I’ve been thinking a lot about how ‘the evils’ turn us all against each other.

In our puppet-controlled world, they make all these machloket, all these ridiculous arguments between us, about details that are actually totally pointless, but become the whole ikker.

I lost a few good friends over the whole Covid psyop, because they insisted I should have three shots just to come to the wedding of their daughter – someone I knew for the last 18 years.

I didn’t get them. Obviously.

And I haven’t spoken to that friend of mine now for three years.


Sometimes, I also fall into the trap of arguing about stuff and with people who are ultimately just inconsequential ‘fluff’.

It’s one of the pitfalls of blogging.

And while I try to avoid it, occasionally the baiting I consistently get from my own pet psychos here in the comments section gets to me, and I bite back.

But the point is, there are very important things going on here, and they need to be discussed as calmly and as unemotionally as possible, to get to the truth of what is really going on.

I know that there are many sincere people out there all trying to get to the truth, in their own ways, and I respect them a lot, even if I sometimes totally disagree with their conclusions.

Ultimately, we all have our own bad middot to deal with, our own ‘hot buttons’, and especially at the moment, it’s just so darned easy to explode at other people, because we’re actually all just feeling so frustrated and upset about the ongoing situation here in Israel, and in the world.


Bottom line:

Anyone in a position of power or real influence over the last 150 years (at least….) was probably put there by ‘the evils’.

And especially in our Jewish community.

That is the main place we need to start trying to figure out, which ‘agent provacateurs’ and ‘false leaders’ with hidden agendas were put in place, or maintained in place, to subvert the Jewish community from within.

That this is actually what has been going on for at least a good couple of centuries (at least…) shouldn’t really be a ‘newsflash’ to any of us, should it?

For years, we’ve been reading about ‘erev rav’, and how at the end of days they push themselves into all the real leadership positions, to the great detriment of the sincere Jews fooled into following after them.

But the controversial part of this is that it’s always been so much easier to point the finger at the other guys, the other bits of the Jewish community….

Our bit is always fine. Our bit is always totally ‘uncontaminated’.

But that’s just not true.


Before I got to Shuvu Banim, I went through a whole bunch of other Breslov communities and institutions.

There are issues all over.

And there were also massive issues within Shuvu Banim, too, until around a decade ago when the Rav went into exile, and then went to prison twice, and since then, nearly all the high-level fakers and yucky people disappeared.

That was one very good thing that came of the whole birur process that occurred at Shuvu Banim, because narcissist fakers, psychos and pedos really don’t like outsiders assuming right from the beginning they are up to no good.

Or being attached to such a poor, down-trodden and insulted community.

Evil flourishes the most in those places were people keep making excuses for it, and covering it up all the time.

And with all the non-stop persecution and scrutiny and insults, Shuvu is now a million miles away from being that.

Rabbenu made it clear when he came back from Eretz Yisrael, that he was bringing his followers the ‘present’ of machloket.

For years, I couldn’t understand why that was a ‘present.’

Now, I’m starting to develop more appreciation for the true wisdom of Rabbenu.


Point is, if you want to tell me any community is only good, or only bad – that’s just not how it is.

And even very good and holy communities like Shuvu have had massive issues with psychos in the past, and it’s only the ongoing bizayon and persecution that has really shaken so many of those elements out of the picture.

But psychos are in leadership positions all over the Jewish world still, including in the ‘frum’ world, including in the ‘dati leumi’ world, including in the ‘hilltop youth world’ – it’s those erev rav psychos we all learned about from the Zohar and the Vilna Gaon.

And the only way we can really ‘clean them out’ is by cleaning their horrible traits and bad middot out of ourselves.


So, that’s basically what our job at this very difficult time boils down to.

Working on ourselves, doing hitbodedut for an hour a day so we can have clarity and not ‘get confused’, and constantly challenging our own assumptions and being willing to sacrifice our own ‘holy cows’.

BH, there are so many good Jews all over the place.

The Jewish soul is such a wonderful, powerful force for good.

That’s why ‘the evils’ have been working so hard to keep setting up more false ideologies and fake or misguided people to ‘lead us’ away from authentic Torah, and the real Tzaddikim.

We get through this next stage only with a lot of hitbodedut, a lot of humility, and a lot of working on our own bad middot, instead of just pointing the finger at everyone else.


But in the meantime, we have to keep doing the birur, and keep trying to check who is real, and who isn’t, and what ideas are genuinely helpful, and what ideas are really not.

It’s a painful process.

It’s not easy to have our most cherished ideas and ‘heros’ constantly probed and challenged.

But just like I’ve had that process ongoing for a decade now with the Rav, and before that, for another decade with Rabbenu and Breslov – so each person has to also go through this birur with their own ‘heros’, their own rabbis, and their own beliefs and ideas.

There is nothing to fear from this, if a person is really interested in the truth, and really interested in working on themselves and their own bad middot, and really interested in coming closer to Hashem, and developing some genuine humility.

Although for sure, the process is often very painful and upsetting.


So, first, I’m sorry if this process of trying to get to the truth is pressing your buttons.

But second, we’re all wrong about something, at least some of the time.

That’s the whole point here, to take some time every day to figure out what was I wrong about today? What did I react to in a ‘wrong’ way? What did I say or do that was ‘wrong’ – i.e. not in alignment with what God really wants from me?


May Hashem help us all to figure it out.

And to break out of the paradigm we are currently trapped in, that sets us at each other’s throats over details and ‘fluff’ and ‘politics’ and fake leaders that don’t really matter.

Bottom line: God wants our sincere teshuva.

And our prayers.

And some humility, that we don’t know everything, and we aren’t always ‘right’.

God, please help me to give You what you want!



PS: More and more info is coming out that some of the soldiers being killed in Gaza are being killed by IDF drones.

Take a look at THIS, on the ynet site (Hebrew).

The drones have been responsible for a huge amount of death and destruction in this war, but hardly anyone is talking about them.

And a lot of the drones in Gaza are not being operated by the IDF, but by the US and UK.

Just something to keep an eye on….especially connected with more reports of our soldiers dying due to ‘friendly fire’.


Amazingly, this was the next part of the Rav’s shiur, given on Rosh Chodesh Kislev (Nov 13th, 2023).

The first part of the shiur was talking about transferring 1.5 billion to Hamas, and Hamas firing on the patients in the hospitals, and then blaming it on the IDF, if they try to take down Al Shifaa hospital.

You can read that HERE.

That shiur then continues like this:


So, this is what the Rambam says.

Now, we are reading verse 13 in Halacha 16, this is in the halachot of gerushin (divorces).

Verse 13, and also verse 2[1], it’s brought down twice [in the halachot of gerushin]. And also, in [the Rambam explaining the halachot pertaining to] arachin[2] (assets / property), and also in rotzeach[3] (murder).

Let’s now read the halachot of rotzeach (murder).


If a person murders [someone else], he doesn’t need to go to an ir miklat (city of refuge).

