The following comments were made over four years ago.

You can see them in the book Conversations – which Amazon has decided to start selling for $3.66….

If you are noticing numbers here, that’s interesting.


All the nations will gather against Israel

Today, Moshe Rabbenu is being revealed, the 4th of Sivan.

And Gog and Magog will be in Cheshvan. All the nations will gather against Israel. Moshe will blow on the shofar gadol, and the whole Torah will be heard from one end of the world to the other.

And then, all the nations of the world will come. They will come on warships.

It’s written in the Zohar (at the end of Ki Tavo), that the whole sea will be filled with ships. And then the sea will split and will crack open. In the month of Cheshvan, there will be the apex of the wars.

“The 4th of Sivan is the beginning, and in the month of Cheshvan the Third Temple will be rebuilt. We need to not give up!

Everyone say “it’s forbidden to give up!”

And then, the Temple will be built, that will never again be destroyed.

From comments made the end of the prayer gathering that occurred in Hevron at the Tomb of the Patriarchs, shortly before Shavuot 5779, on the 4th of Sivan, (June 6th, 2019.)


For those who aren’t following the Hebrew months, this week we are now in the month of Cheshvan, 5784.

Here’s a few recent headlines:

More US ships head toward Israel and 2,000 troops are on heightened alert. A look at US assistance

Britain sends auxiliary ships, spy planes to support Israel


Yah, they are coming to help us…. Of course.

In the meantime, you can also go HERE to read more the Rav’s more recent comments from 2 days ago, before Biden’s visit.

Let’s just spell it out, that the only way the US would let their President visit what is apparently meant to be the hottest war zone in the world right now is IF THEY WERE CONTROLLING BOTH SIDES OF THE “WAR”.

Which of course, they are….


Here’s some of the snippets that particularly caught my eye, but please do go and read all of it:

Tomorrow at 12:00 noon, Biden lands, the president of the whole world, the head of the whole world. 

His entire goal is to give the Land of Israel to the Arabs; he is coming for this.  

The first thing, he meets with Abu Mazen; then he will tell Israel: “I do not understand what you are doing here.  The Old City belongs to the Arabs.  Jerusalem belongs to the Arabs.”  He screams in all countries that this, everything, is two states.

He wants here two states.

To the Jews, he will give some corner, maybe in Savyon, maybe in Tzahala [two of the wealthiest areas in Israel], because they own all of Tel Aviv.  So Ramat Aviv they will not agree to give back; they will make protests against this.

However, it is exactly the opposite: Ramat Aviv certainly belongs to the Arabs, because Sheikh Munis [an Arab village abandoned shortly before the 1948 War of Independence] was there.


And also this snippet:

In any case, the invasion into Gaza has been put off in the meantime for at least two weeks.  The moment that Biden arrives, it is impossible to enter Gaza.  

This is the poor Arabs, ‘righteous Arabs’, the Arabs without water, without electricity, abusing them, slaughtering them.  Now they publicized in all the newspapers in Belarus that the Jews have turned into Nazis, and the Arabs have turned into Jews.  Such abuses.  A million Arabs do not have food, do not have bread, do not have water, do not have electricity.

In any case, you need to know that the entering into Gaza has been put off. 

This is only in the merit of the prayers of the women.  Because the entering into Gaza is the most dangerous thing in the world.  Narrow alleys a meter wide.  These are neighborhoods from 2000 years ago.  It is impossible to enter there with tanks.  The soldiers need to walk on foot, and Hamas is waiting for them.  He prepares himself to greet them with cookies, with cannons, with submachine guns, with grenades.  The most festive welcoming that can be.

They are considering a thousand soldiers who will fall, chas v’shalom, in the first wave of fire. 

Only the women who took unto themselves books of Tehilim, three books of Tehilim every day — in the merit of these women, the invasion to Gaza has been put off.


And finally, this:

You need to know that in the merit of the three books of Tehilim which the women took onto themselves, the invasion to Gaza was put off. 

In other words, that thousands of soldiers who were supposed to be killed will yet be canceled completely; that they will discover a way without invading.  Invasion specifically is not needed.

Because in any case, if 100,000 missiles are destroyed, tomorrow they will have a million missiles.

Iran produces 100,000 missiles a day — ten days is a million missiles.  Straight away, this passes onto them by way of the tunnels, by way of Egypt.  The Egyptians alone pass this onto them.

If we destroy 100,000, there will be a million.  No invasion will help — nothing.  Only the Tehilim can help, Tehilim against missiles [tilim].  Not Iron dome and not Patriots. 

Only Tehilim can eliminate the missiles.


My kids were pretty down about the ‘disappearing ground invasion’ until I shared the above with them.

The Rav is saying that the prayers, the tehillim, are effectively saving at least another 1,000 Jewish lives – at least! – and that another way is going to show up to solve the problem once and for all.

If we keep on with the tehillim.

