I am reposting this from 5 years ago.

I actually reposted this two years ago, when I had more Trumptards trying to tell me he was the Moshiach she be Esav….whatever.

It’s very interesting to keep going back to the authentic Jewish sources, and to see how they stand the test of time – despite so many efforts to ‘twist’ them into supporting a particular political figure or movement by people who probably should know better.

And it’s also another reason why the only Rabbis I really listen to, at this point, are Rav Berland and his very close talmidim.


Of course, there are still 36 (and some say 72) Lamed Vav Tzaddikim in the world.

Just, I don’t know who they are – but I can tell you who they are definitely NOT:

Anyone who is against the Rav, or slagging off ‘Breslov’ as a ‘cult’.

That’s becoming more and more obvious with each day that passes.


The Rav has gone quite quiet at the moment…. there is not a lot of stuff coming out to share with you right now, at least, that I know about.

I was talking to a friend yesterday, and she was saying that everyone she knows basically has yeoush at this point. BH, the whole job now is to turn that unholy yeoush into ‘holy yeoush’, where we know we’ve done everything we can, and now we just have to sit back and give all this up to God, to do whatever He sees fit.

Right now, I’ve even stopped the tehillim I was doing for the soldiers, and I’ve gone back to aiming for three Tikkun Haklalis a day.

That’s what I can manage, and even that I can’t manage every day.


BH, the Rav’s Torah will get written soon, and this will fundamentally change.

BH, we did our bit to donate to that – and if you didn’t yet, go HERE.

There is not much else to do at this stage.

From this par down, it’s the article text from the first time I reposted this, two years ago.


It was interesting to me, re-reading so many of the comments under this post, and other posts related to the discussion of Trump being ‘good’, to see just how brain-washed almost everyone was, at that stage, before ‘Covid 19’, that Trump was some sort of Edomite ‘messiah’.

Again, we know where those ideas came from.

So, here it is, I haven’t changed anything in the text, and it’s a useful snapshot of that time almost three years ago, when we were waiting for Trump to finally ‘clean the swamp.’

And instead, we got Covid 19 fake pandemics, lockdowns, and GO nanotech shots waved through on ’emergency approval’ which meant they didn’t even really pretend to conduct clinical trials to make sure they were safe and effective…

Tell me again, that Trump is the ‘tov-she-b’Esav’.


The good side of Edom

Date 2019-10-10 13:42:27
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Is the United States of America really the ‘good’ side of Edom?

After going into Yom Kippur in Israel with newspapers blaring headlines that Trump had given permission to Turkey to ‘invade’ Syria (!), I thought it was timely to try to track down what the Gemara says about the ‘good side’ of Edom. I know there’s an idea being floated around that America is somehow the ‘good’ side of Edom, and that Trump is somehow akin to the Roman Emperor Antoninus, who had a very close relationship with Rebbe Yehuda HaNasi around 1800 years ago. As things continue to get more and more ‘interesting’ in the international arena, I thought it was time to actually track down the sources in the Gemara that talk about Antoninus, most of which I found in Avoda Zara 10a and b. We can learn a lot from seeing what the Sages actually said about ‘Edom’ and its rulers, and how that maps on to modern-day America, and its rulers.


The discussion begins in 10a, where the Sages are discussing idolatrous holidays and festivals.

They start talking about something called the ‘Ginusya day of their emperors’, and Rav Yehuda explains:

This is the day on which idolaters inaugurate their emperor.

The Gemara then asks:

But do [the Romans] appoint the son of a king as a king?

The Artscroll notes then state:

“The Emperors of Rome did not reign by hereditary right, but were selected by the previous ruler, or by the Senate.”

Does this sound familiar? The Gemara then goes on to quote a verse from the prophecy of Ovadiah – which is very interesting in its own right, not least because of the following quotes from it:

“Even if you raise [your nest] like an eagle of if you place your nest amongst the stars, I will bring you down from there….. “[T]he house of Yaakov will inherit those who had dispossessed them. The house of Yaakov will be fire, the house of Yosef a flame, and the house of Esav for straw. And they will ignite them and devour them. There will be no survivor to the house of Esav, for Hashem has spoken.”


The allusions to Edom being America seem obvious. The bald-headed eagle is the American emblem – and appears on the logo of the CIA, amongst other things – and ‘the stars’ are also prominently linked to the USA, in just about every sense of the word, beginning with their flag, moving through the space exploration program, and ending with Hollywood. Let’s continue.


Rashi explains in his commentary on Genesis 36:43 that Edom is the ‘ancestor’ of Rome.

The Gemara continues to explains that Rome is ‘inferior among nations’ (quoting Ovadiah) because they:

“Do not appoint the son of a king as king.”

Clearly, the Sages aren’t impressed with the idea of ‘democracy’. The Gemara continues that Edom / Rome is “very despised”:

“Because they do not have their own writings or language.”

These descriptions also ‘fits’ the USA perfectly.


The Gemara now introduces us to the Roman Emperor Antoninus, who had a close relationship with Rebbi, Rabbi Yehuda HaNasi.

The discussion begins with how the Roman Authorities – aka the Senate – are ‘persecuting’ Antoninus, and how Rebbe advises him to kill them off one at a time, and “to not contend with all of them at once.” Rebbe is scared to state this openly, because he’s wary of being bugged. The Gemara says:

“One can never be sure that a private conversation will remain secret.”

Admittedly, this does sound a little Trump-like. Let’s continue.

The Gemara next explains about how Antoninus has a daughter who is acting in a way that could cause her father to become embroiled in a public scandal, and again Rebbe advises him on what to do with her. Next, the Gemara describes how Antoninus is secretly sending Rebbi sacks full of crushed gold disguised as wheat, so that Rebbi will have money to pay the greedy Romans who will come after Antoninus. Then, the scene switches to the secret visits Antoninus would make to Rebbe’s house, where he’d kill the servants who accompanied him. The Gemara says:

“Every day, he would wait upon Rebbi. He would serve him food and serve him drink. When Rebbi wished to climb onto his bed he would bend down before the bed and say [to Rebbi]: “Climb up on me to your bed.”


Before we get into the next, really interesting part, I feel the urge to state the obvious, namely that Trump isn’t doing this for any Jewish sage, last I heard.

He’s not sending Rabbi Berland sacks of gold, he’s not letting Rav Kanievsky use him as a footstool, he’s not asking the Biala Rebbe questions about how to keep Ivanka in line… For sure, Trump has a problem with his ‘Deep State’ trying to take him out of action, same as Antontinus did, but without any of Antoninus’ corresponding personal piety. Let’s continue.

The Gemara now gets into a very interesting discussion that has reverberations for us, and our generation, and our confusion of how best to handle, and relate to ‘Edom’ / America. Antoninus asks Rebbi if he’s going to enter the World to Come, and Rebbi tells him yes. Antoninus then starts quoting the prophet Ovadiah at him, and says:

But it is written ‘and there will be no remnant to the house of Esav’, which implies that the descendants of Esav (Edomites / Romans) will not enter the World to Come. Rebbi responded: “That verse speaks only of one who acts in the manner of Esav.”

“This was also taught in a Baraisa: And there will be no remnant to the House of Esav. It could have been thought that this applies to all Edomites. To dispel this notion, [the Torah] states: To the House of Esav.

By naming Esav, it teaches that only where the Edomite acts in the manner of Esav is he condemned; otherwise, he may enter the World to Come.”

All this is a direct quote from the Gemara.


In the Artscroll notes it states:

“Edomites are barred from the World to Come only if they act like Esav (a barbarian who scorned God, committed murder and violated women.)….[A]ny gentile (even if he is not a ger toshav, who formally accepts the seven Noahide laws) has a portion in the World to Come, provided he does not emulate the barbaric Esav.”


Before we get into a discussion of whether the USA has a history of acting like the arch-hypocrite Esav, pretending to be good, pure and holy while actually rampaging around the world slaughtering anyone who stands in the way of its economic goals and other materialistic desires, let’s just return to the Gemara in Avoda Zara 10b.

Antoninus is still having difficulties believing Rebbi’s assertion that he will make it into the World to Come, and tells him:

But it is written: “There (in Gehinnom) is Edom, her kings and all her presidents.” Apparently, all the leaders of Edom are assigned to Gehinnom! Rebbi replies that the verse isn’t talking about all Edom’s kings, just most of them; and that the verse states: All her presidents, and not all her ministers.

The Artscroll notes explain:

“A president is a ruler of Rome who is not a king, but serves at the behest of the Senate (see Tosfos). A minister is a royal adviser (presumably a senator) – Raavad.”


In other words, every single president of Edom / Rome / America is going to gehinnom.

But here and there, there may be some Edomite royal heads of state, and also the odd Senator and Congressman who may actually escape the rampant moral corruption enough to make it into the World to Come. The Gemara continues with more discussions about the relationship between Antoninus and Rebbe, and the Artscroll notes trace this back to the prophecy that Rebecca is told when she was carrying Esav (Edom) and Yaakov (Israel) back in Genesis, 25:23. I.e. the two babies are two nations, and when one is up, the other will be down.

“Two nations are in your womb…the elder shall serve the younger.”


The Artscroll notes then quote Rabbi Gedalyah Schorr, author of Or Gedalyah who explains that:

“Ideally, Yaakov-Israel and Esav-Edom were meant to enjoy a harmonious and complimentary partnership. Esav…was supposed to defeat evil, while Yaakov…was to promote good. Had Esav fulfilled his role, he would have been equal to Yaakov.”

This view is based on the midrash that states that six tribes should have descended from Esav and six from Yaakov, but this didn’t happen as Esav went bad, failed to live up to his spiritual job, and so Yaakov married Leah instead (who was Esav’s intended bride) and the whole course of Jewish history changed.

Again, Rav Schorr believes that the ‘perfect partnership’ between Edom and Israel did actually occur – uniquely – for one brief interlude in history, when Antoninus was (secretly…) subservient to Rebbe.


From what I can tell, this passage in the midrash appears to be the basis of the idea that Trump is some sort of Edomite ‘good guy’, but there is absolutely no discussion here of any sort of ‘Edomite’ aspect of Moshiach and there is also a very large distinction made in these sources between EDOM and ESAV.

Parts of the former can make teshuva and get some share in the world to come. But Esav can’t. This is a very important distinction to make, if you’ve been reading articles like this. Assuming Trump is a retread of Antoninus, the most that would mean is that he’s sneaking Rav Kanievsky sacks of gold and asking Rav Berland coded messages about what to do with Ivanka.

Even Antoninus couldn’t and didn’t free Israel from Roman rule, nor give permission for the Jews to rebuild the temple. And even making that equivalence between Trump and Antoninus seems to be stretching us past reality.  As we already mentioned, Trump is not sneaking billions to any Jewish sage, nor waiting hand and foot on any rabbi.

If I’m wrong about this, please do let me know, as clearly that would change things. Which bring is to the last part of this discussion, which is this:


Is it realistic to assume that America is the ‘good’ part of Edom, and not actually the bad, unfixable, ‘Esav’ part of Edom?

And that’s where the conversation is going to get a little sticky, because once you move all the brainwashing about apple pie and Uncle Sam out the way, you’ll find that American history is just one, big list of atrocities, genocidal actions and wars. Sure, they were always dressed up as being ‘good’ and holy, but really, they boil down to America using its military might to bully the rest of the world into doing what suited it best, economically.

(Btw, the UK preceded the US, and is also totally corrupt and the ‘Esav’ part of Edom. Anglo Saxon culture also included the Nazis, who were clearly also really bad. However, we’re focusing on the US, because that’s who is still empire-building, and controlling the State of Israel, in 2019.)


The United States committed the first ever genocide, when it brutally killed off millions of its native Americans over the course of a few decades, as I wrote about HERE.

For 250 years, it built its economy off the back of black slaves who were initially brought to America against their will, and then bred by their slave masters like so much chattel. No-one really knows how many blacks lost their lives amidst brutal conditions, worked to death by their pious, white American owners.

No-one knows how many black women slaves were assaulted by their white masters. Blacks didn’t count as real people in America until well into the 1960s and the time of Martin Luther King Jr – and probably well beyond. Then, we have all the European Jews that were barred from entering the US before and during World War II, even though Roosevelt knew they were being slaughtered by the millions.

America held off from really joining the WW2 effort in Europe until the last possible minute, waiting for Stalin to have millions of his soldiers killed by the Nazis, and for the UK to be brought to its knees as an Imperial power. And then, the US decides they are going to drop not just one nuclear bomb on Japan, but two. And not just on a smallish city of 10,000 people but on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, where they killed almost a quarter of a million people, half of them in under a minute. This from Wikipedia:

Over the next two to four months, the acute effects of the atomic bombings killed between 90,000 and 146,000 people in Hiroshima and 39,000 and 80,000 people in Nagasaki; roughly half of the deaths in each city occurred on the first day.

This was totally cruel, totally murderous behavior. You want to try out your nuke? Pick a small target! Keep bombing in increments, until the Japanese gave up! Why bomb two such big cities like that, chik chak, with such terrible loss of life?