If he killed someone else be shogeg (by mistake)…

[But] if he murdered someone be mazid (i.e. With the deliberate intent to kill them), so there also needs to be witnesses and warning – but it doesn’t happen like this.

If you tell him [i.e. The would-be murderer] don’t fire on ploni! Don’t kill him! – so already, he won’t do it.

People do it when no-one is watching. He can’t do it when people are watching.

Tell him don’t do that transgression! – so he already won’t do that transgression.

So here, in verse 2, the Rambam brings that a person can write a get (Jewish bill of divorce) after they slaughter him.

So what, if they slaughter him? Nothing will happen, nothing.

Don’t get confused. Be ‘Breslov’ and then you’ll have yishuv ha’daat (settled, clear thinking).


The Rebbe says[4] my people are going to have yishuv ha’daat (calm, settled minds).

Everyone will be running around and confused, what are we meant to do, Moshiach is coming! What, are we meant to bring him some flowers? Or to bring him some chocolates? What are we meant to bring him? A BBQ’d chicken? Or maybe we should bring him an ice lolly?

Each person will search for what to bring Moshiach, some present.

But my people will have yishuv ha’daat, they won’t become confused.

Because whoever does an hour a day of hitbodedut, he won’t become confused by everyone else.


The same thing [here, returning to the discussion of the person who has been seriously injured].

You recieved some blows, they cut two simanim (lit: indications – but see footnote)[5], they cut all your head off – so what is going to happen? Nothing is going to happen.

‘Gossess[6] refers to when slowly, slowly, a person’s brain starts to decay.

A person 90 years old, he is already in danger that his brain will start to decay. Up until 90 years old, the brain can still function, people get to 100 years old.


Now, R’ Baruch Mordechai reached 100.

Rav Shteinman got to 102. Rav Shach reached 106. If they actually knew when he was born. Because there was no birthdate. Once upon a time, they didn’t used to register the date of birth.

Then, there was a world war.


So, if he was 106 years old, Rav Shach, so now, a women wanted to come and marry him, at the age of 106 years old, in order that she would be called ‘the wife of Rav Shach’.

There would be stipends, she’d be shown honor, so then she could give drashot (Torah classes).

So, she was 40 years old, and she wanted to marry Rav Shach.

So, for as long as he was still alive, she could still marry him, even at the age of 106.


[The same idea applies here.]

Even if a person receives many murderous blows, and he can’t continue to live, but he lives for another five minutes [halachically, he can still perform kiddushin and gerushin].



[1] Rambam Halachot Gerushin Verse 2, law 13.

[2] Rambam Halachot Arachin v’Haramin, Verse 5, law 13.

[3] Rambam Halachot Rotzeach v’Shmirat HaNefesh Verse 5, law 2.

[4] Sichot HaRan, 228::

I heard in [Rebbe Nachman’s] name: “Of course there are kosher people to be found, even if they don’t have hitbodedut. But I call them ‘pleetim’ (unfortunates) – petrified and confused.

And suddenly, when Moshiach comes and calls them, they will be all mixed-up and confused.

But we [i.e. Those who follow Rebbe Nachman’s advice to do hitbodedut for an hour every day] will be compared to people [who wake up] after they slept, when their minds are properly relaxed and settled.

This is how our da’at (minds / spiritual awareness) will be, relaxed and settled, without any panic and confusion.

[5] This is part of a wider discussion the Rav has been having over the last few weeks, where ‘simanim’ are taken to refer to crucial parts of the body.

[6] An halachic description of a person’s physical state shortly before they expire.


If some of this sounds a little strange, remember it’s the rabbinic decisions down here that actually govern ‘reality’.

Years ago, I remember some rabbi (it was actually Akiva Tatz….) giving a shiur about a whole rabbinic decision about someone who was lost overboard during a ship’s voyage.

The ‘prevailing wisdom’ was that this person couldn’t have survived the circumstances.

But one tanna argued that it was possible that a person could be lost overboard in those circumstances, and still be alive.

Once his decision was accepted by the others – this is what made the reality, down here.

And created the ‘space’ to actually save that shipwrecked person’s life.


Yeah, I know, totally not ‘rational and logical’.

Welcome to authentic Judaism.

The last two days, I’ve been pretty down.

It’s probably a whole bunch of things together, including trying to keep everything going and ‘upbeat’ so the wedding could get done, and not totally falling apart that first month after Simchat Torah.

But the ‘last straw’ seems to have been that terror attack that happened in Jerusalem on Thursday morning.


I was shaken to my core by what happened when ‘one of our soldiers’ killed Yuval Castelman, a Jew from Mevasseret Zion, who got shot dead after ‘neutralising’ one of the Palestinian terrorists at the bus stop in Jerusalem on Thursday.

I am not going to go into all the details.

The Daniel Amram Telegram channel has a lot of information about it, and also did a Youtube interview pulling together the known information (and videos of what happened) HERE.


The point is, Yuval Castelman was shot dead, when one of the soldiers mistook him for a terrorist.

‘Friendly fire’.

I have to say, this whole episode broke my heart.

And it showed me that all those people shouting that ‘more guns’ and ‘more violence’ is the answer…

They have been misleading us for years and years and years.

It’s all warped so-called ‘Torah’, teaching pure Jews that hatred and guns and violence is ‘the only answer’ to what is going on here.

And where’s God in this picture?


It’s the ‘power and koach of my own hand’.

And nothing else.


If we want this horrible situation to end, we have to finally understand that all the people – all the ‘Kahanists’, and others infected by Meir Kahane’s horrible, destructive, and hate-filled ‘push’ to get ‘every Jew with a 22’ – they have been misleading us for years, about what the real solution to our problems are.

‘Guns’ without real teshuva is only going to turn Israel into even more of the Wild West, where people feel totally justified in shooting others down.

I understand that situation here is very complicated.

I live here, after all.

My kids use that trempiada sometimes – like half of Jerusalem.

I live right next to a whole bunch of Palestinians here, and I spent a whole month saying tehillim every single day to try and ‘mitigate’ any urge they might have to walk up the road and start another pogrom, God forbid.

I am not a ‘bleeding heart leftie’.

At all.

What I am, is a person who has been arguing against the poisonous ideas of Meir Kahane (and his successors) with my children for a few years, already.


It’s breaking my heart, to see Jews with payot talking so calmly about gunning people down on the street.

If someone is coming to kill us – we have to rise up and kill them first, of course we have to!

But we still have to do that with such sadness, that the  job of destroying a human life has fallen to us.

It’s  not a video game.

It’s not a joke.


What happened in Jerusalem on Thursday – is the soldier who mistakenly shot Yuval Castelman still a ‘hero’?

When someone is down on the floor, and poses no further danger, is it a ‘mitzvah’ to carry on shooting that person, even if they are a terrorist?

(I don’t know the answers to these questions, BTW. It’s something only our biggest poskim, our biggest rabbis with real ruach hakodesh and a strong connection to Hashem could actually know how to answer.)

