Let’s clear something up, shall we?

If you are still sitting thinking that anyone you vote for is going to ‘change things’ here in the State of Israel….

That anyone called the ‘Israeli PM’ is actually making decisions based on what’s good for the people of Israel….

That anyone running our army, any ‘leader’ with any iota of real power, is actually working for you and me, and the rest of the Jewish people….

Then you are NEVER going to get what is really going on here.


All the politicians, even the ‘farest of far-right’ ones (ahem….) are working for America.

And for Europe.

And for ‘Esav’.

And for the satan-worshipping masons, and the satan-worshipping Jesuits, and all the rest of them.

And ditto the heads of the army.

And ditto the heads of all our big charidee organisations, and most of the head civil servants, and also most of the so-called ‘rabbis’.

All of them, all of them, ALL OF THEM – are not working for the Jewish people.


Once you understand that, it gets way, way easier to grasp why things like this keep happening:


And also, why the State of Israel is sending violent, armed border police to beat people up who were literally serving in the IDF in Gaza last week, but who are now trying to block all that ‘humanitarian aid’ flowing to Hamas from Israel.

The whole country is run by traitors.

That is the bottom line.

And it’s not even hidden.

Watch this:


At 44 seconds, Biden literally tells the whole audience that he’s the one that convinced ‘Bibi’ to open the gates to all that ‘humanitarian aid’ flowing straight to Hamas in Gaza….

The State of Israel is the 52nd state of the USA…

And remember, the Rav told us two months back that AMERICA NEEDS THE TERRORISTS.


Because the satanic masons who run America, and everywhere else, really needs ‘WW3’ to get going soon, so they can finally launch their total take-over of humanity.

‘Disease X’ is waiting – aka, more radiation being beamed at us all from those antennas no-one talks about but we all notice all over the place, that were put up in a rush when the Covid 19 lock-downs began.

The global elites are getting jumpy that too many people are getting wise to the ‘world of lies’ they have spun around our heads since the cradle.

So yeah, America really does need the terrorists in Gaza, and also, the military in Israel, to try and get WW3 up and running before the penny drops for too many people about who is really leading us, and why the world is in such a mess.


Baruch Hashem for the Rav, all this is being radically sweetened!!

You can see with your own eyes, that since the Rav began the campaign to write the Sefer Torah for the soldiers and captives, and to end the war in Gaza, things are inexplicably coming off the boil in Israel.

For no obvious reason.

I will update you soon, BH, on how far the fundraising for the Sefer Torah has come, but I know there is still quite a long way to go, still.


In the meantime, remember this, and take heart:

There is no more America.


I know it doesn’t look like it still, but more and more of the ‘connected’ people here in Israel, and a few special souls abroad, too, are starting to pick up the vibe of quiet optimism that is starting to pulse here.

BH, may it just grow and expand.

For sure, there are more difficult bridges to cross still – especially for those still stuck in the world of lies.

But if you already moved out of that space… then I think you are going to start even enjoying what happens over the next few weeks now, in the run up to Purim in Adar II (which this year, is spread over 5 days, because the fast of Esther was brought forward to the Thursday…)

Personally, I am starting to feel happy again, at least a little, for the first time in months and months.

Spring is coming….

The blossom is starting to flower.

And the sprout of Yishai is ready to take centre stage, as soon as the time is right.

May it be very soon.

This video basically demolishes xtianity’s claim to be an ‘Abrahamic religion’ in six minutes.

Long story short: Xtianity is a repackaging of exactly the same star-worshipping idolatry that began with Horus, the sun god of Egypt – goes via a whole bunch of man-made-god individuals – and then ends with Yoshki.

Just the Romans had a brainwave, and they ‘melded’ the old Egyptian idolatry together with the Jewish idea of Moshiach…. based that ‘Moshiach’ figure on a converted King of Adiabene who fought the Romans for Jewish independence at the time of the destruction of the Second Temple…. and then paid the Erev Rav members of Herod’s half-Jewish (half Hasmonean!) family to write a new history for the Jews, called the ‘New Testament’.

The point was always to ‘fool’ the Jews into worshipping avoda zara by mixing up the ancient man-made-god idolatry with a flesh-and-blood ‘false messiah’.

And it worked fantastically.

(Whisper this: it’s the same play book they are still trying, today. Israel is literally full of Hebrew speaking ‘new xtians’….)


Watch this:


I’m just editing the draft of Conversations II.

And I just got up to June, 2023.

This is what the Rav said back then:



Excerpted from a shiur given on 16th Sivan, 5783 (June 5th, 2023).

The whole of Chanuka is in the merit of Hannah.

“The bow of the mighty is broken.”[1]

She prayed that the Greeks would fall in the month of Kislev, and then that’s when the Greek power fell.

The Greeks used to be a world power like Rome. Today, it’s already not the same Greeks, this is already other Greeks.

For it’s written that the Greeks of the old days – they were permitted to write a Sefer Torah in Greek.

The Rambam says: It’s only permitted to write it in Greek, in any other language it’s forbidden.

But the Greeks of today, this is not the same Greeks as the old days. This is not exactly the same Greeks, it’s not the same Greeks.

The Greeks of then ruled over Eretz Yisrael, like the Phillistines who ruled over Eretz Yisrael.


The Megaleh Amukot says: “How is it possible that the first King – the first King! – fell by the sword?”[2]

This was a terrible chillul Hashem, to do a rebellion against the Philistines, to achieve independence, and everything fell apart within three years.

They conquered the hills of Gilboa, they conquered Beit Shean, and the succession passed to Mephiboshet.

Mephiboshet had the right to rule[3], and he fell down.[4] (And from this, he became lame.)


It’s like what happened in Ashdod.

One person ran to the security room and fell over with the infant, and the baby had to be anaesthetised and intubated. Then, she was seven years old, today’s she nine, and she’s in a coma and intubated, because she ran to the sealed room….

So today, every time there is a siren they announce, don’t run, don’t run, don’t run. What does it help to keep saying don’t run – in the meantime, a rocket is falling, in the meantime, it’s falling.

So now, they made an agreement (?) in the the North, that no rockets would fall, to stop the rockets. But it didn’t help, because in the South rockets are falling. In the South now, they murdered a soldier, three soldiers [on the Egyptian border].

So, what are they doing in the South? How are they going to save the South?

So, we need to save the South, and to bring Shuvu Banim, who will stop the terrorists, so they won’t enter [Israel] from the North or from the South.


There was one terrorist who even got to Megiddo.

He hijacked a bus, and the whole vehicle was booby-trapped with explosives. In the end, he ran away. He wanted to cross back over the border to Lebanon, and then they caught him.

All of this was at the Megiddo Junction, and by a miracle, there was no terrorist attack.

Yes, one Arab was seriously injured, an Arab…And also now, terrorists fired and it only hurt other Arabs. Two days ago, terrorists fired on some passing car, and this car managed to get away, and it was a car full of Arabs. All of them were seriously wounded, ken yirbu.

We need to bless them with ken yirbu.


(Hamavin yavin…. awesome.)



[1] Shmuel I 2:4.

[2] Apparently referring to the first king of Israel, King Shaul.

[3] After the murder of Shaul’s only remaining son Ish Boshet, Mephiboshet, Shaul’s grandson, was the only descendant of King Shaul who remained alive.

[4] Shmuel II 4:4: “Yonatan the son of Shaul had a son who was lame. He had been five years old when word Jezreel about [the deaths] of Shaul and Yonatan. His nursemaid had picked him up and fled, and in her hurry to flee she dropped him and he became lame. His name was Mephibosheth.”



You can help to write the Rav’s Sefer Torah for the soldiers in the following ways:

20,000 nis – donates a whole section of parchment (including the actual writing), and gets your names transcribed as donors.

5,000 nis – donates a page (parchment and writing).

OR, donate whatever amount you can afford.

In all cases, just go to THIS link, and make it clear in the comments that the donation is for the Rav’s Sefer Torah.


A parchment:


A page:


Anything smaller:


There are a million things that could be written about right now.

Like, do you know this ‘right wing government’ with ‘fanatical right wingers’ in key positions in security, finance and apparently the PM’s chair has sent 13,000+ trucks of food, fuel and other stuff to Hamas, since the war began?

Baruch Hashem, people are starting to wake up – there are currently 200 people now sleeping out in tents at night to block the Keren Shalom crossing into Gaza, and stop the trucks.

And if you fancy an uplifting ‘day out’ to do something useful, you are invited to join them:


Right now, all the idols are falling in the State.

