The Rebbe knew how to hang on. He was the world champion climber, he had a trophy, a trophy from Tokyo [?} for climbing. He managed to hang on to the wall, but he couldn’t come down.

The Rebbe had nothing to hold on to, it was totally smooth.

He said: “I cried out to Hashem, and I managed to come down.”


And like this, he managed to get to Acco, and then in Acco, they kidnapped him.

He was one of the hostages.

They wanted 1,000 terrorists [in exchange] for him. Bibi didn’t agree. He said, I’ll give 500 terrorists, not 1,000.

Tov. They took him [Rabbenu] into a ship as a captive, they kidnapped him, put him in a boat, imprisoned him on a ship.


Like Rabbi Shmuel Horowitz, who was on Netzach she be Netzach.

On Netzach she be Netzach exactly, he was on the amud ha’tliya (Lit: hangman’s pole). He was with the red clothes. All of Breslov ultimately gets to the ‘hangman’s pole’. There is no Breslover who doesn’t get to the gallows – either to prison, or to the gallows.

It’s like a bus – that at the beginning you have to stand up[2], and only afterwards you get to sit down.

So, Russia was like a bus – you stand up, and after this, you sit. For each person.


Also Rabbi Michel Dorfman was in prison.

Everyone – also Rabbi Levi Yitzhak (Bender) was in jail – half a year, in prison. There was one young man who said that on Shabbat Zchor he would already be freed. They laughed at him.

Now, it’s Parshat Vayeira, how did you get to Parshat Zchor?! What’s with you and ‘Zchor’?!

[The young man replied]: Yes, you don’t know? ‘Zchor’ is ‘erase the memory of Amalek’.[3]

There won’t remain any ‘memory’ in the whole of Russia.


So on the 5th, in the morning, they said to him: “Where?! Where?!”[4]

At 8am in the morning, it was already erev Shabbat of Parshat Zchor! He said to them: Look, in another five minutes, a telegram is going to arrive.

After five minutes, the telegram arrived. They ran to the post office, and saw a telegram:

“Yes, today he needs to be freed. Yes, it’s Shabbat Zchor.”

So, Rabbi Levi Yitzhak Bender was also in prison.


And Rabbi Shmuel Horowitz was in jail for 70 days.

He said: 70 days in prison – I never had such enjoyment in my whole life! It was Gan Eden!

The true ‘Gan Eden’ is in prison. You are there alone, you can learn, you have seforim, you have the whole SHAS, the whole Shulchan Aruch. There is no greater pleasure than being in prison.

When I went in, Eliyahu said to me – Eliyahu Serussi said to me, the moment I entered Eliyahu Serussi’s room (he was the sweetest of sweet. He has payot down to the floor, and a beard down to his belly button).

So, when I went in like that, I was a little broken.

He said to me: Rabbi Shmuel Horowitz said that his greatest pleasure was when he was in prison.

It’s written in ‘Yemey Shmuel’, that my greatest pleasure was during the 70 days that I was in jail. This was my greatest enjoyment. I sat, I learned, I could do hitbodedut, for 70 days.


In the end, they took him to Odessa, they took him out for execution.

There in Odessa, they took him out to kill him. There were two soldiers standing over him with bayonets, with the bayonet-guns, they were standing over him, so the moment he’d make a movement, they would immediately slice him.

They would make him into a sieve, they would make him into a drainer.[5]


[Skipping some comments about gematriot – read them on page 37, if you have the Hebrew Shivivei Or].


So, they stood Rabbi Shmuel Horowitz by the gallows.

They said to him – he was on the side – the said to him: in another two hours, you’ll be taken out to die. They will hang you. They will chop off your hands and feet. They will scrape you with iron combs, not stam. They are going to cut you into pieces, all your fingers.

He said: What fun! This is ‘being scraped with iron combs!’[6]

And this is how they announced it to him, another two hours, you’ll be hanging on the gallows.


Suddenly, a telegram arrived to put him aboard the first ship.

What ship?! Where is there a ship?! Where are we meant to find a boat, right now?!

You’re in Alaska, you’re [-], where are you going to suddenly find a boat? They said:

We’re not interested, put him aboard a ship right now!

[R Shmuel Horowitz wrote in his memoirs ‘Yemey Shmuel’:]

I’m in the prison now, I’m now wearing the red clothes – put him aboard the first ship, now!!!


They called the port, [and the port officials told them] there is a boat that is departing now for Eretz Yisrael, in another hour, it’s leaving the port. If you want to bring him – bring him within the hour.

Within an hour, they released him, and put him on a special jeep, and but him aboard the ship, like that….


One girl told him, a girl of 17 who was on the train: You will be in Jerusalem on L’ag B’omer.

It’s now Sunday, motzae Shabbat, hod she be netzach, what Jerusalem?!? I’m at the end of the earth! I’m in Alaska! I’m at the North Pole! I’m in the North! I’m in Russia!

She said to him: No, you’re in Jerusalem, at home. I promise you.

He didn’t understand… She was a prophetess.


Every girl was once a prophetess.

You’ll be in Jerusalem, at home.

He went crazy, he didn’t what she wants from him, Jerusalem, you’re at home.

He’s a minute before they are taking him out to kill him. Next week, you’re home.

A telegram came: Free him immediately!

All of this is on netzach she be netzach.

The moment we get to netzach, netzach she be hod, so immediately [we are] freed from all the imprisonments.



[1] This is the ‘Concealed Scroll’ where Rebbe Nachman and his student Rav Natan wrote down a number of hints in code about what would occur at the end of the days, before the coming of Moshiach. After ‘disappearing’ from view for a few years, the Scroll somehow turned back up in the hands of the late Eliezer Shick of Yavniel, a ‘newcomer’ to Breslov chassidut who then went on to build a big following.

Rabbi Levi Yitzhak Bender was upset by some of the things occurring in Yavniel, and took the highly unusual step of publically denouncing some of the practices being promoted by Eliezer Shick, particularly in relation to under-age marriages.

[2] The Rav is making a pun on the Hebrew word ‘amud’, which means ‘pole’, but also refers to standing up.

[3] Devarim 25:19.

[4] The Rav is giving over the well-known story of how Rav Levi Yitzhak ended up being freed from prison under the communists, in very surprising circumstances.

[5] I.e. They would stab him so many times he would be full of ‘holes’.

[6] As famously occurred to Rabbi Akiva, and that he yearned for all his life, as he wanted the merit of dying al kiddush Hashem, to sanctify Hashem’s name.

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      I have a feeling that most of us are starting to embark on a very steep learning curve about the masons….

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