We are back to that old discussion of whether we’re going to continue clinging to Esav’s guns to solve the problem  – or turn to the ‘voice of Yaakov’ and God.


My view, at this point, is that with no ground invasion to take everyone’s minds off it, the focus is going to fall back on how all this was allowed to happen in the first place.

And then…. things will get pretty interesting.

Back to the tehillim.

You probably remember that a few long weeks ago, I posted up some stuff here about the importance of the Rav getting to Uman for 5784.

If you don’t, there is a good translation of some of the warnings that R Shalom Arush and the kabbalist R Shlomo Elmaliach gave over TWO WEEKS BEFORE ROSH HASHANA, about what was going to happen, if the Rav didn’t get to Uman for Rosh Hashana this year.

Go HERE for the full article, this is a snippet:

Everyone saw the suffering and persecution which Rav Berland took onto himself over the entire past decade.

All of this was in order so that the redemption would come with mercy “and not in the sign of the Akrav [Scorpio – i.e the month of Cheshvan] with rivers of blood,” in the words of Rav Berland shlit”a.

However, wicked spiritual powers, which Rav Elmeliach calls the “Satan,” entered into their messengers and they mamash ran amok with the most extremist behavior, as if Rav Berland coming to Uman would be the most terrible thing….

To our great sorrow, the messengers of the Satan succeeded in thwarting all Rav Berland’s efforts to make it to Uman on Rosh Hashanah 5784.

The Tzaddikim and Kabbalists were horrified, since all of them understood that Rav Berland’s coming to Uman at such a time of a spiritual war was critical. Thousands of Rav Berland’s followers — Breslov Chasidim and Tzaddikim from Israel and around the world — attempted to sweeten the decree by saying Tehilim and screaming to Heaven.

To our grief, the messengers succeeded and in fact a harsh decree like no other came down on our heads.


Man, did it ever.

They’ve stopped publicising the numbers of murdered, but I have a feeling it is going to climb well over 2,000 – just the people from Simchat Torah.

And there are still 3,000 wounded, some very seriously, plus the hostages.

Plus there are now hundreds of thousands of soldiers who left their homes, families and jobs to sleep in tents with very basic amenities, as a precursor to risking their lives, mamash, to fight for the Jewish people.


The Rav told us all, repeatedly over the last few days, that we need to turn off all the lying news, all the distracting (at best…) social media and just concentrate on saying a whole book of tehillim a day, if we’re women, while the men need to be aiming for 10 pages of Gemara a day.

And if they can’t do that, then a book of tehillim, which can be fitted in around work calls, and recited while travelling on buses to work etc.

That is what the Tzaddik HaDor is now telling us is required, to save the Jewish people from the ongoing harsh decrees that he knows way more about, than we do.


This morning, I got this email:

Hi. The reason I said about Rav Berland and about Uman that it doesn’t matter if he gets there or not is that I believed totally that moshiach was going to be here last year.

All the predictions I read pointed to that.

I still can’t get over the fact that he didn’t come. I’m trying my hardest to do the right stuff and I know other pple who r doing the same I’m just afraid that as time goes on pple will get used to the new reality and lose focus on bringing moshiach.

If weeks or months go by pple might get too sad and give up. I can totally see that happening. Thanks.


This is what I wrote back to my correspondent:

The main thing here is to stop thinking we know better than the real tzaddikim.

It’s an inyan of humility, that’s all. What do any of us know?

So much misinformation, false leaders, deliberate lies and our own biases clouding the issues…. what do any of us know?

The Rav said now to do a book of tehillim every day – I’m doing my best to do that not because I enjoy, but just because the Rav said that is what is required now.

Maybe, try to get a group of women together over there, if you didn’t already, and get as many people as possible doing tehillim.

Just because the Rav said.


I just spent ten seconds looking at a couple of so-called ‘geula’ blogs, which are just continuing to waste their time and everyone elses with more pointless ‘speculation’ about Moshiach coming.

Anyone who lives in Israel right now, and who is really connected to what is going on here, is living the REALITY of geula, the essence of it, which is to make God a felt reality in our lives, humble ourselves and make a lot of real teshuva.

Great, that there are people in chul who apparently have so much time to waste on yet more of those ‘predictions’ that stopped at least one of my readers from doing what the Rav asked for, before Rosh Hashana 5784, i.e. really joining in the prayers and other efforts to get him to Uman, to sweeten the decrees.

Personally, I’ve been spending the last few days attending funerals, shivas, saying tehillim 4 1/2 hours a day, going to the Rav’s prayers every night, trying to put out as much ‘light’ to others here, who are doing a fantastic job of keeping things together as their husbands and sons and fathers disappear to the Gaza border, while we continue to being rocketed.

I have zero time for all these pointless ‘predictions’ of when Moshiach is meant to be coming, because I am actually trying to spend my time productively, following what the Tzaddik HaDor is telling us needs to be done now, to prevent more tragedies occurring.