All I can tell you, is that we CANNOT rely on just guns and more violence to ‘solve this problem’.

God is showing us that more and more clearly with each day that passes.

Only real, sincere teshuva is going to get us out of the mess.

Only listening to our real Tzaddikim is going to get us out of this mess.

And until enough people get that message…. the Jewish death toll continues to rise with more precious souls killed every single day.

May Hashem avenge their blood.

And also, open enough people’s eyes to what is really going on here.

Yaakov’s main weapon has to be prayer and teshuva, not guns.

And it’s only the people who are really working to turn us all into the evil, murderous, God-less ‘Esav’ who disagree with that statement.



I know these topics are very fraught, and very emotional.

Pondering some more on it, the point I really want to make is that none of us should be blase about taking another human being’s life – not even if that person is the most despicable terrorist in the world.

Every single person is still made in the ‘image of God’, and when we adopt a ‘black and white’ approach to this, glorifying killing as though it’s nothing, just a matter of chalking up another ‘x’ on the M-16 – we are falling into the God-less attitude that ‘Esav’ has to other human beings.

This is a very narrow bridge to cross.

But God Himself grieved when the evil Egyptians were totally annihilated at the Red Sea.

And our job as Jews is to emulate God in this lowly world as much as possible – and not to glorify Rambo.


One of the commentators put up something on the last post that R Kessin has apparently identified a category of human that is ‘sub human’.

This type of language makes my skin crawl, to be honest.

Everyone is still a human being, although clearly, not everyone acts like a human being.

Rebbe Nachman explains in Likutey Moharan (can anyone help me with the specific reference?) that when people lack da’at, i.e. they don’t have God in their lives and God isn’t part of their picture – they are like an animal on two legs.

But actually worse than an animal, in many ways.

This applies across the board to all ‘God-less’ people, regardless of their nationality or religion.


A few days’ ago, I lit a 7 day memorial candle, for Yuval Castelman.

I put it next to the yahrtzeit candle we have all the time for Rebbe Nachman.

May Yuval’s death not be in vain.

And may the light and the wisdom and the real Torah of our true Tzaddikim reach every single one of us.

This one is a little more recent  – from last Saturday night.


Shiur given at Seudat Shlishit, Shabbat Vayetza, 12th Kislev 5784, (Nov 25th, 2023)

…The force of the imagination that deceives a person is called ‘Lavan Ha Arami’ (Laban the Aramean).

There is something that is called ‘Lavan Ha Arami’, that decieves a person, it cheats a person.

And it tells him that a sin is really a mitzvah, because it simulates [fakery] and deceives a person so very much – it just deceives a person all day long, into making all sorts of mistakes.

With all sorts of lies – he’s the biggest liar in the world. He’s a total liar. He was the greatest liar.


To the point that the lie is obvious. By them, the lie is more obvious than the truth.

All day long, they lie to themselves…. So the lie is ‘clear’ to them, as though there is absolutely no doubt about it. The lie is ‘the truth’ for them.

By the evildoers, the ‘lie’ is ‘the truth’.


[On Simchat Torah, October 7, 2023) It was forbidden to fire on the terrorists.

The BAGATZ (Israeli Supreme Court) put out a law that it’s forbidden to fire on terrorists.

They said: people are crossing over the fence!

They said back: No, they are just coming to walk around. They are just having a vacation now…

It was Shabbat, on Shabbat people like to go on trips…

They said: You aren’t understanding, they are just coming to look around.

But they’d already breached the fence.

They said: If you say another word, we are going to take you to court.

This is what they said, if you say another word….


But who said that they are just coming to look around?! Can I shoot them?!

Chas v’shalom! These are ‘innocent’ people! ‘Tzaddikim!’ They are just coming to visit.

This is what they said to the tatzpatnim (army observers on the Gaza border), the soldiers who were on the border, and who said: People are crossing over the fence!

So they said, So what, if they are crossing over the fence?! What? It’s forbidden to go for a day out on Shabbat?!


In Shuvu Banim, it’s forbidden to go for days out. But they aren’t Shuvu Banim, they want to walk around for a bit, so what’s the problem? So, they are coming to visit, what’s the big deal?

They told them: It’s forbidden for you to shoot.

They asked the commanders.

They told them: It’s forbidden for you to shoot…..


So now, we are talking about how the the lie is so very clear to them, that they say it’s forbidden to shoot at the terrorists.

Only if they are armed. Only if they are shooting at you.

There are something like a hundred conditions attached to shooting a terrorist. Only if he puts his gun mamash up next to your heart, because if he doesn’t put it by your heart, the bullet could go to the side.

And if that happens, ‘what’s the big deal?’ – this didn’t injure the heart. If he didn’t injure your heart, ‘he didn’t do anything’. They’ll take the bullet out, and that’s it. What’s the worst that can happen?

Only if he comes from the other side….

So, there are many conditions, and you need to abide by all the conditions – these are the laws of the BAGATZ.

The ‘laws’ of the BAGATZ.


So, Rav Natan says that the more ‘secular’ a person is, the more his intelligence is ‘backwards’.

He inverts the lie to become the truth, and he thinks that he has ‘values’.

[The secular people think that] We have ‘values’. We aren’t like the religious. The religious say ‘if someone comes to kill you, rise up and kill him first’.

But by them, it’s the opposite: If someone comes to kill you – so let him kill you.

Only if he kills you first, can you kill him back.

By them, there is no ‘rise up and kill him first’.

This is the ‘intelligence’ of the chilonim – it’s all opposite and backwards.


So now, Rav Natan explains that Lavan Ha’Arami he exchanged the lie for the truth, and this is the aspect of loven d’klipah (the klipah of whitewashing?). All the chilonim, this is loven d’klipah.

The whole disaster [on Simchat Torah] was totally unnecessary.

[The number of those murdered] has got to 1,500, including 200 terrorists. This is not….


In the whole War of Independence 1,700 people died.

Afterwards, during all the wars of attrition we already got to 22,000 killed, since the founding of the State.

But in the War of Independence itself, not more than 1,500, but here – in just one hour, 1,500 disappeared.

All of this is because of the ‘backwards’ intellect. Because their thinking is all the opposite of the opposite of the opposite of the opposite. The lie has been transformed into ‘the truth’.

Yet they claim that they are the ‘enlightened’ ones.


They said to them: What do you want, you are doing the demonstrations, but you lost.

You lost in the elections. What, the majority here are religious, most people here are traditional.

Even the chilonim want a religious government.

They replied: No, you are the ‘dark ones’! You hate Arabs, and this shows that you are the ‘dark ones’! You are cave-dwellers. In the caves, they taught you to hate Arabs.

And we are the ‘enlightened’ ones. We are the ‘learned’ ones. We finished university. There, they taught us [to love Arabs]. All the professors are Arabs.

There, they beat up students who are Jewish – and that’s how it is the whole world over.

