The Rav has referred quite a few times to ‘three soldiers’ who managed to hold off literally hundreds of terrorists all by themselves, on Simchat Torah.

He mentioned the Kissufim crossing…. but I didn’t find anything ‘real life story’ that seemed to match those details.

Until just now.

Watch this (no gory stuff, but lots of sounds of shooting):


It’s the story of two police and two soldiers, who heard what was going on, and drove down to Kfar Aza all under their own steam.

They didn’t know each other beforehand, and just ‘met up’ there.

One of them even came down from Jerusalem.

And somehow, they managed to keep fighting for hours and hours and hours – even though one of them was seriously injured early on.

The two soldiers – both dati, btw – went up on a roof and just started picking off the terrorists.

For hours and hours and hours.

While they were waiting for ‘the army’ – someone, anyone – to show up and help them defend Kfar Azza.

It’s truly an astounding miracle – and also, more proof of just how Am Yisrael got totally stitched up by our so-called ‘intelligence failure’ at the top levels of government and military.



In the meantime…. this story only came out six days ago in public, yet the Rav was talking about it from the first week after the terrible atrocity of October 7th.

Just, I couldn’t track it down.


On a seperate but related note, my daughter was telling me that while she is 100% understanding the families of the kidnapped doing everything they possibly can, or that they ‘think’ they can, to get their family members back, she has had enough of live soldiers getting sent into Gaza to bring back dead bodies.

Apparently, there was a story recently of three soldiers who got killed while on a mission to ‘rescue’ two dead bodies.

More and more people are saying enough is enough here, even dyed-in-the-wool dati leumi flag-waving believers in the ‘IDF’ and ‘carpet bombing Gaza’.


On a seperate but related note….

There was one more ‘detail’ that came out about those three kidnapped Jews who we are told, in lurid detail, over and over again, somehow got accidentally killed ‘by our guys’.

I can guarantee you 100%, they were not killed accidentally by ‘our guys’.

Whatever else happened to them.

Hamas are not nice.

They don’t just leave three hostages alone and alive while they pop off down some tunnel somewhere, so they IDF can happily scoop them up without a fight.

More and more people are understanding the story doesn’t stand up to any real scrutiny.

Hamas would have killed them, not left them alive, if they were going to leave them at all.

And for sure, they wouldn’t have left them above ground, in a house stocked with enough food for them to go find a ‘convenient’ white sheet they could ‘conveniently’ write a whole message on using paprika…..



And dafka, these are the guys that our army apparently didn’t know were Jews, even though the army is clearly in Gaza looking for exactly these Jews, their faces are plastered all over the place – and one of them was very light skinned, blue eyed and had a mop of ginger hair….

Dafka, this is the hostage that got ‘shot dead’ by the IDF as a case of mistaken identify?




Time to make supper.

May God rescue us from the madness and lies very, very soon, but it really does look more and more people are starting to openly call out all the manipulative, evil BS we are constantly being baited with.

May that process continue…. speed up…. and amplify.



More words from the Rav.

It’s not a coincidence that the biggest sports stadium in Jerusalem is called ‘Teddy Stadium’ – after that self-same British spy and hater of religious Jews, Teddy Kollek.

There is literally nothing new under the sun.


Excerpt of Rav Berland’s shiur, given on the 4th night of Chanuka 5784

The whole war of the Maccabees was against the i-Phones, the smartphones, the Xiomis.

What did the Greeks want? They wanted new technology. They wanted to tameh (make impure, spiritually unfit) Am Yisrael. The whole point was to turn [the Jews] into hellenists.

Already, most of the people were hellenists.

They burned those who were keeping Shabbat – a thousand people who were keeping Shabbat, they burnt them.

Antiochus wanted that each house would have an i-Phone, that each child would have an i-Phone / smartphone / Xiomi.

This was the whole point.


Now, the new innovation is the Xiomi – this is the new invention.

It has the appearance of a ‘kosher phone’, they understood, they caught on, all the ‘hellenists’ of our days. Since the beginning of the world, since the start of the Jewish people, there hasn’t been a disaster like this, like what happened on Simchat Torah.

After they gave out punches on Yom Kippur [in Tel Aviv] – whoever prayed on Yom Kippur, they recieved blows.

Hashem can’t forgive, anymore.


Because all of the war [of the Maccabees] was against the stadium.

Here in Jerusalem they held the World Championships. Here, they played football, here, they worked out, boxing – who was going to be the champion of the world.

Jerusalem was the centre of the world.

The Greeks transformed Jerusalem into the centre of the world, because they knew that if they ruled over Jerusalem – they would rule over the whole world.


The whole world turns its eyes to Jerusalem.

Every king wants to be called ‘The King of Jerusalem’. Every people and every nation wants to rule over Jerusalem.

If they would conquer Jerusalem, and rule over it, and build a stadium, and people would [wrestle] naked – all this is written in Josephus – before the eyes of all the male and female spectators….


They wanted to strengthen the snake.[1]

And this was the war between light and darkness.

The whole war of Hannukah is the war the snake is waging against the holy Torah.

The snake says: You were born a snake, and the whole of you is a snake!

A person is born with a yetzer hara (evil inclination).