There is no army, the most ‘violence against the enemy’ you get here is when the police start beating up charedim on the streets of Jerusalem, or the families of the hostages who started blocking the trucks carrying aid directly to Hamas last week….

But this process of doing the birur is still going to take a bit of time, because Rabbenu teaches you can’t just go and ‘remove’ all the evil out of a person’s mind, out of their soul, in one shot.

If you did that, they would literally go insane.

So drip by slow drip, the message is starting to penetrate that something here is very wrong.


For people who reached that conclusion a few years’ back, this whole process is excrutiating.

If you engage with it too much.

So I’m not, mostly.

Mostly, I’m just focussing on getting ‘Conversations II’ edited and published, God willing.

And the ‘clues’ and hints the Rav littered all over his shiurim from the last couple of years are simply astounding.


The editor I’m working with asked for ‘clarification’ for a some of the remarks, and when I start trying to unpick sentences about the ‘Prince Ali of Egypt’ who worked with the British ahead of WWI – I start to learn some totally mind-blowing stuff about the Muslim Brotherhood, the Suez Canal – and the way Britain and France carved-up the Middle East long before there was any hint of a ‘Balfour Declaration’.

B’kitzur: the Economic Hitman was right.

Watch this:


The whole official project to settle Jews in the region was just to give the multinational companies who actually run what we think of as ‘sovereign countries’ their own ‘fort’ in the area, to keep the Arabs in-line and the oil on tap.

But try fitting all that information into a footnote to one of the Rav’s throw-away comments….


So, I have my work cut out for me, and it’s keeping me busy and mostly out of the slow drip, drip, drip of headlines.

And at the same time, I am starting to think more about what direction to go in ‘the day after’.

The day after – when enough truth has come out about the rotten, stinking state of the world that people are ready to hear more about subjects like ‘spiritual self-help’ again.

One of my friends suggested I start a substack.

That wouldn’t really ‘work’ with this blog – but it would be perfect for re-kindling the ‘spiritual self-help’ holistic health project.

So, I am pondering that.

And also, how I can start to move back to a kinder, gentler way of dealing with myself, and other people again.


Like everyone in Israel, the last few months has taken an awful lot of stamina and energy.

It looks like this ‘confused’ part of the process is going to continue until Pesach, with ‘big surprises’ already around Purim – the time when things traditionally get turned-around for the best.

In the meantime, all the fear, anger, shock, despair and other overwhelming emotions from the last few months – it all needs to get processed and ‘put away’ properly.

I’ve noticed I’ve got almost zero bandwidth for interacting with other people at the moment, including my kids and husband, and I want to move into a much kinder, gentler and generous space again.

But before I can give more to others, I first need to take some time to give more to myself again.


So, I’ve started a new course and I’ll tell you more about that once I’ve gone through the course material and fitted it together with the other ‘holistic health’ stuff I’ve been learning about over the last few years.

It’s connected to healing with frequency and piezo electricity.

I think it’s going to be very enlightening, BH.


The course continues until Pesach.

So for the next few weeks, I am in some sort of a routine again, at least minimally, while I’m watching and waiting for the world of lies to finally fall flat, at least enough, that the next stage of geula can begin.

And also, going back to trying to work some more on my own bad middot and lack of patience.


The last thing to tell you is that the weird dreams are back.

I usually only remember my dreams about once every 3-4 months, and I am in a stage of having ‘meaningful’ dreams again.

Yesterday’s was about some very weird stuff going in the sky….

It was very ‘real’.


Interesting times we live in.

Pace yourselves, dear readers, and do things that make you happy and uplift you right now, as much as possible.

Because this process of birur isn’t over yet.

And in many ways, it’s only just beginning.

Back in 1884, a man called ‘Edwin Abbott Abbott’ published a novel called ‘Flatland’.

(I don’t know why he has two identical surnames.)

For an indepth look at the plot, go HERE.

The basic idea is that there was a land – Flatland – where everything was limited to two dimensions.

When a 3-D sphere came to visit Flatland, they simply related to it as a series of flat circles, appearing out of nowhere, then enlarging, then shrinking back to nothing again, as he passed through.

The 3-D sphere tried to ‘open their minds’ to the idea that was more to life than seeing everything as 2-D – but the citizens of Flatland simply couldn’t grasp what the sphere was trying to tell them.


If you are still wasting your time and energy ‘engaging’ with the news, then you are living in Flatland.

A place where everything is boiled down to unrealistic arguments about ‘Hamas’ and ‘Bibi’; and where the words of journalists, MSM and politicians are still taken as ‘the truth’ about what is going on.


Stuff is way more complex and nuanced – but also, way more simple.

Once you move out of the ridiculous ‘Flatland’ 2D discussions about what is really going on in Israel, and why it’s really going on.


A friend sent me this:

It’s John Perkins, author of ‘Confessions of an Economic Hitman’ – a book which I highly recommend reading, btw.

He’s explaining how Saddam Hussein was actually ‘our boy’ in Iraq – he started out as a CIA assassin trying to kill the President of Iraq in the 1960s, Abd al-Karim Qasim, because Qasim started heavily taxing the US and British oil companies, and was on the path to trying to nationalise their assets, so that Iraqi oil would benefit the Iraqi people.

The oligarchs who own the world, via the politicians they put in place to ‘run’ the UK and the US, and other countries, didn’t like that.

So, they had Abd al-Karim Qasim murdered live on Iraqi TV – and installed Saddam Hussein’s cousin as the new President of Iraq in 1963.

Saddam Hussein later took over.

And the point is: he was a  CIA asset right from the start.

‘Our boy’, as Perkins puts it.


Who is the CIA’s ‘boy’ in the State of Israel?

(Honestly, the shorter question to answer would be: who is NOT the CIA’s ‘boy’ in the State of Israel….)


At the end of this video, Perkins refers briefly to the State of Israel’s real role in the Middle East.

And no, it’s not as a ‘homeland for the Jewish people’ – at least, not to the people who are running the State here on behalf of their masters in the shadows.

If we can move the discussion into this arena, at least, from all the useless, pointless, discussions about ‘Hamas’ and ‘Biden’ and all the CIA’s ‘boys’ running the State and army here, then that is the beginning of moving out of the ‘Flatland’ version of events.

It’s the start of seeing things at the 3D level of reality.


But don’t stop there.

Another friend just sent me this:


If we can start to engage with these ’18 Strategies for War’, above, and start to really internalise that it’s our own sins that are ‘dressing up’ as Hamas / Hezbollah / Biden / the Masons – the whole rotten lot of them – then, we will start to move this discussion up into 4D.

People like Rebbe Nachman and Rav Berland are seeing things at the 5D, 6D, 7D levels….. (at least).

We can’t always understand what’s being described, what they are talking about, how all this is meant to work ‘in reality’ to solve our problems.

Just like the residents of ‘Flatland’ couldn’t grasp the sphere.

That’s where the emunat tzaddikim idea comes in to play here.

Just, make sure you’re actually paying attention to the real Tzaddikim, and not someone else with the title of ‘rabbi’ who is as much stuck in 2D ‘Flatland’ as everyone else…..


Once this discussion moves out of ‘Flatland’ – once we all stop wasting our time sending round news headlines that are 2D facsimiles of what is going on (at best – most of the news is not even that good, or that accurate….) – things will start to make so much more sense.

We’ll start to grasp way more, what is really important here, and where this ‘battle’ is really at.

And then, maybe, we’ll really start to take the words of the True Tzaddikim like Rebbe Nachman and Rav Eliezer Berland more seriously, and to start to deal with the issues going on here at the 4D level, and higher, instead of remaining stuck in ‘Flatland’.

I am really looking forward to that part of the story.



Thanks to T. who sent me a link to download the original Flatland book, HERE.



You can help to write the Rav’s Sefer Torah for the soldiers in the following ways:

20,000 nis – donates a whole section of parchment (including the actual writing), and gets your names transcribed as donors.

5,000 nis – donates a page (parchment and writing).

OR, donate whatever amount you can afford.

In all cases, just go to THIS link, and make it clear in the comments that the donation is for the Rav’s Sefer Torah.


A parchment:


A page:


Anything smaller:


Is there anyone out there who doesn’t have some yeoush in their heart at the moment?

(I mean, who actually cares about the Jewish people and Eretz Yisrael, and revealing Hashem’s true goodness in the world?)

Hard times we are going through spiritually and mentally at the moment.

Many of us have so much yeoush, so much despair about everything that is going on.