Because in university, they teach people to hate Jews and to love Arabs. And this is called ‘having values’.

That they are ‘educated’, that they are ‘enlightened’…..


[skipping some]

Lavan ‘whitewashed’ everything.

Lavan took the lie, and called it ‘having values’, being ‘enlightened’. Loving Arabs means you are an ‘enlightened’ person. And whoever hates Arabs, this is a person of ‘darkness’.

Even if they…. But this doesn’t make any difference. They are ‘people of darkness’, primitive people. Today, it’s already the modern world, the ‘new world’, where we hug the Arabs.

We love the Arabs.


[In the Kibbutzim in the Gaza envelope] They prepared balloons.

They prepared balloons [to release into Gaza, that had written on them] ‘we are your brothers’.

On Shabbat Simchat Torah, they prepared balloons in the all kibbutzim, to fly over the fence, over the border.

They said: It is impossible to ever break through this fence. Never.

‘Never’ – it turned out that within a minute they broke through it, within a second, a thousandth of a second, they broke through the fence.

The brought a few few bulldozers and busted it open. And they also brought a few drones that blew up the cameras.


So, a person ‘whitewashes’ the lies.

The work of the person is to ‘whitewash’ the lie, this is his job. To ‘whiten’ the lie, to make it seem that it is totally clear and ‘white’, to make it seem that this is how it is.

Even now, [after October 7th], they asked them: Nu, what do you say about the Arabs now?

They said: If there would be ‘peace’, this wouldn’t have happened.

We are in favor of ‘peace’. We want ‘peace’. If we were living in ‘peace’ with them, this wouldn’t have happened. All of this is because of the religious! Because of the right-wingers, who hate the Arabs.

Why should a person hate such ‘sweet’ people?! Such ‘cute’ people?! We say that they are the cutest people in the world.


Now, I heard someone on Friday morning, they asked her: What’s your viewpoint now?

[She said] What do you think, that I changed my viewpoint?! Dafka, dafka now, I am saying ‘if they had made peace with the Arabs, with the Hamas – the sweetest people in the world – and given them a few kisses, then everything would have been OK.

Now, it’s been proven that I was right! Now, everyone can see that I was right!


Ad kan.

There’s a few more interesting bits to translate from that same shiur, including some remarks about Argentina’s new leader-elect, that many of the Spanish speaking ‘awake’ people are fingering as a total psycho.

BH, I’ll get to translating that soon.

In the meantime, the more of the Rav you read, the more your brain starts to work in a totally different way, and the more you start to deduce what’s really going on.


On that note, please go and read OIAG 3, if you didn’t already.

And if you did read it already, go back and re-read it – there are some truly amazing examples of ruach hakodesh in it, describing what happened on October 7th in a few different ways, and where you can clearly see what the Rav was actually referring to, when he was repeatedly talking abou the ‘shoah’ that was going to happen.

Ashrenu, that we have a real Tzaddik like this in our lowly generation.

Shavua Tov!

Over Shabbat, I managed to catch up on a few of the Rav’s shiurim from the last couple of weeks.

I will just carry on translating the bits that took my eye, and you take from it whatever you take from it.

There’s lots and lots of hints…. as usual.


Excerpt of a shiur given Tuesday night, Kislev 1, 5784, (November 13, 2023) to the Shuvu Banim Kollel

Now, there was someone from Zaka in the South – he’s responsible for all of Zaka.

He said: We couldn’t drive anywhere, everyone was dead.

300 they killed within the [Nova] party, within two minutes – an M16.

[M16s], every second this is 30 bullets – every second! So five seconds is 300 people, 5-10 seconds, this is 300 people.

Within ten seconds, within a minute, they destroyed 1,000 people there.

Everyone ran away, so they killed them on the roads. All the roads were full of terorrists.

There were 10,000 terrorists.

They say two thousand, three – what are you talking about, two thousand?!

Everywhere, all the kibbutzim, were full of terrorists. Terrorists were everywhere.


Now, there was the rakaz (defense organiser, community leader) of Be’eri.

He said I was left with one pistol with 15 bullets. They took the guns away from everyone.

In case they would fire on some ‘innocent’ Arab, some ‘sweet’ Arab, who would suddenly pass by the gate there, without paying attention.

So, they took all the guns away from the [kibbutz] guards.

They came, they killed the guards – they didn’t have any guns. Ten terrorists came and killed the guard, and then entered into the kibbutz.


The guards were left without weapons.

So, they ran to the armoury – there is an armoury, it’s a room with all the guns that belong to the kibbutz.

There are 300 people, 300 guns in the armoury – the armoury was empty.


They passed everything to Hamas, to the army, to Gaza.

The first priority is to give weapons to Gaza,,,,

They just gave Gaza one and a half billion. Now, Bibi passed them one and a half billion. A billion and a half he gave them with his own hands.

Everything that there was with Qatar, this was a lie. This was [just] to pass a billion and a half to Gaza.

They built there a million tunnels, 10,000 tunnels. Every house there has a tunnel.


Now, on Friday night, they went to open a tunnel.

Everyone got blown up.

They tunnel was booby-trapped. Five people were killed in one shot.

Yesterday, someone from the Electricity Company by the name Yaakov (Shalom Aboudi) from Tiberius was killed. Everyone knew him.

Twenty one injured, five killed, every day.

There is no end to this. They are saying that maybe this is going to take a year, because it’s impossible to get close to the hospital (Al Shifaa).

Underneath the hospital, there are all the bunkers of the commanders, of all of Hamas. They are not letting the sick people to be evacuated. They want to evacuate them, but they aren’t letting them – the Hamas.

They are saying that if you evacuate them, we are going to fire on the patients.

Hamas will fire on them, and then say that we fired on them.


This shiur is from two weeks ago – but it’s still happening today, when the ceasefire is over and rockets are being fired at Israel and ‘the war’ has apparently started again.

Screenshot from HERE:

Excerpt of a shiur given on Wednesday evening, 3rd Cheshvan 5784, to people from Ashdod.

(October 10th, 2023).

Everything in italics are direct quotes from the Rav.

Lots of hints here, about what is really going on behind the scenes.


We are now also in exile, they are firing rockets upon us, they are firing upon us like this.

There are sirens. Yesterday, two rockets exploded above my head, and I head the ‘booms’. All of Jerusalem heard the booms, because in Ramot, there is the Iron Dome.

And the Americans sent us more ‘Patriots’, they sent to us. They sent to us now another 2,000 marines, they sent.

Now, there are ships with two thousands commandos, because Hizballah fires rockets that are accurate, not like Hamas, that when they fire at Israel, they injure themselves – [when the rocket fell] on the hospital.

But by Hizballah, they are accurate, so a captain and two soldiers were killed.


So, if they continue their attack against Haifa or Tsfat – so ‘marines’ are the commandos. The commandos are called ‘marines’.

They were in Cuba. They were in a lot of the most critical places – in Venezuela, the government there was overthrown.

