Once, there was a very evil man who wanted to take over the world and kill and enslave all the Jews.

His name was Lavan Ha’Arami.

When Lavan was getting on and about to die, he called his son Bilaam to come and have a chat.

Son, he began.

I’m really proud of the way you’ve become the world’s number one sorcerer! All that stuff you do with the donkey – fabulous!

And that neat trick with cursing people – and also encouraging the nation of Israel to make God really angry by posting up all sorts of smutty pictures of themselves on their Instagram feed – pure genius!

Lavan grew serious.

But son, while this is a fantastic start, I’m concerned that once I’m dead, our ability to really influence and destroy the nation of Israel is going to wane considerably….

And if the Jews are still sticking to God and their Torah, it’s going to be impossible for us to take over the whole world and turn them into devil-worshipping scummers….


Father and son looked at each other, worried.

Then Bilaam spoke up.

Dad, I have a cunning plan! It’s so cunning, you could stick a tail on it and call it a weasel!

Laban nodded him on.

I have two sons, Yanus and Yambrus. Right now, they are working as idolatrous priests killing babies for the Baal, but they are looking for a new challenge.

Let’s get them to ‘stick to’ the Jews when they leave Egypt with Moshe, and then they can continue subverting them from within! They have excellent yichus… No one will ever suspect.

Laban suddenly brightened up.

Tell me more, my clever son!


Bilaam took a breath, then continued.

So, the plan is this. Yanus and Yambrus will confuse the Jews and lead them astray by constantly causing division and pulling them away from God and the Torah with non-stop machloket and ‘politics’.

One will say ‘black’, and the other one will say ‘white’ – and they will encourage their followers to hate and despise each other, whilst constantly whipping them up into states of fear and panic about the external ‘bogeyman’ who is coming to get them.

In the CIA manual for how to subjugate a country, the first page explains that: “Scared, panicked people are very easy to control and manipulate…”

The Jews will have no idea who to really trust or what is going on – and then, it’s the easiest thing in the world to swoop in and destroy them.

Laban nodded.

And don’t forget the bikini selfies on Instagram for the women! He chided gently.

Their God hates all the pritzus on social media more than anything else….


Bilaam smiled.

Dad, I’ve been working on that for a while, don’t fret.

My orthofems have been encouraging women to ‘emancipate themselves’ across the frum world for years, already, and I even gave them a buchta of cash, so they could sue Ikea….

And you need a smartphone today just to call your mum via Whatsapp…. That side is covered, believe me.


Ok, so then what’s the plan for Yanus and Yambrus? Laban asked.

Bilaam cleared his throat.

Very simple. They will keep turning the Jews against each other, from within. They’ll pretend to be their best friends, doing everything for the Am – I learnt this from you Abba – while really, just trying to kill and control them.

Laban nodded.

Sounds like a plan, son, But let me just consult the teraphim.

Laban brought out the shrunken heads of two dead children that had a slip of paper with Hebrew letters placed under their tongues, that enabled them to speak.

Well guys, what do you say to the plan? Does the boss like it?

The boss likes it, the teraphim replied in unison. But he’s got some amendments.

Laban started taking some notes.


The boss says keep the focus on the media, in particular.

Sure, get our guys into all the key positions in governments – elected and unelected – on all sides of the political divide.

But also, get our guys running all the media and the alt media, too.

Get them embedded for many decades before you activate them – give them enough time to grow really long side-curls and beards, so people trust them.

Let them have some big public ‘blow outs’ over a manufactured crisis of faith in the establishment, so people trust them.

Let them publically criticise the government and the ‘bad guys’ – and make sure you close down every other voice of truth speaking publically, except for our guys.

They’ll sound so ‘good’ and so ‘truthful’ compared to everyone else, no-one will suspect they are also really just working for us!


Are the Jews really that dumb, to fall for all this? Laban asked.

Sure they are! The Teraphim chirped in unison.

Any time anyone questions one of our plants, we’ll just tell them they ‘made teshuva’ and turned over a new leaf.


Laban was still unsure…. I mean, he’d tried his darndest to kill and subjugate Yaakov, but in the end, the guy had managed to escape with all his property and family….

You couldn’t trust a Jew as far as you could throw them.

Maybe, the boss was underestimating them?


Go get your crystal ball, one of the Teraphim barked. I want to show you something.

Laban got the ball out of its box, and set it up on the table in front of him.

What do you see? The Teraphim asked him.

I see some dingy roundabout in Huwara, that says it was funded by USAID.

The Teraphim spoke in unison: What do you see now?

I see someone writing an opinion piece about how bad USAID is, and how it’s just funding the terrorists all over Yehuda and the Shomron, and how it’s all the fault of ‘the left’.

And now…. What do you see, Laban?

I see the head of USAID and the journalist sitting down to eat some turkey together for Thanksgiving…. Hey, they are exactly the same mishpocha!!!



Something pretty weird is going on with the ‘media coverage’ in Gaza at the moment.

Long story short….. it’s not going ‘to plan’ – at least, the plan of the evils who sat down and planned how this war was meant to happen and progress a longgggg time ago already.

In a mo, I just want to ‘unpick’ a couple of stories that have taken my eye, in the interests of demonstrating how to take these stories apart yourself, so you can how we are being played and manipulated and lied to.

But also, so it gets easier to spot the small nuggets of ‘true information’, that turn up when you start to get good at dismantling the lies.

But first…. this.

From the Israeli satire show (that I usually hate….) called ‘Eretz Nederet’, where they are taking the woke university crowd on:


It’s so true it’s actually not even funny…


But you see, this is also part of ‘playing the crowd’.

Because only ‘stupid liberal progressives’ would question the narrative of what is really going on with this ‘war’ that was pre-planned by the satanists running the planet a longggg time ago.


Really dumb people…. like you and me.