It looks like evil has all the cards, all the ‘leaders’ in its pocket, all the army bought and sold, all the good people tied down and neutered.

That’s how it looks, for sure.

But Rebbe Nachman told us very clearly:



What does this mean, tachlis?

It means that we have to lift our head out of the news, and out of the headlines, and out of the social media, and out of all the fear and worry and anger sloshing around – and only see Hashem.


There is only God.

God is arranging every single little detail here, and when God is ready, all this turns around for the very best it could be.

At least, for the people who finally make some sincere teshuva, let God into their lives, and hopefully also get with the true Tzaddikim like Rebbe Nachman and Rav Eliezer Berland.


If you are making some real teshuva….and trying to figure out what God wants from you personally, in the middle of all this… and trying to boost your emuna, your belief that EIN OD MILVADO….and working on identifying, acknowledging and then praying on your bad middot, that God should take them away, finally…. and giving tzedaka to genuine Torah observant Jews…and working on identifying and then sticking close to the real Tzaddik HaDor….

Really, you don’t have a lot to worry about.


That doesn’t mean life is going to magically become ‘easy’ – life is never ‘easy’, and it’s not meant to be easy.

‘Life’ is what happens when a soul has a bunch of bad middot and outstanding spiritual debts it didn’t clear up between itself and other people.

Gehinnom is what atones for the sins between man and God, that weren’t atoned for in a person’s life.

And ‘life’ is what atones for the sins between man and man, that they didn’t make teshuva for while they were still in a body.

That’s why it’s hard.

That’s why it’s tough.

That’s why it can sometimes seem so very unfair, and difficult, and painful and hard-to-withstand.

Because we are all down here fixing those ‘old debts’ from previous lifetimes.


Our generation is the worst of all.

It’s the one that came back five million times, already, and still didn’t manage to ‘fix’ things properly.

And the time is growing short, before we get into the ‘next stage’ of the world’s spiritual development process that is called geula.

That’s why the pressure is on so much everywhere, and increasing daily.

But we have a real tzaddik in our generation who has been working so very hard to ‘sweeten’ all this for decades, already.

And the people who are associated with that effort, even in the smallest of small ways, even just by having one of his prayers in the house, or giving 10 shekels to kosher tzedaka recipients associated with him or his community, or even, just following the advice to say three tikkun haklalis a day, or to read a book of tehillim  – whatever it might be – we are in a bubble of protection right now.


The Rav has said repeatedly in the past that Shuvu Banim is the ‘ark’ of our generation.

The flood waters are reaching epic proportions – the flood of heresy and evil that Rabbenu warned would cover the whole world at this period of time, shortly before Moshiach is revealed.

Who is a strong enough ‘swimmer’, spiritually, that they can stay afloat in this mabul all by themselves, without going under?

I know I would have ‘drowned’ a long time ago, God forbid, without the Rav’s steady encouragement and protection, and without Rabbenu’s advice to do hitbodedut, work on overcoming bad middot, and to simply see God behind every little thing that is happening.

Or at least, to try to.


What’s the alternative?

Yesterday, one of my kids was half passed out on the couch, suffering from non-stop irritable stomach issues from all the stress and worry.

What sent her over the edge yesterday was the ‘news’ that we are about to have a week-long black out in Israel.

It might happen, it might not.

Either way – I’m not going to worry about it now.

There have been so very many horrible predictions that simply haven’t materialised – even over the last three months!

Even in the North, the Rav said right at the beginning that anyone who would listen to him had nothing to worry about.

And what was he saying to do?

To stay in your home and pray your socks off – a whole book of tehillim a day.


They are controlling us via our ‘fallen fears’ and our despair.

But when you connect to the Tzaddik HaDor, when you get aboard the Shuvu Banim ark – you can ‘float’ right over most of the worst of what is going on right now, wherever you happen to live, whatever happens to be going on.

That’s why I keep going on about it.

There is no other advice, for this period of time.


Before me and my husband got to Breslov, and then later to the Rav, we went through so much suffering and hardships, on so many different levels.

We were literally broken into pieces, and that happened more than once.


Because we still had so much arrogance, so many bad middot, so many feelings of entitlement.

God owes us nothing.

That’s the bottom line.

We are here to fix our souls, not to own big houses and have diplomas and degrees plastered all over our walls, or to have holidays in the Caribbean.


Life is just one big series of disappointments – until and unless we really internalise the above.

So, I don’t know what is going to happen next.

And I am also having some days when the yeoush waxes again, and I have to really put in some spade-work spiritually, in the hitbodedut, to get it back under control again, and to remember:


God is doing everything.

God is controlling everything, and everyone.


So, I don’t give a monkeys about Bibi, Biden, Trump, Nasrallah, Sinwar, Klaus, Soros – they are all just puppets, tools.

Their whole ‘power’ lies in the fact that we give them the respect and ‘weight’ and power that really belongs to Hashem only.

My job right now is to keep working on my emuna, my own bad middot, seeing Hashem in the world as much as possible – and then making the most of the wonderful life Hashem has still given me.

And given you, too.

Every breath is a present.

Every breath means that God is giving you more of a chance to fix your soul up, even if its via harsh suffering and pain, before moving upwards into ‘eternal life’.

It’s a good deal.


Don’t envy the evildoers and all their power, fame, money and materialistic prosperity.

They are having their final hoorah before God finally uproots them from all the worlds, forever.

Good wins this battle eventually, that is 100000% guaranteed.

The only question is, how we can keep ourselves ‘afloat’ while the floodwaters continue to rise.


On that note:

The full shiur the Rav gave over a few weeks’ OK about how writing the Torah scroll for the soldiers, kidnapped, and to get the war to end has now been fully translated into English.

You can read it on the RavBerland.com website HERE.


It’s full of chizzuk and very deep hints, as usual, but here is a snippet to whet your whistle:

Now that we are writing a Torah scroll, we are surrounded by fire, fire descends from heaven, and every letter is black fire upon white fire.  

Every letter is black fire upon white fire – we merit to draw down fire from heaven mamash.

Because we need to pray that this war will end, because there is no end to it.

They already said that there is no end to this war.  Because it is impossible to enter every house.  Every house is booby-trapped, and all of it has underground tunnels beneath the houses.  There are endless tunnels, endless tunnels.

It is impossible to finish it in a year. 

Everything is booby-trapped.  It is impossible.  Every house takes a whole day, until they enter, check it, and so on.  So already half the army has been removed from there.


The Rav was ahead of ‘the news’ by at least three weeks….


I will put the details to donate for the scroll at the bottom of this post – please give whatever you can!

And if you gave already and you still have more ma’aseh – give again!

Whatever you can afford.

Get yourself aboard the Shuvu Banim ark, because this isn’t over yet.


Separately, I am taking a short break from blogging, because I have the mss of ‘Conversations 2’ to edit.

So, very slow posting next week, until I’ve got this project completed, BH.


Don’t give up, dear readers!

The finishing line is in sight, the doors of the ark are still open, and all this turns around for the very best very soon.



You can help to write the Rav’s Sefer Torah for the soldiers in the following ways:

20,000 nis – donates a whole section of parchment (including the actual writing), and gets your names transcribed as donors.

5,000 nis – donates a page (parchment and writing).

OR, donate whatever amount you can afford.

In all cases, just go to THIS link, and make it clear in the comments that the donation is for the Rav’s Sefer Torah.


A parchment:


A page:


Anything smaller:


Back to Berdichev

Before I got totally up-ended by the Rav’s awesome hints about the links between the maskilim, the Sabbatean-Frankist-Freemasons and the Austrian monarchy, I was actually working on more stuff to do with the Berdichev Bankers.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, go back and read THIS article, first.

(Maybe, go back and read it anyway, so you’ll see how this whole story starts to build out.)


Long story short, Berdichev (in what is now the Ukraine) was a big centre of the maskilim, who were closely connected to the Frankist-Freemasons back in Berlin and also Vienna – and Paris.

These days, no-one really knows that.

If we talk about Berdichev at all, it’s usually just because of the tzaddik buried there, Rabbi LEVI YITZHAK OF BERDICHEV, zt’l.

Rebbe Nachman speaks of him very highly (he died the year before Rabbenu did, and there is a hint that R Levi Yitzhak ‘sacrificed himself’, to give Rabbenu another year of life.)


You can read more of what Rabbenu had to say about R Levi Yitzhak of Berdichev in the book TZADDIK – the English translation of Chayei Moharan.