To this day, the United States of America is the only country to have actually used its nuclear weapons to destroy tens of thousands of people.


Post WW2, the Dulles brothers and Eisenhower decided to secretly ship 1,600 hardcore Nazi scientists over to the US, as part of Operation Paperclip.

That Nazi science has morally corrupted the US in a million different ways, particularly in the realms of medicine,  biology and economics and industry, which most people still are blissfully unaware of. (Btw, I think that number is way too low. If you include intelligence assets that were ‘taken over’ by the CIA and the British, the number of former Nazis working for the West bounds into the thousands.)

The US has spent decades since WW2 rampaging around the world, starting wars whenever its economic interests are threatened, that have totally devastated whole countries and left tens of millions of people dead, homeless or totally impoverished and with nothing to look forward to. Of course, American actions are always dressed up as ‘good’ and ‘holy’ and above reproach ‘, but really?

America is acting exactly like Esav.


Is everyone in the US acting like Esav?

No, clearly not. There are many good noahides / non-Jews in the US – and also in other parts of the Edomite Western world – and these people will be the parts of Edom who will make it to the World to Come, as described in the Gemara, above. But America’s politicians? America’s presidents? America’s generals? America’s elites?

There is absolutely no basis in fact or Jewish sources for believing that these people are even close to being the ‘good’ part of Edom.


What the sources do seem to clearly show, however is that the USA = Esav, mamash.

Right down to its ‘presidents’, senators, eagle emblem and stars and stripes flag. Here and there, there might be a good politician, but the Gemara is clear:

[A]ll the leaders of Edom are assigned to Gehinnom.

The LEADERS of Edom are all the politicians, heads of states and European royalty. But America itself is obviously acting like ‘Esav’, pretending to be 100% kosher, but really just a pig. And the sources are clear that:

[T]here will be no remnant to the House of Esav.


Which is why I find statements like this to be extremely puzzling:

“When Esau is seen helping Israel, it is a sign Moshiach is right around the corner,” Rabbi Kessin said.

In explanation, Rabbi Kessin quoted the Bible concerning the prophesied fate of Jacob and Esau told to their mother, Rivka. And Hashem answered her, “Two nations are in your womb, Two separate peoples shall issue from your body; One people shall be mightier than the other, And the older shall serve the younger.” Genesis 25:23

The rabbi noted an ambiguity in the Hebrew text that had vastly different import. “Due to the absence of pronunciation markings, the wording of the Torah text can be read either as ‘va’ya’avod’, meaning he shall serve, or ‘va’ya’aved’,  he shall enslave,” the rabbi explained. “Esau will help Jacob by either serving him or by causing him to suffer since suffering is a way to bring God back into the world.”


So, is Trump a possible reincarnation of Antoninus?

It’s possible, especially if you take into account Trump’s pronounced ‘anti war’ stances, but unlikely, especially if you look at recent tweets like this:

“President Trump is the greatest President for Jews and for Israel in the history of the world, not just America, he is the best President for Israel in the history of the world…and the Jewish people in Israel love him like he’s the King of Israel. They love him like he is the second coming of God… But American Jews don’t know him or like him. They don’t even know what they’re doing or saying anymore.”

Does this sound like the kind of guy who’d be sending Rav Berland secret sacks of gold, or letting Rav Kanievsky use him as a footstool?…. If you look through the history books, there are other Roman leaders who sound far, far more like Trump than Antoninus Pius….


I never got around to specifying who I had in mind in that original post, but go and read up about Crassus.

Snippet from HERE:

Some of Crassus’ wealth was acquired conventionally, through slave trafficking, production from silver mines, and speculative real estate purchases.

Crassus bought property that was confiscated in proscriptions and by notoriously purchasing burnt and collapsed buildings. Plutarch wrote that, observing how frequent such occurrences were, he bought slaves “who were architects and builders.” When he had over 500 slaves, he bought houses that had burnt and the adjacent ones “because their owners would let go at a trifling price.”

He bought “the largest part of Rome” in this way, buying them on the cheap and rebuilding them with slave labor.

There is nothing new under the sun.

I’ll be honest: it’s hard to write at the moment.

I have a lot of conflicting stuff going on inside myself at the moment, plus the enormous uncertainty of where is all this going, and how does it turn around, tachlis – I have started a few posts today, but deleted them.

But then, a friend I hadn’t seen for a very long time popped into Jerusalem with a book she wanted to give me, by R Doron Peretz.

This is what she wrote me:

As you may have heard –  Rav Doron Perez (Chairman of World Mizrachi Organization, and who lives in [a yishuv] with his family since making aliya 9 years ago from South Africa) published a book about 8 months ago called THE JEWISH STATE.
Having read it recently, during this tkufa, my husband was blown away by it’s relevance to the current wave of antisemitism that we are experiencing right now.


My husband was inspired to purchase many copies, dedicating the book to the safe return of Rabbi Perez’s son – Daniel Shimon ben Sharon – and to all the other hostages. We want to gift them to people we think will appreciate and benefit from it’s rich, well-referenced – biblical, spiritual and modern – content.

Attached is a picture of the book and one of the inside cover.

All of them have the dedication to Daniel on the left side .  Each individual book has a different picture of one of the other hostages on the right.



I don’t know Rabbi Perez personally.

My friend told me that the Perez family married another son 10 days after October 7th occurred – when the son pictured above was kidnapped from his tank and taken into Gaza.

Here’s R Perez talking about that decision, and the strange reality where you can marry one son while the other son is taken into Gaza by ‘terrorists’.



Also this morning, I suddenly started wondering about all the dead terrorists that croaked on Israeli soil from Simchat Torah.

Why aren’t we hearing about those dead Palestinians?!

Why aren’t they also part of this discussion about ‘Bringing them Home’ etc etc etc?!


Just now, Daniel Amram answered that question, here’s a Google translated screenshot:


This speaks for itself.

Doesn’t it?

Do you still want to tell me that the people running our country and ‘leading this war’ are working for the Jewish people’s best interests?



But the cognitive dissonance – the gap between what we see happening with our own two eyes, and what we believe – is getting so strong, that unless people start jumping over into ‘the world of truth’ very soon, I simply don’t know how their psyches are going to come through this in one piece.

Our country is run by gaslighting narcissists who lie as easily as they breathe.

When enough of us really just start to acknowledge what is staring us right in the face, so blatantly, and so repeatedly  – that’s when this will finally start to change.

Of course…. that’s not an easy proposition.


We were all raised with stories of ‘Moshiach ben David Gurion’, and the rest of it.

The brainwashing is very, very hard to erase – especially for those in the dati leumi camp, who were (and still are) being taught to revere the State as the holiest of holy.

You can tear up the whole Torah, if the State tells you to do that – and it’s dafka a big mitzvah to do that, even!

According to the ‘dati leumi’ rabbis who learned their craft very well from people like David Sinzheim and Avraham Kook.


Me personally?

I am zig-zagging between mostly just trying to ignore ‘the war’ and everything to do with it, as much as I can, as much as possible, and then having half an hour a day of feeling like I’m going totally nuts from the mad, crazy, insane, unfair, and just plain ‘evil’ stuff being done by our dear leaders.

And I’m also playing this song by Omer Adam and Yasmin Muallem (not shmirat eynayim friendly, but really great to listen to) on repeat:

In the end, it will be good.

The flowers will still bloom, it will be good.

In the middle of the darkness, that’s where the light is ignited.


BH, may that happen very soon.

Before we dive in to the next tranche of ‘real Jewish history’, let’s just do a recap of where we’ve got to, so far, in this series of masons and maskilim.

Josef II, the ‘enlightened dictator’ of Vienna, was the brother of Marie Antoinette, Queen of France – and also head of a bunch of satanic secret societies, including the ‘Order of the Golden Fleece’.

Josef II wanted to ‘enlighten’ the Jews in his domains – and he had a lot of help with that with a bunch of greedy, immoral ‘Court Jews’ who happened to have wonderful yichus, and who were usually also ‘big rabbis’ themselves.

(Before they became maskilim and members of all these satanic secret societies.)

Most of these maskilim have been covered up – their real names buried, their links to the rabbinical families back in the Jewish community severed, their influence minimised.

These maskilim are known to us as ‘the Frankists’ – a fake name given to the movement, it’s leader, and its followers, to try and cover up just  how many leading rabbis from Sabbatean families were actually involved with ‘the Frankists’.

While some of these maskilim wanted to dump the Torah but stay Jewish, many others converted out and then became leading missionaries amongst the Jews – including ‘Jacob Frank’ himself.


The last thing to put out there is that it seems to me that Josef II and his little band of secret society satanists may have been at least some of the ‘power behind the throne’ when it comes to funding and organising the French Revolution that saw his own sister deposed and guillotined, along with Louis XVIth of France.

Very shortly before Marie Antoinette married Louis, Austria and France had been engaged in a devastating 30 years war.

The marriage was meant to cement a very fragile ‘peace’ between the two nations, but it wouldn’t surprise me, at all, if Josef II took his chance to try to destroy the French monarchy once and for all – and who cares, if his own sister also got beheaded as a result.

Gotta love those satanic monarchs….


OK, so now let’s get back to the details of the story, and today, take a closer look at what was actually happening in France, with all these masonic maskilim.

I turned up some really interesting stuff that for sure nobody ever got taught in their history lessons at school….


The story begins when I was trying to trace back the ancestry of the ‘Million Jew’, Mozart’s patron and Josef II’s confidante who converted to xtianity, BARON KARL ABRAHAM WETZLAR von PLANKENSTERN.

You can see what’s left of his tree on Geni HERE.

And he (of course….) links us back to the OPPENHEIMERs, and also to the same family of KATZ’s that gave us Shabtai Tzvi / SHACH. Of course.

Like this:


I think I need to do a whole separate post on the OPPENHEIMERS and WERTHEIMERS, so let’s leave them to one side for now, but it’s enough to notice, again, that the people controlling the Jewish community: IT’S ALWAYS THE SAME PEOPLE, THE SAME SMALL FAMILY.


OK, so KARL ABRAHAM goes to work for his close relative SIMON WOLF OPPENHEIMER – apparently at the same time as ‘MAYER AMSCHEL ROTHSCHILD’ is also clerking there.

KARL ABRAHAM is clearly very good at his job, and makes a name for himself arranging cheap loans for the HABSBURGs, as well as finding supplies for their military (who are busy fighting the 30 years war with France….)

He decides to convert and become ennobled in 1777, but his wife ELEONORA apparently refuses.

I’m scooting around her very truncated family tree when I notice it says that one of her unnamed sisters marries: ? ZIENSHEIMER.

Because I’ve been wise to their tricks for a long time on Geni, I understood immediately that the sister-in-law of KARL ABRAHAM WETZLAR had married into the illustrious SINZHEIM clan – but the Geni gatekeepers were going to great lengths to try to disguise this.

So of course, that’s were I zoned in.


The Rav mentioned ‘R (JOSEF) DAVID SINZHEIM’ (1745 – 1812) in his comments about Josef II.

He said this:

So, they wanted to put the wife of R’ David Sinzheim in jail, because she was walking around totally covered-up.

But after they’d already handed down the sentence to put her in jail, after a month, they sent her away.

[Returning to the topic of Danton] – They also killed him, and brought the monarchy back again, because they saw that it was never-ending.

The Revolution was worse than the monarchy, they killed 100,000 people, they were killing people in the streets.


If you go to Wiki, you find a frankly scary picture of DAVID SINZHEIM, together with a bit more info.


What in the world is with that creepy hat?!

He lived exactly the same time as the Alter Rebbe of Chabad – 1745-1812.

Here’s a snippet from the Wiki page, and then we’ll get to the really interesting stuff:

Sinzheim was the most learned and prominent member of the Assembly of Notables convened by Napoleon on May 30, 1806...

On February 9, 1807, four days after the Assembly of Notables was dissolved, the Grand Sanhedrin was convened; its chairman (“nasi“), appointed by the minister of the interior, was Sinzheim, who had probably suggested the assembly, having been frequently consulted by the imperial commissioner.

The consistorial constitution, provided by the decree of March 17, 1808, opened a new field of activity for Sinzheim, who was elected chairman of the Central Consistory of France.


Now, let’s go back to a shiur that Rav Berland gave in October 2019, shortly before ‘Covid 19’ began, that was entitled on the ravberland.com site like this:



[T]hey thought that Napoleon would kill all the Jews, he simply didn’t stop, he said ok, he’ll kill all the Jews.

He reconstituted the Sanhedrin – on Shabbat, but no one came, apart from the Reform.

He said, Reform aren’t Jews.

He didn’t need the Reform Jews, so he had no choice and he opened the Sanhedrin on a weekday.

And then there was David Zinzheim who was the Rav of Paris, he was head of the Rabbanim.

The Rabbanut of Italy said this was a case of pikuach nefesh (a matter of life and death) so it should be permitted to travel on Shabbat. Rav Zinzheim said, ‘no such thing, – so there shouldn’t be a Sanhedrin.’

The Reform came and Napoleon said,

‘I’m not making a Sanhedrin with Reform, Reform aren’t Jews at all.’