After mulling this over for a few hours, I came to the conclusion that going over these lying stories is probably not so useful, at this point.

We are in such a deep, dark world of lies, that I think it’s probably just wasting my time and energy – and not helping you, the reader – to deep dive into the details at the moment.

The truth WILL come out at some point.

But in the meantime, I remembered what the Rav said, back in 2018, reposted from HERE.

Each person has to come to the truth from the inside-out, now.

There’s no other way to do it.


“The more falsehood there is, the more that the truth will be revealed in a clearer way. The truth will be revealed in the end. As much as the sheker (falsehood, lies) will be spread in the world, more sheker, more falsehood to fool everyone, that’s the degree that the truth will be revealed in the end. They didn’t tell all of the lies yet. It’s only the beginning…

Rav Berland: falsehood-must-prevail

“There are a still a lot of Tzaddikim in the world, in every generation, that aren’t listening to the sheker-falsehood, they’re not letting themselves be fooled by the sheker. There’s not enough sheker. As long as we see that there’s still Tzaddikim in the world so it’s a sign that the sheker is not dominating enough. We need the sheker to be victorious. Until the sheker is victorious, there can’t be the redemption. When the sheker is victorious, then the people will go through a birur (clarification process), they’ll be sifted out, according to all of the strong truth that’s inside of them.


“And that’s how Moshiach is going to be revealed. Moshiach needs to be revealed from the epitome of sheker. 

Moshiach and his people, they’re not going to be pulled by the sheker. The sheker wants to take everyone. The sheker says: ‘I didn’t say enough sheker. Maybe I’ll say a little bit more, maybe I’ll succeed in saying something else, a different way.’

“In every generation there are new lies. The sheker makes up things that never existed from the creation of the world. But specifically through this spreading of the lies, the sheker will take over the whole world and there won’t be even a drop of truth. Only a small number of people will hold strong to the truth, but the sheker will take over everyone, like Rav Natan says. And everyone will be taken over by the sheker and everyone will be fooled, and only then will the truth be revealed and Moshiach will come.

Only through the increase of sheker.


“Therefore, we need to strengthen the people saying the lies. Don’t go against them, give them strength. It is the opposite of Likutey Halachot to go against them. Likutey Halachot is always telling you the opposite way of what people think. We need to strengthen them even more, so they should make up more lies and do more articles.

“Without this commentary from Rav Natan we wouldn’t be able to understand what the verse says, that: ‘the lips of truth will be established forever, after the sheker will be fulfilled’. What does it mean that the sheker will ‘be fulfilled’?

That only when the sheker reaches its end and is completely satisfied, only then will the truth be established.


“We want the sheker to be satisfied and to get stronger and stronger without end, [in a way] that wasn’t since the creation of the world, and then whoever is still holding onto the truth, will merit seeing Melech HaMoshiach.

Moshiach will come when he sees there are some people who aren’t being pulled and who know that it’s sheker and nothing is able to fool them or confuse them.

“Because as long as it’s possible to change people’s minds, to brainwash them to go for the sheker, and then to convince them to go against the sheker, Moshiach won’t have anywhere to go. Because then Moshiach will come and also convince people to come after him… No!


We need that the sheker will be able to convince everyone until it’s no longer possible for them to change their minds again.

“When everyone’s minds are turned around to the sheker, if there’s even a minyan left, 10 people left, like it says ‘Bei Knishta Hada’, (one small group of people) whose minds haven’t been turned by the sheker, then the Moshiach can be revealed, and he’ll reveal himself to this group of people. And from here, it will go on and spread throughout the whole world.

“Like Rav Natan says, the main revelation of truth will be in the End of Days.

The falsehood will be spread in the world until it reaches its satisfaction, until there are almost no more people left that it needs to conquer.

There won’t be any space for a point of truth. Then, specifically, will ‘the lips of truth be established’, through the sheker being increased very much. When there’s more and more sheker, that’s when the truth will be established.


“Therefore, we shouldn’t try to stop it, we shouldn’t go against it.

We shouldn’t do articles against articles to prove that they’re wrong. Why do we need more articles? We don’t need more articles against articles

“Like Rav Natan says, as it’s known, the sheker has strength to fool the whole world. The strength that it has, it got from the kedusha, the holy side. It all comes from the kedusha, anyways.

“So why did Hashem let it happen? Hashem let it happen so that the truth, a person’s truth that he has within him, should be so strong, should be so burning strong, and should get stronger the more he sees that the sheker is winning. 

That real truth from within him, the pure truth from within him, should get so strong they can’t brainwash him [anymore]. And then, he’ll reach the level of Atik Yomin, a very high level, and then Moshiach will be revealed.

Taken from a recording of a Lesson Rav Berland gave on Likutey Halachot, in Shvat 5775. See the full Hebrew transcript here


BH, we are basically at this point:

The falsehood will be spread in the world until it reaches its satisfaction, until there are almost no more people left that it needs to conquer.

There won’t be any space for a point of truth.

And then God will turn it around, when He’s ready.

In the meantime, I’m going to stick to translations and carry on avoiding the news.

The lies are coming so thick and furious, trying to deal with them is just a fool’s game, at this point.

Because the truth can only come from within.


This is the next bit of the translated shiur from October 30th, 2023.

You can read the first part HERE.

And as usual, tons of hints and clues as to what is really going on here, for anyone prepared to do a little bit of thinking and investigation for themselves.


So, we need “to cry out over it, and to blow the shofar, and to know that all of this is the result of their bad deeds.” – Rambam

They beat people up on Yom Kippur.

And there are those that don’t even fast at all.

In Be’eri, nobody fasted, maybe just five people. They are admitting everything, they say: Everything is because we didn’t fast on Yom Kippur.

What, a person who is full of transgressions, at least they should fast once a year…


The Arabs fast on Ramadan for 30 days.