“For the inclination of a person’s heart is evil from his youth.”[2]

He is born a non-Jew. He’s not a Jew at all.

“How does a person merit to be a Jew?”


The Rebbe used to ask this over and over again.

Even in his last year, Rav Natan saw that [Rebbe Nachman] used to ask with such simplicity: How does a person merit to be a Jew?

The whole focus [of the Greeks] was to uproot yiddishkeit, to rip it up by its roots.

Because Judaism is the ‘war’ against the snake.

Only the Jewish people is fighting against the snake.

The whole rest of the world has capitulated to it – that same snake that caused Adam HaRishoh to sin, it’s obvious that he can also cause us to sin, too….


Adam HaRishon knew the whole Torah.

He was directly created from the mouth of HaKadosh Baruch Hu. How was it possible to cause him to sin, at all?!  He was directly created by the mouth of Hashem!

He knew what ‘the snake’ is. He wasn’t tempted.

We think that the snake is the ‘yetzer tov’ (inclination for good), but Adam HaRishon knew that the snake was the yetzer hara. He knew this.

But Adam HaRishon calculated[3], as Rashi writes about Yosef HaTzaddik, on Parshat Vayeshev – and this year we are reading this on Hannukah. The Badatz poskened that this year, we read Vayeshev.

Because of the smartphones, and the i-Phones, and this was also the war of Yosef, waged against the smartphones and the i-Phones, and against the Xiomi.

This is what Yosef was fighting against.



[1] In previous shiurim, the Rav explains that the physical body is the ‘ketunot or’, the garment of skin that Hashem clothed humanity in after Adam’s sin. But that essentially, this ‘ketunot or’ is the skin of the primordial snake, and not something the human being was orginally designed to have.

[2] Bereishit 8:21

[3] The import appears to be that Yosef also deliberately put himself in the way of ‘sin’ with Potiphar’s wife, in order to ‘defeat evil’ at it’s deepest level, in the same way Adam HaRishon deliberately ‘chose’ to eat from the tree.


Just to keep this real, yesterday, I tried to see if I could get Whats App on my PC.

I tried to volunteer last week, and I got told that if I don’t have Whats App, I just can’t.


I kind of felt like an anachronistic waste of space after that, so I thought, let’s see if I can get Whats App on the PC instead, and figure it out that way.

Long story short, while other people apparently can do that, God doesn’t want that for me.

And I am actually really, really happy about that.

Whats App is actually one of the biggest curses of our times.

And it’s good, that even for ‘good reasons’, God is not letting me have it.

But I tried.

The last few days, I was feeling not so happy, and also pretty ill.

Migraines, not sleeping, eyes funny, stomach issues, anxiety, ‘suppressed anxiety’, despair, worry – all of it.

Until yesterday evening, when I sat down with my husband and I told him:

I can’t carry on like this much longer…. If things don’t improve soon, I am going to go nuts.

That’s when he told me some very wise advice:

Rabbenu says to ‘look at the bad’ for an hour a day, in hitbodedut, and the rest of the time to be happy!

Even when there is a ‘war’ going on.


Today, I got in the car and went down South with a friend, to the Baba Sali’s grave in Netivot.

I have barely been out of Jerusalem for three months, since all this started, and I used to drive all over the place, a lot.

I was surprised to see just how many people are out on the roads down South.

How ‘normal’ Netivot actually felt, and the outskirts of Sderot

Life is continuing.

And it has to!


I did some writing at the Baba Sali, and this is what came out:

How we win this ‘war’ is by continuing to live life. 

Continuing to get married. Continuing to help people. Continuing to do mitzvot. Continuing to visit Kivrei Tzaddikim.

That’s how we win.

There is no despair in the world, and life is still very, very good.

The news is all government-controlled propaganda – just turn it off.

The glass is half-full.

See the good in your life and don’t fear anything, or anyone.


Yes, there are a lot of difficult things going on.

My street is full of cars right now, as one of my neighbors is sitting shiva for a son killed in Gaza.

But, I realised yesterday, that if I keep going around ‘collecting’ everyone else’s difficulties and pain, it is going to bury me in a heap of sadness and despair that I just can’t get out of, and continue to do what I need to be doing in the world.

I will continue to do my tehillim for the soldiers every day, continue to pray for the evil to be destroyed, do whatever mitzvot God is putting in my path – but with simcha!

How is it going to help anyone, if I get so miserable and ‘down’, even when life is still so good, in so many ways?


At the end of the day, every single person is on their own path.

Every single person is making their own choices, and dealing with the consequences of those decisions, for good and for not so good.

And every person being killed in this war, their soul chose that for them, before they were even incarnated this time around.


My friend was telling me about a headteacher of a Talmud Torah with a bunch of his own kids, who left to go to the reserves.

His Talmud Torah is now falling apart, and can’t continue.

You are patur from serving in the reserves over the age of 40, or if you have six (? maybe four?) children of your own.

Everyone in Israel has gone ra-ra crazy about going to the reserves, but at the end of the day, I personally don’t think they are doing anyone a favor, if they have a bunch of their own kids that no-one else can raise as a father, or if they are doing something genuinely ‘useful’ –  like teaching and learning Torah.