So he [Napoleon] said there [to the Sanhedrin]:

‘Who are you loyal to, to Eretz Yisrael, or to France?’ [They replied] ‘We are loyal to France’.

[Napoleon said] ‘So do something then which goes against Torah!’

Rav David said, it’s not possible to go against the Torah. If it’s pikuach nefesh, then it’s permitted, but if it’s not pikuach nefesh then it’s forbidden for you to make make laws against us.

This answer found favor in the eyes of Napoleon.

He opened the Sanhedrin on Wednesday or Tuesday, and there were something like ten rows, all the Rabbis, there in the Sanhedrin.


As usual, the Rav was giving a whole bunch of ‘hints’ back then that even now, we are still only just starting the process of piecing together.

REFORM = FRANKIST-FREEMASONS – the ones who didn’t want to convert to xtianity, specifically, they just wanted to ditch the whole Torah and be ‘free’ to do whatever the heck they wanted.

This is probably also a good time to remind you that NAPOLEON himself was a very high-ranking ‘Freemason’, and literally all his family, including his wife and his father, were also members of these secret societies. According to Chabad lore, Napoleon was also a big sorcerer – and he seems to have been a puppet-leader, who was hand-picked to ‘lead’ the French Revolution that was hoping to destroy the French Monarch and Church for good.


OK, so now let’s take a closer look at R JOSEF DAVID SINZHEIM, the angry-looking guy in the creepy hat who first came up with that cunning psak that the whole Torah can be trampled as soon as you start waving around the pikuach nefesh flag.

(Remember what happened in Covid? There is nothing new under the sun.)


You will be shocked, SHOCKED!!! to learn that the Geni gatekeepers have apparently ‘lost’ most of his ancestors….

There are so many dead-ends, so many people without spouses, children or parents.

But never mind… We can still figure it out.

Wiki tells us this:

He was the son of Rabbi Isaac Sinzheim of Treves, and brother-in-law of Herz Cerfbeer.

Over HERE, I find a different tree for an ‘ISAAC SINZHEIM’ that gets me right into the matrix.

The first thing I notice is that so many members of this wider SINZHEIM clan are tagged with the descriptor ‘Banker in Vienna’.



So, I could probably figure out EXACTLY which of the many ‘ISAAC SINZHEIMs’ is our guy’s dad.

But I have to be honest that it takes me days, weeks and even months to crack the nuts to that level of detail, so this time around, you’ll have to take my word for it that we are in the right family tree.

Maybe, DAVID SINZHEIM’s dad is this ISAAC SINZHEIM Banker of Landau and father of BREINLE SCHIFF, married to DAVID TEBELE SCHIFF, the Chief Rabbi of England, and ‘good friend’ of the Bad Baal Shem of London – such good friends, in fact, that FALK mentioned SCHIFF in his will.

(You remember, FALK is the first father-in-law of false messiah ‘JACOB FRANK’? Of course you do.)


Here’s a picture of DAVID TEBELE SCHIFF – notice the hand:


So, this particular ISAAC SINZHEIM has a nephew called RAPHAEL SINZHEIM, who marries none other than ELEONORE ARNSTEINER.

She is the daughter of ARON ISAK ARNSTEINER (1682-1744) and ELLA LIEBMAN, the grand-daughter of JOST LIBMAN / YEHUDA BERLIN.

JOST LIBMAN is the F-I-L of ‘MICHAEL CHASSID’, chief rabbi of Berlin who excommunicates the whole Jewish community on the King’s say-so, and who is also the grandpa of JOSEPH VON SONNENFELS – a big mason-maskil who was helping Josef II ‘enlighten’ his Jewish subjects (whilst also heading up an Illuminati lodge…..)

Here’s his picture:


So yes.

That particular ‘ISAAC SINZHEIM’ has my vote, for being the missing dad of JOSEPH DAVID SINZHEIM, head of Napoleon’s Sanhedrin.

But there are even more secrets hiding out over here.


Let’s put to one side, for now, that the whole of the SINZHEIM family tree in Paris is crawling with people called DREYFUS.

If someone else wants to check out how all these ‘DREFUS’ people tie up with ALFRED DREYFUS and the DREYFUS AFFAIR that got the ‘State of Israel project’ well and truly running, be my guest.

For now, I want to take a closer look at DAVID SINZHEIM’s immediate family.


As WIKI told us, David Sinzheim’s brother-in-law is one: NAFTALI HIRZ CERF BERR DE MEDELSHEIM (1730-1793).

(Remember, another of Sinzheim’s scrubbed brother-in-laws is BARON KARL ABRAHAM WETZLAR, the guy who is arming Austria and a big favorite of Josef II.)

I’d never heard of him, so I went to look him up. Just look at that hand, tucked away snugly in the favorite ‘freemason’ position inside the vest…

Snippet from HERE:

Herz Cerfbeer of Medelsheim was a French Jewish philanthropist.

He was a contractor to the army, and employed his wealth and his influence with the French government in promoting the material and spiritual welfare of his coreligionists.

The government permitted him to settle at Strasburg, in opposition to the wishes of the authorities of that city, who zealously enforced the law excluding Jews.

Cerfbeer protected all Jews who were willing to earn a livelihood by manual labor.

As soon as he had received (in 1775) from Louis XVI the patent granting him the rights of citizenship “for services rendered by him to the government and to the land during the famine of 1770 and 1771,” Cerfbeer established factories, where he employed Jews, in order to withdraw them from petty trading, and also to deprive their accusers of all excuse for prejudice.

The Strasburg Germans, who made every effort to prevent the Jews from settling in that city, compelled Cerfbeer to endeavor to obtain from the government the repeal of exceptional laws.

A petition to the king was drawn up by Cerfbeer and sent to Moses Mendelssohn for revision.


Connection with royalty: tick.

Arms dealing ‘philanthropist’ who becomes the head of the Jewish community (there is nothing new under the sun….): tick.

Deeply connected to the Frankist-Freemason-Maskilim-Reformers: tick

Pushing ‘manual labor’ on the Jews, instead of learning Torah: tick.

But with a little more digging, we learn even more interesting things.


Wiki tells us that:

At the outbreak of the Reign of Terror in France, Cerfbeer was thrown into prison on suspicion of favoring the royal cause, but was set free after a year of confinement.

Meanwhile, they were literally chopping the heads off 100,000 people who were much less connected to the late Monarch, Louis XVIth than Cerf Beer was….

Something doesn’t add up here.


When I go back to ISAAC SINZHEIM’s family tree, crawling with ARNSTEINS, OPPENHEIMERS, WERTHEIMERS – all the people who were giving the Austrian monarchs the money and credit they required to continue their 30 year war with France – I notice something other stuff.

First, my candidate for the ‘real life’ Moses Dobrushka – aka ANDREAS JOSEF POPPER DUSCHENES – also appears in this tree, and is married to an ARNSTEIN:

(You remember, that the DUSCHENES family of Frankist-Freemasons were bankrolling the Old Yishuv of Eretz Yisrael? Of course you do!)


Next, I notice that the family tree of those converted, ennobled Viennese bankers called the KOENIGWATERS is also in this SINZHEIM family tree:

(And the PRESSBURG family links us straight up with the CHATAM SOFER and his students…. More about that another time, BH.)


There are Rothschilds in this family tree…. And also RATISBONNES.

In fact, it looks like those Jewish-Jesuit RATISBONNES we wrote about HERE, who bought up a ton of land in Jerusalem – Ein Karem and the Old City, and built monasteries on them – are the grandchildren of this same CERF BERR, B-I-L of David Sinzheim, and arms dealing philanthropist….

Who would have imagined?


There is the HONIGSBERG family of ennobled Prague Frankists….

There is ‘FANNY VON ARNSTEIN’ – aka Fanny ITZIG, daughter of Berlin banker DANIEL ITZIG JAFFE (that surname is interesting and links us straight to some very notable early followers of CHABAD… We will be coming back to him soon, BH.)


And just to bring this full circle, at the very end of the tree, we have another tie-up with our very own KARL SIMON WETZLAR VON PLANKENSTERN, who was supplying the Austrian army in its 30 year war with France, whilst also being the brother-in-law of the Chief Rabbi of Paris, DAVID SINZHEIM.


Her dad, JOSEPH MICHAEL ARNSTEIN is a brother of that NATAN ADAM ARNSTEIN who heads up the bank funding Josef II’s wars and expansion of his empire, together with BERNHARD ESKELES.

(Both men are members of the ASIAN BROTHERHOOD secret society, at the very least….)


So…. It’s kind of weird that Napoleon and the revolutionnaries dafka wouldn’t execute CERF BERR, when all his close relatives are literally funding the Austrian Empire’s war machine and are very close associates of Josef II, Marie Antoinette’s brother….

Isn’t it?


You want to know what I think?

I think that Josef II hatched the idea of the satanic, anti-God ‘French Revolution’ with his satanic, anti-Jesuit circle of secret society chums….

And financed it and organised it, in order to have the last laugh against the French Monarchs who ‘stole Spain’ from the Austrian Habsburgs, in the War of the Spanish Succession.

But then, it all got terribly out of hand….and Napoleon had to be ‘brought to heel’.


The last thing, for now, is a big list of the ‘REFORM’ rabbis who attended Napoleon’s Sanhedrin, together with DAVID SINZHEIM.

You can read it HERE.

Did you know SAMUEL MARX LEVI – the uncle of communist KARL MARX – was in attendance?

Also, the Sanhedrin included a whole bunch of descendants of that same CERF BERR, arms dealer to Louis XVI and B-i-L of DAVID SINZHEIM?


(Read more about his descendant, ISAAC ADOLPHE CREMIEUX, big buddy of Louis Bonaparte, French Justice Minister, founder of the notorious ALLIANCE ISRAELITE – and of course, a total mason – HERE.)

And David Moses GUNZBURG?


OK, we’ll stop there for now.

The main point is:

It’s always the same people fighting to be the arms-dealing ‘court Jew’ who will get the billion dollar bribe paid into their secret bank accounts for betraying the Jewish people to our worst enemies….

Just, they don’t want you and me to know that.



If you have 5 minutes spare, I highly recommend you read this post on Napoleon and Freemasonry:


Remember that Josef II adopted the REICHSTADLER – the two-headed eagle – as his symbol?

Look at this:


Snippet explaining what this is:

[A] very assorted French Freemasonry became a united and homogenous system, which was entirely in Napoleonic spirit.

Soon was published “The Freemasons’ Regulator” – a set of rules and rituals for the Lodges of the Grand Orient of France. The Lodges of the Scottish Rite also made appropriate amendments to their rules – it took them three years, however.

As a result, the rituals still did not become identical, but there was a single Supreme Council of the 33rd degree, the decisions of which became binding for all.

The Emperor could influence any decision, since, by that time, the Supreme Council was headed by his elder brother Joseph, who had become the Grand Master.


Know thy enemy.


PS: My daughter sent me this clip of the ‘Werewolves’ game created by a Russian sociologist who was trying to show that a tiny minority can totally control the rest of society, when the majority lack the information required to understand what they are really up against.

I think it’s appropriate for the end of this post:

The last couple of days, I’ve been feeling unusually ‘stressed out’.

We could blame ‘the war’, ‘the matzav’, ‘the weather’ – but that’s been going on for almost four months, already.

And the type of stress I’ve been feeling the last two days has been almost exclusively ‘physical’, with strange pains and weird ‘vibes’ in my back and stomach.

This happened before in the past.

Around nine years ago, the last time Israel was engaged in some sort of ‘war’ in Gaza.


So, for sure there is some sort of emotional / spiritual component going on with all this ‘stress’ I’m feeling.

But I’m also increasingly coming to the idea that it may be a result of all the ‘frequencies’ going on, as the Evils try their darndest to get ‘Disease X’ out the stable and rampaging around.

Once you understand that this stuff is frequency, not virus – i.e. radiation, not ‘germs’ – it’s a game-changer in trying to deal with the fall-out (no pun intended).


Before I tell you more about lentils and Epsom salts, let’s just take a small detour into something called ‘the Vagus Nerve’.

THIS article on Medium is a good basic introduction to what it is, and what it does.

Long story short, it travels up the front of the body, is the longest nerve in the system, ‘collects’ and collates information from ‘the outside’ which it then feeds back to the brain – and is probably the main way these ‘frequencies’ are being used to totally stress us out.

Again, if you want more in-depth understanding, take a couple of minutes to read the story on Medium, above.


Bottom line: anything you can do to protect the vagus nerve, and ‘cushion’ it from being bombarded 24/7 by stress-inducing frequency, is going to do wonders for your health, immune system and overall feeling of ‘relaxation’.

Which brings us to the lentils.


I learned the principles of Sujok, a type of acupressure using the hands and feet that was developed in South Korea, around a decade ago. Over the years, the thing I have come back to again and again and again is ‘seed therapy’.

This snippet comes from HERE:

Seed Therapy is one of the important natural stimulator therapies.

This precise acupressure phenomenon is the reason why Seed Therapy is regarded as a major treatment pertaining to Su Jok Therapy.