They really fast. We live with them. They are here, in the house across the street. There are sappers here. Hamas lives here, in the house next door.

I don’t know how it’s permitted to live here at all, I’m advising everyone to leave this place urgently.

So here, after this house, then you cross the road[1] – everything is Hamas. Today, all the Arabs are Hamas, they all have weapons, and rockets, and cannons.

And we have nothing. Us, we have nothing.


Just like it was when we left Mitzrayim.

They came with tanks. They came with 600 chariots.

Sisera came with 900 chariots….”900 chariots made of iron.”[2]

And us – we don’t have anything. I don’t know how it’s allowed to live here, I don’t understand this.

So, everyone can at least say tehillim – at the least!….

[Skipping some].


The moment that a woman folds back her sleeve, so a thousand soldiers are killed.

A dress is shortened, even just by a centimetre – this is thousands of soldiers.

Every second that a thousand soldiers are not being killed [in Gaza] – this is something above nature!

Because everything is stored there, without end – no end of ammunition and weapons.

Another little while, and they will even have a nuke.


So if they [i.e. Jews who refuse to see God’s hand behind what is happening] don’t cry out and don’t shout, and just say that….

Ok, it happened, by ‘coincidence’, the way of the world is that by accident this happened….

This is the language of the Rambam:

“This is cruelty!!!!”

That you see people, 50,000 soldiers now entered [Gaza], 400,000 [reserves called up] – and you see that everyone is being killed there.

Already, there are two very seriously injured.[3] And you see that everyone is in life-threatening danger, and you don’t recite tehillim….

The Rambam says that this sort of person is the most cruel person there could possibly be – this is cruelty!

We need to finish three books of tehillim every single day, also for those who are going to seminary at 8.30am.

Because the girls need to be teachers and headmistresses.

There will be a thousand seminaries, because all of Am Yisrael will make teshuva.


“To know that all of this is the result of their bad deeds.” – Rambam

So, when a person doesn’t pray, and doesn’t recite tehillim, this is mamash cruelty, because they are causing soldiers to die, and that there will be more suffering, and more suffering. [God forbid].

Because it’s impossible to know.

Always in Germany [at the time of WW2], they said ‘this is the last tragedy’. In 1933, the [harsh] decrees began. In 1939, on September 1, they already invaded – it was the 17th of Elul. They invaded Romania.

And by Sukkot, they’d already conquered the whole of Poland.

So they said nu, they aren’t going to do anything….

A lot of people had come to Germany from Russia, because in WW1, the Germans just distributed food. In Boyan, there was food aplenty, more than there was in peace time – at the Court of Boyan, in Vienna.

The Germans brought such bounty, that was never before seen in the world.

And each platoon had a Sefer Torah – the commanders were Jewish.


So, if a person says this is ‘coincidence’….

Lots of the people from Russia ran away, when the Germans conquered Poland.

[The Rav seems to be saying they ran away from Russia to Poland, when the Germans conquered there.]

They said, now, it’s going to be great! The Germans are a kind people, they are people who say  bitte schön and danke schön.

Not like the Jews – Bring it! Give me! Give me falafel! Give me pizza! Give me!

There, by the Germans, everything happens in an organised fashion, everything is orderly.

They don’t just kidnap the pizzas, they say bitte schön, is it possible to get another pizza? Danke schön, is it possible to get another pizza? They say danke schön about every pizza. You need to say danke schön.

It’s not like how it is with Shuvu Banim.


In any case, the Germans are the most noble [i.e. Aristocratic] people, the most polite.

But it doesn’t help…. A non-Jew is still a non-Jew, like Biden already reversed course.

Germany is [also] already against us, France is against us – everyone is against us, already!

What do you want from these poor Arabs, these unfortunates.”


So at every moment, they are prepared to add another tragedy upon tragedy – to conquer us.

The Germans want to conquer Eretz Yisrael all over again.

They already conquered Eretz Yisrael once, during the First World War….

All of this is so we will make teshuva.

The men need to smash their Xiomis [smartphones] now.

Each person should bring a hammer, and smash his Xiomi.

He needs to know that every naked picture he sees – even the seven fires of hell won’t help him [atone for it]. No teshuva will help – it won’t!

This is the biggest transgression there could possibly be.


[1] Route 60 – that goes directly past the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem Sha’ar Shechem is a three minute walk from the Rav’s home on HaHoma HaShlishit.

[2] Shoftim 4:3.

[3] This shiur was given over the first day the IDF went into Gaza, the number of soldiers killed by 6.11.2023 has now reached 31. May Hashem avenge their blood.


PS: Take a look at the Wiki entry for Boyan Chassidut.

There’s a lot of very interesting stuff going on.

As always.

But I am not deep diving into this stuff at the mo – still two days of tehillim to go, and a wedding to make, BH.

But if you’ve been following some of the posts on the old blog and you have headspace and some free time, feel free to dig a little, into the Boyan Court in Vienna, circa 1917.

I’ve been having an interesting email exchange, and I wanted to share bits of it more widely here.


It revolves around the very crucial discussion about ‘who we can trust’ right now.

First, here’s a brief overview of what my correspondent is ‘noticing’:

So much of the “media” (including “alternative”, blogs, etc) that were so “smart” to figure out the “truth” about Covid (which is a huge spectrum) – are in large part coming out very anti-Israel and anti-Jewish. Perhaps it’s because they’re “Libertarian” – whatever it is, it feels / sounds like there are a lot of Jews who were “on board” a lot of “Covid-truth” that are now feeling confused and abandonded…

If they were “right” about Covid, how can they be so wrong about Jews? If they’re so wrong about Jews, were they really so smart / right about Covid?


