Erev Rab-beim Part 3 – The ‘evil cult’ of Sadigora

Those aren’t my words…. they are the description of R Chaim of Sanz.

In this post, we’re going to continue investigating the ‘dispute’ that erupted between R CHAIM HALBERSTAM of Sanz and the extended ‘rebbes-with-palaces’ family of ISRAEL of RUZHIN, aka MOSHE TZVI WERTHEIMER of SAVRAN.

Before we do that, I just wanted to tell you why I keep emphasising that this family of RUZHINERs are actually, really WERTHEIMERS.


Most of the Wertheimer family of ‘connected’ court Jews very quickly devolved into Frankists, maskilim, satanic-masons and all the rest of it.

But before they did that, they were actually staunch supporters of SHABTAI TZVI and all his false prophets – and ‘big rabbis’. R’ SAMSON WERTHEIMER helped to fund at least part of the Sabbatean ‘prophet’ YEHUDA CHASSID’s trip to Eretz Israel in 1700.

So, most of the WERTHEIMER family went full ‘Frankist’ a 100 years later – but not all of them did. And the ones who ‘stayed behind’ in the Jewish community fought pretty hard to ensure they stayed at the very top of the ‘rabbinic’ pecking order, and later, at the top of the ‘chassidic Rebbe’ pile.


Point is…. It’s always the same intermarried family, the same yucky people, who are trying to rule the Jewish community and control it, and its money, regardless of how the ‘branding’ changes externally.

It doesn’t mean every single member of this family is ‘bad’ – not at all.

The good ones try to escape, anyway they can, from being ‘Jewish leaders’. But if they stay as leaders and try to ‘fight for good’ – they are mercilessly opposed and persecuted by this family mafia.

That certainly happened to the Baal Shem Tov, at least initially, who married into a leading ‘Sabbatean’ family. It also happened to Rabbenu, Rebbe Nachman of Breslov, descended on his father’s side from another leading ‘Sabbatean’ family.

And Rav Natan had MOSHE TZVI WERTHEIMER himself to contend with…. But I think Rav Natan himself also comes from an interesting family, just I haven’t managed to track it all down yet. (And maybe, I never will.)


OK, so now let’s get back to what was really going down between R CHAIM HALBERSTAM of SANZ and the wider RUZHINER clan of Erev Rab-beim-with-palaces-paid-for-by-charidee.

Back on the Hebrew Wiki page HERE, the story of ‘BERENYU the heretic’ continues with the sanitised, very possibly faked, version cooked up by a ‘chassidic historian’ with close ties to the family of SHEINDEL TWERSKY, BERENYU FRIEDMAN’s estranged wife.


[Berenyu] decided to return to Sadigura to the court of his brother, Rabbi Avraham Yaakov of Sadigura. He was greeted with great joy by the Hasidim, many of whom flocked to his table on the first Saturday of his return.

And he published a “Kol koreh” in which he denied that he was the one who wrote the”open letter”, and declared that all his evil deeds occurred when he was not of sound mind.

The “open letter” together with the warm welcome Berenyu received at the Sadigora court and the way the Hasidim continued to see Berenyu as a rebbe worthy of leading them created many ripples, and also outrage.

In letters, Rabbi Chaim of Sanz strongly attacked all the Hasidim of Rozhin, seeing in this case the ‘detail’ that came to teach about the general rule.

Sanz followers called Sadigura’s followers the “evil cult.”


At this stage in history, so much has been distorted and covered-up and ‘re-written’, it’s hard pinning all this down.

However, from what is still available, it seems as though R CHAIM HALBERSTAM of SANZ did not pursue an ostentatious lifestyle himself, and was accustomed to giving away his last penny before going to sleep at night.

(This is something Rav Berland also does, or at least, used to do when it wasn’t ‘illegal’ to give him pidyonot. These days, he has no money at all.)


We’ll try and ‘place’ R CHAIM of SANZ a bit more precisely in the wider picture, including who he links to, family-wise, in a moment.

But before we do that, let me draw your attention to a document that was very widely circulated all over the English-speaking web a few years ago.

It’s called:


(Click the title to go to the PDF that you can download, if you want to do that.)


