Yesterday, with Hashem’s tremendous help, my daughter got married.

These things are always fraught with emotions and ‘stress’ and ups and downs – even when there is no war and all the rest going on – but the last few weeks have been pretty intense.

They got engaged end of August…. set the date for end of November…I ran around with my daughter before and during Sukkot, finalising the hall…. she found the dress and I picked it up Thursday of Sukkot chol hamoed….

And then.

We hit October 7.


For the first 2-3 weeks, we were pretty much just in shock, and praying the army wouldn’t go into Gaza.

The Rav made it clear right from the start, it was a ‘phony war’, and Hamas would never be ‘destroyed’ – because “America needs the terrorists”.

And he was also urging us all to say whole books of tehillim – even three! – every day for at least a month, to try and prevent literally thousands of Jewish soldiers being murdered in Gaza.

Thank God for the two week delay. It changed the whole picture.


In the meantime…. there were all these funerals and shivas to attend.

And then, all the flights got cancelled – except for El Al .

And all the reserves got called up.

And our guest list suddenly shrank to way, way less than it was going to be.


Then, secular family and friends of the groom started pressuring him to ‘cancel’ and ‘postpone’ until better times returned.

The hall they’d picked had been closed for three weeks because of the sirens… The eidim were in Gaza…. It looked like zero family was coming from chul on our side (and we don’t have any other family in Israel.).

But the bride and groom were and are amazing.

In the middle of everything, they decided to continue to build another beit na’aman for the Jewish people.


There’s a thing in Israel that the bride and groom have a bunch of their closest friends act as ‘melavim‘ – ‘accompaniers’.

Or to put it another way, as ‘fixers’, who get involved in the arrangements and making sure stuff runs smoothly before and during the wedding day, so there is less stress on the parents and happy couple.

The melavim were amazing.

As all the plans for the bridal shower and ‘singles parties’ went by the wayside thanks to the war and its aftermath, they just keep coming up with creative and flexible ways to do things to ‘me’sameach’ the bride and groom.

And they helped me SO much, to handle arrangements that otherwise I’d have literally been doing all by myself, or having to rely on my daughter to figure out.


Long story short: the wedding was great.

There was a break in the winter weather, and the day itself was sunny.

There was a ‘cease fire’, so all the people who were scared to come because of rockets suddenly decided last minute to show up (which royally stuffed up the table plans, but hey, there is no perfection until Moshiach comes, we know that.)

And one of my brothers and his daughter came, so we at least had one brave representative of ‘family from chul’ – and that changed everything for me.


The whole last few weeks, I have been trying very hard not to give in to feelings of sadness, blaming, recriminations, despair, anger – about everything, not just wedding stuff.

Even before October 7, I started playing the song that Eviatar Banai wrote for his off-the-derech kid, where the chorus says:

Ha kol she te’vakesh.



Whatever You ask for, God.

Whatever You want from me, I’m going to do my best to give it to You.

I’m not going to feel sorry for myself that so many people close to us couldn’t get to the wedding.

I’m not going to sink into despair, that the world around me is sinking deeper and deeper in lies and propaganda and evil.

I’m not going to stop praying and hoping that things turnaround radically from here, and that more and more people wake up, more and more Jews can get their own bad middot out of the way enough to see through all the media manipulation and to return to You wholeheartedly, God.


The wedding yesterday was so happy.

There were so many different types of people, different types of Jew, in the room, all celebrating that life is continuing here!

So many different people who decided on whatever level they are at to forget about the darkness and the war and the very strange and totally manipulated ‘hostage’ situation – to have hope for the future.

To join a young couple starting their life together, under the chuppah.


Today, it’s pouring and miserable in Jerusalem.

I woke up and my electricity was out.

My house looks like a bomb hit it, as downstairs was turned into the bridal preparation salon with 10 young women all getting ready.

As I type this, I hear the muezzin from East Jerusalem blaring again.

I feel some trepidation again, about what is going on here in Israel, and in the world generally.

Some despair, about all the people who think spooks who spent years working for the US and / or Israel deep state (doing what, exactly? Until today, no-one really knows….) could somehow be ‘moshiach’.



But ultimately, God is in charge here.

And everything is just a test of middot and emuna.

Whatever You ask for, God.

Just please, help me, and everyone else, to pass the tests You are currently giving us as peacefully, painlessly and quickly as possible.

Yesterday, I went to the evening prayers of the Rav, and he wasn’t there.

Someone thought he’d gone to Tel Aviv or something – but he had definitely left Jerusalem.

This last week, the Rav’s been keeping his comments after the evening prayers pretty short, just repeating how ‘tznius’ and smashing i-Phones are the key to getting the war to end with no more Jewish lives lost.

I am still going through his comments from 2-3 weeks ago, and if I have time I will put some more of them up soon.

But the stuff that’s already gone up here should be enough to clue us in to the following basic ideas:

  • All of politics, the world over, is a sham, a stage-managed farce full of ‘actors’ who pretend they are the ones deciding policy and laws.
  • All these wars all over the world are being ‘stage managed’ from behind the scenes, by the cabal who actually profits from all this death, suffering and hatred.
  • That cabal is run from the shadows, by the people at the very top of all these ‘secret societies’ – the names of which don’t actually matter so much, as they are connect straight back to demonic forces, and transcend country, faith and people.
  • The real war is the one being fought between ‘good’ and ‘evil’.


If you want to carry on wasting your time and energy and ‘soul power’ arguing over politics, decrying the puppets for acting as though they are not actually working for the best outcome for the Jewish people (like, duh!) – that’s your choice.

You won’t change anything real like that, and you’ll probably just end getting very bitter, depressed and despairing about the state of the world.

That’s why the Rav – and other genuine Jewish leaders – have been putting the emphasis right on the start on us upping our own game, spiritually.

That means more tehillim, teshuva, tznius, mitzvot – and of course, understanding that only the people who were listening to the instructions of Moshe Rabbenu actually got out of Mitzrayim, regardless of all the other good stuff they were engaged in.


Right now, you and me have no idea what is really going on.

And don’t think that listening to Army Radio, or watching Channel 14 news 24/7 is going to change that – it’s just going to give you a headache and make you even more stressed and worried.

But there are a group of our holy leaders who have been fully aware of this evil, and fighting it, for decades.

If you do your best to identify who the really holy people are, and to do what they say, you’ll get through this OK, God willing.


In the meantime… life continues in Israel.

Weddings are still happening, BH, (I will tell you more about what a rollercoaster ride that has been, the last few weeks, once the happy couple actually get hitched, BH.)

People are still going down to the Kotel.

There is still food in the shops, and sales in the malls for ‘blue November’.

Kids are back in school, mostly.


And more and more people are now understanding that we only have Hashem to rely on.

If they didn’t figure that out when our corrupt government spent millions of shekels chasing the Rav all over the world a decade ago….

Or, when our corrupt government then went ‘full fascist’ with Covid lockdowns and green passports…

Or, when 45 people got deliberately murdered at Meron….

Or even, when our whole security establishment ‘went to sleep’ that horrible morning of Simchat Torah (and also, three months beforehand when Hamas were training for the attack right next to the fence….)

Now, they are finally starting to get it.