And also this:

A lot of the “anti-Charedi agenda” seems to be kind of quietly being moved forward during this time (enlistment in the IDF and breaking the taboo).
Also, all of the huge fundraising for soldiers, etc., especially from chutz l’aretz is ignoring the Charedi education and establishments that are already and will soon be sorely lacking funds.
This means all of the “lomdei Torah” and children, etc., will be severely underfunded. This is hundreds of millions of shekels, combined with general financial hardships due to the war, etc., it’s easy to imagine a huge shift in Charedi employment vs. learning, etc.
And lastly, this:

People like Rabbi Schwartz from Bilvavi [are] writing that to separate from the Erev Rav means not even saying prayers for IDF soldiers – which to most people (even who are not pro-State), that really goes against the grain.

Again, is he right about everything else and “wrong” about praying for Jewish soldiers to be safe and to be successful protecting us, since it “mixes” us with the Erev Rav (and therefore “Yesh” Od Milvado)?


This is touching on so many important ideas, that all circle around the idea of ‘who and what can we trust’ right now.

So, here’s the rules of thumb that I have been using to guide me throughout this journey, this process, but let’s be clear that the more truth a person is living in their own life, the easier it becomes to see through the lies and deceptions on the outside.

If a person is basically living a lie in some area of their own life, they will be unable to distinguish ‘lie from truth’ externally, where their internal lies are resonating with the external lies.

That’s the starting point.

And we only get there with some real, hard, honest teshuva, and via regularly talking to God to clarify the truth vs the lies within ourselves.


So now, let’s turn to the three specific issues above.

  1. Right about ‘Covid’ and totally wrong about Jews

People in this category have to understand that ‘Covid’ was just another symptom, another tool, being used by the satanists who are anti-Torah and anti-God, and who are fighting a big war against Hashem and humanity.

Sadly, some of those satanists have Jewish names and even big yichus….

And the evils who are behind all this make sure that those ‘Jewish satanists’ are always front and centre in their plots, because that’s how they ‘win’ whatever the outcome.

If people figure out something bad is going on – it’s all the joooossss…..

And if they don’t figure it out….. no-one cares anyway, right?


Once you get get past the ‘poster boy Jewish satanists’ that are the designated fall guys for all this, you’ll start to understand that there are no ‘states’.

There are no ‘countries’.

There are no ‘good politicians vs bad politicians’.

There is no ‘independent, honest media’.

There are just good people versus bad people.

And no-one in a position of serious influence and power today, even on social media channels like ‘Telegram’, would be allowed to stay there if they weren’t corrupted in some way, and part of the machine.


To break this down further:

We have to get out of the ‘all or nothing’ mindset.

Even the obvious evils are telling a little bit of the truth some of the time.

In fact, that’s one of the key ways they get ‘the truth’ out there in a way that no-one takes it seriously.

When they have Nasrallah telling us all that America is directly responsible for this current war in Israel, it’s just a laughable figment of his imagination….


So, the information itself has to be evaluated on its own merits, with a lot of hitbodedut and begging Hashem to show us the truth, whatever it’s source.

This is really the key to understanding what is going on here.


2. Pushing forward the ‘anti-Chareidi’ agenda in Israel

If I’m honest, this is currently very low down the list of things that are bothering me.

We are literally in the middle of an existential threat. Thousands, tens of thousands, of Israeli residents have left the country, and gone to chul.

Most of them are not religious.

Nearly all the ‘religious’ people I know in Israel are staying put, and not going anywhere.

Even if they have three passports and family members begging them to leave.

Whatever is going on right now, Israeli society is going to be totally changed ‘the day after’ – and I highly doubt there will be any ‘Knesset’, or any arguments over budgets happening at that point.

If we learnt anything this last month, it’s that we are actually still just one people, whatever ‘label’ we are given or sport ourselves.

And our enemies are literally trying to kill us all right now.

So, let’s put this to one side, and go to the last point.


People like Rabbi Schwartz from Bilvavi [are] writing that to separate from the Erev Rav means not even saying prayers for IDF soldiers – which to most people (even who are not pro-State), that really goes against the grain.

Again, is he right about everything else and “wrong” about praying for Jewish soldiers to be safe and to be successful protecting us, since it “mixes” us with the Erev Rav (and therefore “Yesh” Od Milvado)?


It goes against the grain to not pray for our soldiers, who are risking their lives every single day, fighting for you and me, even though they are being misled and endangered by the most disgusting people in the world, BECAUSE IT’S JUST TOTALLY WRONG.

Who in their right mind can suggest that praying for a fellow Jew in danger is something that God wouldn’t want?

This boggles my mind.


Does that mean ‘Bilvavi’ is wrong about everything else?

Absolutely not.

It comes back to getting out of that ‘all or nothing’ mindset, and understanding that EACH PIECE OF INFO HAS TO BE EVALUATED ON ITS OWN MERITS.

Until you are 100000% sure that the person you are dealing with is actually a real tzaddik, you have to keep your ability to scrutinise what you are being told screwed up to the highest possible level.

Our community has been infiltrated by fakers at every single level, including on the ‘religious’ side, and some of those fakers are extremely convincing and have been ‘maneuvred’ into positions of wielding massive influence.

And at the same time – there are still 36 (and some say, 72) Lamed Vav tzaddikim in every generation.

It’s a very narrow bridge.


Personally, whenever I see anyone getting lots of air time on government propaganda sites like the Yeshiva World News and A7, I immediately suspect them of being fakers.

The more fawning stories I read about a person being ‘the Gadol HaDor’ who is telling people to [do exactly what the government wants, with no questions asked] – the red flag goes up immediately.

Ditto, if I see people fronting endless charidee campaigns on these sites.

Or just being ‘puffed’ generally, as the saintliest person who ever lived.

Those sites are all run by people affiliated with the evils.

The content is designed to manipulate and control people into doing what the evils want – and to steer them AWAY from coming close to the real tzaddikim.


So, do your own birur.