So, there are two thousand commandos now who intend to enter Lebanon, if the Hizballah even starts to play around a little bit.

They want Eretz Yisrael to be returned [to them].


“You are robbers!”[1]

This is the only Rashi that they know. Shuvu Banim doesn’t learn this Rashi, but Hizbollah learns this Rashi – and also Hamas.

We will read the first Rashi, and we’ll also start to learn Rashi, it’s not a big deal. Even if you are Shuvu Banim, your allowed to learn this first Rashi, it’s not a sin – not deRabbanan and not deOraita.

So, what does the first Rashi say?

Rabbi Yitzhak says that the Torah shouldn’t begin with Bereishit and the creation of the world, but rather, ‘from this month’ (i.e. The first mitzvah the Jews were commanded to do, to sanctify the New Moon.)

And on top of that – what’s with all these verses? Why is it so lengthy? Say on the first day there was light; on the second day the rakia seperated between [the upper] waters and [the lower] waters; on the third day, the dry land was revealed, grass, plants, and fruit trees put out their fruits; fourth day, sun, moon and stars….

Why do you need to lengthen it out so much?

And after this, the reptiles were created, and winged birds and fish. Two words, one verse, is enough for each day. Why do we need to drag it out?


[In the description in Bereishit] there are 31 verses here!

And another three, makes 34 verses. What do we need so very many verses for? It’s possible to cover it all in just one verse, that on day one there was light, heaven and earth, and on day two the rakia (firmament) to seperate between water and water, and on day three the earth grows grass, plants and dry ground, and fruit trees produce their fruits, and on day four this is the sun, moon and stars – this is two words, that’s all!

Sun, moon and stars, and afterwards: the Leviathan and it’s partner, and all the birds and the fish – this is day five. After this, man and all the animals [on day six].

It’s enough to give three or four words for each day. Three or four words times six days is 18 words altogether. And you can even fit 18 words into one sentence.

What is all this big lengthening it out, here?


So, Rashi says that all the extensiveness is only in order to give koach (strength) to His deeds, that are being recounted to His people.[2]

So, twice koach (חכ) is [the gematria] of 784.

Koach times koach – is 5784 [the current Hebrew year].

This is the year of geula.


Rashi says:

“To give koach (strength) to His deeds, that are being recounted to His people” – to  give them the inheritance of the non-Jews, when the nations  of the world come and will say you are robbers!

This is what the Hizballah are crying out, we are fighting a legitimate war!


Now in Belarus, they put out an article in the newspapers that we are all with the Palestinians.

Now they quoted all the journalists in the whole world – journalists in Berlin and Paris. So now Belarus, which is the most important place in the whole world, this is ‘White Russia’, Vilna was there, and it’s all the border of Lithuania – so there, they said we are with the Palestinians.

And the Palestinians are right, Eretz Yisrael belongs to them.


That’s why Biden is coming here, to give Eretz Yisrael to them.

Just, they didn’t come to the meetings. So, what can you do? But his goal was to give them Eretz Yisrael, to evacuate Ashdod, and Ashkelon. Where were they going to evacuate Ashdod to? To Gaza!

They were going to bring the residents of Gaza to Ashdod, and we would go and live in Gaza – like R Israel Najara.

Where did he live? In Gaza. Then, there was still no ‘Ashdod’, there was only Gaza.

The Vizhnitzer travelled immediately after Gaza was conquered [after the Six Day War] to prostrate himself on the grave [of R Israel Najara], and he said all the tehillim there for two hours.

And all the Hamasniks stood around and didn’t touch him, the Rebbe of Vizhnitz… from Haifa.

So, the first thing is we need to do is go and live in Gaza.



[1] See Rashi’s commentary to Bereishit, below.

[2] Rashi on Bereishit 1:1:

“IN THE BEGINNING OF. R’ Yitzhak said: (God) need not have begun the Torah but from “This month shall be for you” – because it was the first commandment Israel was commanded to perform. What is the reason that it began with the Book of Genesis?

It began like this because it wished to convey the message of the verse “The koach (power) of His acts He told to His people, in order to give them the estate of the nations.”

So that if the nations of the world will say to Israel, “You are robbers, for you conquered the lands of the seven nations who inhabited the Land of Canaan.”

Israel will say to them, “The whole earth belongs to the Holy One, Blessed is He. He created it and He gave it to them, and by His wish, He took it from them and gave it to us.”


Think of what is going on in Israel at the moment as a big game of chess.

On the one side, there is ‘Hamas Kasparov’. And on the other side, there is ‘Israel Fischer’.

They are moving their pieces around the board, they are ‘doing battle’, the crowd is clapping for one, booing the other….

But what no-one knows apart from ‘Hamas Kasparov’ and ‘Israel Fischer’ themselves is that they each have an invisible earpiece, and they are getting instructions for each move from some controller in the shadow that no-one else can see or hear.


And who is the real enemy of that ‘controller in the shadow’?

First, God.

And second, you and me.

Regular people, who want to be able to live our lives in a holy, healthy, happy and spiritually-uplifted way, serving the Creator of the World.

Without being ‘remote controlled’, taxed to death, oppressed by big government, spied on 24/7  by all this ‘tech’ – or killed on a chess board, where the pieces are being moved around to maximise death, carnage, violence and chaos.


I’ve said it a million times, but I will keep saying it until the penny drops for more people:

Everything that is going on right now is being 100% stage managed by the satanic secret societies who control the world from the shadows.

And these people want to totally break humanity’s spirit, destroy the Jewish people, and turn the world into one big digitally-secured prison (for whoever is left alive after all the death and destruction they keep trying to get started all over the place.)

All the people who are still cheerleading for ‘war’, (and before all this kicked off, were moaning that ‘the war didn’t show up yet like it was meant to, before Moshiach comes’) – you are insane!

War means lots of our friends and families – and maybe, even ourselves – being killed and wounded in horrible ways.

It’s not a joke.


The Rav and some of the other Lamed Vavnikim were trying to push ‘the war’ off and sweeten it as much as possible, because it’s obvious to people who aren’t addicted to ‘war porn’ that war should be the very last option on the table for resolving our problems.

Now, I’m going to ‘cut and paste’ some of the stuff I had up on the old blog dated July 26, 2023, in a post called:




I got an email from someone that basically said:

Who cares about rav Berland getting to uman for Rosh Hashona ?


The answer is, Rav Berland cares about that, and he’s said that if he doesn’t get to Uman this year, there will be a shoah that even he can’t get sweetened.

The Rav doesn’t say these things stam… part of having emunat Tzaddikim is that we accept that there are people in the world that know way more than we do about what is really going on.

So, if he says he needs to get to Uman this year, and if he’s asking people to say another TK to help make that happen – to avoid another shoah, God forbid – that’s good enough for me.


Sadly for us, that Shoah showed up on October 7th – but still way more ‘minimised’ than it was meant to be.