May Hashem keep all our soldiers safe.

May He bring them all back home safe and sound immediately.

May He destroy all our enemies totally – and without any more loss of Jewish life.

And most of all, may He open our eyes up, to understand that living in Eretz Yisrael as Torah-observant, happy Jews is the best, and pretty much only, way we ‘win’ this war, really.

That’s why there is so much effort being made to try and break us, and keep us all miserable, stressed-out and despairing.


It was interesting, how many of the ‘bring them home’ banners down South seem to have been ripped off the railings by the side of the road now.

I don’t think they were taken down for political reasons.

They were taken down, because the faster we get back to ‘normal’, regardless of what else is going on, and go back to living life, and serving Hashem happily, the faster this nightmare disappears.

Regardless of what is going on ‘in Gaza’.

People are getting sick and tired of being manipulated, scared, upset, depressed.

People are getting sick and tired, of being treated like brain-dead idiots by the puppets who apparently rule us.

And that means that the real victory is actually much, much closer than any of us think.


Switch off your computer now, and go do something soul-affirming.

Cook something nice for your family, take a walk, phone a friend, sit in the garden and say some tehillim.

Something good, something holy.

Life is still good.

Remembering that, even in the middle of all the ‘crazy’, is how we win.



Excerpt of a shiur given December 11th 5784, 4th night of Chanuka

More hints and insights from the Rav, translated from Shivivei Or 338.


Now, Yosef comes to Dotan.

He asks the angel,  where are my brothers shepherding? He says to him, Dotan.

They want to kill you, he (the angel) hints to him. He didn’t want to tell him that they want to kill you.

“They conspired to put him to death.”[1]

They passed a death sentence upon him, it wasn’t everyone, really it was just Shimon and Levi.


“Shimon and Levi are brothers, the tools of Hamas are their weapons.”[2]

They were members of Hamas. (Yaakov said to them before his death, you are Hamasnikim!)

What a curse! What words!

They freed your daughter, (Dina). Say thank you! Dance! Your daughter was kidnapped in Gaza! She was there in some bunker, in some tunnel. They went into the tunnel and they brought your daughter out, so dance, sing!

They brought her out with a miracle, give them a double inheritance!

And I have given you Shechem – one [portion] more than your brothers.”[3]

What curses you cursed them with. They freed your daughter! Dance, sing, they brought her out via a miracle.


No, “Shimon and Levi are brothers, the tools of Hamas are their weapons.”[4]

You are Hamasnikim! You are like Hamas!

“Into their design may my soul not enter. With their congregation do not unite… Accursed is their rage, for it is mighty.”[5]

He cursed them with such curses.


I asked Yaakov, what’s with these curses? They freed your daughter, be happy! Dance!

No, accursed is their rage, for it is mighty, and their wrath, for it is harsh. I will divide them in Yaakov.


They have no inheritance in the land.

Shimon has no inheritance – he got Dimona, Beer Sheva, Adada and Ziklag. All of this is in the desert, this isn’t ‘in the land’.  This is in the wilderness – that’s where they have their inheritance.

And Levi – nothing.

I will divide you in Yaakov.

Levi was totally deprived, he had no inheritance. He needs to go and stand in the granary and to recieve maaser / terumah (i.e. charity). He has nothing, no inheritance. And he got a few cities of refuge.

This is all the inherited cities of the Levites.

All of this, because they went and slaughtered a whole city.


But the RAMBAN asks, did they need to wait for Shimon and Levi to free Dina?! On the contrary, Yaakov should have freed Dina!

But Yaakov knew that there was going to be a war with the entire city.

[From previous shiurim, the Rav explained that Yaakov had the question if it was permitted to kill the entire city in order to save her. Therefore, he wanted to get advice from Yitzhak, and that’s why he didn’t act immediately.]

The entire city was protecting Shechem ben Hamor.

Hamor ben Hamor – a donkey, son of a donkey. His father was Hamor, and he was also a hamor. Hamor ben hamor.



[1] Bereishit 37:18.

[2] Bereshit 49:7.

[3] Bereishit 48:22.

[4] Bereshit 49:7.

[5] Ibid.

This whole story of how the IDF apparently just shot dead three of the kidnapped people in Gaza….

It just sounds so very wrong, for so many reasons.

Yah, Hamas just ‘left’ them, just abandoned them… you know how that is.

And then, they just decided to take off all their clothes – like you do, when you’ve been half-starved / drugged with sleeping pills for more than two months, in fear of your life and with absolutely no contact with the outside world.

And then, you just take a white flag and ‘run’ at soldiers in Gaza….


And then we’re told, by the same people who have been lying about everything since day one of this horrible affair, that these three were somehow killed ‘against orders’.

The more details come out about what apparently happened, the less and less I believe what we’re being told here.

It’s just more demoralisation tactics.


There was a siren on Friday night in Jerusalem – the rockets apparently fell in Bet Shemesh.

I didn’t sleep so well, not so much because I was worrying about the rockets, but more because it triggered off what happened the last time we heard sirens in Jerusalem on Shabbat Simchat Torah.

I started worrying, a bit, that ‘WW3’ was kicking off, God forbid.