And do it very carefully.

The most important part of that is just to get honest about your own bad middot and ‘issues’, because as long as we ourselves are caught in things like anger, vengeance, panic, despair and hatred, we will be unable to distinguish who and what is also coming from these ‘bad places’.

May God help us all to do this birur.

And to figure out, going forward, who and what to trust.



These are screenshots of what was actually written on the Bilvavi site:


Each person should pray on this, and do their own birur.

Personally, I wouldn’t call someone ‘pseudo chareidi’ just because they go to the army. they may not be ‘chareidi’, but we all know plenty of ‘obvious chareidi’ who are some of the uckiest people in the world, for so many different reasons.
The labels bother me, honestly.
These young men are the furthest thing you could get, from being ‘Erev Rav’:

Lots of people being labelled as ‘seculars’ still believe in God and lots of people being labelled as ‘charedim’ and ‘religious’ don’t.

At the end of the day, it’s the sincere connection to God that’s going to get a person through all this, and not much else.


From another reader;

On the topic of praying for soldiers Rav Morgenstern also address it in the pdf attached.
He says to pray for every Jewish soul including soldiers but not for erev rav institutions including IDF as a whole.

I am praying for all the soldiers and all of Am Yisrael to be kept safe, and to come back to God wholeheartedly.

And I am praying very fervently for God to uproot and destroy all the evil in the world, once and for all.


The labels and names don’t matter.

God knows who is really ‘good’ and who is really ‘bad’, and you and me don’t.

Bottom line.

So, I am keeping my praying general, and God will take care of the details.

And I’m not worrying – at all – that praying for soldiers is somehow attaching me to the Erev Rav.

I am praying for those soldiers, not least, because Rav Berland made it very clear that we all have a halachic obligation to pray for them.

I’m following the psak of my Rav, who I know 1000000% is a ‘good guy’.

I don’t need to waste my time and energy and headspace getting my thumbs out to try and darshen out who is the real erev rav in this picture.

The good Jews, the good people, should be totally protected from all harm and make teshuva, and the irreparably evil ones should be totally uprooted from the world.


Nuff said.


I literally just got sent this from two people at once, at exactly the same time.

The Deputy Commander of the Givati Brigade (main combat unit in the Gaza area), literally crying, begged to convey to us, the chareidi tzibbur, that we’re not awake enough to the war situation in Gaza and that the fighting is very difficult and dangerous.

The terrible situation is that soldiers are being killed each and every night.

He emphasized that the main fighting at night starts from 11PM and continues until the morning, but the hardest hours are 2-5AM.

He brings his soldiers further and further inward to fight, but he doesn’t feel like he has enough support from the יראים ושלמים staying up at night to daven and say Tehillim for the soldiers.

He requested that the chareidim take responsibility for organizing minyanim to say Tehillim, especially during those hours.

– *all the chevre to do is to co-ordinate prayer opportunities in Israel & around the world and in all our yeshivas.


NYC is 6 hours behind Eretz Yisrael.

The times of the hardest fighting in Israel are happening between 5-11 pm New York time.

Please, if you are reading this and you can do ANYTHING, however small, to get a bunch of people together in your network to start saying tehillim for the soldiers fighting in Gaza through the night, please do that right now.

As soon as you finish reading this – use the horrible tech for a good purpose, for once.

Just cut and paste the message from the Deputy Commander of the Givati Brigade, and get some tehillim organised for these times in your networks.

Get the shuls involved.

The schools involved.

And of course, say some yourself.

BH, we are seeing open miracles here that it’s not 1,000 dead soldiers a day, like our enemies are hoping for.

But even one more dead soldier is too much.

It’s a whole world.

And it’s a world that our tehillim – you and me, and our friends, neighbours and families – can protect.

So yalla!

And may we just hear good news.

Another excerpt from the Rav’s shiurim from last week.

As always, there are a ton of clues contained here, about what was really happening on October 7, 2023.

BH, if I have time, I will translate some more later in the week.


Except of shiur from Oct 30th, 2023

Now, we are seeing ‘a time of great difficulty’ [for Yaakov], that over the course of three days it was impossible to reconquer the kibbutzim.

The government abandoned everyone.

People cried out for help for 40 hours, 30 hours, 22 hours. People cried out via their smartphones, there didn’t have batteries, they didn’t have electricity, it was impossible to call, even.

Whoever could call, said ‘come’! ‘Save us!’

The commanders forbid the soldiers from entering the kibbutzim.

The soldiers advanced, but it was impossible to enter, because in each kibbutz there were 500 terrorists. No end of terrorists! It took three days to reconquer again – instead of defending them, in the first place.


And they telephoned, and said 5,000 people are crossing the border.

There is no fence, it’s the most elaborate fence in the word – 50 billion dollars. If there was…

When they give 100,000 to a yeshiva, the whole world goes mad – ‘these leeches’, ‘these bloodsuckers’. Lapid goes out of his mind.

And here, they spent 50 billion on a paper fence. If they had made a fence out of cardboard, from paper, it would already have been much better. There is nothing left of the fence.


Now, at the Erez Crossing there has already been three hours of war.

Because they wanted to break through a path from the Erez Crossing.

There is no fence, there is nothing.


And this is what each person needs to know, that now it’s a ‘time of difficulty for Yaakov’.

There is no government, a government of chilonim, it’s worse than….

They abandoned their brothers.

For 40 hours, people waited for the army to come – and it didn’t come. And in the meantime, they burned everyone alive, there are no houses, there is nothing.

It’s possible to build a house in one day. These days, they already have pre-fab walls, in a day, you can build a house.

[The refugees from the Gaza envelope] are sleeping five people in a room of one square meter. They aren’t giving them food, they aren’t giving them anything.

They are treating them worse than monkeys, worse than cockroaches, is how they are treating them.