Which means that soon, very soon, all this WILL turn around for the very best.


So, going forward, some recommendations for how to maintain optimal emotional equilibrium in this very difficult situation we still find ourselves in:

  1. Turn off the news, and stop engaging with the ‘puppet theatre’ that is politics. No marches, demonstrations, hasbara, or ranting about Biden, Hamas or anyone else is going to achieve anything positive – and actually does the opposite. The forces of evil actually ‘feed off’ all those negative emotions of fear, despair, anger, hatred etc, that the corrupt media is so good at inducing in us all.
  2. Chuck out your smartphone and switch online stuff to a computer or tablet that stays in your house, and doesn’t come with you every where like a digital ball-and-chain.
  3. Keep going with the prayers and tehillim – aim for an hour of day of talking to God in your own words, which you can combine with walking, washing dishes, sitting with a cup of tea etc.
  4. In times of war, the attribute of Heavenly Judgement focusses in especially on kedoshim tiyehu – you shall be holy! Hence, the Rav’s massive emphasis on more modest dress and behavior, and getting the sources of pritzus out of dalet amot.
  5. Keep updated on the site, or if you read Hebrew, site – that last one has the Shivivei Or newsletters with the Rav’s weekly shiurim in PDF format, that you can print out and read in the original.
  6. In past years when there were times of war in Israel, the Rav asked people to contribute ’98’ in their local currency a month, as a global pidyon for the Jewish people. He is now forbidden from saying anything about money or pidyonot at all, so I’m extrapolating that what held then, still holds now.

Do some hitbodedut, come to your own conclusions.


In the meantime, here’s the headline of another of the latest translated shiurim from the Rav, from the website, which basically spells out exactly what is really going on here:

The Whole World Regrets that Hitler Didn’t Finish Off the Jews” – R’ Eliezer Berland Shlit”a

The Rav has been saying this for years, and honestly, I used to think he was exaggerating a little.

But not anymore.

And may we see with our own eyes, how all this turns around very, very soon for the best.


No-one really knows what is going on in Israel at the moment.

It seems to me that whatever ‘the plan’ actually was, it’s not panning out as ‘planned’.

(We saw the same thing with Covid – remember how much tremendous pressure there was for ‘green passports’ and ‘track n trace’ and a million other repressive, enslaving measures that curiously just kind of disappeared, instead of gathering pace?)

That same ‘sweetening’ is going on here at the moment, with the war in Gaza.

And that is part of why no-one has anything much to say about anything, even on the news-propaganda side of things, because ‘the plan’ is not going to ‘plan’ – and they are scrambling to rewrite the script.


Who is the ‘they’ we all keep talking about here?

The demonic secret societies that go by the general catch-all name of ‘Freemasons’, but actually include way, way more sects and secret groups than that.

Back in 1943, the Vichy Regime in German-occupied France put out a propaganda film about the Freemasons, called ‘Forces Occultes’ (Hidden Forces).

You can see that film with English subtitles HERE.


After all the problems we had with my husband’s ‘Freemason’s Foot’ – for years! – I’ve been pondering on how ‘bad’, spiritually, the initiation process into these secret societies must be for the soul.

And particularly the Jewish soul.

Recently, I had a conversation with another person who is descended from a Jew who was also a Freemason – and has also been experiencing so many harsh judgements, that simply don’t ‘fit’ with who this person is themselves, or the huge spiritual effort they have made to give God what He wants.

The whole issue of ‘Freemasonry’ cropped up again in that conversation, and then, I came across this Vichy propaganda film, which was penned by a former Freemason in France, Jean Mamy, who was subsequently executed for collaborating with the Germans after the war.


First, here’s a snippet from the Wiki page about ‘Forces Occultes’, then I’ll explain why this still matters to us Jews in 2023:

Forces occultes (Occult Forces – subtitled The mysteries of Freemasonry unveiled for the first time on the screen) is a French film of 1943.

The film was commissioned in 1942 by the Propaganda Abteilung, a delegation of Nazi Germany’s propaganda ministry within occupied France by the ex-Mason Mamy.

It virulently denounces Freemasonry, parliamentarianism and Jews as part of Vichy’s drive against them and seeks to prove a Jewish-Masonic plot.


Honestly, I was surprised at how little overt anti-semitism is in this film.

Jews are literally mentioned twice, in passing, and there is of course the ‘star of david’ figured prominently on the Freemason’s Temple walls…..

Because at this stage, more of us are starting to understand how that symbol got ‘grafted on’ to the Jewish people from the outside, beginning with the astronomer David Gans of Prague.

(Notice the surname.)


So, 99% of the film is very firmly ‘anti Freemason’ – and it depicts the initiation ceremony that was being used by the Grand Orient Lodge in France in 1939 very accurately.

(Let’s just mention here that of course, the Germans were ALSO being run and funded by the freemasons, particularly the big names in America. To start scratching the very tip of this very big iceberg in the least controversial way possible, read THIS.)

You can watch that initiation ceremony yourself, recreated, around the 15 minute mark in the film.


If you have ancestors or family members who are masons, I suggest you take the time to do that.

Because then you will start to understand just how much ‘tumah’ and evil the Jewish mason is actually binding themselves to, even if they think it’s just a stupid ceremony with no deeper meaning.

Of course, they are totally wrong about that.

And they and their descendants pay a very big price, spiritually, for being initiated into these demonic secret societies – and the ‘problem’ doesn’t go away, until some awake descendant finally girds their loins and starts to drag their soul back out of all that demonic tumah.


In the meantime, here’s a few things I noticed that are of general interest.

  1. Freemasons have been deliberately using the Jewish people as their ‘human shields’ for the last few hundred years.

We saw that with the ‘Protocols of the Elders of Zion’, where things are phrased in language that suggests it’s the Jews trying to stick to the ‘goyim’.

But really, it’s just the Freemasons, and other demonically-connected secret societies, who have co-opted some Jewish terms to make it look that way.

And the main people the Freemasons etc are trying to stick it to are the authentic, God-fearing, Torah-observing Jews.


That process is continuing right now.

All the Freemason-controlled media and ‘alt media’ is busy blaming ‘the Jewish lobby’ and ‘AIPAC’ and ‘Israel’ for what is going on in the world.

Once again, they are using the Jews, and especially the Jews in Israel as the ‘cover story’ for who is really running things from behind the scenes, and blaming them for ‘Covid’ and ‘starting world wars’, etc.

That’s why all of a sudden, all these ‘alt media’ American spook-journalists started openly bashing the State of Israel and talking about the ‘Jewish lobby’.

It’s all projection – the masons are using Israel and the Jews as their ‘human shields’, internationally, to cover up the fact that:

The USA was founded by freemasons, and basically acts as their main military force in the world.


The next thing I noticed is that Freemasons love wearing masks in their rituals.

‘Nuff said.


And the last thing I noticed in that film, is how ‘iron swords’ are a very big part of the Freemason initiation rites.

All the masons  have them…..

And the initiate has an ‘iron sword’ pointed at their heart (take a look at the film, 16.30 min mark), and is told that this sword will ‘pierce their heart’ if they betray the secret society.