Because aiming a rocket at the Mosque of Omar is probably one of the best ways you could really get that going in the world, God forbid.


We came home from the Rav, motzash, to find an ambulance blocking our street.

Apparently, it was the army delivering some very bad news to our neighbors.

If I didn’t actually live here, I’d be finding it harder and harder to know what is true, and what isn’t.

(Even living here, the amount of deliberate confusion being sown is insane.)

But it’s true that ‘rockets’ are being fired, in some form.

It’s true that Jewish soldiers are being killed every day, God forbid.

And it’s true, that we have no-one to rely on, except Hashem.


Go check out Moran Eden Bergmann’s site, she has some very interesting things to say about these three kidnapped Jews, apparently ‘shot dead’ by the IDF, while hundreds of Hamasnikim in their underwear have just been gently scooped up by the army, over the last few days.

Yah, right.

Our army apparently only shoots kidnapped Jews dead in Gaza, don’t you know?

And if you didn’t know, our corrupt media is now going to be harping on about that for the next three weeks.

Anything to destroy our national morale.

Anything to make it harder for our soldiers to keep fighting so successfully in Gaza.

We’ve been having so many open miracles, they are now resorting to even more manipulative deceit, to try to break us.

All of this is only about ‘the two state solution’, don’t forget.

That will be imposed by ‘our friends’ once we’re all totally broken.

Let me tell you something:


The more lies they tell, the more even the zombies here are starting to notice something is seriously wrong with the reporting – and the government. And everything, actually.


BH, we will keep praying.

We will keep holding on.

And sooner or later, Hashem will rescue us all from this madness, and finally destroy the evil in our midst, once and for all.



Excerpt of shiur given on Wednesday, 2nd Kislev, 5784, to the Hoshen Mishpat Kollel in the Old City of Jerusalem

Now we need to travel [to Uman].

Here, he’s organising flights for us, so we can fly to Uman, even three [planes, each containing] 800 people. Every two hours, they get to Uman, there and back, it’s possible to do 10 flights, 10 appearances in one day.

10 flights, [times] 800, this is 8,000 [people] to Uman.


In the media they publicised that 40,000 people got to Uman [for Rosh Hashana].

The truth is that 20,000 got there, but in the media they announced it was 40,000, and maybe even 50,000. The more you can say [the better]….


Because Bibi says that you shouldn’t dare to travel, under no circumstances.

They suspected Bibi of being an apikorus (heretic). He didn’t say words of heresy, he just said don’t rely on miracles.

He was talking to the Breslovers. People didn’t understand, they accused him, whoever heard Bibi’s speech two weeks before Rosh Hashana.

So, everyone suspected him of being an apikorus, all the rabbis, all of those…

And they attacked him. How can a Prime Minister say such words of heresy?!

He didn’t say, he said that in the holocaust there weren’t miracles, and also now, there won’t be  miracles for you.


He was talking to the Breslovers from a place of ‘concern’.

He said, I’m worried about you. Me, I have my mamads (security rooms). Me, I have my bunkers…

That’s what he wrote, that’s what he said.


And there was one Mizrachi (dati leumi) woman who said that the State needed to forbid the Breslovers from travelling to Uman.

[Ed. note: this was Orit Struk].

It’s pikuach nefesh (saving a life), they are irresponsible people, people who are prepared to die. It’s forbidden for us to let them do it! We need to forbid these trips, and to stop them at Lod [airport], and not send them out.


And Bibi gave a whole speech against the Breslovers.

This was against the Breslovers, coming from a place of tremendous ‘love’. Because he loves them so very much.

After all, he did a brit milah in the Breslov Shul for his grandson. His daughter is a Breslover. The daughter he has from his first wife, she’s a Breslover.


Everyone today is Breslov.

Breslov is already more than Chabad, than everything else. Already, everyone left Chabad, gomarnu (it’s over).

What’s left is the prayers at the Ohel [of the Rebbe].

There needs to be prayers in Uman, not prayers in the Ohel – the Ohel in Montefiore [cemetery, in NYC].


You were in New York once, but did you see Montefiore [cemetery]?

It’s between Flatbush and Borough Park, there is an enormous cemetery. I used to go past it each day. I’d go from 20th Avenue with Chaim Shlomo Rottenburg, we’d go on foot to pray in Borough Park, and we’d go via Montefiore [cemetery].

We saw all the tombstones.

[Sir Moses] Montefiore built it. He bought the plot, and that’s where they buried the Rebbe from Chabad. There, they buried all the very biggest rabbis of New York.


So, there was a prayer in the Ohel [of the Lubavitcher Rebbe].

People came from Eretz Yisrael to pray there, in the Ohel, and lots of families from those who were kidnapped, from their representatives.


King David was also kidnapped.

They abducted him, so they turned to the UN, they went to Biden, and then he was successful.

In the end, Avishai came, Avishai. Avishai was such a pere adam (wild man), he was so hyperactive, how he knew how to jump…

He jumped from Jerusalem to Gaza, he had kfitzat haderech (a miraculous shortening of the road), and he got there, and he saw David fly in the air.


Ad kan from the Rav.

I was hoping to have a lot more translated, but I just haven’t had the yishuv ha’daat to do it.