There were long years when I knew large swathes of this document by heart, when I was trying to figure out whether the ‘Erev Rav’ can ever actually make real teshuva.

For my conclusions, you can read: Unlocking the Secret of the Erev Rav.

(The punchline is: anyone can make teshuva, if they acknowledge what they’re doing wrong. But for some people, that just never happens.)

The author of THE MODERN EREV RAV quotes a bit of the DIVREI CHAIM’s writings.

Now we have more of the context of what was going on back then, it’s even more eye-opening.



“Before the coming of the Mashiach most of the Rabbanim will be from the Erev Rav etc.

Because Israel in themselves are holy, but the Erev Rav work only for their own benefit as we can clearly see that the Rabbanim and the Chassidim and many regular Jews of the generation are, due to our many sins, mostly from the Erev Rav and want to rule over the public.

And all their actions are only for their own sake, to acquire honor and money, and one should therefore only join with those who truly serve, who sacrifice themselves to Hashem not in order to receive any benefit”.

(Divrei Chaim, Parashas Vayakhel, ‘Omissions’)


OK, so back on the Wiki page about the ‘dispute’, it says this (translated from Hebrew):

There followed a series of scathing letters, in which Rabbi Chaim Halberstam of Sanz called on various communities in Galicia to excommunicate and persecute the “Chasidei Passul’ [passul means ‘unkosher’], i.e. The followers of Bernayu’s brothers).

And to view them as a renewal of the Sabbatean belief.

After this, the controversy erupted fiercely.


I bet it did!

But the real question for us, from a distance of 150 years later, is was R CHAIM wrong to warn that the ‘Sabbateans were back’, when it came to the RUZHINER wunderwurker rebbes-with-palaces?

Remember, they changed their name from WERTHEIMER – known to be a family of Sabbateans. But does a leopard ever really change its spots?

Let’s see if we can figure this out a bit more.


Back on the Wiki page with the story of ‘the dispute’:

[Later on] Rabbi Chaim of Sanz wrote his most scathing letter against the House of Rozhin, to the point of forbidding them from eating and marrying them.

Among other things, he refers to the followers of the Sadigura [Rebbe] as “ignoramuses” “a cult of evil doers,” “blasphemers of the Holy Torah” and “apikorsim.”


R CHAIM of SANZ also calls on the community to stop eating from their shechita and to not intermarry with them.

This was the same call made about the leading Sabbateans, including Jonathan Eibshitz and his son the ‘Sabbatean prophet’ Wolf Eibshitz.

And then again 30 years later, about the so-called ‘Frankists’ in Poland, who were all from Sabbatean families, with the twist of being even more openly evil, and following Frank’s teachings that only by converting xtianity (externally) could they free the ‘sparks’ stuck in Edom.

And now, 100 years later…. They’rreee backkkkk!!!!


The dispute turns nasty, but as usual, nothing really happens, because ‘other big rebbes’ decide to defend the House of Rozhin.


Rabbi AHARON of CHERNOBYL, one of the most senior Rebbes at the time, stood beside Sadigora and strongly attacked the Rabbi of Sanz.


You know why?

Because it was his daughter, SHEINDEL, who was married to BERENYU FRIEDMAN the heretic of Leova.

Not only that, AHARON of CHERNOBYL was also the father-in-law of Berenyu’s brother, DAVID MOSHE FRIEDMAN, the Rebbe of Chortkov.

If the Friedmans’ ‘yichus’ went down the toilet, his family’s pedigree was going to be following very closely behind.

That’s why.


Not that SANZ were angels, it seems they weren’t.

They apparently killed one butcher who was a Sadigora chassid in Sniatyn by pouring boiling water on him in the mikva.

So, the war is going full-force, when NISSAN BAK, the ‘Rebbe of Ruzhin’s’ right-hand man in Eretz Israel (and a closet maskil himself…) decides he’s going to ‘excommunicate’ R CHAIM of SANZ at the Kotel, of all places.


About 100 people gathered near the Western Wall, blew trumpets and Nissan Bak announced the wording of the ban of excommunication. This excommunication was considered particularly bold and provoked strong opposition.