Sadly for us, our soldiers got dragged into Gaza where 70 of them have been killed so far – but that’s still way less than the 1,000 soldiers dead in the first day the Rav was asking people to do 30 days of reciting the whole book of tehillim to avoid.

The point is, the real war is 100% spiritual.

It’s being waged by the agents of the Soton who have taken over every aspect of leadership and power in every country you care to mention.

Including here.


Here’s another snippet from that post dated July 26th, 2023:

For years and years, people just couldn’t believe the fantastic-sounding claim that the security apparatus in the ‘democratic’ State of Israel would be targeting the Rav and framing him for crimes he never committed, with the full help of the corrupt media, and about four million ‘useful idiots’ who believe everything they read online.


Things are starting to change.

Now, the truth is coming out more and more, about who has been after the Rav for years, and why they have been doing it.


One of the Rav’s leading talmidim, R Shlomo Elmaliach, described how he was at R’ Chaim Dovid Stern recently, and R’ Stern told him that the geulah is no longer being ‘held up’, so that more people could wake up and make teshuva, before the curtain comes down.

R Elmaliach then said that after he heard this from R’ Stern, the Rav’s grandson told him that two weeks’ earlier, Rav Berland had also said effectively the same thing – that there is no more ‘disturbing Hashem’ and His plans to bring the geulah any more.


Here is that video of Rav Shlomo Elmaliach giving this over himself, in Hebrew:


And now, here’s a snippet of a ‘halachic response’ about Breslov written by David Bar Hayim on the Machon Shilo website HERE:

[O]ne needs to be blind not to recognize the negative impact of Breslev teachings on many people’s lives: a wide-spread anti-rationalism leading to an inability to deal intelligently with the real world; men who cannot afford to feed their
families spending large sums to fly to Uman; widespread sexual repression (which is a very real malaise infecting certain parts of the Jewish world); a sanction for escapism (and what is going to Uman if not escapism?); establishing a new centre for connecting with Hashem outside Eress Yisrael (Uman), etc. etc.

Do you honestly believe that these attitudes and behaviours are compatible with authentic Tora?

(It is well known that many serious, old-school Breslevers oppose the Uman pilgrimage. It has, however, become a tremendous source of income for some, and is therefore not likely to disappear any time soon.)


Of course, those ‘old school Breslevers’ he is quoting are the same ones behind the persecution of the Rav, who belong to that same big family of ‘interesting people’ who gave us all the puppet rulers here, on all sides of the divides in the Jewish world, going back at least 250 years.

When the ‘big debate’ about the Rav erupted a few years ago, David Bar-Hayim also publically said disgusting things about both the Rav, and also about Rav Chaim Dovid Stern, quoted in this video above by R Shlomo Elmaliach.


What I’m saying is, choose your ‘leaders’, and the people you let shape your thinking and beliefs, very, very carefully.

I have yet to see a single person who came out publically against the Rav who ended up being someone anyone should be listening to about anything.

Birds of a feather really do flock together.

Which is why all the real tzaddikim are with Rav Berland.

While all the ‘fakers’….. are really not.


BH, Hanukah is around the corner.

Hang on a little while longer, and don’t fall into despair.

The world of lies has to really break apart properly, before the world of truth can take centre stage.

That process is happening at full speed right now, and it’s very painful and disorienting.

But if you take one ‘message’ from this post, let it be this:

Turn off the talking heads, the media, the fakers, and all the other ‘puppets’.

At best, they are just confusing and depressing.

And most of them are actively going ‘out there’ to pull people away from the real people, the real rabbis, the real ‘truths’ that can help them get through this period of time in one piece.

Because the real war…. is only spiritual.


PS: Here’s some really good news for a change:



One of my friends summed it up like this yesterday:

I’ve stopped watching the news as much as possible now.

Even the ‘good news’ just makes me feel bad and nervous.

Yup, that about sums things up at the moment.


I spent three days before during and after the wedding going ‘cold turkey’ on even minimal news consumption.

Monday, I spent an hour surfing around the three sites I still look at – and I quickly came to the conclusion there is no ‘real information’ happening anywhere, anyway.

And what there IS, is just heapings of media manipulation and more lies and disinformation.

Really, Hamas kept a dog ‘hostage’ for 53 days in the Gaza strip?


That same Hamas that was apparently raping, slaughtering, burning, beheading – and they let a kidnapped girl take her dog with her, and then let the dog stay alive, for 53 days before delivering both back to the Red Cross yesterday?!



And all those people going on about how ‘Kaplan Force’ took over the hostage story….

Well then, the ‘Kaplan Force’ also took over every single government building too in Jerusalem, which draped massive ‘Bring Them Home’ signs over their facades. And also Jerusalem City Hall, which flashed up all the hostage pictures on the Old City walls. And the ‘Friends of Zion’ building downtown, too – and also the National Library, which has 260 empty chairs set up in the middle of the reading room with a picture of a hostage on each one.

So, if the ‘Kaplan Force’ took over the hostage story, then the ‘Kaplan Force’ are ALREADY also running the government and its agencies from inside, too.


The ‘Bring Them Home’ campaign is clearly being funded and organised by the State.

What all this means specifically, I can’t tell you.

But it’s the same government who shoved our troops in Gaza fighting the phony war in the first place who paid for all these hostage families to get flown all over the world to shoot their mouths off about ‘bringing them home’, so they’d have a handy excuse for a cease fire, because ‘America needs the terrorists‘.

And the State needed some sort of lame excuse to explain why we just couldn’t destroy Hamas in Gaza this time, after all….

Sorry guys!

(And especially sorry to all the tzaddikim who gave their lives fighting to try to protect their friends and family from evil… who just didn’t understand where most of that ‘evil’ is actually coming from.)


‘Bring Them Home’ probably is trying to accomplish many things.

And at least one of them is trying to sway public opinion into supporting draconian new laws to clamp down on ‘internal enemies of the State’.

Today, it’s the families of the hostages who are saying things that are undermining ‘national security’.

And tomorrow?

It’s anyone who doesn’t agree 100% with mandatory shots…. digital IDs…. needing a Smartphone just to send a package via the post office or buy a pot of yogurt….

Don’t be fooled.


In the meantime, it’s not all totally 100% ‘bad news’.

I am detecting more and more signs that more and more people are finally starting to see past the evils’ paradigm’, to recognise that we are all being played for fools and set up to kill each other so the cabal at the top can continue to divide and conquer.

Have a look at THIS.

The writer sets out 7 ‘mysteries’ about October 7th. It’s the last one that actually gave me a bit of hope that even some of the people who usually just bash Israel and the Jews as being the ‘source of all the problems’ are starting to understand that the Jewish people are being attacked by ‘the evils’ as much as anyone else – (and of course, even more than anyone else….)