No-one in Israel is ‘forgetting’ about geula – we are living that reality every single second right now.

And there is a lot of sadness here about what happened – but also so much emuna and strength and teshuva, that you can FEEL that at least for the people in Eretz Yisrael, who are doing what they are meant to be doing right now, this is all going to come good, hopefully with very few additional ‘sacrifices’ required.


Bottom line:

Stop wasting your time on pointless blogs, social media commentators and journalists that know nothing, at best – assuming they aren’t being paid to manipulate and decieve you on purpose – and just get with the Tzaddik HaDor and what he is telling us to do.

Sure, you didn’t take it seriously before Rosh Hashana that the Rav needed to get to Uman, and you were wrong about that.

So now, make teshuva and don’t make the same mistake again.

God has a lot of patience for us all, but at some stage, we have to have the humility to admit we don’t know anything – at all!

And the Tzaddik HaDor has given us a big job to do to get all this sweetened.

So turn off all that pointless ‘geula blog’ stuff you are reading, and pick up your Sefer Tehillim, and do something real and constructive to bring geula and moshiach the sweet way.


May we have good news very soon.

Just got back from the Rav.

He said Biden is only coming tomorrow to give Eretz Yisrael away to the Arabs.

I.e. the ‘2 state solution’….

Does anyone honestly still have any doubt about who was behind what happened on Simchat Torah?

And second, the Rav said that all the women’s tehillim are saving the soldiers….

So continue!

I don’t have a lot of time to write at the mo, as the tehillim are taking most of my day up.

But as important things come up, I will try and share them here.

Also, it seems the matzav ruach is starting to bounce back, at least a little.

And tons and tons of people are coming off the news, in all sorts of different ways, at the moment.

Which means their ability to manipulate and control us is also being radically limited.


And may we just hear good news.


Someone sent me this – it’s very good.

It’s Rav Ofer Erez, from a day ago.

He’s explaining that the main ‘war’ is inside of us, to keep coming back to emuna and bitachon, and to know that God is running the world, the whole world.

He also talks about a lot of other things that give a lot of chizzuk – if I have time after I’ve done my tehillim today I will try to translate some of it.


Bottom line:

He is emphasising that the main response here has to be spiritual – tehillim, Torah learning, teshuva, all the stuff we’ve been talking about.

He brings a source in the mishna that ends that in the time of the Footsteps of the Moshiach, the Tanna ends by saying WE ONLY HAVE HASHEM TO RELY ON – and this is halacha!

He’s also talking about how each time we overcome the ‘war’ within ourselves – to keep having emuna and bitachon, and belief in God etc, and to stay out of fear, despair, sadness, all those bad middot that the news is EXCELLENT at bringing out in us all – that this is the real ‘war of Gog and Magog’.

And each time we ‘win’ this internal war of Gog and Magog, to keep bringing things back to understanding WE ONLY HAVE HASHEM TO RELY ON – we are helping every other Jew in a very real way, to also win the war of Gog and Magog.


Then he moves on to talking about the people who were killed al kiddush Hashem.

Bottom line:

He explains that he knew many of the people who were killed at the Nature Party, and that many of them were in some process of ‘teshuva’ – but were finding themselves totally trapped by the allure of ‘this world’.

This way, Hashem kind of ‘rescued them’, and took them to the highest possible place spiritually.

He also said that the others killed were similarly ‘stuck’ in a terrible klipa of Western ‘values’, and were the epitome of tinok she nishba.


Rav Ofer emphasises that dying al kiddush Hashem is actually a zchut – this is what the Torah teaches us.

No-one should be scared of anything.

God is doing everything, and everything is for the good.

We need to be very careful to limmud zchut on the whole of Am Yisrael, and to have a good eye for all of our fellow Jews.

How we ‘judge’ others, is how Hashem judges us.

There is a huge spiritual awakening process going on now.


He also mentions that people who are killed al kiddush Hashem actually don’t suffer.

They feel no pain or very little pain, and are immediately surrounded by tremendous spiritual light and love, as they ascend to the highest place in shemayim.


The above is my rough paraphrasing of what he is saying – if I’ve mis-quoted anything, please do let me know.

This shiur gives so much chizzuk and strength and peace.

From here on in, turn off ALL THE NEWS, literally, take your book of tehillim, your gemara and get on with doing a book a day, plus 10 pages of Gemara if you are a man.

Work on strengthening bitachon and emuna.

And on seeing ‘the good’ in our fellow Jews – especially the ones who are so different from us.

And only fear Hashem.

Not rockets, not terrorists, not Amalek, not Hamas….

Just Hashem.


Last week, the Rav said this is going to last for at least 30 days.

And the real war is internal – to keep pushing away the despair and the fear and the anxiety and all the rest of it, and to keep pushing towards emuna, bitachon, love of ourselves and other Jews, and a real, felt experience of Hashem in our lives.

May God help us all to do this.

Today, I went to a local cafe that decided to reopen after a few closed days for a muffin.