Here’s a screenshot that ‘collates’ that statement from the film:



Maybe, it’s just another huge CO-IN-CID-ENCE that this war in Israel has been called ‘Iron Swords’.

(I don’t believe in coincidences any more….)


The war we are really fighting right now is 100% spiritual.

That’s why tehillim and genuine teshuva is the only thing that is going to get us out of the mess we are currently in.

And our tehillim and teshuva are working!

68 soldiers have been killed in Gaza so far – which is still 68 too many – but in the meantime, ‘the plan’ was there to be thousands more Jews killed by this point, God forbid.


Our tehillim and teshuva are truly making all the difference.

But there is still a way to go.

And I am very nervous that too many of us are going to lose focus again, and get pulled off-track by our lying freemason propaganda media, and puppet politicians, to start looking to ‘demonstrations’ and ‘elections’ as the solution to our problems again.

The only solution is to turn whole-heartedly to God.

And to return to our job of being Hashem’s emissaries to bring down the light of Torah and Torah-morality into the world again.

I hope enough of us get that message, break the ‘spell’ cast over us all by the demonic masons – and do what is required, spiritually, to move humanity forward into that time of peace, bounty and spiritual awakening that we call ‘the geula’.



This is the ‘seal’ of a secret society of ‘xtian mystics’ called the Martinists:


This seal – and it’s ‘star of David’ – predates the Jewish State’s flag by around 200 years.

Here’s a snippet about the Martinists secret society from Wikipedia:

Martinism is a form of Christian mysticism and esoteric Christianity concerned with the fall of the first man, his state of material privation from his divine source, and the process of his return, called ‘Reintegration’.

As a mystical tradition, it was first transmitted through a Masonic high-degree system established around 1740 in France by Martinez de Pasqually, and later propagated in different forms by his two students Louis Claude de Saint-Martin and Jean-Baptiste Willermoz.


If you actually take the time to read even just the bare bones info on the Wiki page for ‘Martinism’ HERE,

you’ll learn that all these ‘secret societies’ of ‘xtian mystics’ were actually full of black magic, spells, demonic rites – and Jewish terms taken from the Talmud.

So then, it’s the easiest thing in the world for all these satanic ‘xtian mystics’ who formed these secret societies to have their agents in the media ‘blame’ everything on the authentic Jews and their ‘Talmud’.


On the old blog, I started to bring together a lot of info that showed that ‘returning the Jews to their own State of Israel’ was actually a project of these same ‘xtian kabbalists’ behind all these demonic secret societies.

They just used a few masonic Jews in the community as their front men and ‘puppet leaders’ to bring that project to fruition.

And that’s still happening today.


Just to spell this out clearly:

While the freemason-controlled media and alt-media is telling everyone that ‘the Jews infiltrated the global governance structures’ all over the world – this is actually projection and the opposite of what is going on.

What is really going on is that the demonic (xtian-mystic) Freemasons infiltrated the Jewish community all over the world, and is using their ‘obviously Jewish’ puppets to obscure who is really behind all the evil, all the wars, all the effort to constrict, control and subvert humanity away from having a true connection with God.

It’s all backwards.

As usual.

And we finally break the spell of these demonic masons when we ourselves return wholeheartedly to God, and to His Torah, and become the real ‘light unto the nations’ God designed us to be.

May it happen very speedily, in our days.



These are comments from October 17th, 2023.

Before our troops went into Gaza, and there was apparently an offer from Hamas to free at least some of the captives.

There are a ton of ‘hints’ here about real Jewish history. 

After the Rav’s comments, I will try BH to unpick some of them.


In 5611 (1851), the Shvi Shel Pesach (R Yisrael Friedman of Ruzhin) said that in another 70 years from then, there would be a declaration about the founding of the State, like there was the proclamation of Koresh [for the Jews to return to Israel and rebuild the Second Temple].

There was an old man who at that time was 20 years old, so after 70 years he was 90 years old [at the time of the Balfour Declaration]. He said:

I was alive at the time he said this, it was the Shvi Shel Pesach in 5611. And then, he announced that in another 70 years, there would be a declaration, like Koresh’s declaration.


And then this was accepted by Baron Rothschild, Hertz Rothschild.

He recieved the [Balfour] Declaration on paper, written out and stamped with the signature of the English government.

The English government obligated themselves to set the [Jewish] people up with independence – to give Ashdod to the Jews, and to give Ashkelon to the Jews.

Haifa was totally an Arab city. Whoever used to live in Haifa, so there is Wadi Nisnas, Wadi Selim. From the [Haifa] City Hall down, everything belonged to the Arabs.

From the City Hall on, the lower city already begins – and everything was the Arabs’. Half of Haifa belonged to the Arabs. (The Jews stam came and stole half the city….)


The Palmach stood on the quay in order to stop the Arabs from leaving.

I have a picture that the Palmach made a chain, in order to try and stop them [the Arabs] from leaving the city. This was before Pesach TAF SHIN HET p 17. And the Arabs broke through the chain, [and said]:

Let’s get on the boats, we won’t stay here with murderers!

They weren’t prepared to stay with such a murderous nation, so they got on the boats going to Beirut.

This is what Hajj El Amein promised them – he was the Mufti – so he promised them that now, they are going to erase Haifa, to blow it up.


Like they are now doing in Gaza, taking down another house and another house, because it’s impossible to enter Gaza.

It’s not something ‘suitable’ [for the Jews to do] at all. This is 1,000 [soldiers] killed with the first blow. Everything there is narrow alleys, each path is a metre [wide]. It’s 30km from Ashdod, 20km from Ashkelon.

Already, 400,000 people waited a fortnight, and each time they push it off, because they first need to take down all the buildings, so it will be possible to enter.

Everyone is hiding themselves in the tunnels. The whole of Gaza. There is a whole city underground. So, until they take down all the buildings [it’s impossible to enter].


So he promised – Hajj Al Amein promised – that he was going to take down all the buildings in Haifa.

And they promised him 100 planes from Saudi Arabia, and he was waiting. Until today, he’s still waiting for this… Maybe, they’ll receive this today. I don’t know exactly when they’ll get this, they’ve already been waiting for those planes 75 years, since 1948.

He said we are going to take all of Haifa down, to erase it! Everyone should leave immediately!

All the people were obedient, everyone was disciplined. They left Haifa and they got on the boats and the ships.

They brought boats, and the Palmach and the Haganah stood on the quay in Haifa and didn’t let them get on. [But they] managed to break through the checkpoints.


[This occurred on] Wednesday in the morning. Then it was Pesach on Shabbat.

So on Wednesday morning, I was a child of ten, and I got up in the morning on Shabbat – and there wasn’t a single Arab left in the whole city.

We lived opposite Arabs, my house was opposite the Arabs, they fired on our house. We lived more inside, so the bullets didn’t really harm us, except for just one bullet. But those who lived at the front, they house was riddled with bullets – because it was really on the frontlines, our house….

We weren’t going to give it up under any circumstances.


Biden had a plan to give [the Arabs] Wadi Selim and Wadi Nisnas, to ‘give back’ all the Arab neighborhoods.

But Abu Mazen didn’t come to the meeting, poor guy. He got a terrible fright at the last minute. And also, the King of Jordan, and not the King of Egypt – they didn’t come to the meeting.