Here’s ‘mystery number 7’:

7. Why are Western forces threatening Israel?

The Pentagon has deployed two naval groups, around the USS Gerald Ford and the USS Eisenhower, and a cruise missile submarine, the USS FloridaHaaretz even mentioned a third aircraft carrier. America’s allies (Saudi Arabia, Canada, Spain, France, Italy) have installed fighter-bombers in the region.

These forces are not installed to threaten Turkey, Qatar or Iran, which the Western press accuses of being involved in the Hamas attack, but off the coast of Israel, in Beirut and Hamat. They are encircling Israel. And Israel alone.


Finally…. even some of the ‘anti Israel’ people are starting to ask some really pertinent questions.

Why ARE Western forces threatening Israel?

Why are they?

If ‘the story’ is that Hamas is financed by Iran, Qatar and Turkey, with some help from Russia – why are all these warships off our coast, threatening us?

Answers on a postcard….


I have no neat sign off for this post today.

We are in a world of confusion, a world of terrible lies, where dogs are apparently kept hostage by ‘Hamas’ for 52 days before being released with a barrage of PR….


The puppet show can’t continue for much longer.

The cracks in the narrative are starting to show too much.


In the meantime….

The first week of this war in Israel, the Jerusalem town hall decided to start shooting lazer beam lights into the sky all over the city.

When I was pondering out loud just how retarded you would have to be to start lighting up parts of your main city in the middle of a massive war, my daughter told me these lazer lights were being done to ‘remind us all about the hostages’.

Uhuh. Yup. Whatever.

Looks to me like ‘operation blue beam’ is in full swing now in the Holy City.

And that the fake alien invasion / holographic yoshki can’t be too far way from being activated.

So, keeps your eyes peeled, your mind out of the news, and your heart and prayers firmly with Hashem and the true tzaddikim.

The rollercoaster ride isn’t over yet.


I am trying to get hold of a full copy of The Lurie Legacy from 2004.

I can’t find it anywhere online as the full PDF, and none of the second hand booksellers seem to have it either – which is a little strange, as it’s a popular book from 2004.

Does anyone out there either have a copy they can lend or sell me, or can you help me track down a full PDF in some way?

I’m at the stage where I think that book will probably fill in a whole bunch of the ‘missing links’ required to make more sense of our real Jewish history.

And that’s probably why I am finding it so very hard to track down.

If you have my email, get in touch that way, or leave a comment and I’ll get back to you.




There is a short 24 page PDF that’s easily found online – thanks to all readers who emailed me with that.

The actual book is 360+ pages long – that’s what I’m after.

At this stage, I think it will answer most of the ‘questions’ about how all the people leading us are connected to each other -and to other things they’d rather we didn’t know about.

It’s probably going to be super hard to find, but let’s try anyway!

If God finally wants the info ‘out there’…. it will get ‘out there’.


You know, there is a small amount of real truth starting to sprout in the world.

I am not in ‘full on writing’ mode this week still, until we’re done with the sheva brachot, (and btw, thanks so much for everyone’s lovely brachot for the happy couple, it’s really appreciated.)

But…. this video just came across my radar, where Whitney Webb is discussing the origins of zism (I’m typing it like this, as wordpress started doing weird things when I had it fully typed out) – which actually start way before Herzl was even born, with what she calls Puritans and ‘a bunch of xtian zists’…. many of whom were actually leading Freemasons.


The interesting bit starts at the 1.07 hour mark (it’s all time stamped, you can get straight to it)  not totally shmirat eynayim friendly for any of the dwindling band of holy souls who care about that.


Webb (who I actually still suspect may just be another high level spook operating the ‘controlled opposition’ from even further back, because that’s just how it is these days….) also wrote an interesting article covering much of the same ground called:

The untold story of Christian Zism’s Rise to Power in the United States

It has a lot of very interesting info in it – but of course, everything still has to be carefully evaluated and considered, because the truth is still mixed up with lies and omissions.


Here’s a few of the things that she said in the interview that had me perking up my ears:

  1. The idea of ‘forcing the end of days’ by giving the Jewish people their own nation state in what the world was then called ‘Palestine’ (i.e. Eretz Yisrael) predates Herzl by at least 250 years.
  2. That idea first surfaced amongst ‘xtian zists’ (more on who these people may really be, below).
  3. It was then picked up by the first ‘zionist Rabbi’ called R Zvi Hirsh Kalisher. This guy is the grandson of our very own false messiah, Jacob Frank Eskeles. The Frankist movement is of course all over so many of the secret societies that we will generally refer to as ‘Freemasons’.
  4. Kalisher is meant to have been writing letters to the (fake name…) Rothschilds, to have got them to pressure the UK government to ultimately come up with the Balfour Declaration.
  5. (Really, the fake name Rothschilds were just more of the same deeply compromised Frankists, who were already working for the Royal families and other non-Jews who are at the top of the chain of the secret societies we will call ‘Freemasons’.)
  6. The founder of the Jehovah’s Witnesses, Charles Taze Russell was also writing letters to the Rothschilds, pushing for a political nation state of the Jews in Eretz Israel.


Let’s pause just to take a closer look at Charles Taze Russell.

The first question has to be: was he a mason?

If you go HERE, you’ll find a Jehovah’s witness site desperately trying to debunk any idea that their founder was actually a secret society spook charged with juicing up the ‘xtian zism’ project for the masons, any way he could.

But here is what they are up against:

Charles Russel the founder of the Witnesses died in 1916 he was buried with a marker a few fe[e]t away by his tomb sculptured as a large pyramid five to six feet high, with the Mason logo embossed on it and remains to this day for all to see.

Although putting up a smoke screen by writing articles in the Watchtower magazine that he was the editor of, against the Masons, evidence shows without a doubt he was greatly influenced by them, as well as into Egyptology as can be seen by the design and presentation of his books and the information used.

If you do not believe me then check it out. 

(2) “Why was Charles Taze Russel buried in the Masonic Cemetery, under a pyramid with Templar inscriptions?”

 (3) “1872 Charles Taze Russell, Founded International Bible Students Association. Forerunner to the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society. Known as the Jehovah’s Witnesses. Was a Knights Templar Mason of York Rite, in Allegheny Pa. Confirmed Mason. Also Russell had a secret Rosicrucian membership with the Quakertown, PA group of Rosicrucian’s, as revealed by the pyramid he ordered erected over his grave site.” 

(4) An examination of some of the publications of Charles T. Russell, the founder of the Jehovah’s Witnesses, would indicate that he had ties with the Masons. He used Masonic symbols. The Watchtower drawing that graced early publications right up to a couple of decades ago was pure Masonic. Russell was buried under a cross and a crown, again Masonic. Other Masonic symbols were used frequently on his publications.



(Apparently, this got so ’embarassing’ someone decided to remove the Freemason-pyramid grave thing back in 2021….)

The point is, the ‘masons’ always have their people in power, and acting as the movers and shakers on the world scene.

It’s backwards, to wonder if ‘that important person who affected history so much is a mason’.

At this point, there is probably no-one important on the world stage in any shape or form who ISN’T a mason, or deeply compromised by them and so under their control.