A few weeks’ ago, the Rav was telling the story of how the ‘Brits’ fought the ‘Ottomans’ in WW1 for Eretz Yisrael, and they took out the Ottoman base by dropping a bunch of ‘poisoned cigarettes’ close by, that the ‘Ottoman soldiers’ than smoked and it made them ‘fall asleep’.

It was another clue.

Look at this, from yesterday:


If you go HERE, to the Mapping the Massacre site, you’ll see exactly where that base was located.

Here’s the snippet from there:

Over 40 Hamas terrorists infiltrated a military base near Nahal Oz, executing a meticulously orchestrated assault that left significant destruction and caused many fatalities among the stationed troops.

Armed with firearms, grenades, and bomb-dropping drones, they killed guards, set fire to the command center, killing the majority of the soldiers who were trying to hide, and captured at least six female soldiers.


Meanwhile, this is a snippet from the story about the ‘poison gas’, on the VINN site:

According to a report published by Channel 12, the main findings of the investigation indicated that an unspecified but toxic flammable substance was apparently thrown through the entrance of the building which housed the soldiers’ command center.

One of the soldiers at the entrance to the building attempted to extinguish the flames but was unsuccessful and the fire continued to spread.


Then it says this:

One of the officers climbed up to the [bathroom] window and smashed it, allowing him, five other officers and one surveillance soldier to escape the toxic inferno.

The other fifteen soldiers in the command center died  apparently asphyxiated by the noxious fumes. Six other soldiers from the base were taken hostage.


I’m curious how these six officers (!) – not even regular soldiers, but ‘officers’ – managed to escape being shot dead or captured by the 40 Hamas terrorists that apparently had the base surrounded, as they slowly squeezed out that bathroom window.

And I’m also curious how it was those ‘Hamas terrorists’ managed to approach the base in the first place, and do all this, without any of the ‘observer soldiers’, or anyone else, apparently noticing them.

And without the alarm being raised.


Continue to think for yourself.

And continue to spot the ‘clues’ they are shoving out in front of us, in plain view, just with a spun cover story to explain the details away, when that CCTV footage from the bases finally gets made public.

And may God save us from the evil.


I have to say, I’m feeling quite down at the moment.

For a few different reasons.

Every day, more dead Jews in Gaza – and I’m sitting here thinking what, 60-100 billion shekels goes to the army EVERY SINGLE YEAR and yet they couldn’t figure out a way to make a ‘robot’ to go into booby trapped tunnels? Or train a dog to do it? Or come up with some other alternative than sending whole platoons of Jewish men into tunnels that they don’t know if they are ‘booby trapped’  or not?

What in the world?!?!?


Recently, I got sent a link to ‘news’ that a fifth of the casualties in Gaza are due to ‘friendly fire’.

That’s the ‘official number’.

The Rav a couple of weeks’ back said it’s 50%.

Think about that for a moment.

And remember who else is currently operating in Gaza, along with the IDF.

(No, I’m not talking about ‘terrorists’, or at least, not Palestinian terrorists.)


And then, remember who else was said to be on our airforce bases the same time October 7th was allowed to happen.

(No, I’m not talking about Israeli pilots.)

And then, remember who else sent all their ships off Israel’s coast…. and all their marines into Lebanon….(ready for the ‘next stage’ of this operation….)


Our nation is under attack, mamash, by the Roman-Greeks of today.

All dressed up in their trojan horses, so you and me have no idea where all this ‘friendly fire’ is even meant to be coming from.


This Chanuka has been feeling kinda flat to me, the same way that Sukkot was feeling kinda flat to me.

I am a little scared, to be honest, of what is coming next.


It’s interesting, that the places with the highest concentrations of God-fearing Jews seem to be suffering the least from what is currently going on.

Jerusalem has been fairly quiet since the first day, apart from that awful pigua by the entrance two weeks ago.

Even places that are usually ‘flash points’ like Hevron have been pretty quiet, Baruch Hashem, and out in the Shomron etc, it’s also feeling mostly like business as usual.

But my sister-in-law still didn’t move back.

And according to THIS article, 370,000 Israelis have left the country since OCtober 7th, and many of them are looking to stay out permanently.


Yeah, they got ‘kicked out’, spiritually.

That’s what it boils down to.

But it still doesn’t make me feel ‘happy’ reading these headlines.


In the meantime, I don’t know what to do with myself.

I have a bunch of translations still to work on….(assuming my blog continues to function).

I have a bunch of research I’m still doing, into ‘interesting’ people….

But I’m sitting here with a semi-permanent sense of ‘what’s the point’, if I’m honest.

What’s the point? Because either the other shoe is going to drop here in Israel, or it won’t.

And there is such a huge gap between those two outcomes, of ‘WW3’ or ‘kinda back to normal’, that it’s hard to know what to do with myself at the moment.


At the beginning of all this, back in October, I ran out to get more bags of rice and tins of beans and some bottled water.

I cashed some money, I filled up the car with petrol.

And I kept that level of ‘readiness’ going for 2-3 weeks.

But I can’t do it any more.

If it’s WW3, God will have to send the manna, if He wants me to keep going.