According to Hasidic traditions, the son of Rabbi Chaim of Sanz, Rabbi Yechezkel Shrarga Halberstam of Shinawatra, traveled specifically to the Land of Israel in order to persuade Sadigura’s Hasidim to lift the boycott.


The Wiki page goes to great pains to reassure us that no, the Rebbe of Sadigura had NO IDEA his main guy in Israel was going to do that!!! Honestly, no idea at all!!!!

It’s called ‘plausible deniability’. They still use that trick today. A lot.


Meanwhile, almost 200 rabbis in Israel, many of whom have (secret….) Sabbatean leanings themselves (when they aren’t hanging out with xtian missionaries and converting to xtianity themselves) – are the ‘rabbis’ who sign on the excommunication of R CHAIM of SANZ, with the encouragement of the maskil NISSAN BAK.

(Who can make this stuff up?)

And they send many copies of this ‘excommunication’ back to Galicia-Poland, which is when a whole bunch more Rabbis there who have been staying on the sidelines join the fray.

Mostly, on the side of R CHAIM of SANZ.



Among the rabbis and Admorim who wrote letters in favor of Rabbi Chaim of Sanz: Rabbi Yosef Shaul Nathanson,

Rabbi Yitzhak Aharon Itinga President of the Galicia Kollel,

Rabbi Yitzhak Isaac Eichenstein of Zyditshev and

Rabbi Yisrael Yehoshua of Kutna.

Rabbi Chaim Elazar Wachs of Kalish wrote a scathing letter [against the House of Ruzhin] and this letter was signed on, by, amongst others:

Rabbi Shimon Sofer Rabbi of Krakow, Rabbi Shlomo Ganzfried,

Rabbi Zvi Hirsch Orenstein,

Rabbi Yosef Babad,

Rabbi Menachem of Ungvar, and

Rebbe Yekutiel Yehuda Teitelboim

Rebbe Yehuda Horowitz of Malitz

Rebbe Meshulam Yissachar Horowitz of Stanislav.


So many of these names are SO INTERESTING, at least to me.

There is a lot more stuff to check into here.

But long story short, R CHAIM of SANZ gathers together 1,000 men in Israel on the festival of Shavuot, and tries his best to totally excommunicate the rebbes of RUZHIN.

But…. The attempt fails.


R CHAIM of SANZ dies in 1876…

And very soon after that, the wider Ruzhiner ‘rebbes’ take over in Eretz Yisrael, and also in Europe in a very big way.

Maybe if I can be bothered, we’ll do another post tracing what all these secret-Sabbatean FRIEDMANS got up to, going forward – and who was supporting them.

I’m sure we’ll learn a great deal, about why we have so very many problems in our Jewish community, and why they just never seem to go away or get resolved.

At least, until Moshiach finally comes.


OK, that will do for today.

The way these people always seem to work is that whoever stands against them, they make a big effort to subvert and corrupt that person’s descendants.

That’s part of what makes all this so hard to ‘unpick’, as even the good guys, the really awesome Tzaddikim, seem to have a ‘weak link’ in their family going forward who gets targeted, exploited and ‘turned to the bad’ in some way.

(Exactly as happened with the Rav….)


I have a load of homework to do now, not least with AHARON OF CHERNOBYL, BARUCH OF MEDZHIBOZH, and of course, the wider ‘FRIEDMANS’.

But each time we revisit this subject, we uncover more of the truth that they have tried so very hard to keep buried for centuries.

And that has to be worth something.



CHAIM HALBERSTAM of SANZ is a great-grandkid of the CHACHAM TZVI.

Like this:


7 replies
  1. asd
    asd says:

    You wrote: “R CHAIM of SANZ gathers together 1,000 men in Israel on the festival of Shavuot”.
    I don’t recall that r’ Chaim of Sanz was ever in Eretz Yisroel. Can you elaborate a bit on when & where this occurred, with the sources of what you say.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      It’s just quoting from that Hebrew Wiki page about the dispute. So much info has been scrubbed, finding any more supporting info is proving very difficult….