Because otherwise, they would just kill these people standing in their way, overturn their rule, or find some other way of sidelining them to the margins, where they can’t stand up to them or slow them down.


OK, a few more points from Webb’s interview:

7) The Blackstone Memorial.

What’s astounding to me is that I’ve been wading in this murky swamp of ‘real Jewish history’ for years, already, and I never heard about this before.

HERE is the Wiki page, and this is a couple of snippets:

The Blackstone Memorial of 1891 was a petition written by William Eugene Blackstone, a Christian Restorationist, in favor of the delivery of Palestine to the Jews.

It was signed by many leading American citizens and presented to President Benjamin Harrison.


Say what?!

Let’s quote some more from the Wiki page, we’ll learn a lot.

First, here is what the ‘Blackstone Memorial’ said (again, note the name. Pretty darned similar to today’s ‘BlackRock‘, the company that ‘owns the world’….)

“Why not give Palestine back to [the Jews] again? According to God’s distribution of nations it is their home, an inalienable possession from which they were expelled by force.”

“Why shall not the powers which under the treaty of Berlin, in 1878, gave Bulgaria to the Bulgarians and Servia to the Servians now give Palestine back to the Jews? These provinces, as well as Roumania, Montenegro, and Greece, were wrested from the Turks and given to their natural owners. Does not Palestine as rightfully belong to the Jews?”


Remember, this pre-dates Theodor Herzl and his pamphlet by at least five years.

If we start to look at history with more realistic eyes, it seems that Mr Herzl became the ‘figure head puppet’ for the xtian zist project for the real ‘powers behind the throne’ – i.e. the masons – who wanted it to happen.

Herzl’s Der Judenstaat, “in which he elaborated his visions of a Jewish homeland” was only published in 1896, and the First Zist Congress was held (where else?) in Basel, Switzerland, in 1897.


Webb also mentions that one of Herzl’s leading non-Jewish patron is someone called William Hechler, who was working out of the British Embassy in Vienna – and was a big Freemason.

Here’s what it says about him on Herzl’s Wiki page:

On 10 March 1896, Herzl was visited by Reverend William Hechler, the Anglican minister to the British Embassy in Vienna.

Hechler had read Herzl’s Der Judenstaat, and the meeting became central to the eventual legitimization of Herzl and Zism.


Let’s take a closer look at William Hechler, shall we?

All these details just come from his Wiki page – but once you know what to look for, you start to make a lot more of the connections hidden in plain site.

We learn he’s a German-Brit who becomes a big xtian missionary in London.

This trajectory happened with so many of the Frankists, it’s actually passé .

He also spends a lot of time in ‘spook central’, Basel, Switzerland.

And he gets a job with an organisation called:

The London Society for Promoting Christianity Amongst the Jews

(Which is later renamed as the Church’s Ministry Among Jewish People.)


There were literally HUNDREDS of former Jews from Frankist strongholds (and from really famous Jewish families with ‘big yichus’…) working for this organisation in the late 19th century.

It you have been following the history of ‘Frankism’, this should come as no surprise – Frank famously converted to catholicism in 1756, already, with a few thousand of his leading followers in Poland.

And that sowed the seeds for the Frankist-Reformers social climbers to go ‘full xtian’ within the next 50 years, at a crazy pace.


On the Jewish side of the equation, these people’s ‘famous families with yichus’ who decided to remain Jewish basically scrubbed them out of the history books, as a shonda.

But all our leading ‘Jewish families’ were deeply intertwined with these externally xtian masons on a number of levels.

Just that all got covered up and hidden.


Long story short… that organisation is still going today.

And still operating in Eretz Yisrael, pushing its missionary creed on the Jews who live here.

Maybe we’ll return to it another time.


Back with the BLACKSTONE MEMORIAL, we learn a bit more about who actually signed that thing:

The Memorial petition was circulated in five major cities: Boston, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York City, and Chicago.

It was signed by 431 prominent citizens from those cities: financiers John D. Rockefeller and J. P. Morgan, future President William McKinley, and Chief Justice Melville Fuller; many members of Congress; the editors of all major newspapers in those five cities, including the still-extant The Boston Globe, The New York Times, Chicago Tribune, The Philadelphia Inquirer, and The Washington Post; and a long list of university and seminary presidents, mayors, and leading businessmen.


Yeah, you read that right.

JP Morgan and John D Rockefeller threw their weight behind it, amongst many, many others.

How clear does all this need to get?

Type in: “John D. Rockefeller Masonic Creed”, see what you turn up.


Wiki then tells us that:

The Memorial was presented to President Harrison with little result.

The Blackstone Memorial was turned over to the State Department archives for safe keeping.

It has been lost since.


Yeah, right.

And then CO-IN-CID-ENTALLY, less than five years later, Herzl shows up with his pamphlet and the xtian z project took off like a rocket….


Of course, nothing has really changed.

To underline that, take a look at this glowing piece of propaganda written about William Hechler on the xtian missionary ‘news’ site, Israel Today.

The point is to make it look as though Hechler, who was very closely linked to the Prussian royal family, was working for Herzl and the Jews.

Really, it’s totally the other way around.

And our current bunch of puppets are just following in Herzl’s footsteps, fronting the xtian zist project for the masons, who really, really want WW3.


Let’s end with this, the letter written by one of the chief American Freemasons in the 19th century, Albert Pike.

The Daily Mail site I linked to here is trying to spin the letter as some sort of ‘mysterious hoax’. But if you read the story carefully, you’ll see there is no hoax involved, and no mystery.

Pike wrote the following in 1871, to his fellow mason and Italian revolutionary Giuseppe Mazzini, and a copy of his letter was actually on display in the British Museum until 1977 – when it was strangely removed and probably also ‘lost’.

You can see the full text of Pike’s letter HERE on the internet archive.


Here’s some screenshots:


Let’s all pray for the current war to end right now.

For peace to return to Eretz Yisrael, and for all our soldiers, and hostages, to return home safely, with no more loss of life.

Because the masons are really itching for ‘World War 3’ to start happening, already.

And what is going to stop them, and their awful plans for humanity, is our prayers and sincere teshuva.


PS: Hechler was the last person to see Herzl before he died, apart from his immediate family.

This last snippet is from Hechler’s wiki page:

In 2010, the forgotten unmarked gravesite of Reverend William Henry Hechler was rediscovered in London.

Led by the Jewish American Society for Historic Preservation and the British Christian Zionist Movement, an appropriate graveside memorial was erected on 31 January 2011.


When you click that link, it takes you through to a whole page discussing this xtian zist organisations in the UK.

Here’s a snippet:

Exploits Ministry is one of the London organizations which promotes Christian Zionism.

Other organisations are:


The Tomer Devorah blog has been doing some excellent investigative journalism into what some of these organisations are currently up to in Eretz Yisrael.

The more of us start to wake up to what is really going on here, the better it will be for everyone.