While I was there, the cafe owner – a nice, frum man from Mexico – was talking to his co-worker and explaining how last week he’d try to volunteer for the army, but they wouldn’t let him.

I said I can even just shlep stuff, he said, but they still told they didn’t need me and I should stay home.


His female co-worker then turned to him, and said one of the strongest things I’ve heard in a very long time (outside of Musrara…)

She told him:

I know a lot of people at the front, and what makes the front strong, is when they know they have a strong back.

You are helping to create a ‘strong back’ – a feeling that life is continuing, and things will be good again.

And by doing that, you are giving so much help to ‘the front’.


The cafe owner didn’t look so sure, but I agreed with what she said a million per cent.

It was awesome to sit and eat a muffin, even just for 10 minutes, and to dream of ‘normal’ and ‘peaceful’ returning to Israel very soon.


On the way walking home, the siren went off in Jerusalem for the first time in a week.

I was walking along the main road, there was no where to go, nothing to do.

So I carried on walking, and I just started yelling out Ein Od Milvado!!!!

Two worried secular people got off a bus and shot me a funny look, but that just made me switch into English:

There is only God!!!! This is all just from God!!!!


The ‘Iron Dome’ then apparently fired, and there was a boom overhead.

And then quiet returned – that kind of eery, people-got-worried-and-scared-again quiet.


There so much yucky horrible stuff going on at the moment.

Sometimes, it’s taking me out.

I have now deleted the remaining two Israeli Telegram channels I’ve been auditing (I don’t have the Telegram app), and I’m making a conscious decision to take down my ‘news’ even more with each passing day.

Because I don’t want to live my life in fear, and I have to be the strong ‘back’ for my family, and for my friends, and for the people we are all connected to, and praying for, at ‘the front’ of this problem.


It’s a very narrow bridge.

The ‘yuck’ that came out of hiding last week in such an evil way is not news to me.

As my husband was telling me, things are so bad, it’s going to take something very, very big to dislodge all this derech hateva – and that’s not something that is in my hands to bring about, no matter how loud I shout about it.

Either it will be revealed, or it will continue to be covered up.

But now that we know who was actually behind all this at the state level, I am making the decision to move on again from that part of this story, and to just focus 100% on strengthening people, encouraging my fellow Jew to hang in there, and telling people as loudly as I can there is no despair in the world!!!!


I was just at the Rav tonight.

There was so much dancing and singing going on – clarinet, keyboard, bongo, even a singer on the mike.

It gave me so much chizzuk, that at least in that very small patch of Jerusalem, things are kind of carrying on ‘as normal’.

The Rav – and the rest of the lamed vav tzaddikim – are the ‘strong back’ for all of us right now.

We live in scary, difficult times.

But there are still solutions to our massive problems, albeit they are spiritual, not physical ones.


I finished another sefer tehillim today, and as I continue, I am noticing how much calmer and happier it makes me, to read tehillim throughout the day.

I thought I was doing the Rav a favor by taking this on, but now I’m understanding just how much I’m doing myself a favor.

So, to sum up:

Turn off even more of ‘the news’ – even if it’s true and totally well-meaning.

Keep praying, dancing and clapping.

And tomorrow, make some nice cupcakes or cookies for your family, and try to get things back to something resembling ‘normal’ as much as possible.

Because a strong front requires a strong back.


The news – and most of your social media – is lying to you about everything.

It’s lying about what happened on Simchat Torah, and how.

It’s lying about who did it.

It’s lying about who arranged, planned and financed it.

And most of all, it’s lying about ‘what is going to happen next’.


All you really need to know at this point is that you can’t trust the government – no matter where you happen to live in the world.

You can’t trust any of the politicians or ‘leaders’ – including any religious leaders who are constantly getting play time in the corrupt media.

And you can’t trust anyone in senior positions of authority….

So, turn it all off!


Stop wasting your time with pointless speculation.

Stop having anything to do with the cess-pit that is ‘politics’, in all its forms and guises.

Stop interacting with, and giving your strength, to stuff in the media that is either just pure lies, or planned manipulation or fake news.

Instead, pick up your tehillim, your gemara, and do something useful and productive with yourself.

And / or go and beg Hashem to destroy all the evil in our midst.

You don’t need to detail who or what it is – He knows way better than any of us.

And then spend the rest of your day working on things like developing more emuna and bitachon, weaning off the poisonous, heretical news, and making every effort to detach from false idols….

It’s all an illusion.


If you spend even five minutes talking to God, you will quickly get the understanding of what is really going on here.

Underneath, we all really know what is going on here, but then we are getting gaslit by our lying media and our false leaders, which pulls us away from our own understanding and real truth….


We spend 6o billion on our army every year.

(At least.)

And yet, we are being told that there aren’t basic supplies required for soldiers, and that the army needs the guns of private individuals.

And that the army somehow ‘couldn’t afford’ to keep guarding those communities in the South, shortly before the attack.