      This is what I got from an AI bot, but of course, these AI bots lie through their teeth, so I would first have to double-check if these books even exist ‘in real life’, and then try to track them down online, and then try to find the specific reference:

      1855 – Halberstam is believed to have made his first pilgrimage to the Land of Israel in 1855. This is referenced in the book “Toldot Mishpachat Halberstam” by Rabbi Avraham Schischa-Horowitz.
      1860s – Halberstam is reported to have made several visits to the Land of Israel during the 1860s. This is mentioned in the biography “Responsa Divrei Chaim” by his son, Rabbi Sanford Halberstam.
      1870 – Halberstam is known to have visited Israel in 1870. This trip is documented in the book “Aderet Eliyahu” by Rabbi Eliyahu Guttmacher.
      1872 – Another pilgrimage by Halberstam to the Land of Israel is recorded in the year 1872, in the work “Maḥaneh Yisrael” by Rabbi Yaakov Leiner.

      For example, just plugging even that first line in – I can’t find any reference to either that book, or that author.

      This tends to happen when the AI has information it’s been trained to ‘hide’, but it’s still not so good at totally obliterating it, so you get this sort of weird ‘fake’ information, that is clearly based on something, but what…. I don’t know, without a lot more digging.

      The other thing to remember is that all this ‘history’ has been so twisted, I’m not even sure I’m dealing with ‘real names’ half the time.

      That’s another long story, but it seems one of the ways they covered their tracks was just by adopting different ‘personas’ depending on what ‘sphere of influence’ they were operating in.

      That’s how you have freemason maskilim who are ‘big rabbis’ at exactly heh same time, but it’s v hard to know which persona is correct.

      Feel free to do your own digging, btw. I would appreciate any help I can get, in this search for truth.


      This is the Hebrew text from the Wiki page HERE:

      בתגובה לחרם הארצישראלי התאספו למעלה מ-1,000 חסידי צאנז בחג השבועות בצל רבי חיים מצאנז, ובאסרו חג החרים “בית דין הגדול” שהיה מורכב מחסידי צאנז את חסידי סדיגורה. בפסק הדין כתבו כי “אין להסדיגוראים חלק ונחלה בבית יעקב עוד”[16] לחרם נגדי זה התנגד משולם ישכר הורוביץ ואף דרש שלא יפרסמו את מכתב התמיכה שלו, אך היה זה לאחר שכבר הודפס המכתב[17]

      You’ll notice the text says ‘in the ‘tzel’ – shadow of R Sanz. I have no idea if this means he was actually here in Israel personally when that happened, although his son the Shinever Rebbe is known to have travelled to Israel at this time.

      Here are the two footnotes:

      יצחק אבן, מחלקת סנז וסדיגורה, תרע”ו, באתר היברובוקס.
      ישעיה הלוי איש הורוויץ, “לתולדות הרבנות בסטניסלאב”, בתוך: ערים ואמהות בישראל, חלק ה’, ירושלים תש”ו –

      – The Wiki page has live links.

      If you find out anything please let me know, including if Chaim of Sanz was actually here or not. I have no hidden agendas with this stuff, just trying to figure it out.

      • asd
        asd says:

        when writing about chasidim gathering “b’tzel” – in the shadow of their rebbe, it generally means that they are by the rebbe, but the wiki does not say at all that this happened in eretz yisroel, I think you mistakenly added that on your own rivka, you probably confused it with the other cheirim that was made before that in eretz yisroel. I actually looked up the source quoted in the footnote & there it describes clearly that this event happened in sanz, & in the text of the document of the cheirim it also states sanz as the location.
        regarding the AI’s response about those trips, I haven’t checked them out yet, but regardless if those trips occurred, this specific story apparently happened in sanz.

  2. adelle
    adelle says:

    I was scrolling through a site that lists notable yartzeits and historical events for each day of the month.

    wouldn’t you know, cantor yossele rosenblatt, whom you’ve covered here at length, his father was a rhuzner chossid who frequented the court of the sadigor rebbe. fancy that.

  3. adelle
    adelle says:

    btw the rav said his yartzeit is 24 tammuz, July 18, 1933 but this site says 24 sivan and Wikipedia lists June 19, 1933 as the date he died.


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