A government like this has never been since the creation of the world, that is abusing people who went through a Shoah.

Today they are ‘evacuated refugees’, they are in camps for displaced people. And however much food you bring them, it’s not enough. The children are orphans, or they no longer have a father, or there is no mother, or both of them are missing.

They already turned into ashes.


And so it’s an obligation for each person to know that this time is a ‘time of trouble’.

We are obligated [to act accordingly and constantly recite tehillim]! This is d’oraita! This is what the Rambam says, this is d’oraita!

To say a chapter of tehillim every second, and another chapter of tehillim. And a girl who can recite three chapters of tehillim, will be blessed, because people have to still attend the seminaries.


In the ‘Sharon’ [region], they already cancelled all the classes, because now they are already scared that they are going to fire a million rockets.

They have maybe 100,000 rockets. Every day, they are bringing into there another 10,000 rockets. There is not supervision, they have tunnel-highways.

Egypt doesn’t care, they are happy, and all the Strip is full of rockets. They are firing rockets non-stop.

Except for [at] Jerusalem, where rockets don’t reach to here.

Because we are exactly in the centre of the country, the furthest from Gaza, and the furthest from Lebanon.

The whole North is under rockets, the whole South is under rockets, [Kibbutz] Kissufim is under rockets.

They are being showered down with no end, a ‘rain’ of rockets. We read [the bracha in the Shmoneh Esrei] “and give dew and rains of blessing” – so we got rockets.


“And this thing is from the ways of teshuva and it’s for everyone.” – Rambam

Such that the moment that this is a ‘time of difficulty for Yaakov’, we need to feel the suffering of Am Yisrael.

130,000 people without homes, without apartments, without clothes, who fled in their pyjamas.

Suddenly in the middle of being asleep there was a siren. They thought it was just a regular siren, suddenly they see rain – a rain of rockets!

“And give dew and rains of blessing.”

They still hadn’t said this blessing. This is only said in mussaf, but already at 6.15am, there was already a rain of rockets.

We need to cry out – [about all suffering].

If we see Am Yisrael suffering, then we need to say tehillim.

Any girls who are able to say three books of tehillim, this is above everything.

The bachorim (young men) should break their Xiomis, because this Xiomi brings all the punishments. They see nude pictures, and immediately a thousand soldiers are killed at that moment.


We are in danger at every moment, that they will kill 1,000 soldiers.

Because Hamas there, they say it’s 40,000, but really, it’s 100,000. All of them are armed with the most up-to-date weapons, because Iran gave them the most up-to-date weapons.

And even though we are here in Jerusalem, which is the most protected – Jerusalem protects us and guards over us – we still need to pray for all of Am Yisrael.

This is d’oraita.

To feel the suffering, as though we are in the Shoah.


That there are no homes.

That they took people out of their homes while they were sleeping. And they put on minivans in their pyjamas. They were put on minivans and megashmim.

They went barefoot. They don’t have shoes. They don’t have clothes – nothing! The babies don’t have diapers.

“And this thing is from the ways of teshuva…. The moment that we see that this is a time of suffering for Yaakov, everyone is obligated to cry out.” – Rambam

And to say tehillim endlessly.


And to cry out over it, and to blow the shofar, and to know that all of this is the result of their bad deeds.” – Rambam

All of this is because they beat them with blows [in Tel Aviv on Yom Kippur].


Ad kan, from the Rav.

BH, even with all the censorship, the questions are starting to pop up even in the mainstream media in Israel, about what really happened.

This guy is talking about the 20 tatzpaniot (observers on the border with Gaza, in the army bunkers) who ‘disappeared’ from the Nahal Oz base without a trace.

And also their smartphones disappeared without a trace.

And also, all the cameras in the base ‘disappeared’, together with the footage of who really over-ran the base and killed and kidnapped everyone.

(Google translated from HERE – the video plays in Hebrew.)

Shavua tov.

Half an hour before Shabbat came in here in Jerusalem, my daughter got a phone call.

She was in the middle of doing sponga, with her shabbos songs blaring loudly while I did the washing up.

Then the songs suddenly got turned off, I heard some sniffing noises.

It took me a minute to realise what was going on.

Then, I came out of the kitchen and came to find my kid.

Do you have cold? I asked her.

No answer.

She was turned away from me brushing the floor, so I went back to the sink.

The sniffing noises continued and got louder.

I came back.

Are you crying, poppy?

No answer for a second.

Then, she told me:

Yes, I’m crying.


Long story short, that phone call was telling her that someone she knows well – one of the bosses from her time in Tsfat last year – had just been killed in Gaza.

She burst into loud sobs, sat on the floor and just cried her eyes out for 20 minutes.

My husband took over a frenzied sponga, I tried to do the other bits in the kitchen that she usually finishes up, and my other daughter sat on the floor with her, and tried to comfort her.

Shabbos doesn’t wait for anything.

Not even grief.


10 minutes before it began, she pulled herself together to go and have a shower.

I got changed and we sped off to the Rav, like usual, to participate in the Friday evening prayers.

I just sat there feeling a bit stunned and kind of ’empty-headed’.

I didn’t know the man who was killed, but I know his mother – she used to be the head-teacher in my kids’ school, before she retired.

Then I started crying a bit.

It’s shabbos, we’re not meant to cry on shabbos.

But a few tears still leaked out.


That daughter had a few friends over for Friday night, and by the time I came home, she’d pulled herself together.

Thank God we live in Israel.

Here, people can talk about difficult things without stuffing it all down, but also without totally drowning in misery.

So, the conversation flowed from dead people, to bad jokes about the matzav (very Israeli…) to discussions about how more and more people are just seeing God and turning to God, because there is nothing else to do, right now – plus everything else in between.


When the meal was over, I went to bed early.

I felt so tired.

Today, I got up early and started doing my book of tehillim again.