So then, where is all the money going?


Here’s a another snippet from one of the Rav’s shiurim, from last week:

The terrorists could have gone all the way to Tel Aviv.

They could have wiped out the people of Israel in one second.

There is no army, there is nothing, because secular people are leading the country.

There are no soldiers.

They took the weapons from the soldiers that someone will not harm a poor Arab.


So, turn it all off, tune into the Rav – and pick up your Tehillim and Gemara.

If we follow instructions – if more and more of us put our effort into saying the Tehillim, a book a day for the next 30 days, and reading the Gemara for men, 10 pages a day – all this turns around the sweetest way possible, with BH no more horrible deaths of Jews and innocents.

But for all those people still holding on to the idols of …. ‘their weapons’ to save them….

It’s going to be a very difficult, painful process, until they understand they have been misled, lied to and fooled the whole time.

Going back decades.


We only have Hashem to rely on.

That’s the understanding we all have to reach at this point, for things to really change and improve.

And the faster we do that, the easier and ‘sweeter’ this next bit goes.

I couldn’t get into my blog for three days…

Maybe it got hacked, maybe it didn’t.

Who knows.

In the meantime, I’m here to tell you that the only thing to fear right now is Hashem.


Like so many of us, I have been on a crazy roller-coaster ride of ‘OK’ and ‘not-so-OK’ the last week, but I feel like all the tehillim, all the prayers, the teshuva, the mesirut nefesh, the chessed, the people getting behind the Rav and following instructions – it’s all starting to send some light into what is still a very heavy and dark situation.

Our enemies are still pulling the wool over so many people’s eyes with all their propaganda…


But the truth is coming out all over the place – and there is nothing they can do to stop it.

But in the meantime, we need to keep the prayers and all the other stuff going.



The Rav a few days ago said this:

Everyone should take it upon themselves to say the Book of Psalms, because now they want to enter Gaza.

They are afraid and therefore they are pushing it off.

They are scared thousands of soldiers could die.

When you go in [to Gaza], you can’t tell who’s a terrorist and who’s a soldier.

They could start shooting each other, and a thousand soldiers could die from the gunfire of our own forces.

The war has been 4 days (during the lesson) and they have not yet entered Gaza, they are scared to death to enter Gaza – who knows who will live and who will die.


The Rav’s lessons are full of hints and secrets….


In the meantime, please also do whatever you can to get the Rav’s prayers around to as many soldiers, people and bases as you can.

One of the Rav’s gabbays put out a message last week that even a tenuous link to the Rav – even just having one of his unnamed prayers in your home – is enough to be considered to be ‘connected’ into the circle of the Tzaddik.

This is the prayer the Rav wrote especially to protect our soldiers now:

Print off a few copies, and give them out to as many people, as many soldiers, as you can.

They don’t need to know it’s from the Rav.


In the meantime, I am personally praying we stay the heck out of Gaza, and that this all ‘dies down’ again….

God has His own way of dealing with our enemies, and sending hundreds of thousands of our precious Jews into narrow, booby-trapped alleyways, following orders from people no-one trusts doesn’t sound like the best plan, at this stage.


Remember this:

The Rav said that if a war does happen, God forbid, it will end with an earthquake.

He also said many, many times over the last few years that in the month of Cheshvan, the sea will be full of ships from the nations of the world coming to attack Israel.

And the sea will split miraculously, and all those enemy ships will sink to the bottom of the ocean.


When Gush Katif was destroyed as per the instructions of our same ‘friends’ in sheeps’ clothing 18 years ago, there was a lot of rumours discussing an imminent tsunami hitting Gaza, and explaining that this was the reason the Jews had been moved out.

Take a look at THIS (it’s a xtian blog, but it preserved some links on the ‘geula’ blogs from around that time.)

This is a snippet:

“A recent Jewish prophetic blog was posted on August 5, 2005 on both the Years of Awe and the “Moshiach and Geula, End of Days Prophecies, Geula, Moshiach, Gog and Magog,”orthodox and mystical Jewish blogsite that made the following claim.  The claimant for this post referenced the Hebrew site,, stated:

Years of Awe and Moshiach and Geula – HaRav Baruch Shapira, ztvk”l, said ten years ago“I am a big prophet and head of the 36 hidden tzaddikim, and my prophecy is that in the future they will drive out complete settlements from the Gaza Strip, and immediately afterwards there will be a very strong earthquake in the area of Gaza and a huge wave will come and wash away the whole area into the sea, along with all the Palestinians.


Those tsunami rumours resurfaced again in 2014.

But the bit that was ‘missing’ from all those discussions is that you need massive earthquakes, in order to have massive tsunamis.

In 2023, right now,  the earthquakes are picking up all over the world.


A couple of months ago, the Rav talked repeatedly about big quakes hitting Israel, but said that the quakes won’t harm Jews, and will just cause the mosques and churches to fall.