He (Biden] wanted to meet everyone, but no-one showed up. So they left Biden empty-handed.

Instead of getting Ashdod and Ashkelon and Haifa, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem – Jerusalem is also a half-Arab city. The whole of the Old City used to be the Muslim Quarter.

We were the first ones who conquered the Old City. And Ateret Cohanim – Ateret Cohanim also ‘conquered’. They started to buy houses, everything, to buy the houses of the Jews, and everything was bought with cash.


All the writings say to live in Jerusalem.

Because the moment that it’s possible to live in Jerusalem, then a person is obligated to live in Jerusalem. It’s only permitted to live in Ashdod ‘in the meantime’, as though it’s just a sort of ‘waiting station’.

Whoever was born in Ashdod, whoever has parents in Ashdod – this is something else.

But whoever wasn’t born in Ashdod, and who doesn’t have parents in Ashdod, they have no reason to live in Ashdod.

All the writings say to live in Jerusalem.

Here in Jerusalem, nothing can happen. Here, they won’t fire rockets, here there are no sirens, here there are no [….]


Now they fired a rocket, and it almost damaged Al Aqsa, the rocket.

Like how they damaged the hospital [in Gaza], but only 20 were killed. They said that we killed 500, it got up to 500, and there were demonstrations in Berlin, and demonstrations in all of the world.

And they attacked the Israeli Consulate in Jordan, and almost blew it up. And now in Turkey, they almost broke into the Consulate – and it’s all because they said that the Jews had killed 500 babies.

This is 500 children! All this was just revenge for the poor children who were murdered now on Shabbat Simchat Torah!


For 20 hours, there was no army.

There was nothing.

They [the terrorists] walked around, they went and came back, they dragged away people, some of them were killed, some of them were taken. Now, they got to 250 captives. It’s got to, it will get to, 300.

They themselves haven’t counted how many. Some of them [were captured by] the Jihad, some of them were taken by citizens [of Gaza], some of them were taken by Hamas. They themselves still haven’t counted up all the hostages.


Now, we need to free them.

You live in Ashdod, that’s really very close. It’s not a problem to get into Gaza. So now we’ll maybe sort out a few buses, go into Gaza and get the captives freed. This is before anything else, it comes before doing battle, it comes before you start a war.

The first thing is to get them freed.

This is everything.


Ad kan, from the Rav.

The first place I checked into a little more is ‘R Yisrael Friedman of Ruzhiner‘, who apparently such tremendous ruach hakodesh about the founding of the State of Israel.

HERE is his Wikipedia page, here are a few snippets that caught my eye:

The Ruzhiner Rebbe was a charismatic leader known for his aristocratic demeanor.

He set a regal tone for his court, living in a palatial home with splendid furnishings; riding in a silver-handled carriage drawn by four white horses; being accompanied by an entourage of attendants; and wearing a golden yarmulke and stylish clothing with solid-gold buttons.

His children, too, dressed like nobility and were attended by servants in livery.


Another snippet:

The Rebbe’s extravagant lifestyle and prestige aroused the envy of Tsar Nicholas I and the ire of the Jewish maskilim (members of the Jewish Enlightenment movement); the latter continually plotted to bring about the Rebbe’s downfall.

In 1838, at the height of a two-year investigation of the murder of two Jewish informers, the Rebbe was arrested by the governor-general of Berdichev on the accusation of complicity in the murders.

He was brought before the Tsar, whose own agents told him that the Rebbe was trying to establish his own kingdom and was fomenting opposition to the government. The Tsar had the Rebbe jailed in Donevitz for seven months, and then placed in solitary confinement in prison in Kiev for fifteen months, pending a decision on exiling him to the Caucasus or Siberia.

No formal charges were ever filed against him, and no trial was ever held.

On 19 February 1840 (Shushan Purim 5600), the Rebbe was suddenly released. But he was still subject to the allegation of opposing the government and was placed under police surveillance at his home, which made it increasingly difficult for his Hasidim to visit him.


Long story short, the Ruzhiner Rebbe was forced to move from Russian territory to Sadigur in Austria, where he built an even more luxurious palace for himself.


Interestingly…. the life story of the Ruzhiner Rebbe overlaps a great deal with what we are told about the Savraner Rebbe, who was persecuting Rabbi Natan of Breslov, Rabbenu’s main student, to the point of wanting him dead.

The ‘Savraner Rebbe’ at the time of R Natan was also apparently called ‘Yisrael’…. and he also fell afoul of the Czar Nikolai and was implicated in the murder of Jewish informers.

The following is from page 452 of ‘Through Fire and Water’, the biography of R Natan Sternhartz:

“The Savraner, as one of the leading rabbinical figures in the generation, felt it his obligation to solicit the intervention of the authorities so as to have this [Breslov] sect eradicated…

However, before the Savraner’s letter reached the governor, he had already seen the complaint submitted by the family of the informer [who the Savraner had just arranged to have killed].

When the Savraner’s chassidim brought their letter to the governor, he was incensed.

“This individual wants to make his own rules in this country? On his own initiative, he has a man killed?…There are laws in this country!”


Fire and Water says ‘the Savraner’ died in 1838.

I’m not sure he actually did.

That’s the exact same year ‘the Ruzhiner’ was:

“[J]ailed in Donevitz for seven months, and then placed in solitary confinement in prison in Kiev for fifteen months, pending a decision on exiling him to the Caucasus or Siberia.”

Before he actually escaped to Austria, where he ‘adopted’ the identity of a dead Austrian citizen of Sadigur, so he was allowed to become an Austrian citizen and avoid being extradited back to Russia.

Lots to unpick there… (as usual).

But one thing I can tell you, is that the opponents of real Breslov and the real Breslov tzaddikim have never been on the ‘right side’ of history.


OK, now a quick look at what was going on in Haifa in 1948.

At this stage, I’m not sure – at all  – what the Rav is hinting to.

But HERE is an ‘official account’ of what is meant to have happened between the Arabs of Haifa, and the Palmach and Haganah.


Throughout the Haganah made effective use of Arabic language broadcasts and loudspeaker vans.

Haganah Radio announced that ‘the day of judgement had arrived’ and called on inhabitants to ‘kick out the foreign criminals’ and to ‘move away from every house and street, from every neighbourhood occupied by foreign criminals’. The Haganah broadcasts called on the populace to ‘evacuate the women, the children and the old immediately, and send them to a safe haven’…

Jewish tactics in the battle were designed to stun and quickly overpower opposition; demoralisation was a primary aim. It was deemed just as important to the outcome as the physical destruction of the Arab units. The mortar barrages and the psychological warfare broadcasts and announcements, and the tactics employed by the infantry companies, advancing from house to house, were all geared to this goal.

The orders of Carmeli’s 22nd Battalion were ‘to kill every [adult male] Arab encountered’ and to set alight with fire-bombs ‘all objectives that can be set alight. I am sending you posters in Arabic; disperse on route’.

John Kimche also describes the “psychological blitz on Arab quarters” until “the Arab nerve broke and the flight from the town assumed panic proportions”.

Honestly…. it really doesn’t sound so different from what is going on right now.