And if it’s not WW3…. nobody is going to eat five tins of beans a week just to make more space in the closet.


Sometimes, I also feel a little guilty for taking it easy, or doing ‘enjoyable things’ while my fellow Jews are mamash being killed in Gaza.

I am still doing a fifth of a book of tehillim a day, plus my hitbodedut, plus some Rav prayers, plus, when I have time, either doing Rav translations, and / or saying a few tikkun haklalis, and most weeks, making the effort to pray ma’ariv down the Rav on Ido HaNavi.

I am trying to reassure myself that I am trying to do my bit for the Am, however I can.

And sometimes, that ‘bit’ just means making a nice supper, putting on some washing, and doing my best to not slide into despair about the whole situation.


Ah, Tatty.

Please come and rescue us, already.



I’m hoping my misgivings are misplaced.

That this horrible half-limbo that is just breaking the country economically, and killing a few more Jews every day in Gaza for what, exactly? Seeing as our corrupt government keeps sending Hamas fuel and supplies every single day, and even treating the terrorists trying to kill our soldiers in Israeli hospitals….

Why are our soldier there in Gaza right now?

Being blown up en masse in tunnels that the IDF apparently can’t train a dog to go down first, to either trigger the explosives or sniff them out?

Or maybe, Jewish soldiers are considered more expendable, and cheaper, than a trained canine, or robot. Who knows.

Point is… this ‘war’ is serving no-one except the enemies of the Jewish people.

And I wish it would stop, already.


BH, it’s Zot Chanuka tonight.

It’s the ‘final sealing’ of the decree for the year of 5784.

I am really praying it’s going to be for the good.


Or to give it it’s proper Jewish term, midda kneged midda.

From the beginning of this ‘war’, it seems to me that Hashem’s hashgacha pratit has been far more pronounced, than in the past.

Without going into details, all the people who have lost loved ones that I knew personally, in some way, I could kind of see the hashgacha pratit clearly, as to why specifically these families were in the frame.

Again, without going into details, but I noticed from the first few days that many of the families having sons killed in Gaza seem to have very close links with the government.

State Comptrollers….Teachers who were mamash hated by their students… People with very tight links to ‘anti Rav Berland’ factions in the so-called religious world….and of course, even ministers and former Chiefs of Staff of the IDF.


If you go to the Jewish Press site HERE, you’ll find an article from April 2023 called:

General Brik: The IDF Not Ready for All-Out War

Here’s a snippet:

“There is nothing more grotesque than the idle statements of the political and security echelons about preparedness in all sectors before tensions break out,” General (Res.) Yitzhak Brik wrote in Maariv Thursday.

He blames, above all else, former Chief of Staff Benny Gantz, who only recently spoke about the IDF’s preparedness, when, in reality, he was one of the chief architects of the IDF’s lack of readiness for the coming all-out war.

“As Chief of Staff, Gantz decided to cut hundreds of tanks and other units from the Ground Forces, crossing a red line that must not be crossed. Under his leadership, the threat surrounding Israel intensified to dimensions we had not known before: hundreds of thousands of missiles and rockets around Israel, tens of thousands of enemy fighters equipped with anti-tank weapons and artillery, and pro-Iranian Shiite militias that are gaining great power in Syria, Yemen, and Iraq.”


The same people who helped make the mess are the same people pretending to lead us out of it…. on all sides of the (pretend…) political divide.

Point is, Gantz was then replaced by G. as Chief of Staff.

If you go to G.’s Wiki page, HERE, you read this:

In August 2016 [he] was awarded with the Commander of the Legion of Merit by general Joseph Dunford.

The award was given due to [his] “exceptionally meritorious service as chief of the General Staff of the IDF” and his “contribution to the strategic cooperation between the United States and Israel will have a lasting effect on both countries“.[24]


I would love to know what that ‘contribution’ was, that saw him being given the ‘Commander of the Legion of Merit’ by the States.

HERE is the Wiki page for that, and this is a picture of that ‘Commander’ medal. What do you notice?


Yeah, how about that ‘star of David’ in the middle?

In our upside-down world, they will tell you that this shows how ‘Jews’ took over the States.

Really, it’s the exact opposite.



The medal was presented by the former Chief of Staff under both Obama and Trump (because as I keep telling you, the political divide everywhere is ‘fake’), Joseph Dunford.

Awww, so sweet.

The IDF gave him a medal back in 2017.

THIS is an image on Flickr, showing Yvette Lieberman shaking hands with him.

The medal he got back was called ‘Chief of Staff Medal of Appreciation’, and was only given 10 times since it was created, back in 1981.

Here’s a list of all the people (and ‘things’) it was ever given to. What do you notice?


So much to say, but as the censorship is just going to continue spiralling up and up…. it’s really time everyone learned how to start thinking for themselves.

If you’re bored, spend a few minutes taking a look at our ‘leaders’ here, especially in the military, and see if you can spot how many tight links they have to the American deep state and the spooks.

And then, work out for yourself who is really running the country.

Regardless of who anyone votes for in the elections.


There are some suggestions that ‘something big’ might be happening on Zot Chanuka.

I don’t know what.