Post acupressure treatment, patients are encouraged to tie or adhere seeds using adhesive plaster on the painful points. The pulsations of the seeds deliver further energy to accelerate the progression of expedited healing when in direct contact to the treated point.

Seed therapy is effective against chronic diseases and certain pains; especially joint pains.

The seeds could be either placed singly over the effected area or may cover the entire painful section (Devitt, 2009).


Again, I’m not going to ‘deep dive’ into this – if you’re interested in knowing more, feel free to ‘deep dive’ yourself.

What I am going to do, is tell you what happened yesterday.

Yesterday, I was having a whole bunch of weird pains and ‘vibes’ up and down my back, and also up and down my front.

And I started to feel, super, super, super ‘stressed out’, physically.

It took me a day to remember about the lentils.

When I put a line of whole red lentils on some medical tape, and stuck that line of lentils on my fingers, one corresponding to the ‘back’ and one corresponding to the ‘front’ – the effect was instantaneous.

My stress didn’t drop to zero, but it went from about a 95% level to a manageable 20% level – within five minutes.


Basically, the lentils acted as an energetic ‘buffer’, absorbing all the excess energy, the excess ‘frequency’ that was being absorbed by the vagus nerve, and totally stressing me out.

Without deep-diving more into how all this works etc etc etc, if you want to try the experiment at home, this is what you do.

  1. Get some WHOLE red lentils.
  2. Get some adhesive medical tape like micropore.
  3. Rip a length of tape a little shorter than the length of your middle finger.
  4. Place the lentils in a single line on the tape.
  5. Stick the tape in the middle of your finger, lengthwise, from top to bottom, on the back of your hand (this equates to the area of the spine.)
  6. Repeat steps 3 and 4, but stick this bit of tape in the middle of your finger on the palm-side of your hand. This equates to where the vagus nerve is.
  7. Leave it on for at least an hour – overnight is better.
  8. If most of your lentils have cracked – rinse and repeat this process, until that stops.


Something else that helps is a bath with Epsom salts, together with half a cup of baking soda.

If you want to know more about how that all works, there are still some interesting posts floating around the net.


Bottom line: the pains have gone, the ‘unmanageable’ stress has disappeared, and now I’m just left with the usual stress of living in a corrupt failed State, that is killing more of our soldiers from ‘friendly fire’ and ‘accidents’ than Hamas.

By a long way.


But even there, there are signs that the pendulum is finally starting to swing back against the Evils that are arranging all this death and destruction here in Israel, for their own ends.

Take a look at this strange story:



A one-way attack drone crashed into the Jordanian base Saturday night, killing the three U.S. service members and injuring 25 more, U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) said in a statement.

One of the Iran-backed militant groups operating in Syria and Iraq carried out the attack, but the facts of the incident were still being assessed, the White House also said.


Of course, the US army is actually every place where ‘the enemies of the Jewish people’ are.

There are thousands of US marines in Gaza….in Lebanon….in Jordan….in Syria, still.

I am *sure* they are just there to help the Jewish people, ahem.

And, I am also *sure* that any suggestion that the US army is actually behind all the war and death going on here is just the lunatic rantings of a conspiracy theorist….


But it’s interesting, that this is the first identification of a ‘drone’ killing soldiers we’ve had in this whole situation… which is kind of strange all by itself.



The last coping strategy is that I’m actually trying to spend way, way less time online.

So, that’s it for today.



I got sent the following over email:

Just wanted to let you know. The frequencies you have been feeling for the last 1.5-2 days are to be seen here:
This is a man-made signal of unknown origin that had been going for months, then it was turned off for a few weeks, and now since two days or so it is back on again. Many people I know are feeling it. These charts were made in Italy.
Here you can see what happened to some readings when they turned it on, and the rest of the chart is showing how that chart has been basically taken off the air:
And here you can see in Russia what happened when “it” turned back on:
the blue stripe on the left is the “normal”, and the sudden appearance going from there toward the right of the green, orange and white is what happened when this was turned back on.

I guess I was picking all this up, first-hand….

And I’m not as crazy as I might seem.


I went back to the Rav’s comments about the ‘benevolent despot’ and lover of Eva Frank, Josef II of Austria.

(Read that HERE.)

When I started to take a closer look at the Jewish maskilim who were in Josef II’s circle, helping him to destroy the Jewish community from within while also promoting their satanic ‘one world [anti-God] religion’ – all of a sudden, I found a bunch of real people.

I know I say this a lot, but I spent the best part of three years doing family trees for fake personas, before I realised that none of them could be pinned down ‘in the real world’.

Once I switched things around, and started to look for the real ancestors of our ‘real leaders’ in the Jewish community today (because it’s been the exact same people for centuries) – that’s when all this stuff really started to open up like a book.


So, today’s tranche of real Jewish history is going to return to that heady mix of masons and maskilim that were milling around Josef II of Austria, and ‘Jacob Frank’ of Offenbach, to catch more very interesting connections and associations, that turn most of what we think we know about ‘Jewish history’ totally on its head.



Let us begin.


If you’ve been with me for a while, you’ll already now that I got banned off a bunch of Chat GPT bots a few months back, when I was trying to ‘dig deeper’ into the historical lies they keep telling us all.

But last week, I had a computer with access to some AI chatbots.

Even though I know the info is riddled with ‘misinformation’ and ‘disinformation’, I asked AI to give me some names of the Jewish masonic-maskillim in Josef II’s circle, as a starting point to tracking them down ‘in the real world’.

It came back with the following people and short descriptions (which I’m editing, for clarity and truthfulness):

During the reign of Joseph II of Austria (1780-1790), several prominent Jews played significant roles at his court. Some of the notable Jews who served in various capacities during his reign include:

  1. Solomon Maimon: A philosopher and scholar, Maimon served as a tutor to Joseph II’s brother, Archduke Maximilian Francis.

  2. Moses Mendelssohn: Mendelssohn was a philosopher and one of the leading figures of the Jewish Enlightenment, also known as the Haskalah. He had a close relationship with the emperor and corresponded with him on matters of Jewish emancipation and religious reforms.

  3. Benjamin Wolf Herxheim: Herxheim was a banker and court agent who served as a financial advisor to Joseph II. He played a significant role in managing the imperial finances.

  4. Samson Wertheimer: While not during Joseph II’s reign, Samson Wertheimer was a prominent figure in the Austrian court during the late 17th and early 18th centuries. He served as the chief court Jew and financial advisor to the Habsburg emperors Leopold I, Joseph I, and Charles VI.


After a bit more nudging, it also added these people to the list:

  1. Isaac Herz Homberg: Homberg was a prominent physician who served as the personal physician to Joseph II.

  2. Marcus Herz: Marcus Herz was a philosopher and close associate of Moses Mendelssohn. He was part of the intellectual circles that influenced the emperor’s thinking and played a significant role in disseminating Enlightenment ideas.

  3. Joseph II’s Jewish Advisors: Joseph II sought the counsel of several Jewish advisors who were influential in shaping his policies regarding Jewish emancipation and religious reforms. These advisors included figures like Solomon Dubno, a rabbi and scholar who provided guidance on matters of Jewish law, and Joshua Falk, a Talmudic scholar who advised on matters of religious doctrine.


Because the AI is programmed with ‘fake history’, it lies through it’s teeth.

But also, because it’s a computer, it sometimes unwittingly throws up ‘real information’ without meaning to.

That’s what happened this time around.

As usual, I started going through some of the people I hadn’t heard of before.


‘Isaac Herz Homberg’ appears to be NAFTALI HERZ HOMBERG (1749-1841), former student of the Noda B’Yehuda, Ezekiel Landau, who became a big masonic-maskil.

This fairly long snippet is from the the CongressforJewishculture website:

Over the years 1768-1779, he studied in Breslau, Berlin, and Hamburg.

He served as a teacher of Moses Mendelssohn’s son, Yosef, [for three years – and lived under Mendelssohn’s roof] and [as] a teacher for the Jewish community of Trieste.

From 1787 he was working as inspector of the German government schools in Galicia, where by various forced means he tried to assimilate the Galician Jews to German culture.

Between 1787 and 1800, he founded over one hundred such schools in Galicia as well as a teachers’ seminary in Lemberg.


In 1788 he turned to the Galician rabbis at the time with a “manifesto,” in which he attempted to demonstrate the truth of the government’s stance on the issue of Jewish education.

In 1794 he handed the government a memorandum, in which he “explained” the reasons for Jewish obstinacy in standing by their traditions, and he proposed that the yeshivas be closed, Hebrew be banned from instruction, and a strict censorship on religious texts be introduced.


I’m quoting this at length, so you understand just how ‘anti-Torah’ and ‘anti-Judaism’ these masonic-maskilim really were, even with their massive yichus and with the Noda b’Yehuda as their rebbe.

Here’s a picture of him from Wiki, HERE:


[1]This HOMBERG then moves to Vienna – which is presumably where he joins the inner circle of Josef II.

He also writes a couple of heretical books – Imrei Shefer and Bnei Zion – that any Jewish couples who want to get married have to study and also pass an exam on, before they will be given a marriage licence by the Austrian government.

The more we learn about how they operated then to introduce their heretical ideas into the community via ‘education’, the more we understand how all this stuff is still operating today.

For all the ‘praise’ and royal medals he got in the secular, ‘enlightened’ world, this last snippet actually sums up who he really was:

In the memory and folktales of Galician Jews, he remains an informer and a seducer.


Next on the list was MARCUS HERZ (1747-1803).

Wikipedia has the usually sanitised pap, missing nearly all identifying details:

Born in Berlin to very poor parents, Herz was destined for a mercantile career, and in 1762 went to KönigsbergEast Prussia. He soon gave up his position as clerk and attended the University of Königsberg, becoming a pupil of Immanuel Kant, but was obliged to discontinue his studies for want of means.

He thereupon became secretary to the wealthy Russian Ephraim, travelling with him through the Baltic Provinces.


Who is this wealthy ‘Russian Ephraim’?

No-one knows. Apparently.

After becoming a medical doctor and marrying Henriette de Lemos, Herz moves to Berlin – and takes a very strong position on the subject of ‘innoculations’ – also being pushed heavily by Maria Theresa of Austria and her son Josef II.


Compulsory vaccination was strongly condemned by Herz, and in 1801 he wrote an open letter on the subject to Dr. D. Dohmeyer, under the heading “Ueber die Brutalimpfung”


A quick word on his wife, Henriette Herz, who you can read more about her HERE. This is a snippet that took my eye:

After a few years the salon [begun by Henriette Herz] split in two, a science-seminar led by her husband and a literary salon by Henriette herself.

Most notable men and women in Berlin were said to have attended her salon. Among her friends and acquaintances were Dorothea von SchlegelWilhelm von HumboldtJean PaulFriedrich SchillerMirabeauFriedrich RückertKarl Wilhelm RamlerJohann Jakob EngelGeorg Ludwig Spalding, the Danish Barthold Georg NiebuhrJohannes von Müller, the sculptor SchadowSalomon MaimonFriedrich von GentzFanny von ArnsteinMadame de GenlisAlexander zu Dohna-Schlobitten, Gustav von Brinkmann, and Friedrich Schlegel.

Alexander von Humboldt often visited and even received Hebrew lessons from Henriette. The theologian Friedrich Schleiermacher was another frequent visitor.

After the death of her husband she came under the powerful influence of Schleiermacher and converted to Protestantism.


This is the Who’s who of ‘enlightened’ Berlin society…. Full of masons and maskilim.

On the Hebrew wiki page, we get more details – and another big rabbit hole that will have to wait for another day.

But, Henriette apparently became engaged to Marcus Herz when he was 29 and she was 12…. Her dad, Benjamin de Lemos, was running the ‘Jewish hospital’ in Berlin where her husband was employed.

And came from a family of wealthy conversos that links us straight back into the ‘Sephardi’ relatives of ‘Jacob Frank’ and his first father-in-law, Samuel Chaim Falkon, the bad Baal Shem of London.


Anyway, I was looking for more concrete details for the Jewish Viennese bankers in Josef II’s court – as when you follow the money, that’s when you tend to hit the real motherlode of ‘real Jewish history’.

AI came back with this list of names of Jewish Viennese Bankers operating at this period of time:

During the period of Joseph II’s reign and the late 18th century, several prominent banking families operated in Europe, including those with connections to the Habsburg court. While the following list is not exhaustive, here are a few notable banking families of that era:

  1. Rothschild

  2. Arnstein: The Arnstein family, led by Salomon Mayer von Rothschild’s sister, Caroline Arnstein, operated a prominent banking house in Vienna during the late 18th century. The family played a significant role in financing the Austrian government and had close ties to the Habsburg court.

  3. Eskeles: Bernhard Eskeles served as the court banker to Joseph II and subsequently to his successors, Leopold II and Francis II. The family’s banking operations involved managing state loans, financing infrastructure projects, and providing financial services to the aristocracy.

  4. Königswarter: The Königswarter family, originally from Prague….Members of the family held positions as court bankers and advisors to the Habsburgs.


These banking families played crucial roles in financing governments, managing imperial debts, facilitating international trade, and providing financial services to the aristocracy…

These families were often interconnected through marriage and business partnerships.