This snippet comes from page 169 (par 45 in the old numbering):

There was direct evidence that the lesson “In the beginning – in the eyes of all Israel” in Likutey Moharan II:67 was given entirely with ruach hakodesh.

The lesson was taught on the night of Shabbat Bereishit. As yet, there had been no word at all of the death of R Levi Yitzhak of Berdichev[1].

It was only several days later that the first news reached Breslov….the Rebbe’s lesson…speaks about the death of the Tzaddik who is the ‘head of the house’.

The lesson discusses how the death of such a Tzaddik leads to an increase in sorcery and black magic, resulting in outbreaks of fire.

We saw all this with our own eyes.

Shortly after R Levi Yitzhak’s death a sorcerer became very populare in the village of Chvastivetz in the Breslov region.

He attracted a lot of attention and people travelled to him from all the surrounding areas. He did all kinds of things with sorcery. Numerous other sorcerers also attracted attention elsewhere.

The same year, there were also many major fires. There was scarcely a single town which did not have several fires.”


Ad kan, from Rav Natan and Rabbenu.

It’s kind of amazing to me that in the same three short pars that describe Rabbenu’s ruach hakodesh and the death of the Berdichever, there’s a whole big discussion of the ‘sorcerers’ who were taking over all over the place, and the black magic occurring around Breslov, and the fires.

In the past, I used to assume all these sorcerers were non-Jews….

Now….I’m really not so sure. Especially with all the demonically-inspired ‘black kabbalah’ Sabbatean ‘Baal Shems’ we’ve been digging up out of the pages of history.



Point is, that the forces for good and evil are always perfectly balanced.

At the time of the Baal Shem Tov, open miracles again returned to the world in a big way – and it seems that ‘open sorcery’ and more black magic also got a big boost, at this same time.

Both within the Jewish world, and also, beyond it.

But for this post, I want to zone in on R Levi Yitzhak of Berdichev’s brother-in-law.

You’ve probably already heard of him, if you’ve been following this blog for a while.

His name was ABRAHAM PERETZ – the son-in-law of the wealthy court factor in Shklov and maskil, YEHOSHUA ZEITLIN.

ABRAHAM PERETZ’s links with chassidic royalty got ‘scrubbed’ when he converted to xtianity, married a non-Jew, and had a bunch of ‘Russian minor nobility’ kids.


First, how do we make the link with R LEVI YITZHAK of BERDICHEV?

Like this: R LEVI YITZHAK LEVY’S wife, PERL, was the sister of ABRAHAM PERETZ, whose first wife before he converted was SARA FAIGEL ZEITLIN.

Here’s the progression genealogically:



These family trees are a HUGE mess.

I have been tracking down leads for years, trying to piece it all together. The penny dropped in this case when THIS guy on Geni made the connection which the Geni Gatekeepers were trying to keep hidden, like this:

When I plugged ABRAHAM PERETZ into his wider family tree, the very close link with his b-i-l R LEVI YITZHAK OF BERDICHEV came into view instantly.


There are a ton more ‘secrets’ hiding out in that particular family tree, btw, including a ‘missing’ son in law of the VILNA GAON called YEHEZKEL MENACHEM MENDEL ZISKIND HALEVY, ABD BOBRUISK, who marries one of the Vilna Gaon’s daughters.

Why was this guy scrubbed out of history?

I don’t know.

I am guessing its either because he and his descendants went full Frankist-Freemason – or converted out. (Or maybe, went CHABAD….)


But in the meantime, let’s take a closer look at ABRAHAM PERETZ, and his story.

Because as I keep trying to underline, all those people who sold us a crock for years that the ‘erev rav’ are just the unreligious, the ‘Reform’, the z-ists – this is totally and utterly a lie.

And the people who kept telling us this ‘lie’ did so in order to keep the focus off their own bad middot, disgusting actions and ‘erev rav’ behavior and tendencies.

Yichus is a joke.

All there is, is how we behave in our own dalet amot, and how we treat others, and how we do our best to serve Hashem to the best of our abilities.


I know most of my readers already believe this anyway, but the trouble is there are hundreds of thousands of people in the ‘chareidi’ and ‘chassidic’ worlds who are following fake rabbis and whitewashing disgusting behavior, really just based on this twisted idea of yichus.


So, the next stop is THIS site that I had to google translate from the Russian.

It’s written by a direct descendant of ABRAHAM PERETZ, from his non-Jewish second wife.

The bits that particularly took my eye in this section were this:

  1. Abraham Peretz worked as a tax collector for the Tzar. (His ‘business partner’ NATAN NOTA KHAIMOVICH also worked as a tax collector. I am still trying to figure out if these are two different people, or a case of another alias.)
  2. JOSHUA ZEITLIN was still friendly with Peretz even after he converted out of the faith, to the point where he included him in his will (!)
  3. The link-up with YEHUDA LEIB NEYKHAVICH (more on him in a moment). And
  4. The ‘Chassidim’s’ reaction to ABRAHAM PERETZ’s conversion in 1813, namely:

The statement of the Chassidim, who have not forgiven Peretz for his hostility to the Chassidic movement has been preserved for us:

As for the informer Abraham Peretz, may his name be cursed, his baseness became known to everyone when, to the shame and disgrace of the misnageds, he changed his religion.”


You know who PERETZ informed against to the Russian authorities?

It was the ALTER REBBE of LIADI.


This snippet is from the post called THE MISSING DAUGHTER OF THE ALTER REBBE, which links CHABAD directly to the ‘SCHICK’ family, who in turn link up directly to Frankist-Freemason MOSES DOBRUSKA (who helped to start the French Revolution, and got guillotined….)

It’s all connected.

There are more interesting things about what was going on in Shklov with the Alter Rebbe and the three big ‘mitnagdim’ who arranged for him to get arrested, at least the first time.

They are all people you’ve heard about already if you’ve been with me for a while, but go check out their Chabadpedia pages – there’s a lot of very interesting details there that really show the version of history we’ve all been taught is basically hogwash.

Take a look at the pages for:


Joshua Zeitlin

Natan Nata Notkin

Abraham Peretz – son in law of Zeitlin, business partner of Notkin, and a guy who converted out to xtianity in St Petersburg.


Peretz, Zeitlin and Notkin are said to be ‘friends’ with the leading maskil Yehuda Leib Nowakovitch, who also ends up converting out to xtianity.

Yehuda Leib is the main translator of all the documents into Russian that were used to get Shneur Zalman arrested by the authorities for treason against the government.

He was also one of the very first Russian freemasons…


That Russian-Jewish freemason YEHUDA LEIB NOWAKOVITCH is the same guy referenced above.

It’s likely that ABRAHAM PERETZ was also a freemason.

And these two are the ones that ‘informed’ against the Alter Rebbe of Chabad, SHNEUR ZALMAN, to get him arrested.


You remember, that pretty much the only nation that could stop the triumphant march of NAPOLEON BONAPARTE and his group of satanic masons across the world was RUSSIA?

You remember, that Napoleon is said to have been trying to hunt the Alter Rebbe down when he invaded Russia, and the Alter Rebbe is said to have died on the road in Haditch running away from Napoleon?

That story always sounded so far-fetched to me – I mean, why on earth would the ruler of France be interested in hunting down some obscure chassidic Rebbe from the backwoods of Ukraine?!

But now…. It seems there was way more going on here, with the whole ‘Frankist-Freemason-maskilim’ angle than anyone realised.



As seems to be the same story over and over and over again, PERETZ is meant to have lost all his fortune when he over-extends to help out the non-Jewish monarchs in whatever war they were busy with – and they default on repaying the loan.

Where does PERETZ end up?

Apparently, no-one knows.

But his children then start getting up to some interesting stuff.


This is another google-translated snippet from THIS site in Russian about PERETZ’s son he had together with SARA ZEITLIN, called GRIGORY PERETZ.

(BTW, I just noticed that this site was put together by a direct descendent of GRIGORY PERETZ, grandson of JOSHUA ZEITLIN. If you go to THIS page you can find the original notes of GRIGORY PERETZ’s confession notes, after he was arrested by the Russian secret police for his role in the Decembrist uprising.

It’s real history for a change! And super interesting.)


Things that struck me:

  1. JOSHUA ZEITLIN is clearly a maskil, just a more moderate maskil.
  2. It’s weird, how you never see JOSHUA ZEITLIN and NATAN NATA NOTKIN appearing together in any formal descriptions of the Jewish community’s interactions with the Russian government, even though they were apparently doing the exactly same thing and exactly the same time, in the same place.
  3. The DECEMBRISTS were trying to overthrow the Russian monarchy a few decades before the BOLSHEVIKS successfully managed it.
  4. GRIGORY PERETZ is introducing us to yet more secret societies operating behind the scenes of ‘world history’.
  5. The password for the DECEMBRISTS – apparently all meant to be Russian non-Jews except for PERETZ  – is HERUT.