I’m hoping that whatever it is, it’s going to be something that is sweetening what is going on here, and not making it more bitter.

But we live in very strange times.

If you didn’t already, you need to ramp your emuna up to the max, connect strongly to God and His true tzaddikim, and switch your focus into praying, tzedaka and working on overcoming bad middot and bad habits.

I will try to keep posting here, but it seems to me that the efforts to close down the blog are going up, and if it gets too much, then I’ll stop.

I’m not a ‘glutton for punishment’ like that, and I am not going to carry on writing if I see it’s really getting dodgy to continue.

Ultimately, each person will have to connect back to their souls, and then connect their souls back to God and His real tzaddikim.

The ‘shortcuts’ are all being closed down, it seems.

And may we just hear good news.

I’m getting lots of messages that my blog seems to be ‘stuck’ at Nov 30.

I’ve written about another 10 posts since then, but people aren’t seeing them.

It could just be a ‘blog forwarding’ issue.

Try: – the new name of the site, from a couple of months ago.

I’ve been talking to the tech guy, we have no idea why the ‘blog forwarding’ from the old domain suddenly spontaneously stopped, all by itself.

So, try the new link and see if that works.

If it doesn’t…. let me know in the comments (if you even see this post…) about what’s happening, and we’ll see if we can figure it out.

And if not.

It’s more censorship.

All I post up here, really, is real family tree stuff and stuff the Rav says.

What does that tell you?


Continuing with the second part of the Rav’s shiur given in Beer Sheva on Nov 20th, 2023.

(You can read the first part HERE.)

In a later shiur, the Rav came at this subject from a totally different perspective, and BH I will translate parts of that shiur next, so don’t jump to conclusions until you’ve read the rest of the translations on this subject.

It’s all an exercise in letting go of our pre-conceived notions and personal biases, to really dig down as objectively as possible, to figure out what does God really want from us, here?



So, we are talking about the question, which is, why didn’t Yaakov go and rescue Dina?

The explanation is that Yaakov didn’t want want to fight with Shechem, because [in order to free Dina] they needed to fight with the whole city of Shechem.

He searched for how to make peace, he searched for how to do it.


[This question], It’s the Ramban who is asking it.

And Yaakov even yelled at them:

Accursed is their rage for it is intense, and their wrath for it is harsh.”[1]

They aren’t going to get it now, they aren’t going to recieve [land in Israel as] a nachala (inherited estate). Because they killed Shechem, they aren’t going to recieve a nachala.

Shimon didn’t recieve a nachala, and Levi didn’t get a nachala.

Shimon – [his land] is in Dimona, Beer Sheva, it’s all ‘Shimon’. It’s the sweetest place in the world. He only got [given land] within the nachala of Yehuda.

Ziklag, everything, it’s Shimon. Dimona, from there southwards, everything belongs to Shimon. Beer Sheva belongs to Shimon. They don’t have their own nachala ‘by themselves’. It’s within [the land apportioned to] Yehuda.

Because why did you kill a whole city?

Everyone had already circumcised themselves, and [Yaacov] fixed their boundaries.


It’s written that Yaakov fixed for them the currency and the boundaries.

He taught them how to apportion tzedakah (charity), that we don’t keep all the money for ourselves. Apportion 50% for tzedakah.

Rav Natan used to distribute 50% [of his money] to tzedekah. In Trevista [? A place?] they were very rich, so they took the ma’aser (10% tithe) for themselves, and the rest they used to distribute.

So, there are people who take the ma’aser for themselves.


So, we are talking about all this now, that everyone is making teshuva.

Everyone [who was killed al kiddush Hashem]  is already in Gan Eden – everyone. It’s written that no creation can stand in their place – whoever [was killed al kiddush Hashem] – no other creation can stand in their place – no other creation in the world!

Whoever goes via kiddush Hashem, so they do in one second what otherwise would need to be done over a thousand years.

Whoever goes via kiddush Hashem, even if he doesn’t fast on Yom Kippur, and he doesn’t do this or that – it doesn’t matter. The moment is killed al kiddush Hashem, he’s called just because he’s a Jew, so then he enters straight into Gan Eden – to the mechitzah of HaKadosh Baruch Hu.

He learns Torah from the mouth of HaKadosh Baruch Hu, he hears Torah mamash from the mouth of HaKadosh Baruch Hu.


So, you are in Beer Sheva, but in Jerusalem there are no sirens.

Jerusalem is exactly far enough away from Gaza, and far enough away from Hizbollah. [The rockets] gets to Beit Shemesh, and now already for a week and a half already, there are no sirens in Ashdod.

In Beer Sheva, there was a siren a week ago, but in Ashdod it’s already ten days and no sirens.

Because slowly, slowly, their rockets are getting used up – they are getting finished. So now, they want five days of cessation, in order to renew all the rockets.

They are saying that Hamas is wearing out Hizbollah [i.e. their rocket supply], and that Hizbollah is wearing out [the rocket supply of] Hamas. They say that they have rockets that cover the whole of the Aretz.

So Bibi is looking out for them, bezrat Hashem. He’s worrying for them, that they should have rockets.

So, they want five days of ceasefire, to replenish the stores. This is now the condition for releasing the hostages, five days break. The explanation is that they will be able to restock a million rockets. In one second they will bring rockets from Iran.

