Don’t be afraid

The Rav has been very ‘strong’ the last few days – and tonight was no exception.

Singing loudly, with a very strong voice – and the singing and dancing before and after the prayers down on Ido HaNavi has had more ‘pep’ than usual, too, this week.

(Maybe, because some guy has shown up with an electric guitar, and that rocks….)


Yesterday, the Rav was talking about the secular government falling, but I don’t know exactly what he said.

When it comes out in Shivivei Or, BH, I will try to translate it.

He’s also made other comments about the draft last week, that are on my list to translate and post up here on Thursday, BH.

There is a strong ‘wind of change’ blowing around Ido HaNavi at the moment.

That’s usually a portent that we are on the cusp of *something* changing.

It’s not a ‘scary-feeling’ wind this time.

It actually feels pretty hopeful and positive.


The lying media is trying to get everyone het-up about mosquitoes, covid-returns – and a million other fake ‘epidemics’ that are really all just the cover story for zapping people with massive amounts of radiation.

It’s the radiation that is making so many people ill at the moment, especially on top of all the stress that is calculated to weaken the body’s immune system.

Avoid the news, avoid all the ‘scare stories’, all the breathless fear-mongering going on, and just live your life as happily as possible.

God is in charge here, no-one else.

If you’re doing the 7 TKs a day, trying to stick close to the true tzaddikim, and taking some time to connect your soul back to God every single day – you really have nothing to worry about.

Don’t get pulled into fights that aren’t yours, or arguments you can’t win.

Just keep on with the TKs, and the real teshuva, and wait patiently for God to turn all this around.

*Something* is going to happen soon, you can feel it.

BH, this time, something good.


I’m going offline again until Thursday.

BH, I’ll be back with some more Rav translations then.

But in the meantime, only fear Hashem, not stupid headlines about mosquitoes, force-drafting chareidim, ‘Hezbollah’ bombing the North, or anything else.

Only fear Hashem.


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