Earthquake = tsunami = sea splitting and enemy warships being totally sunk to the bottom of the ocean = Gaza flooded.

(There is some weird kink in the topography of the sea bed in the Mediterranean, that appears to suggest that if a massive tsunami does hit, Gaza will take the brunt. But clearly, still a very serious circumstance, and still a lot of prayers required for everyone.)


So, let God do His thing.

And do yours, by praying, making teshuva and carrying on with the kindnesses and the charity.

Over the next 30 days of Cheshvan:

> Every day, women should aim for one whole book of tehillim a day – but do whatever you can manage, without letting yourself off the hook.

> And men should aim for three books a day, plus 10 pages of Gemara – but again, do whatever you can manage and push yourself to just keep doing a bit more.

> Turn off the lying news – it just pulls people into despair and fear.

And then the miracles will come.



The miracles are already coming.

A week ago this time – I truly thought we’d be in the middle of a war on three fronts, thousands of rockets every day and God forbid, thousands of precious Jews bogged down in Gaza being killed by yet more ‘friendly fire’ (ahem….)

None of that is happening.


And BH, it won’t happen at all.

But keep going with the tehillim and prayers!

Because only the ‘voice of Yaakov’ can finally destroy the ‘Iron Swords’ of Esav, once and for all.

There’s a few clips going around of a ‘hidden tzaddik’ from just before the horrible events of Shabbat warning about what was about to happen.

One of my friends who speaks Hebrew sent me the following – then scroll down to see the response from the Rav’s gabbay:

I found this, apparently messages from hidden tzaddikim etc. It was put up just a few days before this whole thing erupted. Like a prophecy.
If you look at the channel there are more recent messages saying everything the Rav has been saying. It’s scary.
[The hidden tzaddik] says in a later message that the terror is going to get worse and then there will be an earthquake at the same time. Says to leave the north area, tzfat, Golan etc. He says if we cry out enough to Hashem it’s still possible to cancel the decree.


I asked the Rav’s gabbay if the Rav has said anything about people needing to leave the North at this time.

This is what I just got back from the gabbai, with my elucidation in [square brackets]:

I asked him about [whether] specific people [currently in the North should leave] and he said no Breslover needs to leave.

Meaning whoever will listen to what he says should stay put and will be ok.


I will continue to bring you what the Rav says, as much as possible.

But in the meantime, I’m having an hour of doing some useful ‘forgetting’ about the situation, (as Rebbe Nachman talks about) so I can actually function, and do some other things except feel sad and worried.


Also, to all those who may be feeling frustrated that they aren’t managing to say three books of tehillim a day, or learn 10 pages (20 blatt) of Gemara:

I was discussing this with my husband, and the Rav has a habit of loading on so many requirements, it’s impossible to really do them.

Why does he do this?

My chiddush is to stop us all from having ga’ava, arrogance, because as soon as a person gets all ‘proud’ of his tehillim reciting or gemara learning – that arrogance means all the good he just did goes to the dark side.

I said a whole book of tehillim yesterday, for the first time in years.

And I felt kind of a loser, that it wasn’t THREE books of tehillim….

Likewise, my husband learned more gemara yesterday, on one day, than he has done in the last 3 months combined.

But also felt disappointed and a little ‘broken’ that it wasn’t the full amount.

We were discussing this today, and that’s when the penny dropped about the ‘ga’ava’ aspect.

So, grab whatever you can grab, from whatever low place you find yourself, and now that every letter, every word, creates it’s own angels!

And prayers and Torah done with a broken heart are worth a billion times more than reciting 50 books of tehillim a day with a feeling of arrogance.

May we hear good news very soon.


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New prayer from Rabbi Eliezer Berland shlit”a for the success and protection of the soldiers of Israel who now stand on the frontlines to defend the Jewish people:

Obligatory prayer for protection for IDF soldiers before combat and for returning in peace

Written for the welfare and success of soldiers in Operation Iron Swords 5784

Ribbono Shel Olam — Master of the Universe, Who can do everything, and that nothing can impede [Your] purpose from You.

Hear our prayers and our screams, after over a 1000 boys and girls, young men and women, fathers and mothers, elderly men and women were murdered!

And we have turned into a source of ridicule and mockery in the eyes of all the peoples, and all the nations and all the peoples are rejoicing and happy about our incapacitation.

And since the time of the Shoah (Holocaust), which concluded exactly 75 years ago, there has never been such a shoah (catastrophe) for the Jewish people, and where can we go.


“Where are Your former acts of kindness, O Lord, those You pledged to David in Your faithfulness.  Remember, O Lord, the taunt of Your servant — borne in my bosom from the entire multitude of nations.  That Your enemies have taunted, Hashem, that they have taunted the footsteps of Your Messiah.  Blessed is Hashem forever, Amen and Amen” [Tehilim 89].


Please Hashem, reveal the arm of Your holiness, for “Yours is the arm with power; Your hand is strengthened, Your right hand uplifted.