In no particular order, this is more very useful information that I’m gleaning about ‘ABRAHAM PERETZ’ and his battle with the faction of the ALTER REBBE, aka ‘the Chassids’.

  1. He was apparently excommunicated from the synagogue in St Petersburg before he converted to xtianity.
  2. GREGORY PERETZ’s tutor in ZEITLIN’s estate is MENDEL LEFIN – another one of those two-faced maskilim who pretended to be frum, whilst trying to destroy yiddishkeit from within. He deserves his own post, BH.
  3. His descendant says GRIGORY PERETZ married one ‘Baroness Maria Grevenitz’ and had two sons with her, before his arrest.


Over on the Jewish Encyclopaedia website for ABRAHAM PERETZ, it says this:

On the death of his wife, Peretz was baptized and married a German who became the mother of his younger children.

His son Hirsch, by his first wife, was a boy of great promise; but, becoming involved in the Dekabrist outbreak in 1825, was sent to Siberia, and later was transferred to Odessa, where he died in banishment.

Peretz’s daughter by his first wife married Senator Baron Grebnitz,


That “first daughter” is MIRIAM TZIREL – grand-daughter of JOSHUA ZEITLIN.

Apparently, she also converted, and then it sounds like the children of Grigory and Miriam married each other.


Well, so now I just found something even more interesting.

If you go HERE, you’ll see a handwritten letter from one ‘SHMUEL ben ISRAEL PERETZ HELLER’ – who became the Rav of Tzfat in the 1830s, talking about the pogrom that happened in Tsfat.

I have never heard of this pogrom before – apparently many Jews were raped and murdered, and ‘R YISRAEL of SHKLOV’, head of the perushim in Tsfat, had his eye gouged out by Arabs….


Read more HERE.


That’s interesting, but it’s not even the most interesting thing.

I think this R SHMUEL HELLER of TSFAT is our ABRAHAM PERETZ’s grandson….

Here’s why, a translated snippet from the HaMichlol website:

Rabbi Heller is a scion of Rabbi Yom-Tov Lipman Heller.[1] He was born in Zlochev[2] in Galicia. Before they immigrated to Israel, his grandfather, Rabbi Avraham Peretz, was considered one of the Seer of Lublin’s followers, and this fact also invited his grandson to meetings with the Seer – Rabbi Yaakov Yitzhak Horowitz, who imprinted a deep imprint on Shmuel Heller as a child.

Rabbi Shmuel would say that he had been blessed from the Seer of Lublin over a hundred times and even merited to be with to be with him at the Passover Seder.

The Heller family belonged to a group of Hasidim whose ideological foundation was among its main motives for immigrating to the Land of Israel.


If you click that link for ‘Abraham Peretz’ it goes to an entry for the author of the Avnei Shoham, who we are told was a Turkish Rabbi.

But I don’t know of any Turkish rabbis who were hanging out in Lublin and taking their children to go and get blessings from the Seer of Lublin every Shabbat.


It looks like we have stumbled on another ‘scrubbed’, unnamed son of ABRAHAM PERETZ, whose grandson ends up being the Chief Rabbi of the perushim in Tsfat.

Of course.

While his cousins back in Russia are all practising Lutherans, baptising their kids, marrying non-Jews and trying to get the Russian monarchy overthrown, in between joining Masonic lodges and starting up revolutionary secret societies.

Who can make this stuff up?


Here’s a few more interesting snippets from the HaMichlol page for R SHMUEL HELLER, grandson of ABRAHAM PERETZ, the converted maskil of St Petersberg, who informed on the Alter Rebbe of Liadi to the Tzar, and married Joshua Zeitlin’s daughter:

  1. Shmuel Heller served as the head of the distribution of the Land of Israel on behalf of the Clerical and Amarchal Organization of Amsterdam(PECOAM), and the main recipient of other philanthropists, most notably Moshe Montefioreand Baron Edmond James de Rothschild.

(Those last two are indisputably both freemasons, and hail from Sabbatean-Frankist families.)


From the beginning, Rabbi Shmuel Heller’s ascension to the leadership seat of the Ashkenazi community in Safed involved a long struggle with another claimant to the throne, Rabbi Yaakov Dov of Roman.

In this great dispute, Rabbi Heller showed courage and determination to stand up to one of the greatest of the generation, Adm. Yisrael Friedman (Rozin), who supported his opponent.



We are back to the two main families of Jewish mafiosos, battling it out for control of the Jewish community.

There is a lot more to unpick here – I have no idea who that ‘Yaakov Dov of Roman’ is meant to be.



I am also still trying to figure out how ABRAHAM PERETZ is directly related to the rabbi of Berlin, TZVI HIRSH LOWENSTAM.

I know there are some more big secrets hiding out behind this family, and it’s connected to the EGER family of Frankist-Freemasons, at the very least.

(TZVI HIRSH LOWENSTAM marries SPRINZE EGER, whose family tree is crawling with Frankists. More than that… I am still working on.]

But that will do for now.



Here’s another tie up between R SHMUEL HELLER of Tsfat, and R LEVI YITZHAK of Berdichev – ABRAHAM PERETZ’s B-I-L.

From the Ascent of Tsfat website:

Rabbi Avraham Dov Auerbach of Avritch [1765-12 Kislev 1840], a Rebbe in Europe for forty years and in Tsfat for ten, was a disciple of Rabbi Levi Yitzchak of Berdichev and of the first two Rebbes of the Chernobyl dynasty.

One of his disciples was Rabbi Shmuel Heller, the chief rabbi of Zefat for over half a century.

His famous book, Bas Ayin, was written in Europe, but he refused to allow it to be printed until he could ‘expose’ it to the air of the Holy Land and refine it there.

His meeting with the philanthropist Sir Moses Montifiore in 1840 led to the beginning of modern Jewish agricultural settlement in Israel. He is buried in the old cemetery of Tsfat. Story # 143,215, 397, 528, 993 — see Archives



More remarkable material about PERETZ, NEVYKOVICH and NATAN NETA of SHKLOV, from the Jewish Gen site HERE.


Despite the fact that there was a total prohibition on Jews to reside in the capital city—a few managed to penetrate it due to their engagement with the government, or due to personal relationships with the nobles.

One of them was Avraham Peretz. A son of a Rabbi, he excelled with his talents, in his youth, and his teachers predicted great things for him as a student and a scholar of the Torah. He married the daughter of R’Yehoshua Tzeitlin, the manager of the estates of the Prince Potyomkin.

That family was famous for its wealth and wisdom in Lithuania and White Russia [Belerus]. Peretz, probably, did not find happiness in his marriage, and followed Potyomkin’s advice and recommendations to move to Petersburg. In the capital, he acquired fame as a big contractor of shipbuilding, lesee of salt mines in Crimea and other large businesses.

He became famous among the government circles as a wise and educated man and he had personal relationships with high- ranking people at the topmost level of the regime.


Another Jew who penetrated the high society circles in Petersburg was Leib Nivokhovitz (Yehuda-Leib son of Noakh, 1767-1831). He was an author and a journalist who gained fame with his book “Kol Shva’at Beit-Yehuda” [The Cry of the Jews]. Due to his friendship with Peretz, and also because he was an author and intellectual he was likable among high ranking circles in the capital….

It is appropriate to discuss Natan Notkin (Shklover) separately.

He did not come close to the status of Avraham Peretz in terms of his wealth and the extent of his businesses.

His education was not as extensive as that of Nivokhovitz’s. However, in his fortitude and love for his people, and particularly in his daring plan to make the Jewish peddlers, innkeepers and sellers of alcoholic beverages, productive citizens, he bested them both. He was a man of vision and feat. Peretz, Nivokhovitz and the Jewish representatives who were invited to the capital, struggled and fought to achieve equal rights for the Jews, or at least expand their civil rights by as much as possible.

On the other hand, while Notkin was also one of the people who acted in that direction, he was not satisfied with only achieving rights for the Jews. He aspired to change the ways of life of his people, to mend their economy and make them into a working nation.


A researcher of that period in the history of Russian Jews, the historian Julius Gessen, refers to this marvelous notable with great respect.