The ESKELES family tree is a huge mess.

But last year, the penny dropped that JACOB FRANK is probably a member of the ESKELES family, in some still undefined way, possibly a brother of BERNHARD ESKELES (notable member of the ASIATIC BRETHREN secret society).

You see, it’s impossible for a ‘nobody merchant’ from Turkey to have been moving in royal circles in Vienna unless that person ALREADY had a very tight connection with the court Jews – and that really means a very close blood connection.

Close family.


ESKELES and ARNSTEIN went into business together and opened up a bank of that name – doing so many of the things that we are now told ‘the Rothschilds’ did, in Vienna.

But this was the first I heard that the ROTHSCHILDs and ARNSTEINs had intermarried….

Here’s what happened, when I asked the AI for more details:

Caroline Arnstein, the sister of Salomon Mayer von Rothschild, married Johann Philipp, Baron von Stieglitz.

Johann Philipp von Stieglitz was a German nobleman and court official who served as the Minister of State and Privy Councillor to the Grand Duke of Hesse-Darmstadt, Louis I.

The marriage between Caroline Arnstein and Johann Philipp von Stieglitz took place in 1800.

Caroline Arnstein was born as Caroline von Rothschild.

Her father was Mayer Amschel Rothschild, the founder of the Rothschild banking dynasty, and her mother was Gutle Schnapper Rothschild.


Given the real dates and details of real people, I have a hunch this may actually be more of that ‘hidden real history’ accidentally brought up by the AI – which then tried to cover it’s tracks like this, when I tried to get more info about this ‘scrubbed’ Rothschild daughter, Caroline Arnstein:

It appears there was an error in my previous responses. Caroline von Rothschild did not become known as Caroline Arnstein….

[And then, it went off the deep-end like this, when I tried to clarify who ‘Caroline von Rothschild’ actually was, then]:

I apologize for the confusion caused by the incorrect information provided earlier. However, I’m afraid I don’t have specific details about an individual named Caroline von Rothschild.



My working theory at the moment is that the Arnstein / Eskeles families morphed into the (fake name) ‘ROTHSCHILDs’, but we’ll revisit that theory as and when we get more solid information.

In the meantime, I tried to get more info about the ARNSTEIN banking family out of the AI (before it kicked me out again…)

The patriarch of the Arnstein family was Nathan Adam von Arnstein, who founded the banking firm Arnstein & Eskeles in Vienna in the late 18th century.

Nathan Adam von Arnstein and his partner, Bernhard von Eskeles, established a close relationship with the Habsburg court and served as court bankers and financial advisors to the Austrian rulers [beginning with our very own Josef II].

The Arnstein banking house had a reputation for reliability and financial expertise…. Their involvement in financing infrastructure projects, such as canals and railways, contributed to the economic development of the Austrian Empire.

Caroline Arnstein, whom you previously asked about, is not associated with the Arnstein family of bankers. I apologize for any confusion caused by my earlier response.


Yeah, whatever AI.

In the meantime, I wanted to know which other Jews got ennobled by Josef II at this time, and the chat bot came back with this partial list:


BERNHARD VON ESKELES – ennobled 1783.

JOSEPH VON SONNENFELS – ennobled 1786 [this is the leading maskil and grandson of R MICHAEL CHASSID of BERLIN, we started writing about HERE.]



And after more going around in circles, the AI also threw out two more very interesting names, when I asked it for more ‘converted Jews’ who became ennobled by the Viennese Court:

In the 18th century, there were several converted Jews who lived in Vienna and held the title of Baron.

One prominent example is Baron Daniel Itzig (1723-1799). He was a Jewish banker and court Jew who gained favor with Frederick the Great of Prussia and later with Empress Maria Theresa and Emperor Joseph II of Austria.

Itzig was ennobled and granted the title of Baron in 1764.

Baron Daniel Itzig’s son, Baron Alexander von Itzig (1756-1806), also held the title of Baron and was a prominent figure in Viennese society.

He served as a diplomat and was involved in financial and economic affairs.


In ‘standard’ Jewish history, we aren’t told that these people converted, because the only people converting to xtianity at this stage, in the middle of the 18th century, were the Frankists.

But here’s the thing: all the leading Frankists came from the leading Sabbatean families, and all the court Jews, and ‘Chief Rabbis’ at this time were also from these self-same SABBATEAN families, and many of them were on the path to converting even before Jacob Frank showed up and made it a ‘mitzvah’.


For example, AI had this to say, when I pressed it for more examples of ‘converted Jews’ who got ennobled:

  1. Baron Samuel Oppenheimer (1630-1703): He was a banker and financial advisor to Emperor Leopold I. Oppenheimer played a significant role in financing the Habsburg Empire and was involved in international trade and diplomacy.

  2. Baron Gabriel von Bacherach (1686-1753): He was a court Jew and banker who served as the financial advisor to Empress Maria Theresa. Bacheracht played a crucial role in managing the Habsburg Empire’s finances and was one of the wealthiest individuals in Vienna at the time.

  3. Baron Rudolf von Goldschmidt-Rothschild (1821-1905)


We’ll cover it another time, perhaps, but SAMUEL OPPENHEIMER was the ancestor of so many of our ‘big rabbis’…. And here, we’re being told that he actually converted to xtianity and was ennobled already in the 17th century….

Which when you look at the mess his family tree is, would explain a heck of a lot.


This snippet comes from the Wiki page for SAMUEL OPPENHEIMER, HERE:

Samuel Oppenheimer (16301703) was an Ashkenazi Jewish banker, imperial court diplomat, factor, and military supplier for the Holy Roman Emperor.

He enjoyed the special favor of Emperor Leopold I, to whom he advanced considerable sums of money for the Great Turkish War.

Prince Eugene of Savoy brought him a large number of valuable Hebrew manuscripts from Turkey, which became the nucleus of the famous David Oppenheim Library, now part of the Bodleian Library at Oxford.


OPPENHEIMER spent a lot of money to fund the journey of the Sabbatean ‘prophet’ YEHUDA CHASSID[2] to the Holy Land, shortly before they both died.

And I’d just love to know what those ‘valuable Hebrew manuscripts’ from Turkey were, and why OPPENHEIMER was so interested in them.

Lastly, he was closely aligned with the JESUITS at the Viennese court.


OK – I just tripped over some real ‘black magic’ scandals connected to all this as well…. We’ll keep that for another time, bH, when we deep-dive on the French court and Napoleon’s Sanhedrin of maskilim.


Let’s finish with the OPPENHEIMERs by telling you that the Viennese court fails to honor its debt to SIMON OPPENHEIMER’s estate when he dies, and is inherited by his son:


Meanwhile, ‘SAMSON WERTHEIMER’ somehow takes over as the main Court Jew and Viennese banker – and his son WOLF SIMON WERTHEIMER MARRIES Emmanuel’s daughter, LEA.

While another of WERTHEIMER’s daughters apparently marries YISSACHAR BEREND (BERNHARD) ESKELES….

And the same Sabbatean-xtian-Frankists just continue along in the driving seat of the Jewish community, for another 300 years.


OK, so what’s the link up with MOZART?

When I was tootling around looking for more of these xtianised, ennobled ‘Frankist-Freemason’ Jews, I tripped over someone called:


Here’s a very basic (white-washed….) snippet from WIKI:

He was known as a “millionaire Jew”.

He is said to have come to Vienna as a poor man and made a fortune there as an employee of the banker Simon Wolf Oppenheimer .

The Habsburgs appreciated his loan brokerage and cheap army supplies, which is why he was appointed imperial court agent in 1763 .

In 1776 he converted to Christianity and in 1777 he was made a baron , although Joseph II had demanded that his family convert to Christianity as well.

However, Wetzlar’s wife refused, which is why it was expressly stated in the nobility diploma that only Wetzlar himself and his children, insofar as they had already converted or would still do so, received the nobility.

Karl Abraham Wetzlar collected art, which he housed in Palais Schönborn, and supported as a patron of the arts , among others Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart , whose academy he attended. 


It’s interesting that this ‘millionaire Jew’ has been almost totally scrubbed from real Jewish history, and also world history more generally.

We all know what MOZART was famously involved in so many of the secret societies of his time, apparently including the one set up by the FRANKISTs, and named the ASIAN BRETHREN.

(Reader Alizah reminded me a while back that MOZART wrote THE MAGIC FLUTE, in connection with his experiences of these satanic secret societies.)

Now, we find that MOZART’s main patron – the guy who introduced him to JOSEF II – is actually this converted Jew KARL ABRAHAM WETZLAR.

And this WETZLAR guy is off doing a whole bunch of that stuff for the Austrian court that we are told was being done by people like the ARNSTEINS, ESKELES, ITZIGS and ROTHSCHILDS.

He’s the richest Jew of his time.

And yet… None of us have ever heard of him.


It took me two days of trying to track him down on Geni before I finally got somewhere, HERE.


There’s a lot of interesting stuff in this tree, and each time, it takes me a few more weeks and months to unpeel the new information and digest it.

But from the first scan of the tree, I can tell you the following:

  1. This WETZLAR family of ennobled, xtian maskil court Jews descends from the same OPPENHEIMERS we mentioned above, who also had an annoying habit of converting to xtianity every couple of generations.
  2. BARON ‘KARL ABRAHAM WETZLAR’ IS BORN IN OFFENBACH – that same ‘OFFENBACH’ where false messiah ‘BARON’ JACOB FRANK and his daughter EVA finish their days in luxurious opulence, being visited by European royalty and surrounded by adoring xtian-maskil Frankists.
  3. His father is ‘LOEB’ – same name given for ‘Jacob Frank’s’ father.
  4. KARL ABRAHAM’s wife Esther has a sister who marries into the SINZHEIM clan, which includes the guy who headed up Napoleon’s ‘Sanhedrin’ and includes so many of the interesting Frankist-Freemason-Sabbateans we keep talking about here.

And so in the next post on this topic, I think it’s time we take a closer a look at Napoleon’s SANHEDRIN, and the Jews that sat on it – and their connections to secret societies and Viennese monarchs with a penchant for ‘enlightening’ the Jewish community, by fair means or foul.

Watch out for that.



The WETZLARs start to link us up with a bunch of other interesting people, even though the specific connection is deliberately broken in all the key places.

Of course.

Over HERE, you’ll find the Geni tree for one ISAAC WETZLAR.

I’d love to tell you exactly how he’s related to the ‘millionaire Jew’, confidant of Josef II and patron of Mozart Baron Karl WETZLAR – but of course, I can’t.

What I CAN tell you is that he marries one BREINDLE GANS, whose parents are SALOMON GANS and GELLA WARBURG. (Yes, the ancestors of those same Warburgs who set up the FED, amongst other things…)

And his granddaughter PESSE PAULINE LEA WARENDORF marries another interesting person, called: ISAAC JACOB GANS (1723-1798) – who is a grandson of that same SALOMON GANS and GELLA WARBURG.

(Whisper it: it’s always the same people).


If you go HERE, you’ll find a whole document explaining a bit about who this ISAAC JACOB GANS was.

He married at 40; become a court purveyor, especially trading in wheat. Then, he buys the tobacco factory from another court Jew called LEFFMAN BEHRENS, and starts running a successful tobacco business called ‘FORTUNA’.

(All the so-called ‘Dobrushkas’, the Frankists of Brunn, were meant to have made their fortune in the tobacco concession, so these details are not as random as they sound.)



The family of converted Jewish bankers called KOENIGSWATER, above, also descend from that same SAMSON WERTHEIM, financier of the Habsburgs and father-in-law of YISSACHAR BERENS ESKELES (and also, those same OPPENHEIMS….)

Go HERE for a small discussion about that (Google translate the German,) or go HERE on Geni to see how they all descend from that same group of Freemason-Frankist-Financiers we are always talking about.

Always the same people!!



Here’s a bit more detail about just how yucky that HERZ HOMBURG actually was, above, from the VirtualJudaica website:

In his book Homberg denied the belief in Israel as the chosen people, the Messiah, and the return to Zion, and tried to show the existence of an essential identity between Judaism and Christianity.

He denied all the traditional Jewish customs….

Homberg incurred the nearly universal hatred of his Jewish contemporaries.

Even Moses Mendelssohn, his mentor, had reservations about Homberg’s collaboration with the gentile authorities in order to compel acceptance among Jews of his ideas on enlightenment. Similar misgivings were shared by Naphtali Herz Wessely and later Isaac Samuel Reggio



‘BARON WETZLAR’ was apparently also linked to Beethoven.

Snippet from HERE:

As reasonable proof of Bridgetower’s advance notoriety (and Beethoven’s knowledge of Bridgetower), Beethoven wrote a letter of introduction to Baron Alexander von Wetzlar, dated 18 March 1803 on behalf of Bridgetower, and this letter reads as follows:

To Monsieur Baron Alexandre de Wezlar, at home, March 18th:

Though we have never spoken, I take the liberty of recommending to you the bearer of this note, Mr. Brischdower, a very skilful virtuoso and master of his instrument. He plays his Concertos and Quartets excellently, and I much wish that you would procure him some acquaintances. With Lobkowitz, Fries, and all other distinguished amateurs, he has become acquainted with advantage. I think it would not be a bad plan were you to take him one evening to Theresa Schönfeld, where, I know many friends are in the habit of going, or to receive him yourself. I know that you yourself will thank me for having procured you this acquaintance.