There’s a bunch more interesting stuff about the Ruzhiner on the Chabad website (of course).

Like for example, the same story of him authorising the death of Jewish informers in the local bath house, as happened with the ‘Savraner’.

And also, that he apparently believed he was the ‘Moshiach’ of his generation.


Once, the Ruzhiner sent a messenger to all the Chassidic rebbes of his time, wherein he asked them to agree for him to be Moshiach.

Many agreed, but one (Reb Uri of Strelisk) said, “He has all the right qualities, but we don’t want a young man to be Moshiach.”24

This story illustrates that the Ruzhiner was potentially King Moshiach, which would explain his majestic lifestyle.

His son, Rebbe Dovid Moshe of Chortkov said,

“All great tzaddikim (including the Apter Rav and Reb Mordechai of Chernobyl) said that our father has the neshamah of Moshiach.”25

Once, the wealthy Reb Yaakov Yosef Halprin, whose son had married the daughter of the Ruzhiner, wrote a letter to the Ruzhiner on a torn piece of scrap paper.

The Ruzhiner grabbed the peyos of his son-in-law, Reb Dovid Halprin, and said, “How could your father write me a letter on a quarter of a page? Doesn’t he know who I am? I have the neshamah of King Hezekiah!


Nice middot…. not.


Back in the UK in the 80s, everyone was talking about Max Headroom.


If you don’t know who that was, here’s a snippet from Wiki:

Max Headroom is a fictional character played by actor Matt Frewer.

Advertised as “the first computer-generated TV presenter”, Max was known for his biting commentary on a variety of topical issues, arrogant wit, stuttering, and pitch-shifting voice…

Max was advertised as “computer-generated” and some believed this, but he was actually actor Frewer wearing prosthetic makeup, contact lenses, and a plastic moulded suit, and sitting in front of a blue screen.

Harsh lighting and other editing and recording effects heighten the illusion of a CGI character.

According to his creators, Max’s personality was meant to be a satirical exaggeration of the worst tendencies of television hosts in the 1980s who wanted to appeal to youth culture yet weren’t a part of it.


For some reason, Max Headroom popped into my head when I was watching this:


And when I watch things like this:


And then this (you can listen on mute if you want, and stop at the 5 minute mark, if you last that long, but some interesting pics here of Biden…. and Jim Carrey ‘playing’ Biden….)


Point is…

We are being ruled by Max Headroom.

And it doesn’t matter where you live in the world.

It doesn’t matter who you voted for.

It doesn’t matter if you are a ‘leftie’, a ‘rightie’, a commie, a ‘greenie’ a Monster Raving Lunatic-ee – all of the people you think are making the decisions about what is going on in your country are actually just a local version of Max Headroom.


There are a lot of implications to this.

The very first one, is that we should all stop buying into the total fiction that is ‘politics’ and ‘elections’, and propaganda-journalists and media with all their ‘political analysis’ cobblers.

We are ruled by Max Headroom in our parliaments.

And the real locus of power is in the shadows, behind the scenes – and controlling all sides of the arguments, and all sides of all wars.

They maintain their power by turning us against each other with ‘politics’ and ‘political analysis’ and media lies.


Here’s a letter I got forwarded on, that is meant to have been written by someone currently driving a tank in Gaza, for the IDF.

(It doesn’t matter if turns out to be a ‘not real’ person who wrote it, what it’s saying is still 100% true.)

> ◾️LETTER FROM A TANK COMMANDER IN GAZA… (there is no way to confirm the authenticity of this letter, but the message is strong)

> Take a moment and read carefully. Commander of a unit currently deployed in Gaza.

> Hamas is stronger than the left. It is also stronger than the right, and also Bibi & Ben Gvir. Our enemy is stronger than Israeli high-tech and the settlement enterprise. Tel Aviv’s beautiful soul has no chance against them, nor does the periphery.

> But Hamas has no chance against Israel. When we are united and mobilized, they retreat into their tunnels and pray for a ceasefire.

This war has stuck me in a tank, sharing it with two comrades, between two “Shiny Sheens” one who served a year and one who served four, a Smotrich voter, and a Ben Gvir voter, and I seemingly have nothing in common with them.

But the army’s melting pot poured us back into one unit, a tank crew. At some point, we adopted and started talking about everything. About the Haredim, about the Supreme Court, public transportation, core studies, even sexuality, everything.

> And what did we discover? That we agree on about 90% of the issues. Let’s assume they are really nice and were being agreeable, so about 80%.

> > Until about a month and a half ago, they were the enemy. We met on both sides of the fence, but Hamas reminded us that we are essentially on the same side.


> Our politicians draw their strength from the division between us.

They take the 10% – 20% disagreement between us and turn it into the main thing, because that’s what gives them a mandate to “represent” us, to fight in our name.

They do it at the expense of our security, our welfare, our taxes, and our freedom (also our freedom to pray, by the way).


I see many people looking for ways to contribute to the war effort, Sending underwear, socks, cigarettes, and combat gear. Moroccan mothers who sent us fish and couscous for Shabbat, and kibbutz retirees who drove these pots to across the country.

Techies who came to install 360-degree cameras on the tank, something the army is not quick and flexible enough to do on its own.

And hilltop youth that the army refused to draft at all, came on Saturday, cut, sowed, and stitched so that we wouldn’t enter Gaza without protective covers shielding us from drones.


> > As far as I’m concerned, the most important contribution is for you to unite as a people, work to come closer.

Focus on the similarities and set aside a bit of difference. Invent frameworks that will connect us even outside the army. I know it’s complicated with issues of kosher and modesty and separation and no-separation, but I trust you.

> This is the most important thing, that we be together. Because we, the soldiers, from all our tribes, enter enemy territory and endanger our lives not for any government or politician, but for the people of Israel.

> Please, make sure we have a country to return to.


Tachlis, please don’t waste any more breath going to bat for the ‘Max Headrooms’ who have been installed as the figureheads in your part of the world.

If we stop engaging with the lying media and the ‘Max Headroom’  politicians and puppet-leaders, and instead make an effort to speak to EACH OTHER, and to God – that’s when all this will really change.

And personally, I can’t wait for that to happen.



More translated comments, and clues, from the Rav.


Excerpt of shiur given Tuesday night, Rosh Chodesh Kislev (November 14, 2023)

Now, a rocket got to Kiryat Bialik – 20 km North of Haifa.

And a rocket from Gaza [got] to Daliyat-al-Carmel, 30 km south of Haifa, next to Zichron Ya’akov.

And yesterday, a person by the name of Yaakov [Shalom Abudi] was killed by a Hizbollah rocket. The biggest tzaddik he worked for the Electricity Company in Tiberius. All of us were at his funeral.

Every day, five young men are being killed, work buddies, also by the Hizbollah and also by Hamas.


And so, [German Chancellor] Sholtz says not to give them any respite, because the first second [there is a ceasefire] they will fill up all their supplies – and then rockets will get to Jerusalem.

In the meantime, no rocket is getting to Jerusalem, and there are no sirens in Jerusalem.

Jerusalem is the furthest place away, both from the Hamas and also from the Hizbollah. The most secure place in the world is Jerusalem.

More than Germany, more than Los Angeles.