Righteousness and justice are Your throne’s foundation, kindness and truth precede Your countenance.  Praises to the people who know the shofar’s cry; Hashem, by the illumination of Your countenance they walk.  Of Hashem’s kindness I will sing forever; I will make Your faithfulness known to every generation with my mouth.  For I said, ‘Forever will [Your] kindness be built; the heavens, You establish Your faithfulness in them.’”

Please Hashem, fulfill in us the verses: “I made a covenant with My chosen one. I have sworn to David, My servant: ‘For all eternity I will establish your seed; and I will build your throne for generation after generation, Selah.’ 

Then the heavens will acknowledge Your wonders, Hashem, Your faithfulness, too, in the assembly of holy ones.  For who in the sky can be compared to Hashem; be likened to Hashem among the angels?  God is dreaded in the great counsel of the holy [angels], and is awesome over all who surround Him.”


And fulfill in us the blessing of Avraham and Eliezer, who threw dust — and it turned into swords, straw — and it turned into arrows.

The “Degel Machaneh Ephraim” says [in Parashat Va’Yishlach]: That in the merit of Avraham saying, “I am dust and ashes,” he merited that all straw and dust that he threw turned into swords and arrows.

So may You also give us the merit, that in the merit of turning into dust and ashes, every arrow that we throw — will turn into an atom bomb.

And in the merit of this, the Land of Israel will be built anew.


Traveling to encourage soldiers on the frontlines?  Print for them these prayers for protection and success (in Hebrew)

To download a single copy of the prayer (in Hebrew), click here


They also put up a rough transcript of the Rav’s words from yesterday on the Shuvu Banim site in Hebrew, HERE.

The situation is extremely serious.

Turn off the lying news, and grab your tehillim, wherever you happen to be in the world.

We are in big trouble – lead by traitors, talking their orders from the enemies of the Jewish people, and God Himself.

We need as many prayers as possible, to give the people fighting the best possible chances of coming through all this unscathed, and our real enemies vanquished.

Each word of tehillim, of prayer, creates an angel!


If you can’t say it in Hebrew, then say it in English.

If you can’t do a whole book, do whatever you can managed, keep grabbing more prayers here and there throughout the day.

NOW is the time to pray, and to ‘sweeten’ things before….

It becomes even more obvious that we only have God to rely on.

And may we just hear good news.

Yesterday was a busy day.

I spent hours reciting the whole book of tehillim, as per the Rav’s requests for more people to stop relying on ‘the army’, and to start spending their time doing things that will really help Am Yisrael.

Then, I talked to a few people.

One friend told me she’d just been to a funeral for one of the three boys from her yishuv known to have been killed in the ‘Nature Party’ that was ambushed by ‘Hamas’, who made a beeline for it.

The fake news is now trying to say that the beduin in Israel told ‘Hamas’ all about that Nature Party in Re’im, so they could include it in their plans – last minute of course, just plain dumb luck! – and have 1,000+ totally stoned, easy targets to kill and kidnap.



There are two more boys from my friend’s yishuv still missing, presumed kidnapped.

In the meantime, my daughter went to another funeral for a young man who was also killed at the ‘Nature Party’ yesterday.

The day before that, she went to a funeral for a ‘lone solider’ who’d been killed at Mt Herzl, and while it had a few people, it wasn’t as packed as she hoped.

Ima, they are burying another lone soldier today at 10.30pm, can you go?

Ok, it’s a mitzvah to accompany the dead.

But I asked her:

Why are they burying people at night?

Because there are so many dead people, that’s the only way to get it done.


In the meantime, I went back to the Rav yesterday night, and spent another couple of hours praying, clapping, jumping a bit to sweeten the dinim – and listening to the Rav’s shiur about what is going on.

It was a very strong shiur.

Amongst many other things, he was saying again there is no army.

And he was also talking about the ‘Nature Party’, and the lack of tznius all over the Jewish world, and how the anti-Torah people here shut down the prayers in Tel Aviv on Yom Kippur.

And those prayers are what ‘atone’ for a person’s sin.

If there is no atonement…. then what do we expect?

God has a lot of patience, but when half of secular Israel goes on holiday to the Caribbean for Yom Kippur, what do we expect?


In the meantime, the Rav said our troops were going into Gaza and Lebanon, are in a lot of danger, and need a lot of prayers.

The disgusting puppets who appear to be in control of the country and army had left all the helmets and flak jackets for the reserves to rot over the last few years.

Just in time for the Gaza offensive.

But that plan didn’t work out for them, because Am Yisrael is clubbing together in an awesome way, and very fast they had so much stuff and money donated to buy what’s required, they were literally turning extra donations away.

The chesed and mesirut nefesh and goodness is flowing here like a torrent.

It’s the ‘good’ in the Jewish people that our enemies keep miscalculating – and that we ourselves keep forgetting about, as the horrible, corrupt media keeps going all-out trying to turn us against each other.