What else can I do?

The Rav made it very clear, that every second there isn’t another soldier dead, it’s an open miracle.

And that our efforts to up the tznius, and say more tehillim, and ditch the smartphones is what’s really protecting the army – and us – right now.

But each person lost is still a whole world.

And this particular world was married and has two small daughters.

May Hashem avenge his blood.

And the blood of all the other kadoshim we’ve lost so far, in this war.

And may He also have mercy on us very soon, so the ‘evils’ responsible for all this finally are unmasked and removed, and Hashem’s light can shine into even the darkest corners.



  • Maj. (res’) Yedidiah Eliyahu, 25, of Karni Shomron, a fighter in the 8170th Battalion of the Army Corps of Engineers, was killed in battle in the Gaza Strip.


PS: I had some interaction with someone who got sent hatemail about Rav Berland, basically spouting off that ‘three serious batei dins have excommunicated him!!!!’

I’m not going to get into the whole story here that explains very clearly what really happened. If  you are honestly interested in the truth, I suggest you go HERE and download and read all the One in a Generations, but especially number 3 deals with these ‘serious bet dins’.

In the meantime, THIS gives a flavor of what was really going on, snippet:

In recent days, the Breslov Hotline publicized a rare recording of the Elder of the Torah Sages Council, Rav Shimon Baadani tzvk”l who speaks strongly against the Beit Din which put out slander against the Gaon and Tzaddik, Rav Eliezer Berland shlit”a

These are the words of Rav Baadani:

They purposelessly put out [the slander] — everything is falsehood!   I clarified [it] — everything is falsehood!  There’s nothing!  He’s entirely a Tzaddik.  He’s a complete Tzaddik!

Everything, everything — I clarified the matter.  I signed with that Beit Din that signed against him — afterwards, I understood that everything is falsehood.  I erased [my signature].  I said, “I am erasing this — you are liars!!”  Hashem should help… Continue to pray and Hashem will help.


All these ‘serious’ bet dins…. with connections to cover ups and horrible stories all over the Jewish world…. run by ‘grandchildren’ who sign things in the names of people who have alzheimers….

And all operating as part of that well-oiled government-sponsored propaganda machine against the Rav.

But of course, do your own birur and make sure you clarify things really darned well, with what is really happening in this upside-down world.

Because, as is becoming clearer and clearer, your life could really depend on coming to the right conclusions about who to trust, and who to listen to.


Just cutting and pasting this from ravberland.com.

It’s very powerful, from October 31, 2023, before the 16 soldiers were killed yesterday.

The Rav is the only source of ‘news’ I trust, at this point.

From HERE.


Moreinu HaRav Eliezer Berland Shlit”a’s pained cry to say Tehilim for the protection of the Jewish people, especially now as our soldiers enter Gaza on the ground:

Now I read the Rambam [Hilchot Ta’aniot 1:1-3]:  It is a positive Torah commandment, that all those who say Tehilim are fulfilling a positive Torah commandment, because now it is “a time of stress for Jacob, but he will be saved from it” (Yirmiyahu 30:7).

50,000 soldiers enter Gaza now.  Every day, they progress only 100 meters.  More than 100 meters isn’t possible.


Already there are two seriously injured.

In the merit that girls took onto [themselves to dress] modestly, and to lengthen their dresses, in the meantime not a single soldier has been killed.

This is something that is above the natural order, itself these are miracles, but this will take a half-year if we progress only 100 meters.  This will take a half-year, and people don’t have a home — 130,000 people without homes, without parents.  The parents were taken — turned into ashes, like in Auschwitz, that they were turned into ashes.

It is impossible to even find the DNA, because the ashes became mixed with bricks and boards, and in cars people were burned.


Everyone fled to cars; then they poured gasoline on them.

They prepared gasoline and ignited all the cars.  Everyone turned into ashes, 300-1000 people turned into ashes.  300 turned into ashes, 300 were murdered at the party, and 300 are captives.

The Radbaz writes in Siman 40 that being captive is worse than death, because it’s impossible to know who they are torturing — the soldiers are certainly being tortured terribly.


So now we are found in a positive commandment.

Every letter of Tehilim that we say now is a positive Torah commandment.

Because now is “a time of distress for Jacob, but he will be saved from it.”  To scream and to blast Chatzotzrot (a type of trumpet prescribed by the Torah).  We need Chatzotzrot with Shofars, that trouble will not come onto the congregation, as it says, “Against an enemy who oppresses you , you shall blast Chatzotzrot” (Bamidbar 10:9).


That for three days it was impossible to retake the kibbutzim.

The government abandoned everything. 

People called for help, the soldiers progressed, but it was impossible to enter, because in every kibbutz there were 500 terrorists, endless terrorists.  It took three days to retake the kibbutzim — instead of protecting them to begin with.


They called, said that 5,000 men were crossing the fence.

There’s no fence, the most sophisticated fence in the world which cost 50 billion dollars.  If they would have given 100,000 shekels to some yeshiva, then the whole world is horrified — “those leeches, those blood-suckers,” Lapid goes out of his mind. 

And here they spent 50 billion on a fence of paper.  If they had made a fence of paper, of cardboard, that would have been a lot better.

There’s no remnant of the fence.


Now it is “a time of distress for Jacob” — there’s no government.

People waited forty hours for the army to come, and they didn’t come. 

In the meantime, they burned everyone alive.

There’s no houses, nothing.  It’s possible to build a house in a day. 

Five people are sleeping in a room of a square meter.  They don’t give them food, don’t give them anything — such a government has never arisen since the creation of the world, that in this way are abusing people who went through a holocaust.


The children are orphans, either there’s no father or no mother, or both are lacking, have already been turned to ashes.

This is obligatory for each person to know, that now is “a time of distress for Jacob,” and we are obligated from the Torah — like the Rambam says, that this is from the Torah — to say every moment another chapter of Tehilim, and another chapter of Tehilim.