There now [in the USA] a Jew by the name of Kessler was just murdered, the most saintly Jew.

He was walking along with an Israeli flag, and recieved a blow from a pro-Palestinian protestor. And he [the protestor] called the police, come and see, I didn’t do anything!! I even just called you, so you can see the poor guy fell over, and got a blow to his head from the fall!

The police believed him, even though there are a million witnesses who say that he killed him.

He summoned the police, now he’s been freed. He’s walking around totally free, yelling at everyone, at all of us, he’s also yelling against Shuvu Banim.


Everything depends only and solely on the girls, who go dressed tzniusly.

And then the war will totally stop.

Each day that the war continues, another five are being killed, and another five, and another ten – we already got to 50 killed, from the beginning of the war.

[Ed. note: this week it reached 63 killed, HY’D.]


1,500 were killed in the wonderful ‘Nova’ party.

Everybody wanted to fulfill the mitzva of ‘ve’semachta be’hagecha’ (and rejoice in your festival). – and this was the outcome.

The slain were on all the roads. ZAKA couldn’t get to there, and also not Magen David, because all the roads had been closed with a thousand murdered people.

300 inside the party itself.

Every second, another 30 slain. Five seconds, this is [another] 150 murdered. Ten seconds, this is 300 slain.


And there were no guns in the kibbutzim, not in the [kibbutz’s] armoury, and not being held by private individuals.

Just a few handguns and 15 bullets.

With this, they managed [to kill the terrorists].

Otherwise, it would have got to 10,000 people murdered.

Now, we are already at 10,000 [people who were injured by the terrorists]. 7,500 wounded, 1,500 murdered – this is 9,000.

[And in addition to this] 240 kidnapped.

They are saying that in another eight day, they will start to bring them back.

Halavai – if only this should be true!

And another 100 missing – this is 9,500.

And each of them ‘should have been’ killed, it’s only a miracle that they weren’t killed (initially).


But 1,500 murdered – this is enough!

This is such a shoah that hasn’t occurred since the founding of the State!

Since 1948, there hasn’t been such a disaster. Even though there 1,500 killed in the War of Independence, this was spread over a year and a half.

Here, it was in just one day, in just one hour, in just one minute.

And everyone had fallen asleep in the bases – they slaughtered everyone!

In a few seconds, they conquered the [army] bases, and all the kibbutzim they conquered within an hour.

After they were let loose, another 300 soldiers were killed.

[Ed. Note: it’s not clear what the Rav is referring to here.]


[If] there was one soldier there, he [could have] stopped it all.

Otherwise, another 300 died, and another 300, and another 300 – [until it got to] 1,500.


Everything, it only relies on the tznius of the girls.

That all of them should go with long dresses to the floor, and close the buttons, and to not shorten their sleeves – and then no soldier will die!

And to break the Xiomi [smart phone], right this moment!

All the boys and girls, whoever has a Xiomi, to smash it up now!

Because each moment that you still didn’t break it, so the war will continue.

Everyone should break their Xiomis, and then the war will stop.

And the full geula will come speedily in our days.


We are continuing the translation of the shiur from October 27th.

You can read Part 1 HERE.

Over time with the Rav’s hints and clues, the picture builds up more and more.


Excerpt of shiur Thursday night, 27 Tishrey, to the ‘Mifal HaTorah’ – second shiur

The Gemara asks if women are obligated in the mitzvah of mezuzah.[1]

It’s written ‘in order to lengthen their days’.

What, a  woman doesn’t need to stay alive?! Now you are insulting her, so you are also going to die – you deserve the death penalty.

Because by way of the mezuzah, people continue to stay alive, and to have length of days.

So we need to do a celebration at the time we afix a mezuzah, and to make a party, and to serve liquer and cans [of drink].

Mezuzah = ‘zaz mavet’ (death should move away).

Mezuzah is ‘zaz mavet’.[2]

The moment that we put a mezuzah, so nothing will happen in that house.


For sure, the mezuzahs that were there [in the kibbutzim] were possul (disqualified from being kosher mezuzahs).

It was a chiloni kibbutz, it could be that they put those mezuzahs up 50 years ago.

For sure, there were already houses there without mezuzahs.


The Chief Rabbi came to afix a mezuzah for Ben Gurion in Sde Boker – he didn’t want it.

So the Chief Rabbi came to force him to have it.

He [Ben Gurion] was ‘against’ mezuzahs.

That whole party [i.e. The Nova party]  was simply about breaking the datiim (religious Jews) – to show them that see, all the young men came, all the young people came!

They wanted to fulfill the mitzvah of ‘semachta be’hagecha’ (rejoice on your festivals)….

So the whole purpose [of the Nova party] was to break the da’at (the Jewish faith) – to show that it’s possible to be ‘happy’ without a Sefer Torah. Also with just a bottle of vodka, it’s possible to be happy!


The whole point [of the party] was – let’s state this firmly – that as many young people as possible dafka from dati families should come, and we’ll ‘get happy’ with them, and we’ll dance with them, and we’ll ‘make them happy’.

For this is the ikker (main point) to semachta be’hagecha.

They said there was going to be such great ‘happiness’!

Such a festival that has never been since the founding of the State!

And this was a blow to the religious – and they said this explicitly.

That all the kids would come, and from all the religious homes they would come [to the party] – and they would take the children from all the religious families.


[The Super Nova party] was a death trap.

This – the Satan did this. And it was a death trap.

The Torah says to dance [on Simchat Torah] with Sifrei Torah, not with vodka.

I don’t have ‘vodka’ written by me, by me, it’s written ‘to dance with Sifrei Torah’ in my Shulchan Aruch.

By them, it was written ‘to dance with vodka’.

They also have a Shulchan Aruch. So it could be that the vodka was more important, I don’t know.



[1] See Likutey Halachot, Hoshem Mishpat, Halachot Pikadon 4.

[2] I.e. It’s the same letters, rearranged.


The people I know personally who were killed at that party were all from very ‘dati’ homes.

My friend sent me this, last week:


It’s an interview done by the MSM in Israel with some of the friends and family of Yehuda Becher, HY’D.

The secular guy with all the piercings was in my house a few times, when I was hosting the posse of juvenile delinquents over Covid.

He was good friends with Yehuda – and also good friends with Itzik Levy, HY’D, who was also gunned down at the Supernova party.

Itzik Levy was in my house a lot, over the 2-3 years of Covid.


I found the spot where Itzik was killed on the ‘Mapping the Massacre’ site, HERE.

He was a few metres further away than Yehuda Becher, but they died next to each other.

Itzik broke his leg badly in a motorcycle accident three years ago.

That for sure put him at a disadvantage.

Deep sigh.

He comes from a very frum Breslov family.


In the meantime, there’s so many strange things about the Super Nova party.

If you go HERE, you can read an already ‘archived’ copy of an interview with one of the main organisers of the ‘Supernova Sukkot’ (official name) party.

Here’s a couple of snippets that took my eye:

“Because his car was parked near the stage very close to where he was standing, G. and three other men — including Universo Paralello co-founder Juarez Petrillo — were able to immediately get in G.’s car and drive out minutes later, after G. made sure the artists he works with were also in vehicles fleeing the site.