Good bye, Herr Baron.

Yours obediently, BEETHOVEN.



Beethoven later met him in person, in Vienna.


OK, so much more to share with you.

But that will do for today.


[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Herz_Homberg

[2] ‘CHASSID’ seems to be surname, not just a descriptor.

There is probably a link between YEHUDA CHASSID, the Sabbatean prophet who died in Israel in 1700, and MICHAEL CHASSID, the Sabbatean rabbi and court Jew of Berlin whose grandson was the xtianised mason JOSEPH VON SONNENFELS. And another possibility to look at here is, ELIYAHU CHASSID of Vilna, ancestor of the VILNA GAON.

Shavua Tov!

Some more interesting info from the Rav about the ‘near miss’ at the Baba Sali’s hiloula, two weeks ago.

Translated from the Shivivei Or Newsletter 44.


Shiur given over Monday night, 7 Shvat, Parshat Bo (January 22, 2024)

So 40 missiles stood ready to be launched at the hiloula of the Baba Sali.

There were 20,000 people there – and all 20 [thousand] would have gone in a single moment.

At the last moment, in the merit of the prayers and the requests, and the prayers on Shabbat, they managed to prevent this at the last minute – [i.e.] the launch of the 40 missiles at the Baba Sali.


But to our sorrow, in Raanana there was a terrorist attack now.

They killed 15 women, 15 men [one woman was killed, the others were injured, some seriously].

And everything is because still, not all the women have lengthened their dresses. They are relying on the black stockings – but it’s not possible.

The black stockings don’t cover up [the shape] of the leg. It’s forbidden to see the leg.


Michal said that in her whole life, she’d never seen the leg of her father, and not even the trousers of her father.

Michal used to lay tefillin every day, and she had the highest level of tznius (modesty) – Michal, the daughter of Shaul.


So, ‘Merav bat Shaul’ is the gematria of ‘Moshiach ben David Moshiach ben Yosef’.

Because a woman who really merits to lengthen her dress, and to break her Xiomi – she will merit to bring Moshiach ben David, Moshiach ben Yosef, and [to bring] the complete geula, speedily in our days.





The whole Torah and all of the mitzvot is so the miracles and wonders will be recognised at every moment.

So, we lay tefillin in the morning so a man knows that everything is miracles – there is no ‘nature’, there is nothing.

Today, now, we’re alive.

Now, they aimed 40 missiles, aimed them at the hiloula of the Baba Sali.

Everyone was at the Baba Sali, I’m sure. Those who live in Netivot were for sure there.

They intended [to fire] 40 missiles – this would have exploded the whole hiloula!

10,000 dead in one second.

At the last minute, they uncovered this.

They managed to prevent it. So now, they are talking about this on all the [media] channels, every where.

40 rockets were intended for the hiloula!

When all is said and done, this is 15 seconds from Gaza – there’s not even time to run away, and there’s not even time to intercept them. 15 seconds!


Never mind what the Houthis are firing, there is seven and a half minutes, this is 2000 km, [the rockets travel] 5 km a second.


Two weeks ago motzae Shabbat, one of my kids told me she was going to the hiloula of the Baba Sali.

I actually didn’t have a good feeling about it at all – especially when she told me that she was really surprised that the government here had lifted all the restrictions on how many people could attend, etc.

Something about that statement started to ding-off the ‘Meron Atrocity’ bell…

Then, she totally  lost her car keys and I breathed a sigh of relief, and drove off to the Rav to catch a bit of the melava malka tefillot there.


By the time I got back from the Rav, she happened to have found them again.

But strangely, I didn’t try to talk her out of going, because I seemed to have calmed down about anything ‘bad’ happening, God forbid.


God is literally doing open miracles for us all the time.

We have no idea about all the ‘bad’ our enemies have intended the last few months, even though the dose we’ve gotten is still so very bitter, and I’m totally sick of it already.

But each time I hear another story like this, I understand that God still loves us, God is still protecting us 24/7, there literally is no nature, everything is 100% directed, 100% hashgacha.

And it will all turn around for the very best, very soon.




You can help to write the Rav’s Sefer Torah for the soldiers in the following ways:

20,000 nis – donates a whole section of parchment (including the actual writing), and gets your names transcribed as donors.

5,000 nis – donates a page (parchment and writing).

OR, donate whatever amount you can afford.

In all cases, just go to THIS link, and make it clear in the comments that the donation is for the Rav’s Sefer Torah.


A parchment:


A page:


Anything smaller:


In Israel, it’s an ‘open secret’ that something very bad happened this week, that led to the deaths of so many soldiers when those buildings collapsed.

By ‘very bad’, it’s understood ‘very corrupt and something stinks to high heaven’.

They are talking about this ‘anti tank terrorist cell’, whatever, that could apparently appear out of nowhere when the army has been clearing that bit of Gaza for three months already…. whatever.

But this incident is so fishy, even the MSM is trying to bring controlled opposition ‘explanations’, to head off the questions and discontent.


That’s why this story on the propaganda YWN site is very interesting:


Here’s a snippet:

These are soldiers who have done this dozens or even hundreds of times in the past.

In this case, an anti-tank terror cell arrived [and threw an RPG missile which exploded the building prematurely].

[Ed. note – notice the reservist being quoted doesn’t say that the buildings exploded because of a RPG missile fired by terrorists. That’s being added in by the propaganda team.]


Continuing the snippet:

It caught them by surprise because an active terror cell less than a thousand meters from the security fence [at the Israeli-Gazan border] was very unlikely.

If they had followed protocol, 14 soldiers would have been saved.

So many soldiers were at a scene with explosives in violation of safety procedures.”


It’s awful.

But here’s the glimmer of light in the middle of all this darkness:

The reservist added that one safety procedure that was heeded saved dozens of lives.

“All the houses are connected, and at the end, you press one switch and everything explodes. But they sever the connection between the explosives, between house and house.

If that safety regulation had been disregarded, soldiers from two or three companies would have been killed in this incident because all the buildings would have exploded together.”


That was probably ‘the plan’, God forbid.

But even in the middle of all this, God is still sweetening things radically for us.

Courage, dear readers. It’s hard going, all this. We’re all so sick of ‘the Evils’ leading us like sheep to the slaughter and attacking us in a million different ways, on so many different fronts.

But remember what King David taught: the Evils flourish like grass, shortly before God totally eradicates them from the face of the earth, for good.

That moment is fast approaching.

More hints from the Rav.

Translated from Shivivei Or, 343.

Now at this moment, we are now finding ourselves at the greatest moment of Parshat Bo.

That now Parshat Bo is starting, ‘Come to Pharoah’ – because Hashem said to him that Pharoah is going to make teshuva. You are going to see!

Because Pharoah was against the decrees.

IT’s written in the Midrash Rabba that they said to him [Pharoah] that if you are against the decrees, then you can’t be king.

Because he didn’t want to do the decree against the Jews, because he knew that ultimately, everyone would be drowned. He knew.


[There was the prophecy:]

Know with certainty that your offspring will be strangers in a land not their own – and they will serve them and they will oppress them – 400 years.[1]

The whole world knew this prophecy.

Once, there still wasn’t a Tanach, but the prophecy that Abraham recieved – this was in all the languages, in the 70 languages, your offspring will be strangers in a land not their own – and they will serve them and they will oppress them – 400 years.


So, everyone knew about the 400 years, so Yitro ran away.

Pharoah had three advisors. Iyov said to him, 400 years, this is 20 generations. Every 20 years, this is another generation.

Every 20 years there is another birth, and then they used to get married even at age 12, so there are even more than 40 generations.

So, what do you think about there being more than 40 generations?! Torture them, [because] you can’t kill them.

Bilaam said, come, let’s kill them, let’s annihilate them.

They said to Og King of the Bashan, where does your strength lie? Og used to say that he was going to annihilate Avraham.


Avraham broke the idols.

Do you know what it means, to break idols? There was nobody who believed [in Hashem], other than Methuselach, but Methuselach closed himself up in some suburb.

No-one cared to break idols. The first one who broke idols was Avraham Avinu. He said, I am going to break all the idols!

They told him, we are going to throw you into the fire!

Let them throw me in the fire!

In the end, he [Nimrod] got angry, why isn’t the fire burning him?

He got angry. They said, Haran is a sorcerer! Haran is doing magic! Now, we are going to throw Haran in! Then it will be seen that the fire burns!

They said that he was doing magic, that the fire wouldn’t burn.


It’s like what is told about Rabbi Yehuda HaNassi, who lowered himself into a bath when the walls were red from the heat, and he came out alive.

Because he….used to cool off the water.


So the king [Nimrod] saw the angel Gabriel in the middle of the fire, cooling off the kiln. So the king bowed to him [to Avraham].

The king [Nimrod], instead of saying that there is Elokim, he said to [Avraham], you are God.

This is easier.

If Avraham is God, then it’s possible to do whatever you want – he doesn’t see anything. [But], if [Nimrod] would say Hashem – He is Elokim! – so Hashem sees everything, whatever is going on.

Hashem sees from one end of the world to the other.

But if Avraham is God, then it’s possible to do whatever you want, because the idol worshipers do whatever they want, whatever appeals to them. They just go to the idol.

And the notzrim are idol worshippers. So the notzrim do whatever they want, on the Xmas holiday.


So now, we are learning Parshat Bo, where Nimrod said I have discovered a new ‘god’.

He didn’t want to admit that Hashem, He is God, because if Hashem is God, then you need to guard your eyes, it’s forbidden to look.


Yosef said to the brothers, it’s forbidden to look!

The brothers said, it doesn’t harm us.

What does it mean, it doesn’t harm? It does harm, even if you don’t have a forbidden thought – it still does harm. It creates demons. Each glance.

If a man sees a woman, this creates another demon, and another demon, and another demon – this is all the Nazis, and all the Romans, and all the Greeks, on Chanukah. All the Greeks.


So, if a person opens their eyes, he creates another demon, and another demon, and then he doesn’t have parnassa….

And he doesn’t understand why. Because you opened your eyes!

Now, we gathered together 100 billion – but don’t lose it, if you open your eyes, you’ll lose it.


You don’t need to travel to America.

It’s finished.

The story with America is finished.

There is no America.

It’s being blown up. Putin is exploding it. This is being rubbed out.

The whole of America has been deleted.

America is finished, ain, ain (figuratively it doesn’t exist, it doesn’t exist). Delete this, already.

There is only Eretz Yisrael.

Here there is all the shefa (bounty) in the whole world.

Hang on for another day or two.

You will see that the shefa will start to come.


[1] Parshat Lech Lecha 15:13.

Well, the Rav’s comments about ‘Josef II’, the Holy Roman Emperor of Austria and brother of Marie Antoinette, led to some more massive bits of the ‘Frankist-Freemason’ puzzle falling into place.

If you go to the ORDO AB CHAOS site HERE, you’ll find a whole big write up about Jacob Frank, the Asian Brotherhood – and their very tight links to this same ‘Josef II’.

There were a bunch of Jewish maskilim at Josef II’s court, most of whom subsequently converted to xtianity, and all of whom seem to have been deep, deep in the parsha of creating more ‘secret societies’, masonic lodges, and ‘brotherhoods’ based on Shabtai Tzvi’s teachings and Falk’s kabbalistic black magic.

It’s a huge subject, with so much evidence supporting it, it’s hard to know where to start.

That’s part of how they have kept his hidden in plain view for so long – there’s so much info, it’s literally overwhelming.


So in this post, let’s keep it as simple as possible, and break it down.

The information here is mostly sourced from the ORDO AB CHAOS site, that has pages of references and footnotes.

I also have my own research to interweave with this, too. But I think we’ll keep most of that for a seperate post.

To keep it easy to digest and hopefully stop your head from exploding, I am going to do numbered paragraphs.

Ready? Let’s go!


  1. In 1782, Josef II of Austria published his infamous EDICT OF TOLERANCE, that gave Jews more rights – but also expected them to radically assimiliate into the non-Jewish world.

  2. Josef II (1741-1790) was the son of Maria Teresa and FRANCIS I of Austria – and the brother of Marie Antoinette, the last queen of France. His dad becomes a FREEMASON of the GRAND LODGE of ENGLAND in 1731, with the ceremony taking place in….THE HAGUE.
  3. JOSEF II was also the GRAND MASTER of the ORDER of the GOLDEN FLEECE – yet another ‘secret society’ that had been going for centuries, and was headed up by whoever happened to be the ruler of the Hapsburg Dynasty at that time.
  4. After the war over the SPANISH SUCCESSION that occurred between two competing Habsburg candidates for King of Spain, the ORDER of the GOLDEN FLEECE (OGF) split into two secret organisations.
  5. One was headed up by the SPANISH HABSBURGS, while the other was headed up by the AUSTRIAN HABSBURGS.
  6. In 1804, JOSEF II establishes ‘the AUSTRIAN EMPIRE’ on Habsburg territory, and adopts the 2-headed REICHSADLER eagle as its symbol.
  7. That eagle shows up again in the WEIMAR REPUBLIC – and also, together with a swastika, becomes the national emblem of Nazi Germany in 1935.