He provided details that were kept in the memory by his family members. His grandchild or his great-grandchild, Dr. Neteh Sheptelovnitz described to him the nice attitude of the Czar and high rank notables towards his grandfather.

A story was circulated about the gift that Notkin received from Czar as an appreciation for his outstanding actions in behalf of the army.

Another known story describes the visit by the Czar in Norkin’s home in Shklov while he was he was laying in his deathbed.


Ooo ah!

Who is this man, that the Tzar of Russia came to his deathbed?

And where is ‘Joshua Zeitlin’ in this whole discussion on the Jewish Gen site?

BH, one of these days, God will just bust the whole thing wide open…. and I will get to do something else with myself for a change.




[1] R Levi Yitzchak of Berdichev died on Thursday, October 5th, 1809.

I almost called this post ‘the Oppenheim Invasion’….


In the course of trying to figure out how the Jewish community got so hijacked by corrupt ‘court Jews’ – many of whom repeatedly converted to xtianity down the generations, yet their descendants somehow kept on ‘ruling’ the Jews – one name keeps coming up:



It’s still happening today, of course.

Also with people named ‘Oppenheim[er]’, and also with other descendants who switched names (for reasons that will become obvious) and then became WERTHEIMERS.

MOSHE TZVI of SAVRAN – the arch-persecutor of Rav NATAN STERNHARTZ and Breslov – descends from SAMSON WERTHEIM.

As we discovered HERE, when he was caught arranging the murders of Jewish informers, he had to flee to Moldova, where he adopted the name and identity of ISRAEL FRIEDMAN OF RUZHIN.

His descendants are literally the leaders all over the Jewish ‘chareidi’ and ‘chassidic’ world still today.

Of course.

(And still persecuting authentic Breslov….)


So now, let’s see if we can figure this out a bit more, because the more I search, the more I find ‘OPPENHEIM[ER]S’ in the frame here, as the main people who were acting as the royal tax collectors and corrupt ‘chief rabbis’ over the Jews.

And, they just kept converting to xtianity, over and over again.

But then, their descendants end up being recycled into the Jewish community, where they again go straight into ‘leadership’ positions – only for this cycle to get stuck on rinse and repeat.


The story starts with another strange discussion with AI.

(The fact that it hasn’t kicked me out and banned me again, so far, is by itself kinda strange….)

I was trying to figure out who SAMSON WERTHEIMER actually descends from…. And that’s when all this other info started to come up.

First, here’s a snippet from Wiki, to set the scene for who we are talking about, here:

Samson Wertheimer (1658 – 1724) was chief rabbi of Hungary and Moravia, and rabbi of Eisenstadt.

He was also a powerful Austrian financiercourt Jew and Shtadlan to Austrian Emperor Leopold I.

With the help of Samuel Oppenheimer, he helped finance the Spanish War of Succession on behalf of the Empire.

A scholar and patron of scholars, he also financed the printing of the Babylonian Talmud undertaken at Frankfurt (1712–22) by his son-in-law, Moses Kann.

Wertheimer possessed numerous palaces and ten imperial soldiers guarded his house. He was known by the title of Judenkaiser (Jewish emperor).

The Wertheimer family established branches in several European nations.

Famous descendants include billionaire Gerard Wertheimer and billionaire Alain Weirtheimer, little is known about them according to French media


To this list of billionaire Wertheimers that stay out of the media, we can also add Israel’s Stef Wertheimer….


I was trying to figure out how SAMUEL OPPENHEIMER and SAMSON WERTHEIMER were actually related.

Because while all the ‘official bios’ tell you that Wertheimer and Samuel Oppenheimer worked together, and Wertheimer lived in Oppenheimer’s home, at least at the beginning of his career, none of them mention that Wertheimer was Oppenheimer’s nephew.


You see?

It’s always the same people.

And while they want you and me to believe that all we have to do is work ourselves to death, and get 50 degrees, in order to ‘make it big’ – the only people making it ‘big’ in this world are the members of this same, very small, little group we keep turning up here.

99.9% of our leaders, our rabbis, our ‘gadolim’, our politicians, our influencers, our ‘stars’, our scientists – it’s all this group.

No-one else gets the really big opportunities or the really important jobs, no matter how talented and able they actually might be.

There, that makes us all start to feel a bit better, doesn’t it?


The official bio on Wiki says this:

Wertheimer was born in Worms, the son of Joseph Josel Wertheimer (1626 – 2 May 1713), and received his education at the yeshivas of Worms and Frankfurt am Main.


His GENI page is HERE, and looks like this:


But as nearly all of his descendants became the Frankist-Freemason-maskilim and anti-Breslov chassidic rebbes (when they weren’t just straight converting to xtianity and building massive cathedrals in Cologne….) – we already know to take GENI with a massive pinch of salt.

Ah, let’s also mention here that WERTHEIMER was a known Sabbatean, and helped fund the journey of the Sabbatean ‘prophet’ YEHUDA CHASSID to Eretz Yisrael in 1700.


His mum is listed as TOLZE OPPENHEIMER – but of course, they have no idea who her dad is.

Of course.

Here is one reason why they’ve scrubbed this tree so thoroughly:

The notorious Court Jew ‘JOSEPH SUSS OPPENHEIM’ (1698-1738) who got hung for dalliances with Christian noblewomen (amongst many other things….) and who was a boon for Goebbles, is the first cousin of this same SAMSON WERTHEIMER.

Like this:




But there is someone else conspicuously missing in this tree – and that would be SAMUEL OPPENHEIMER, the Court Jew to Leopold I of Austria.

Who AI tells me emphatically is the uncle (and apparently also the father in law…) of his financial protege SAMSON WERTHEIMER.

Me being me, I start trying to pin that down more – and this is where the story gets pretty strange.


First, here’s some snippets from the chat bot:

Apart from the Wertheimer brothers (Samson Wolf Wertheimer and Samuel Oppenheimer) and Samuel Oppenheimer, there were several other Court Jews who worked for Emperor Leopold I. Some notable Court Jews during that period include:

Joseph Süß Oppenheimer: Joseph Süß Oppenheimer, also known as Jud Süß, was a prominent Court Jew who served as a financial advisor to Duke Karl Alexander of Württemberg.

Jacob Bassevi von Treuenberg: Jacob Bassevi von Treuenberg was a Court Jew who served as a financial advisor to Emperor Leopold I. He played a key role in managing the imperial finances and facilitating loans for the emperor.

Isachar Berend Lehmann: Isachar Berend Lehmann was a Court Jew who served as a financial advisor to various members of the Habsburg dynasty, including Emperor Leopold I.


Samson Wertheimer: Followed in his father’s footsteps and served as a Court Jew and financial advisor to the emperor. Samson Wertheimer continued the family’s financial activities and maintained a close relationship with the Habsburg court even after his father’s passing.

Gabriel Selig Oppenheimer: Was a relative of Samuel Oppenheimer and held a position of influence within the Habsburg court.

Simon Wolf Oppenheimer: Simon Wolf Oppenheimer, a cousin of Samuel Oppenheimer, also had a role as a Court Jew in the court of Leopold I.


The ‘official story’ is that ‘SAMUEL OPPENHEIMER’ made most of his massive fortune by charging a lot of interest on the massive loans he secured for the Austrian monarchs to pursue their ‘War of the Spanish Succession’, and also in their wars against the Turkish Empire.

This snippet comes from the ‘secondwiki’ site HERE:

Samuel Wolf Oppenheimer (born June 21, 1630 in Heidelberg ; † May 3, 1703 in Vienna ), also called Samuel Heidelberg , was a moneylender, army supplier, court administrator and diplomat .

He married (II) Sandela Sentille Carcassonne, daughter of Manoach Carcassonne von Mannheim  .

Oppenheimer’s loans with up to 20% interest were the largest item among Austria’s debts after the War of the Spanish Succession.

They are said to have amounted to around six million guilders, most of which were refinanced through third parties. 

After Oppenheimer’s death, Austria got rid of this debt by not repaying it, but instead disposing of the estate in bankruptcy . The imperial bankruptcy declaration plunged all financial backers associated with Oppenheimer, and demonstrably also the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, into a serious crisis .

His closest confidante and representative was Samson Wertheimer (1658-1724) .


So, there was a huge financial scandal involving ‘SAMUEL OPPENHEIMER’s’ loans, and as we saw over in Berlin, the Habsburg monarchs made the much wider Jewish community pay for their Court Jews’ disgusting behavior.

But the other thing I noticed is that SAMUEL OPPENHEIMER married someone whose name just isn’t Jewish…..