By the time G. and the others made it to a villa rented by the production team, located approximately 30 kilometers away from the festival, they had started getting texts and phone calls telling them that minutes after they drove away from the site, Hamas fighters had arrived “with machine guns, with RPGs, with grenades, and just slaughtered whoever they could.”

Isn’t that fortunate, that apparently none of the DJs or organisers got caught up in the massacre. And, that they had the foresight to rent a villa a million miles away from the carnage in the South….


Another interesting snippet from that interview:

Universo Paralello was not origintally intended to take place at the Re’im site, with organizers moving it to this location only two days before it started, when another site in southern Israel fell through.

The new site at Re’im featured a pair of stages, with the Israeli producer Artifex playing the mainstage when the attack started.

G. was told that the attackers closed the road into the festival from both sides so attendees could not escape.


If you go to that site which is collecting first-hand stories of what happened on October 7, they have a whole page of ‘Supernova’ survivor stories.

Like THIS ONE, just put up a couple of days ago, where Supernova survivor Meir tells us this:

At 7:00, Itamar, Naor and I got into the car.

Itamar was driving and tried to get out of the party area to the main road, but there was serious traffic, and we would have been in one big mess, with all of the cars turning to the main road. I was afraid we wouldn’t manage to get past.

We got onto the road and turned left, but to our surprise, the police had blocked the road. We had no idea why, but they weren’t allowing people out.


As always, think for yourself, come to your own conclusions.

Meir is not the only eyewitness account stating that the police set up the initial roadblocks around SuperNova.

Then afterwards, the terrorists just walked down the blocked road shooting victims dead in their cars.

Just another ‘big failure’ on a day replete with ‘intelligence failures’, ‘mistakes’ and incredible ‘coincidences’.

May Hashem speedily avenge the blood of everyone who was murdered, heal the thousands who were physically injured, the hundreds of thousands who have been emotionally hurt – and bring whoever is still alive of the hostages home soon.


In the meantime: the translations are continuing.

And no-one is going to shut up and forget about October 7th, until we finally all see real justice done.



If you go HERE, you’ll find an in-depth piece on Juarez Petrillo, mentioned above as being the co-founder of the Universo Parallelo organisation in Brazil that ‘franchised’ the Supernova Sukkot party in Israel.


Juarez’s family has made this profession a tradition: not only is he a DJ, but so are his ex-wife and two of his children.

After the visit to the controversial guru Osho Juarez received the stage name of Swarup, while his then wife began using the name Ekanta.

The religious guru also suggested the names of his children, Okay, Bhaskar AND Jaya.


This partially explains the statue of the big golden boodah set up by the mainstage on October 7.

So then, I went to look up who this ‘controversial guru Osho’ is.

HERE is his Wikipedia page in English.


Rajneesh…[known] later as Osho was an Indian Godman,[3] philosopher, mystic, and founder of the Rajneesh movement.[1]

He was viewed as a controversial new religious movement leader during his life. He rejected institutional religions, insisting that spiritual experience could not be organized into any one system of religious dogma….

Rejecting traditional ascetic practices, he advocated that his followers live fully in the world but without attachment to it.

In expressing a more progressive attitude to sexuality he caused controversy in India during the late 1960s and became known as “the s*x guru”.


It’s the daughters of Midian all over again.

If you click on the Rajneesh Movement link, above, you’ll find this was all about uprooting ‘formal religion’ (just as the Rav said….) and promoting a lifestyle of no morals, no kids, no getting married – and staying high as a kite on drugs and alcohol.


More of the spiritual dimension is starting to come into view now…. there was a huge amount of tumah at that Supernova Sukkot party, whatever else was going on that day.



I got some more info about ‘Osho’ over email.

Apparently, he was also a massive anti-Semite as well, who taught that the Jews ‘deserved’ the holocaust because they killed Yoshki….

Here’s some of the articles I was sent:


And a quote from that first one:

In a 1975 book called The Mustard Seed, a record of selected discourses given by him at his ashram in Pune (Poona), India, Rajneesh [Osho] appears to justify the slaughter of millions of Jews in the Holocaust of Nazi Europe on the grounds of Jewish responsibility for the death of Jesus Christ, and he implies that Jews have sought out such persecution because of their guilt over Jesus’ death.

“Jews,” he writes, “are always in search of their Adolf Hitlers, somebody who can kill them—then they feel at ease. When nobody bothers about them, then they are uneasy, the guilt follows. When you throw stones at Truth this is bound to happen, and even after twenty centuries of suffering, the Jews have not confessed that they did wrong.”

He also implies that Jesus’ death was worth the deaths of many millions of Jews.


This is the ‘spiritual guru’ of the Brazilian guy who franchised the ‘Supernova Sukkot’ party on October 7th, don’t forget.

What a scumbag.



Shavua Tov!

I am continuing to post up excerpts of the Rav’s recent shiurim from the last 3 weeks here.

They are giving way more info than you’ll find anywhere else, about what really happened here on October 7.

Here’s the latest excerpt.


Excerpt of shiur Thursday night, 27 Tishrey, to the ‘Mifal HaTorah’ – second shiur

Now [during the war] we need to say tehillim.

Bachorim are going, the young men who went out to save us allwere all killed. All those who went out to rescue us were killed.

The army didn’t even try to approach the area. The Kibbutz was full of terrorists, 1500 terrorists. In Be’eri, 500 terrorists. And in Kerem Shalom, 300 terrorists.

Three people (i.e. soldiers) stood against 300 [terrorists].


[Before this happened]

The State took away their guns.

After all, the […] are so stupid, they are such reshaim, they are such Amalekim – all the […], that three months before that Shabbat, they took away all the guns.

They took them!

They didn’t leave anything, just one gun per Kibbutz. One gun, with 50 bullets.

Now, a person has one gun, and 300 terrorists show up. So, he fires one bullet, two bullets, and they fire back at him…

Simply [the whole massacre on SimchaTorah happened because] there were no guns.

There were no guns!


OK, [so they asked] can we have guns?!

And they were told:

Wait a minute, we need more consultation.

But bring more guns, already – that’s how he asked the senior head of the police there. Can we distribute the guns? Can they be distributed, already?

He told [the authorities] we have already started distributing them.

[And the commander said] Wait a minute! We need to do this with yishuv ha’daat (a settled mind). We can’t just to this stam, like this. It’s not Shuvu Banim here, crazy people. Here, we are normal people.


They took away all the guns, from all the kibbutzim, and all the moshavs.

There are no guns.

They left a single gun to each whole kibbutz, with around 50 bullets. And now, 500 [terrorists] enter. In Be’eri, 500 terrorists came in.

It was impossible to approach [the kibbutz]. Whoever comes close, they immediately fire on them.

So, three soldiers decided to break through the machsomim (army checkpoints) – three soldiers!


All day long, they tell more stories, that three soldiers managed to get into one of the kibbutzim there, they stood at the gate, and they fired at the terrorists. They fired. And the terrorists fired back at them. And they fired back in return – until all the terrorists ran away.

Like this, they liquidated around 15 terrorists, and then the terrorists ran away.

The terrorists fired at them, but didn’t injure them. Until today, they don’t know why.