  1. The false messiah JACOB FRANK (ESKELES?) converts to Catholicism in Poland in 1756 – along with thousands of his Jewish followers, including a bunch of really big rabbis, with really big yichus.

  2. JACOB FRANK’S ‘godfather’ for his baptism is KING AUGUSTUS III of POLAND. His wife is MARIA TERESA of AUSTRIA – the paternal first cousin of JOSEF II’s mum, EMPRESS MARIA TERESA of AUSTRIA.
  3. Meanwhile over in France, where JOSEF II’s sister MARIE ANTOINETTE  is married to KING LOUIS XVI, he has a royal ‘challenger’: LOUIS PHILIPPE, DUKE of ORLEANS.
  4. This DUKE of ORLEANS is the GRAND MASTER of the GRAND ORIENT LODGE of France, an ILLUMINATI – and a good friend of SAMUEL JACO FALK, aka, the ‘Bad Baal Shem’ of LONDON, and Jacob Frank’s first father-in-law.
  5. A famous personality from the FRENCH REVOLUTION called ABBE BARRUEL testifies that JOSEF II was personally sent a circular from the GRAND ORDER in France (who basically got the French Revolution going…..) that was signed by the DUKE OF ORLEANS – who was trying to overthrow the French monarchy.


  1. Meanwhile, another brother of both MARIE ANTOINETTE and JOSEF II is called ARCHDUKE MAXIMILIAN FRANCIS.

  2. As well as belonging to the Austrian ORDER of the GOLDEN FLEECE, Max is is also the Grand Master of the TEUTONIC KNIGHTS, the PRIORY of SION, and the ORDER of the FLEUR de LYS. (He’s a busy guy, and in 1774 he travels all over Europe to meet the other illustrious members of these secret societies, especially the TEUTONIC KNIGHTS….)
  3. He also goes to visit his sister MARIE ANTOINETTE, in 1775 (I think he’s the guy in the red, below):


  1. It’s important to understand that in the 18th century, circumstances come about which means that the same little family of satanic secret-society ‘royals’ effectively come to the throne all over Europe.

(This next section is for genealogy nerds. You can skip it, if that’s not your thing.)

  1. For example, if you look at the family of GEORGE I of ENGLAND – his family basically take over a whole bunch of places.
  2. His son is GEORGE II of ENGLAND – his daughter Mary marries FREDERICK II LANDGRAVE of HESSE-KESSEL, and their son WILLIAM I is MAYER AMSCHEL ROTHSCHILD’s employer. Another son, CHARLES of HESSE-KASSEL is a member of the ILLUMINATI, and also the Grand Master of the ASIATIC BRETHREN secret society set up by MOSES DOBRUSHKA.
  3. Meanwhile GEORGE I’s daughter SOPHIA marries FREDERICK WILLIAM I of PRUSSIA
  4. Their son is: FREDERICK II ‘THE GREAT’ OF PRUSSIA i(1712-1786). This guy is gay, and when his father has his male lover executed, Frederick ‘the Great’ turns into even more of a psycho.
  5. Because he’s gay, he has no heir. So his nephew FREDERICK WILLIAM II takes the throne – and is a senior ROSICRUCIAN, member of the ‘GOLD and ROSY CROSS’ satanic secret society.
  6. Meanwhile, Sophia’s daughter is LOUISA ULRIKA (1710-1771) who marries the Swedish King and has two sons. CHARLES XIII of SWEDEN (1748-1818) is the Grand Master of the SWEDISH ORDER of FREEMASONS. His brother GUSTAVE III (1746-1792) is the Grand Master of the SWEDISH RITE of FREEMASONRY – and the patron of satanist EMMANUEL SWEDENBORG.


I could go on and on with all these ‘monarchs’, and their many different memberships leading these satanic secret societies.

For now, you got the flavor from the above – and you shouldn’t be ‘shocked’ at all the strange reports of the late HM Elizabeth II apparently participating in lots of ‘black masses’ and satanic rites involving human sacrifice.

That’s what these satanic secret society’s do, at the very top of the hierarchy.

And while all the ‘controlled opposition’ and anti-semites like to blame everything on the joooooos – really, the people running the show are the Royals and the Jesuits, most of all.

Moving on.

Remember, all the numbered paragraphs is recounting ‘official history’, such as it is, not ‘conspiracy theories’.


15) JACOB FRANK (ESKELES) travels repeatedly to Vienna after his baptism, together with his daughter EVA FRANK. He is given a warm welcome by MARIA TERESA, who sees him as a good ‘missionary’ for converting the Jews.

16) Meanwhile, her son JOSEF II begins an ongoing affair with JACOB FRANK’S daughter, EVA FRANK.

16) FRANK lives in Vienna for a year, and applies to JOSEF II – MARIE ANTOINETTE’s bro – to be awarded the title of ‘count’ of the Holy Roman Empire. He is apparently denied.

17) Meanwhile, JOSEF II starts working on his plans to assimilate and destroy the Jews in his realms, and his helped by a few maskilim that apparently include:

SALOMON DUBNO – who connects us directly to the Vilna Gaon’s family and VOLOZHIN.

JOSEPH VON SONNENFELS (1732-1870) – co-leader of the ILLUMINATI lodge called ‘ZUR WAHREN EINTRACHT’

SOLOMON MAIMON – whose picture looks very similar to NAFTALI HIRZ WESSELY.


‘YEHOSHUA FALK’ (this could be the Bad Baal Shem of London, or even JACOB FRANK himself, who was his son-in-law – or some other guy really called ‘YEHOSHUA FALK’.)



18) JOSEF II’s ‘reforming’ ideas are called ‘JOSEPHISM’, and are described as a form of ‘benevolent despotism’ – at least, benevolent to the monarchy.

19) The main maskil-Illuminati who helps him codify ‘JOSEPHISM’ is the JOSEPH VON SONNEFELS above. He comes from a SABBATEAN family in Moravia, and converts to xtianity, same as most of the Frankists.


The sources are very coy about who his ‘illustrious’ family of Sabbateans actually is – but there are still some breadcrumbs to follow.

The Ordo Ab Chaos site says that his father is ‘R LIPMAN PERLIN (1705-1768) – who is a student of none other than JONATHAN EYBSHITZ in Prague.

Interestingly, Perlin converts some time between 1735-1741. And baptises his two sons – which is at least 15 years before the big wave of catholic conversions that accompanied the Frankists. To me, that suggests the whole ‘xtian conversion’ idea actually pre-dated Jacob Frank’s writing by at least two decades.

It also ties in with the idea brought down by Marvin Entelmann in ‘To Eliminate the Opium’ that EYBSHITZ himself was actually secretly baptised when he was a young baby…. Whatever this ‘problem’ is, it’s probably been going on a very long time.


So…. The father of ‘LIPMAN PERLIN’ is called ‘R MICHAEL CHASID, who is meant to die in 1730.

It takes me quite a lot of tootling around to find that guy in ‘real history’ – because of course, it’s all been as scrubbed as they could get away with.

But I still find him, minimally, over HERE on the Jewish Encyclopaedia site.

His full name is: JEHIEL MICHAEL BEN JUDAH LÖB (known also as Michael Ḥasid)

He is the Chief Rabbi of Berlin, he dies in 1728.

And apparently, he’s a ‘big kabbalist’ who ends up not publishing his works, because he’s worried people might ‘mistakenly’ think some of his ideas are ‘sabbatean’ (always a tell-tale sign you should dig deeper).

No mention of his xtian son, or his xtian-maskil-masonic grandson, who helps out JOSEF II, in his quest to assimiliate and destroy the Jews in the Austrian Empire.

Funny that.


Let’s see if we can track down a little more of this ‘illustrious’ and scrubbed family of sabbatean-xtian-maskil-masons, shall we?

The Jewish Encyclopaedia gives us more clues:

  1. Yechiel Michel Hasid was first a rabbi in many Polish communities, before he moved to Berlin in 1701.
  2. His brother-in-law is a ‘Rabbi Aaron’, and seems to be the Rabbi of Berlin until 1713, when he moves to Frankfurt-on-the-Oder. Aaron dies in 1721.
  3. Yechiel Michel and Aaron are asked to head up the Berlin yeshiva of the famous Berlin Court Jew and royal purveyor of gemstones, JOST LIEBMANN.
  4. Yechiel Michel Hasid (and also his B-I-L Aaron) give their haskama to the book of the notorious sabbatean NECHAMIA HAYYUN – but it’s all just a big mistake, honest guvnor!
  5. As happens with most of the sabbteans, Yechiel Michel Hasid quickly backtracks and becomes a ‘public opponent’ of the Sabbateans.
  6. In 1726, the rabbis hold a big conference in Frankfort-on-the-Oder – in response to the actions and writings of Jonathan Eybshitz, and his sabbatean ‘kabbalah porn’ book.
  7. At this conference, Yechiel Michel Hasid demands that the Sabbateans should be put in cherem, and all their books banned.
  8. Yechiel Michel Hasid’s son-in-law is named on the Jewish Encyclopaedia as one: “JOEL BEN JEKUTHIEL SACHS.”


OK, so after some serious digging around I actually did find a (corrupted….) Geni profile for ‘YECHIEL MICHEL HASID’, Chief Rabbi of Berlin.

And after literally two days of sitting and hand-writing his family tree, this is the ‘bottom line’ I can tell you so far:

JOST LEIBMANN and  MICHAEL HASID OF BERLIN seem to be the ‘missing links’ that finally connect the known Frankist-maskilim with the Sabbatean rebbes and rabbis who continued to stay ‘Jewish’ (at least externally).

Their family tree is literally crawling with every single ‘Frankist-freemason’ I’ve come across so far. I am unpicking the real history hiding out here, and it’s going to be very enlightening when it’s ready.

But that will take me a few more days still.


So in the meantime, let’s start filling about more of the specific story around ‘MICHAEL CHASID’ and his F-I-L, the court Jew JOST LIEBMANN, aka JUDAH BERLIN.

On the Jewish Encyclopaedia site for BERLIN, we learn this nugget:

Liebmann also insisted on having a synagogue and a bet ha-midrash; and his nephew and son-in-law, Aaron Benjamin Wolf, wasappointed rabbi.

In 1684 Liebmann’s synagogue was declared to be the only official one.

(Go take a look at that very interesting piece on what was going on in the Berlin Jewish community. As usual, there was a terrible ‘war’ going on in the Jewish community between the two factors of competing Court Jews.

The hoi polloi got ground up in the middle, and the anti-semites took advantage of it all to cause yet more suffering to the simple Jews.)

Think ‘LAPID vs NETANYAHU’….There is nothing new under the sun.


OK, so now it’s getting interesting.

Before MICHAEL HASID takes over as rabbi of Berlin, his BIL is the rabbi – AARON BENJAMIN WOLF.

I.E. THIS guy – his father is JOST LIEBMANN’s brother, the ‘Nahalat Binyamin’, aka Isaac Benjamin Wolf ben Eliezer Liebman.

Michael Chasid apparently marries Aaron’s sister, Hinde Wolff.


Here’s another snippet which raises more questions than it answers, about exactly what was going on in the Berlin Jewish community of this time, the early 18th century:

Aaron was made rabbi of the mark, and in 1709 was appointed by King Frederick I of Prussia to the office of chief rabbi of Berlin, with jurisdiction over all the Jews living in the mark. But with the death of King Frederick I conditions changed.

Esther, the widow of Jost Liebman, fell into disfavor with Frederick William I, her property was confiscated, and she died of a broken heart in 1714.


There is clearly much more going on here behind the scenes.

Remember we learned above that GEORGE I’s daughter SOPHIA marries this same FREDERICK WILLIAM I of PRUSSIA, in Berlin, who apparently ‘goes against’ Esther the widow of Jost LIEBMANN.


So now, here is an actual portrait of ‘Jost Liebmann’ – married to Esther Schulhof – who also went by the name of ‘JUDAH BERLIN’.

Notice he is totally clean shaven…. And this is meant to be at least 50 years before the maskilim appeared on the scene (if not more like a 100 years….)

In fact, Jews HAD to wear beards in many localities in Europe, as part of their ‘identifiying marks’, regardless of the halacha. That’s one of the rules that ‘enlightened’ JOSEPHISM was trying to overturn.


When you try to research more about ‘YEHUDA BERLIN’ you just get articles about the NETZIV, Rosh Yeshiva of VOLOZHIN.

But there’s still a bit more info floating about in German.

The basic story seems to be that JUDAH BERLIN / JOST LIBMANN’s first wife is the niece of GLUCKEL of HAMELN, MALKE.

When she dies, he marries the widow ESTHER HAMERSCHLAG (nee SCHULHOF), who has managed to become a female ‘protected Jew’ and court purveyor in Berlin.

In fact, it’s Esther who brings her second husband into her business in Berlin.