Her father, Manoach Carcassonne von Mannheim, is ennobled – the ‘Von’ tells us that – but Jews couldn’t stay Jews and be ennobled in the Austrian empire until the 19th century….

So, what is really going on here?


‘Official history’ tells us that SAMUEL OPPENHEIMER is also ennobled by the Habsburg Monarchs – but stays a Jew.


I don’t buy it.

But it’s when I am trying to figure that out a bit more, that I trip over the strange story of one one JOHANN EISENMENGER.

(If you like to read handwritten, medieval German you can see the anti-Torah and anti-Judaism book he wrote HERE.)


This snippet comes from the JTA site, and is entitled:

He posed as a righteous Jewish convert for 19 years. Then he wrote a 2,000 page anti-semitic screed.

A man of considerable academic skills (he ultimately taught at the University of Heidelberg), Eisenmenger realized that the only way to seriously understand the Talmud was to become immersed in the world of the yeshiva, a world closed to non-Jews by custom and even Jewish law.

To achieve his dark purpose, Eisenmenger had to present himself as a genuine spiritual seeker….

Eisenmenger began his lifelong deception in 1680 at the age of 24.

By the time he was ready to bring his malicious book to print, Eisenmenger could count many rabbis among his teachers, including the prolific David ben Aryeh Lieb of Lida, Lithuania — then chief Ashkenazi rabbi of Amsterdam.


News of Eisenmenger’s colossal betrayal leaked out before “Judaism Unmasked” was released.

The Jewish community rapidly mobilized to prevent its distribution, persuading Emperor Leopold I that its publication might ignite the popular violence that had plagued the region in 1699. Eisenmenger protested and a lengthy court battle ensued.

The Jewish community offered 12,000 florins (roughly $5,000) to cover his costs if he would withdraw publication. Surprisingly, Eisenmenger seemed agreeable, but demanded 30,000.

Negotiations were cut short by Eisenmenger’s sudden death in 1704, at age 50, of a stroke.


Before we continue, there have been very many examples of knowledgeable ‘xtians’ writing disgusting stuff about the Torah and the Jews, and encouraging the banning, burning and censoring of the Gemara, in particular.


Our historians keep that quiet, but I have found this rule holds fast, each time I explore another ‘disputation’ between Jews and xtians.

It’s always instigated / prosecuted by a converted self-hating Jew, trying to ‘prove why he was right’ to dump his yiddishkeit.


So, I read this strange story, that takes place EXACTLY when ‘SAMUEL OPPENHEIMER’ aka ‘SAMUEL HEIDELBERG’ is at the same court of Leopold I as JOHANN EINSENMENGER.

And then, I notice that both men drop dead unexpectedly at exactly the same time – 1704.

And then, my brain starts whirring away with the incredible thought that is it possible that ‘SAMUEL OPPENHEIMER’ and ‘JOHANN EISENMENGER’ are actually one and the same??

Because that ridiculous story of someone ‘converting’ for 19 years – and still holding a high position in the rabidly Catholic court of the Austrian Habsburgs, while the Spanish Inquisition is still raging all around and ‘new xtians’ (and also ‘old xtians’ and ‘old Jews’) are still being burnt and tortured in great quantities –  just doesn’t stand up.


It’s obvious that ‘JOHANN EISENMENGER’ was born a Jew, an educated, privileged Jew, who had access to all the Talmudic books in the 17th century.

And this Jew was also welcomed at Leopold I’s court….

That narrows things down considerably.


I go back to AI to see if there are any more details I can pick up there, however hidden.

It tells me at least six times that SAMUEL OPPENHEIMER converted to xtianity…. And it doesn’t ‘break’, row back, or apologise profusely for ‘making a mistake’.



Back on the secondwiki page for the OPPENHEIM family, I am reading through the genealogy when I realise that SO MANY OF THESE OPPENHEIMER PEOPLE CONVERTED – both before Samuel Oppenheim, and also after him, even before we get into all the Freemason-Frankist descendents.


THIS site finally gives at least a partial real genealogy table for SAMUEL OPPENHEIMER (aka JOHANN EISENMENGER) – and then you figure out the pervasive xtian angle to this family of ‘court Jews’ in 10 nanoseconds.

His father is named as SIMON WOLF OPPENHEIM (dies 1664) who marries EDEL BACHRACH.

Meanwhile, his grandfather is one MOSCHE OPPENHEIM, who married HINDLE ZUNZ. MOSCHE’s brother is called MEIR OPPENHEIM (1580-1640).

This MEIR OPPENHEIM converts in Frankfort in 1606 and becomes JOHANN DANIEL LICHTENSTERN.

His wife Brendlin refuses to converts, so then ‘JOHANN’ launches a massive battle against her, and the Jewish community, to try and get her to return her dowry money and divorce him.

When the fails, he runs away with the help of his two brothers (who are subsequently tortured by the non-Jewish authorities) – and then MEIR gets baptised again in 1626 – along with his three kids.



But that’s not the only ‘xtian’ problem in the OPPENHEIM family tree.

MOSCHE OPPENHEIM has a grandpa called JUDA LOEB OPPENHEIM (1500-1574) who marries EDEL WEISENAU (LECHINICH) and then SORLIN CAYN-KATZ (same famliy as the SHACH / SHABTAI TZVI).

Oh, who also converts and becomes an infamous missionary called ‘PAULUS RENATUS’.


Meanwhile, MOSCHE OPPENHEIM also has a brother called JUDA LOEB OPPENHEIM ‘WHITE LION’, who marries a lady called GELA von WASUNGEN.

Remember what we mentioned, that anytime you see a ‘von’ in what is meant to be a Jewish name before the late 18th century, you can automatically take it as read that this person’s family converted, in order to become ennobled.

That’s the case here.

GELA’s mum is the daughter of another converted Jew, called ABRAHAM VON SCHLEUSINGEN.

And Abraham’s brother (Amschel? Akiva?) also converts in 1528, and becomes another infamous missionary named HANS CUNRATH who works with PAULUS RENATUS, above, to convert the Jews.


BTW – CUNRATH and VON SCHLEUSINGEN are part of the GUGGENHEIM family,and one of them is the alter ego of AKIVA GUGGENHEIM of FRANKFORT.

Snippet from HERE:

Akiva ben Jacob Frankfurt (died 1597), also known as Akiva ben Jacob Günzburg, was a German poet and rabbi.

He was the son of Jacob Flesch of Prague, and the son-in-law of Rabbi Simeon Günzburg of Frankfurt, with whose congregation he was associated as preacher, and by whose name he came to be known.

He took his F-I-L’s surname of GUNZBURG as both of his brothers converted out to xtianity…

Like duh.

But all this has been covered up, as the GUGGENHEIM-GUNZBURG descendants continued to play leading roles as the court Jews and ‘chief rabbis’ of the Jewish community, same as their OPPENHEIM court Jew counterparts.


So, it is credible that SAMUEL WOLF OPPENHEIMER (dies 1704) also converted out and became JOHANN EISENMENGER, court translator for Leopold I and the guy who tried to extort 30,000 thalers out of the Jewish community, to not print his anti-semitic work ‘Jews Unmasked’?



We’ll get to the descendants of these people again in another post, BH. Some of them you’ve already heard about, like the Jewish-Jesuit Ratisbonnes of Ein Kerem and Jerusalem.

But the numbers of them who ‘went xtian’ are truly astounding – and these are the exact same families who also harbored very strong Sabbatean beliefs, and then became the Freemason-Frankists.

There are no coincidences here.

(Let’s throw it in here that the SINZHEIM clan of Napoleon’s buddies also descend from these same OPPENHEIMERs, and MOSES MENDELSSOHN’s wife was FRUMET GUGGENHEIM.)


Last thing for now, is that SAMUEL WOLF OPPENHEIMER (aka JOHANN EISENMANGER) had a very famous nephew:

R DAVID OPPENHEIM (1664-1736), Chief Rabbi of Prague.

And that, together with HINDEL ZUNZ (wife of MOSCHE OPPENHEIM, with all the xtian brothers, grandpas and children…) leads us straight back to ‘JONATHAN EIBSHITZ’, who MARVIN ANTELMANN said was secretly baptised the same day he was circumcised.

That used to sound very far-fetched.

But not any more.

(His mother was meant to be SHEINDEL ZUNZ, but there are many HENDEL ZUNZs in that tree too, including one who is meant to have married a LEIB ESKELES….)


That will do for today.

Every monster post like this I put up just drags a bunch more info into the light….

But slowly does it.