These [the three soldiers] decided  that they were going to enter [to save the kibbutz] – against the army, against the police.

The army didn’t give permission, because there are 500 terrorists there, what can you do, against 500 terrorists?!

It needs to come from the air, [the attack] needs to come from the moon, from Mars. We need to come with parachutes, wait! We need to plan it! We’ll come in another week…

In the meantime, another 1,000 young people were killed, another 1,000 children.


So, we need to know that these […] are Amalekim, mamash.

This is a reincarnation of Amalek.

And the Rabbi of Brisk said this, that ultimately, they will give everything to the Arabs.

Instead of blowing up Tehran, they will blow up Tel Aviv.

Because ‘you are robbers!’

What are you talking about?! Tel Aviv was built next to Yaffo!

[They will say] Yaffo belongs to the Arabs, Tel Aviv was [built] on the grounds of Yaffo.

So they will blow it up.


More and more of the first-hand stories are also coming out about what happened that day, from eyewitnesses.

Of course, not in our state-run propaganda news.

But if you go HERE, you’ll find a site in English called Eyewitness and first-hand stories from the massacre in Israel, October 7.

It’s not snuff movies, God forbid, but it’s full of people (survivors) just telling their stories, including some videos and pictures they took of what was going on at the Super Nova party when they were hiding in bushes, or in the kibbutzim in their safe rooms.

For anyone who is interested in piecing together the truth, it’s a very valuable resource.

And for anyone dealing with anti-Semites trying to claim that the slaughter of innocent Jews is all ‘fake news’ – it’s also a very valuable resource.


There are hints coming out here that the hostage situation is about to be resolved, but not in the way most of us were praying for.

Remember, even when things are very painful, they are all being orchestrated from Above, for the greater good.

And this time, nobody is about to forgive and forget what has gone here.

Very soon, all the truth will come out – and those responsible will be unmasked.

May it happen very soon, before any more good Jews lose their lives, God forbid.



The whole world is a stage…. remember Shakespeare told us that a long time ago.

(If that guy actually even really existed, and wasn’t just another spook-actor himself….)

Watch this:


We knew this stuff was going on with Biden….


The Russians in the family have been saying for months already that Putin is dead, and ‘someone’ is walking around now with the ‘Putin Mask‘.

Closer to home, at least a few of our own main politicians have had distinctly weird looking faces for a few years already….


We are coming to the time when the mask is really about to drop….

Are we ready?

More hints from the Rav.

Continuing the translation that we brought an excerpt of HERE.

Excerpt of shiur  26th Tishrey 5784 (October 11th, 2023) to the Mifal HaTorah.

Now, we are before a churban (destruction). We are before the churban of the Third Temple.

We are already in the [time of the] Third Temple now, and Hashem sees that there is going to be a churban.

So, He took 1,000 souls. This time, it was 1,200.

All this is Lesson I:260 [Likutey Moharan]. Because the Rebbe explains everything that is going to happen, until the end of time.

So, each time that Hashem wants that there will be a yichud (spiritual unification at a very high level), so He takes souls al kiddush Hashem (Jews who are killed in the sanctification of God’s name, just because they are Jews.)

This is the work of Hashem, that He takes souls. All this is brought down in Lesson I:260:

“The name is the soul.”

And know, that the very greatest yichud occurs with those that go al kiddush Hashem. This is the greatest spiritual unification, because they are sacrificing their very souls to sanctify God.


They put R Chanina ben Teradyon in the fire.[1]

They poured benzine on him, on Chanina ben Teradyon. They put a pad of wool [over his heart] – and the fire didn’t burn him. The fire went back.

So the centurion said to him: I don’t understand what’s going on with you. You aren’t prepared to be burned?! Dinah de malkuta – dinah! (The law of the land is the law.)

The government decreed this upon you!

He said: But, you need to ask nicely for my permission. Come and ask my permission, beseech me, then I will agree to be burned.

But stam, like this, you are just trying to burn me – I don’t agree! I want to do an hour of hitbodedut.


Ishmael ben Elisha is going to ask behind the curtain (i.e. In Shemayim).

Me too, I am going to ascend to Heaven and I will ask if it’s really necessary to sweeten this, by way of the death of the 10 holy martyrs [or whether it’s possible to sweeten the decree without these 10 being killed.]

I want to ask Hashem.

[The centurion said to him]:

You want to ask Hashem? Wait, I’m going to ask the Caesar to give you permission.

[R’ Chanina replied:]

I don’t need the Caesar!

I know how to ascend to Heaven all by myself – the Caesar should wait for me! You will wait here for me, I am now ascending to Heaven, and I will be back in an hour.

I will tell you if you can burn me.


The centurion didn’t understand.

I am burning you, or you are burning me?! Who is burning who?! This is simply chutzpah!

It’s chutzpah from Chanina ben Teradyon, that he didn’t accept the decree with love.

Dinah de malkuta, dinah!


In the meantime, the centurion is waiting and waiting.

And he is thinking: What is going on here?! I poured benzine on him, I poured gasoline on him, I put some more twigs on him – and he wasn’t burned! He didn’t agree to be burned!

This is how it was in Ancona [? Not clear why the Rav is referring to Ancona here.]

They tried to burn, and to burn, and to burn – and they weren’t successful, until they brought the big crowds. They put lots of people in the fire, but they didn’t burn – the fire went back away from them.

There are many stories about this.

So now, also.

By him, the fire also went backwards.


After an hour, he [Chanina ben Teradyon] came back.

I asked Hashem, He said that I am obligated to be burned. This yichud [spiritual unification] has to happen. Otherwise, Am Yisrael will be ‘hidden’ now (i.e. To be obliterated, God forbid).

Now, Am Yisrael is standing ready to be annihilated.

Now I said in tehillim  “the name of Israel will not be remembered again.”[2]

Because they have have agreed [like a person] with one heart, everyone is standing ready to destroy Am Yisrael. The whole world is with them, Biden is with them, everyone is with them.


Now, Blinken came, [to say] Don’t make war with the Arabs! You will suddenly hurt some child, and also, Hamas for sure already made teshuva….

Don’t you dare.

Now he is sleeping, but an hour ago, he said don’t you dare!

Now, it’s impossible to do anything. Now, he’s not giving permission.

Let them fire rockets, let 5,000 rockets be fired every single day – you deserve it! This is a present, this is simply a gift.

Me, I already got a rocket in the head, so now my mind is ‘open’. So now, I can understand things better. It’s the opposite! It’s good that you get a rocket in your head….

So, he’s judging them favorably. All day long, he’s judging them favorably.

It’s their country! They are crying out: ‘You are robbers!’


Everyone is judging them favorably, the whole world. The whole world!

Germany and England and Britain – everyone is giving them the benefit of the doubt.

They are saying that justice is on their side.


So, who can sweeten this?

Only Rabbenu. How can Rabbenu sweeten this? By way of arranging for people to be taken al kiddush Hashem.

That way, he can sweeten everything, so that we can continue to live, so that we can destroy them.

Because the Americans aren’t agreeing that we should be able to destroy them, chas v’shalom.

The Americans agree with them.

The Americans need them.



[1] Masechet Kallah 1.

[2] Tehillim 83:5.