Because now they are afraid that they’ll launch a million missiles.

They have maybe 100,000 missiles.  Egypt doesn’t care, it’s happy.  And the entire strip is full of missiles, they are shooting missiles without end.  Outside of Jerusalem, where missiles are not reaching here, because we are exactly in the middle of Israel, the furthest from Gaza, the furthest from Lebanon.

The entire north is under missile fire, the entire south is under missile fire; Kissufim is under missile fire.


And this is one of the ways of repentance, that at “a time of distress for Jacob,” you need to feel the pain of the Jewish people.

— 130,000 people without houses, without apartments, with clothes — they fled in nightgowns.

We see the Jewish people in distress, then everyone needs to say Tehilim.  And girls who can say three books of Tehilim, this is above everything.


Bachurim [young men] should smash their Xiaomi, because the Xiaomi is bringing on all the calamities.

They see pictures of nudity, then immediately 1,000 soldiers are killed at that moment.  We are every moment in the danger that 1,000 soldiers will be killed.

Because Hamas said that they are 40,000; really, they are 100,000, all of them armed with the most up-to-date weaponry, because Iran gave them the most up-to-date weaponry.


And even though we here in Jerusalem are the most protected — Jerusalem protects us, but we need to pray for all the Jewish people.

This is from the Torah, to feel the pain, that we are like in a holocaust.


This is all because they beat up [worshippers in Tel Aviv on Yom Kippur].

Baruch Hashem, they saw prayer in public in Dizengoff Square, it’s possible to pray.  A thousand girls came to pray.  Then [Tel Aviv mayor] Ron Huldai went out of his mind: A thing such as this, all Tel Aviv is praying all of a sudden — they gave them a murderous beating.

Right after this, they paid.  After ten days, they paid — unfortunately — a price that was too high.

And those who ascended to the Garden of Eden, these were Tinikot Shenishbu [like children taken captive and raised by gentiles and who don’t know not to sin].


They beat them up on Yom Kippur, and there are those did not fast at all.

In Be’eri, maybe five people fasted.  Now they admit everything; they said that everything is because they didn’t fast on Yom Kippur.

A person full of transgressions at least should fast once a year.


Across the road, it’s all Hamas.

Today all the Arabs are Hamas, all of them are with weapons, missiles, cannons.  We’re without anything, we have nothing, like it was in Egypt, that when when they left, [the Egyptians] came with tanks, 600 chariots — we are obligated to say Tehilim at least.


If people don’t scream and shout, and [instead] say that this happened by chance — this is cruelty.

If people see that everyone is in mortal danger, and don’t say Tehilim, the Rambam says that this is the cruelest person that can be.  This is cruelty not to say Tehilim — this is cruelty.  One needs to finish three book of Tehilim every day.

This person who doesn’t pray — this is mamash cruelty, because he caused soldiers to die.


And there will be another calamity, and another calamity, because it’s impossible to know, because in Germany, they said, “This is the last calamity.”  Every moment, they are ready to add another calamity to the calamities, to vanquish us. 

The Germans want to conquer all the Land of Israel anew — this is all so that we will repent.

I have seven more days of a whole book of tehillim to do….

Until the 30 days are up, November 8.

In the middle of all this madness, I also still have what’s left of a wedding to figure out.

And lastly – the news is still lying about absolutely everything.

Nothing has changed on that score, just because we went into Gaza.

But I feel in my soul, that some massive miracles are occurring here, BH.

Whatever is really going on – I’m taking another break from blogging.

If the Rav says something important, I’ll try to  put it up, but otherwise, I am stepping back for a few days.

BH, keep on with the praying and the teshuva.

There is nothing else to do right now.

BH, we will see everything turning around, miraculously, and sweetly, very soon.


I got sent this video from Texas, of a young Jewish woman who was inspired to burn her immodest clothes:


There is currently a totally media black out about what is going on with the hundred thousands of Israeli soldiers they sent into Gaza.

People are very anxious….. because deep, deep down, we all know we can’t trust the people commanding this operation on any level.

But what can we do?

Except pray, pray some more, and make the sort of stunning teshuva that this young lady in Texas, of all places, just did.


I’m now on day 24 of the tehillim…

Yesterday was really hard going, for some reason. It took me FOREVER.

But it gives me some comfort, and stops me going bonkers with worry, that I am at least doing something to beg Hashem to protect our precious nation from the evil satanists trying to destroy us.



I took down what was here in the first draft, after talking to my husband.

In the meantime, take a look at this new project I was sent, called: Mapping the Massacre.

I found where Itzik Levy was killed at the Supernova music festival….

May Hashem avenge his blood.

Very speedily.

Without any more innocent people being murdered or tortured.




Non-stop rolling thunder here in Jerusalem….

I think it’s a good sign.

Remember in Rebbe Nachman’s story of the cripple, the ‘demons’ are scared of the thunder and it kills them?

BH, that is what is going on here today.


Also, a reader sent me this weird piece of information:

The State of Israel incorporated itself at Companies House in the UK as a ltd company, back in February 2023.

Here’s a screenshot:


This is legit – I had it checked out by a UK lawyer.

This is the link, where you can see it for yourself:


Looks like they are literally trying to pull off a hostile takeover of Eretz Yisrael Inc.

But it doesn’t belong to ‘people’.

It belongs to God.

And I am praying, hoping, praying the Baal HaBayit is finally going to show all these evils Who the realy Boss is.



The ‘State of Israel’ seems to have been incorporated by the Israeli Embassy in the UK – 2 Palace Green is the address for the Israel Embassy in London.

They think we are really all just totally stupid.

BH, I’m praying more people will prove them wrong by turning off the news – all of it – connecting back to their souls, and starting to pray more, about what is really going on here.