What, Iran is here, a one hour flight from here. In one hour they will refill all the arsenal.

He is giving them no end of rockets, in one hour, in one second.


So, they want five days of cessation to free 50 hostages.

So they already agreed to give them 24 hours, because it’s hard to resupply the stocks. But they have tunnels, such tunnels! Like massive halls!


They want to evacuate Shuvu Banim.

I have the book of Teddy [Kollek, former mayor Jerusalem. In the book he says that][2] all the friction between the Jews and the Arabs – this is only because of Shuvu Banim. All the problems.

This is what he wrote in his book. I will read you that afterwards, I have it in the drawer there. But we’ll leave it until the next shiur.

He writes that all the problem, it’s just Shuvu Banim – they are causing the friction between the Jews and the Arabs, because [speaking on behalf of Teddy Kollek] we already love the Arabs, and only because of them [Shuvu Banim] we still don’t have peace with the Arabs.

This is what he writes.

He says that there, [in the Shuvu Banim yeshiva], there are guys from the army, from Sayeret Matkal.[3] There’s a group there, there’s the son of Ze’evi Gandi.

Gandi himself was also here, he used to come every week.

So he [Teddy] says I know that there are squad of special forces here, but why are they living in the middle of the Arabs?! They dafka want to upset them, to make them angry. This called ‘provocation’. I am working to make peace with the Arabs, and they just argue with them all day long!

When someone from Shuvu Banim used to pass by, they [the Arabs] used to cross to the other side, they knew that you don’t start up, here.


When we came to fix the first water pipe, there was no water [in the Shuvu Banim yeshiva in the Old City].

It belonged to Ateret HaCohanim, so we came to fix the water mains, and around 10 arabs came….And so they came, 10 of the chevra, to disrupt the fixing of the pipe, and the water meter.

So there was one person, Eliyahu Bloom, he grabbed hold of them by their heads, and then we heard voices, thunder and thunder-claps. It’s like the clouds that fight with each other.

How is there thunder and lighting? It’s when clouds come together, minus-plus. So, he took hold of one who was ‘minus’ and another who was ‘plus’, and this is how he switched on the electricity…

So, he knocked their heads together. He was called Eliyahu Bloom. And if not for him, we wouldn’t be here today.


…Now Biden wants to stop the fighting, and Bibi is prepared already to give them rockets.

To give them whatever they need, because the ikker is that he should be kept on as the Prime Minister.

Because everyone is already saying that he needs to totally resign, already. 1,200 were killed, this is 1,400, 1,500.


So, all this we are saying here refers to the kooshia of the Ramban, why didn’t Yaakov free Dina? Yaakov needed to have freed Dina.

And he said you damaged my reputation in the eyes of all the residents of the land.

He said, [by way of explanation] that everyone already made teshuva. The people of Shechem had already converted, sincerely. They circumcised themselves, they were abiding by [the laws of] the boundary.

It’s written: “And he encamped before the city.”[4]



[1] Bereishit 49:7.

[2] At the time when the Shuvu Banim yeshiva moved from Bnei Brak to Jerusalem, a miracle occurred, and the yeshiva was ‘gifted’ a building in the Muslim Quarter of the Old City that otherwise would have been turned into apartments by the Ateret Cohanim organisation. Teddy Kollek, the mayor of Jerusalem at the time, was very unhappy about this turn of events, and he even sent armed police to try to evict Shuvu Banim from their new premises.

You can read more of the story for yourself HERE.

[3] One of the most elite special forces units of the IDF.

[4] Bereishit 33:18.


If you want to know more about the right-wing politician Rehoboam ‘Gandi’ Ze’evi, a basic place to start is his Wiki page HERE.


Political views

A few days after the Six Day War, Ze’evi submitted a plan for the creation of a Palestinian state called the State of Ishmael, with Nablus as its capital.

He urged Israel’s leaders to establish this state as soon as possible, claiming that: “Protracted Israeli military rule will expand the hate and the abyss between the residents of the West Bank and Israel, due to the objective steps that will have to be taken in order to ensure order and security.”

Ze’evi later advocated the population transfer by agreement of 3.3 million residents of the West Bank and Gaza to Arab nations.

He believed this could be accomplished by making life difficult, so they would relocate on their own, through use of military force during wartime, or by agreement with Arab nations.

In July 1987, Ze’evi presented his ideas at a forum in Tel Aviv, describing the plan as a voluntary transfer and the only way to make peace with the Arabs.

After the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in 1990, Ze’evi proposed transferring Palestinians to the east side of the Jordan River to serve as a buffer zone against any Iraqi attempt to attack Israel.


Gandi Ze’evi was assassinated on 17 October 2001 in Jerusalem, at what was the Hyatt Hotel on Mount Scopus (now, a Dan Hotel.)

It’s very interesting, that he was also pushing for the creation of a ‘State of Ishmael’ in the Shomron AND ALSO ‘voluntary’ population transfers.

Especially, as he’s described as a ‘right wing nationalist’.

(He founded the Moledet party in the Knesset. Take a look at the Wiki page for that, it’s pretty interesting.)