Am Yisrael Chai!

But what we’re going through at the moment is not simple at all, and there is still so much pain to be faced.


So, me and my husband went from the Rav to the funeral at Mt Herzl, and found it had been postponed for a while.

The place was packed.

It was full of policemen, and symbols that kinda just make me nauseous, at this point.

But it was also full of ordinary people answering the call to come and participate in what we were told was the funeral of a ‘lone soldier’.

All sorts of people were there, including a large contingent of obvious chareidim.

Later on, when the family showed up, we realised the fallen soldier came from a chareidi family.

The father was weeping as he said kaddish.

The soldier’s Rav was weeping as he gave the chesped,


Until that point, I’d been standing there crushed, kind of feeling disconnected from everything that was going on.

I didn’t appreciate the weird ‘shuffle’ ceremony of the soldiers bringing the coffin to the grave, draped in a huge Israel flag.

Symbol of our State.

Symbol of betrayal.

I didn’t appreciate the army official who was running the funeral spending five minutes giving us a long speech about what to do if there was going to be a rocket siren during the funeral.


I stood there thinking dark thoughts, and trying to banish them by noticing all the good, that brought strangers to a grave in Jerusalem at midnight.

But the tears of that Rav and his chesped finally melted them, and I just stood there and cried a bit.

Together with everyone else.

For Your sake, they kill us all day long.


While we were there, I saw one of the ‘juvenile delinquents’ who spent two years in my house over the Covid lockdowns.

He and his friends used to love all those ‘Nature Parties’, which are full of drugs and promiscuous behavior.

One of that group, Itzik, also spent a lot of time in my house over Covid.

He was the biker who broke his leg in an accident, and who I spent about six months helping to nurse him back to health.

I cooked for that guy… I food-shopped for him…I took him out for meetings and even ‘tiyulim’ in my car, while he was recuperating….

He was a big soul, from a frum Breslov family – but stuck in a massive klipa that he just couldn’t seem to shrug off, especially after his accident.

I already knew he’d been at that Nature Party in Re’im on Simchat Torah, and that no-one had heard from him.

So, I asked the other juvenile delinquent who was his best friend, any news of Itzik?


By this point, the options are that he’s dead and has been rotting in a field for three days, or that he was kidnapped.

It’s hard to know what answer you’d prefer to hear.

I am sure he’s dead, he reached his tikkun, the juvenile delinquent told me, with the sort of calmness you see in people who checked out of living in their own felt experience a very long time ago.


At the funeral, I overheard someone saying they are working non-stop to bury 300 dead soldiers from the attack on Shabbat.

We’re back to that question of how the bases could get ‘taken out’ like that, and no-one even noticed, apparently, for six hours.

No police came from Ashkelon – less than a 20 min drive away.

No army came from any of the other bases dotted all over the south, also less than half an hour’s drive away for a civilian in normal traffic.


For six hours.

And meanwhile, the communications were not ‘taken out’, which is just more lies.

‘Hamas’ couldn’t live stream themselves killing people on Facebook if the communications were ‘taken out’.

Wake up, and see what is staring us all in the face here.


Why is it taking so long to know if Itzik was killed on Shabbat, or kidnapped?

Because there were so many people murdered at that nature party, who were then left in the heat, and fed on as carrion, that many of the bodies are already badly decomposed.

Without DNA, it’s not easy to identify them.

So in the meantime, I’m waiting for funeral number 4.


This morning, I woke up feeling pretty sad.

I had a feeling that Itzik was going to die young.

But not in this way.

But then I remembered what the Rav said, that all these people killed al kiddush Hashem go to the highest place in shemayim, to keter she be keter.

They become a beautiful crown for God’s head, sanctifying His name, killed just because they were a Jew.

In the end, that’s what Itzik, that big soul, merited.

But I’m still crying as I type these words.


Today, we were meant to be going to the wedding venue for a ‘menu tasting’.

Everything has been cancelled.

Israel is currently operating under partial ‘lockdown’ circumstances, with only essential businesses and government offices open.

It’s Covid all over again, just without the masks and with a bunch of rockets.

And hundreds of thousands of our citizens  being sent to fight ‘the enemy’, by the same people who opened the door to ‘the enemy’ on Shabbat, and who are praying that most of us just won’t notice what really happened.

That we’ll just continue buying all the lies in the media about ‘Iran’ and ‘drones’, and all the fake timings and other details.


I already said 50 Tehillim today.

It’s the only way I could get out of bed this morning.

I will continue the rest of the book.

For the ilui neshama of Itzik, and all the other people killed just for being Jews on Shabbat.

For the speedy healing of the 2,000+ injured, including very seriously.

And for the hundreds of thousands being sent off now to fight ‘the enemy’.

We need all the prayers we can get.

So please join in, and add yours to the pile, until it gets high enough that all the harsh judgements against the Jewish people are obliterated from sight – and God can finally bring the geula b’rachamim.