But, things go sour when she lends 30,000 thalers to the new king FREDERICK WILLIAM I for his coronation crown – and he only pays her 8,000.

And then, persecutes her and her family until she finally agrees to go bankrupt to save the crown the trouble of having to repay her.


There is way, way more going on, and this story is also probably by no means the real truth. But that will have to wait for another day.

Let’s get back to our very own Berlin chief rabbi and Sabbatean, MICHAEL CHASSID, whose son Eliezer Perlin converts, and baptises his two sons, one of whom then helps Josef II, the Grand Master of the Order of the Golden Fleece and lover of Eva Frank, to write the infamous TOLERANZ PATENT that begins the process of destroying European Jewry.


Here’s another weird snippet from the Jewish Encyclopaedia on Berlin:

In 1721 a curious occurrence roused the especial anger of the king against the Jews. In that year the purveyor for the royal mint, Levin Veit, who had been considered a very rich man, died, leaving not only no property whatever, but a debt of 100,000 thalers to the royal mint.

The king held the whole Jewish community of Berlin responsible for the disappearance of the money, and revenged himself in a very peculiar way.

On Aug. 15 all the Jews of Berlin were summoned to the synagogue, which was surrounded by soldiers, and were placed under the ban by the officiating rabbi, Michael Ḥasid, in presence of the court preacher Jablonsky.


Yes, Michael Hasid ‘excommunicated’ the whole of the Berlin Jewish community on the King’s say-so, because one bent court Jew apparently embezzled a ton of money….

And “LEVIN VEIT” is probably not the real name of the embezzling court Jew. At least, if that’s the real name, then we actually know him by a totally different fake name.


Back on the Ordo ab Chaos site, we learn that ‘Michael Hasid’s’ newly xtian son Eliezer Perlin, moves to Vienna and become the court interpreter for EMPRESS MARIA TERESA.

He also changes his name to: ALOIS WIENER, then becomes ennobled as BARON von SONNENFELS in 1746.

His son Joseph is the first one to introduce the concept of the ‘FATHERLAND’ in the German-speaking states, writing something called ‘UBER DIE LIEBE DES VATERLANDES’ in 1771.

And then become the ILLUMINATI Prefect for Vienna in 1782.


The question is: where are the other two ‘ennobled’ Jewish Barons that our ‘fake’ Jewish history talks about as being at Maria Teresa’s court at this time – while totally scrubbing out any mention of this ALOIS WIENER, BARON VON SONNENFELS, and his Illuminati son Joseph?

Those two Jewish Barons are:

  1. YISSACHAR BER ESKELES – son in law of the Sabbatean Court Jew SAMSON WERTHEIMER
  2. BARON D’AGUILAR – who ends up in London.

I am now wondering if one of these guys is the alter ego of the xtian illuminati maskil ALOIS WIENER.


And I’m also wondering how Jacob Frank (fake name….) fits into this picture, too.

As I already mentioned, MICHAEL HASID’s family tree is the richest vein of the real names of the Freemason-Frankists I’ve yet come across.

But figuring that bit out is going to take a LONGGGG time

And the point for this post, really, is more this:

All the monarchs in Europe were heading up secret societies.

These secret societies had a ‘satanic’ underpinning, and included ‘kabbalistic black magic’ and occult rituals.

The court Jews who had access to the monarchy seem to have been uniformly Sabbateans.

These court Jews and their circles then started converting to xtianity, joining and forming more ‘secret societies’ like the ILLUMINATI, and the ASIATIC BRETHREN, to rival those set up by the Jesuits and the Habsburg monarchs.

But not all the Frankist-Freemasons openly converted out.

Some of these corrupted Court Jew family members stayed within the Jewish community – and became chassidic rebbes and the leading ‘mitnagdim’ rabbis and Rosh Yeshivas.

Many of them were also leading ‘maskilim’ within the Jewish community.


As usual, this could go on forever.

But we’ll stop there for today.

If God gives me more koach, I will continue to pin down the specifics, because as well as Berlin and Amsterdam, places like PRESSBURG also figure very large in this story of (secret, externally orthodox) Frankist-Freemasons….

And we still didn’t set out what WOLF EYBSHITZ, the son of the arch-Sabbatean Jonathan Eybshitz, was meant to be up to at exactly this time.

His movements sound so similar to the false messiah JACOB FRANK, it’s tempting to consider they were one and the same person….

But that bit of the birur will have to wait until next time.


PS: It looks like that son in law of MICHAEL HASID, R Joel ben Yekutiel Sachs, has also been totally scrubbed from history.

I can find one tantalising hint of him HERE – in a strange story revolving around the ‘sun-centric’ astronomers DAVID GANS and JOSEPH DEL MEDIGO.



It looks like ‘Michael Hassid’ was replaced in Berlin by the PNEI YEHOSHUA, JOSHUA FALK.

But just to make things even stranger, this description on the LWOW Jewish Gen site sounds like the PNEI YEHOSHUA could have been the Chacham Tzvi’s son…. and Jacob Emden’s brother…. and that he was also busily fighting the  Sabbateans with all his might:


In 1720 – once the tenure of Rabbi Jozue [Joshua] ben Cwi [Tzvi]–Hirsz had come to an end – the community did not renew his tenure, replacing him instead with Rabbi Chaim ben Reb….

Rabbi Jozue was forced to leave Lwów in 1720 and he settled temporarily at Buczacz. He turned to the communities of the Lwów region, who determined in his favour and did not acknowledge Rabbi Chaim as the regional Rabbi, declaring that they would not comply with the Lwów community….

The Lwów community members were declared “transgressors” and Rabbi Jozue was granted the “authority” to boycott and banish the “sabotaging” Rabbi from all the communities of the region.[17] The Lwów community was sentenced to pay a 30,000 Zloty fine to Rabbi Jozue, a verdict which established him officially as the Rabbi of Lwów and the region. Despite this he did not return to Lwów but settled at Buczacz [Buchach] since Kinowski, the Starosta of Buczacz was in dispute with Voivode Jablonowski, and so Rabbi Jozue was certain that there no harm would befall him….

Rabbi Jozue continued to live at Buczacz under those circumstances till 1730, when he was invited to succeed Rabbi Michael Chassid as head of the Rabbinate at Berlin…..

The number of Shabbatai Cwi [Tzvi]’s followers in Podolia and Reissen rose, and their influence increased particularly throughout the Reissen towns: Zloczow [Zolochiv], Rohatyn, Podhajce [Podhajze], Horodenka as well as Lwów. Many of his followers came from Podolia, which lay close to Turkey. They settled in towns and attracted the interest also of those from scholarly circles.

When the rabbis, who greatly objected to their actions, noted the undermining of the Torah and of the commandments, they gathered, by order of the Council of Four Lands, in the great synagogue outside Lwów on the 2nd July 1722.

The regional and town rabbi, Rabbi Jakob Jozue [Joshua] author of Pneh Josua, together with seven of his religious court–judges, declared the excommunication of the sinners by blowing the Shofar [Jewish ritual ram’s horn] and extinguishing candles.

The entire community stood trembling as they listened to the wording of the curse “and babes learning the Torah repeated after them, Amen… And several transgressing sinners of that accursed cult stood with us on the stage [Bimah] and while sobbing and wailing to heaven even they admitted their misdemeanours and recounted their actions, in accordance with the prayer book which they had put together.

After leaving the synagogue on the 2nd July, they had to undertake a self inflicted mourning and ostracism for seven and thirty days, as laid down by the law; every precept pertaining to the outcast and the mourner, besides other penalties and reprimands set by us seven Rabbis, and that was just the beginning.”[18] And afterwards they confessed their sins and publicly received their due.

Similar ostracism was declared in all other communities. Despite the ostracism however, the followers of Sabbataj Cwi [Shabbatai Cwi [Tzvi]] could not be completely wiped out.

On the contrary, the number of the cult followers increased, and some years later they joined Jakub Frank’s faction.

Inside Israel now, more and more people are waking up that ‘something’ is not right here.

That last horrible Gaza death trap, that killed 21 soldiers two days ago, is so obviously ‘wrong’, that even the so-called ‘normies’ are publically questioning if the IDF has been corrupted, and is deliberately sending our soldiers to their deaths, God forbid.

There are specific protocols for dealing with explosives.

It’s simply unbelievable to any of the people who have worked with explosives in the army in the past that two ‘accidents’ like this could possibly happen in the space of two weeks….. or, at all.

And some of those people are actually now speaking out to detail the protocols, and to publically question how this latest ‘accident’ could have possibly occurred.

The military ‘idol’ is on it’s knees, and the Evils can’t get away with many more ‘friendly fire’ incidents without risking an outright rebellion.


Just to give you another flavor of what is going on here:

My daughter’s friend has a brother who was meant to be in hesder yeshiva learning Torah for two years, deferring his army service, as per the agreement made with the hesder yeshivas.

He’s now being called up straight away, because of ‘the war’.

‘The war’ that apparently has no stated goal, no end in sight – and no-one running it that gives a monkeys about the Jews who are sacrificing their time, relationships, finances, lives and health to come and fight it.

That guy still believes that medinat Israel is mostly good and holy – as per the teachings of his totally corrupted dati leumi institutions.

(We’ll get to Rav Avraham Kook and his dati leumi posse in more detail soon…. wait for that.)

But his sister is starting to waver.

The brainwashing she was exposed to from the cradle in the dati leumi world is starting to dissolve.

And the ‘crazy arguments’ are starting to sound less and less crazy with each day that passes.


B’kitzur: It’s just a matter of time, before enough people understand what is really going on here, and the blinders drop.

Once that critical mass of awareness is reached, it’s game over for the Evils in Israel.

May it be very soon, and with no more innocent Jewish blood shed.


That’s ‘inside’.

But ‘outside’?

In chul?

The world of lies seems to be going even more bonkers.

Because now, and so understandably, so many sincere Jews are ‘defending Israel’ with all their might against the anti-semites and Jew-haters.

But that also means they are side-stepping the truth of what is going on here, and are blinded to the ugly facts that are being laid bare, about what is really going on with our army and government.

The people leading the country are not good guys.

Not at all.

The Jews under their command who are dying and getting their legs blown off all the time in ‘friendly fire accidents’ are good guys, tzaddikim, even.

But the people at the top of all our institutions are so yucky, I lack true descriptors for just how yucky they actually are.


It’s so easy to shut down all the criticism of the leaders here, and their yucky actions, by yelling ‘anti semite’.

But the problem is, a lot of what these obvious anti-semites are saying is actually true.

What makes these critics anti-semitic is not that they are saying these things, but that they hate all Jews, and tar all Jews with the same yucky brush of our corrupted elites.

And they totally ‘whitewash’ the Palestinians (whose leadership is also funded by the same satanists guiding the war on our side of the fence….)


So, there is no ‘nuance’ with the anti-semites, and a lot of bias, bigotry and obvious hatred of Jews.

But sadly, there is also still a lot of truth about what is really going on in Israel, and with this ‘war’.

And doing the birur is the whole key.


In Israel, it’s getting easier and easier to do that birur, because most of the people already know our leaders are corrupt – and even semi-normal people are starting to openly speak about ‘the Erev Rav’ who are leading us.

But in chul?

There is also very little nuance.

A Jew is a Jew is a Jew – and you defend that Jew to the hilt.

Even when they are yucky.

And evil.

And actually doing most, if not all, of the things the anti-semites are accusing them of doing.


It’s such a spiritual bind.

And it’s interesting to see how that same process of birur is bringing the truth more clearly into the open here in Israel, but hiding it more deeply in the shadows in chul.

I guess that’s another very challenging aspect of the galut.

And I’m very grateful that I don’t have to deal with that test, as it’s very, very hard to know what to do.


God’s seal is truth.

And every time we ‘come away’ from truth, we get further away from God, and the connection with our own souls.

But it’s still so hard when the anti-semites are baying for Jewish blood.



I want to just apologise to any readers who have been emailing me, and I haven’t responded the last few days.

I have just been feeling overwhelmed with ‘stuff’, and haven’t had the bandwidth to do ‘deep dives’ into more topics at the moment.

Also, I am back researching some very interesting stuff about the links between masons and our dear leaders, and that is what I am going back to now, current affairs notwithstanding.

Amidst the madness, life goes on.

And the more ‘light’ we can shine on how all these yucky people got into power here, in whatever small way, the faster this process of birur will hopefully unravel all the yuck.


And the last thing is a question:

One of the commentators pointed me in the direction of a Telegram channel called:


As well as bringing some interesting info, it’s also quoting the book of Luke, amongst other things, and I am picking up a distinctly xtian vibe.

Is it just me?


PS: Google translate this story on Ynet today:


It’s talking about how 50 new female recruits to the IDF just told their superiors they are refusing to become ‘observers’, after what happened on the bases on Simchat Torah.

If one thing should be obvious to anyone with even half a brain cell, the army was never a good place for a Jewish girl to be, long before ‘October 7th’, all the dati leumi propagandists notwithstanding.

And it’s also not a good place for a Jewish boy to be, either.

There are more and more stories appearing of all these quiet internal rebellions.

And when the idol finally falls…. there will be only God to replace it.