This is the Oppenheimer who paid for Cologne Cathedral to get completed in the 19th century, SIMON OPPENHEIMER:




And they were both meant to have considered, and then rejected, JONATHAN EIBSHITZ for a son-in-law- although the stories are typically garbled and make no sense, as happens when stuff is being covered up and also made up.

David Oppenheim ‘inherited’ his massive load of esoterical and historical mss, which is now in the Bodleian Library. Some of these scrolls were ‘ancient writings’ brought to SAMUEL OPPENHEIM from Turkey, by a French noble who was working for the Austrians against his homeland, called PRINCE EUGENE OF SAVOY.

Snippet from Wiki:

Born in Paris, Eugene was brought up in the court of King Louis XIV of France. Based on the custom that the youngest sons of noble families were destined for the priesthood, the Prince was initially prepared for a clerical career, but by the age of 19, he had determined on a military career.

Based on his poor physique and bearing, and perhaps due to a scandal involving his mother Olympe, he was rejected by Louis for service in the French Royal Army. Eugene moved to Austria and transferred his loyalty to the Holy Roman Empire.


What was that scandal?

After falling out of favour at court, Olympia turned to Catherine Deshayes (known as La Voisin), and to the arts of black magic and astrology. It proved a fatal relationship. She became embroiled in the “Affaire des poisons”; suspicions abounded of her involvement in her husband’s premature death in 1673, and even implicated her in a plot to kill the King himself.

Whatever the truth, Olympia, rather than face trial, subsequently fled France for Brussels in January 1680, leaving Eugene in the care of his paternal grandmother.

OKAAAAYYYY then, we are firmly back in the black magic part of this story.

So, I’m going to do a separate post on Eugene, the black magic – and the French and Austrian masons. I’ve tripped over some very interesting stuff, that is pertinent for our world, today.

Because it looks like they are trying the same idea again, in 2024.


In the meantime, let me just continue on the Oppenheimer ‘fake history’ trail here, by taking a look at the pictures.

This is the picture of SAMUEL OPPENHEIMER most of us are familiar with.

Ah, such a sweet, angelic face!

But – it was drawn by a non-Jewish Austrian artist more than 150 years after OPPENHEIMER died in 1704.

I have no idea who commissioned this, although I’m starting to have an inkling as to the ‘why’.



In contrast, this portrait at least dates from the time when OPPENHEIM was actually alive, the 17th century.

What do you notice?

Yah, the guy looks very ‘hard’ and yucky.

Not a ‘nice’ person.

Not a ‘fluffy angel’.

This guy looks hard as nails, and has a very unfriendly, even malicious, expression on his face.

You think propaganda is a new thing?

It isn’t.

It’s as old as the hills.

But the question is, why would someone go to all the trouble of paying the top Viennese artist to depict SAMUEL OPPENHEIMER as an angel, more than 150 years after he died?

And that happened to other ‘rabbi portraits’ too.


Take a look at these two:


What a cute, benevolent, chubby little gnome of a rabbi!

So sweet…. wouldn’t hurt a fly.

This was drawn by non-Jewish artist Johann Balzer, in 1772 – long after DAVID OPPENHEIMER was dead.


That same artist drew another famous Rabbi in that same year of 1772, this one:



‘JONATHAN EIBSHITZ’ himself is meant to have died in 1764, so again this isn’t from life.

And again, look how calm, smiling, benevolent and ‘gnome-like’ this is.

Who is this ‘Johann Balzer’, and why was he drawing sketches of these two rabbis, long after they died?

I will try and figure that out a bit more.

His Wiki page in English is HERE, but doesn’t give a lot of useful info, about his connections to the Jewish community.



I guess the point is, the ‘propaganda’ we are constantly subjected to, and that shapes our view of ‘who is a Tzaddik’, and which families are ‘good’ and have ‘wonderful yichus’, and what people we should listen to, learn, respect and follow – it’s all being carefully curated and controlled.

And that’s been going on for many, many centuries.

Today, the modus operandi is starting to falter, because with the rise of the internet etc, the ‘media’ and sharing information isn’t as tightly controlled as it once was.

It’s truly the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.



This is a very interesting PDF, that explains how the Sabbateans were working with the xtians in places like Prague and Brnn (home town of the Frankist leader ‘MOSES DOBRUSHKA’) to subvert Judaism from within.

Although they didn’t call it that, they called it ‘modernisation’.


And today, they are continuing that process of destruction…. whoops, I mean ‘modernisation’….with social media and smart phones.

There is nothing new under the sun.


Tov, I will stop there for today.

Lots to think about – and I can guarantee you one thing: we still have a whole bunch of traitors in our midst today.

Some of them are ‘xtian’, some of them are ‘masonic’ – but all of them are trying very hard to uproot Yiddishkeit and the Torah, and to destroy the Jewish people from within.

We are surrounded by a whole bunch of ‘wolves’ in rabbinic garb, and ‘Jewish leader’ clothing.

But God is not going to forget us – or forgive them.

It’s just a matter of when that turn-around really starts to happen.


I am reposting this from 5 years ago.

I actually reposted this two years ago, when I had more Trumptards trying to tell me he was the Moshiach she be Esav….whatever.

It’s very interesting to keep going back to the authentic Jewish sources, and to see how they stand the test of time – despite so many efforts to ‘twist’ them into supporting a particular political figure or movement by people who probably should know better.

And it’s also another reason why the only Rabbis I really listen to, at this point, are Rav Berland and his very close talmidim.


Of course, there are still 36 (and some say 72) Lamed Vav Tzaddikim in the world.

Just, I don’t know who they are – but I can tell you who they are definitely NOT:

Anyone who is against the Rav, or slagging off ‘Breslov’ as a ‘cult’.

That’s becoming more and more obvious with each day that passes.


The Rav has gone quite quiet at the moment…. there is not a lot of stuff coming out to share with you right now, at least, that I know about.

I was talking to a friend yesterday, and she was saying that everyone she knows basically has yeoush at this point. BH, the whole job now is to turn that unholy yeoush into ‘holy yeoush’, where we know we’ve done everything we can, and now we just have to sit back and give all this up to God, to do whatever He sees fit.

Right now, I’ve even stopped the tehillim I was doing for the soldiers, and I’ve gone back to aiming for three Tikkun Haklalis a day.

That’s what I can manage, and even that I can’t manage every day.


BH, the Rav’s Torah will get written soon, and this will fundamentally change.

BH, we did our bit to donate to that – and if you didn’t yet, go HERE.

There is not much else to do at this stage.

From this par down, it’s the article text from the first time I reposted this, two years ago.


It was interesting to me, re-reading so many of the comments under this post, and other posts related to the discussion of Trump being ‘good’, to see just how brain-washed almost everyone was, at that stage, before ‘Covid 19’, that Trump was some sort of Edomite ‘messiah’.

Again, we know where those ideas came from.

So, here it is, I haven’t changed anything in the text, and it’s a useful snapshot of that time almost three years ago, when we were waiting for Trump to finally ‘clean the swamp.’

And instead, we got Covid 19 fake pandemics, lockdowns, and GO nanotech shots waved through on ’emergency approval’ which meant they didn’t even really pretend to conduct clinical trials to make sure they were safe and effective…

Tell me again, that Trump is the ‘tov-she-b’Esav’.


The good side of Edom

Date 2019-10-10 13:42:27
Categories Fake News Geula Jewish Community Judaism

Is the United States of America really the ‘good’ side of Edom?

After going into Yom Kippur in Israel with newspapers blaring headlines that Trump had given permission to Turkey to ‘invade’ Syria (!), I thought it was timely to try to track down what the Gemara says about the ‘good side’ of Edom. I know there’s an idea being floated around that America is somehow the ‘good’ side of Edom, and that Trump is somehow akin to the Roman Emperor Antoninus, who had a very close relationship with Rebbe Yehuda HaNasi around 1800 years ago. As things continue to get more and more ‘interesting’ in the international arena, I thought it was time to actually track down the sources in the Gemara that talk about Antoninus, most of which I found in Avoda Zara 10a and b. We can learn a lot from seeing what the Sages actually said about ‘Edom’ and its rulers, and how that maps on to modern-day America, and its rulers.


The discussion begins in 10a, where the Sages are discussing idolatrous holidays and festivals.

They start talking about something called the ‘Ginusya day of their emperors’, and Rav Yehuda explains:

This is the day on which idolaters inaugurate their emperor.

The Gemara then asks:

But do [the Romans] appoint the son of a king as a king?

The Artscroll notes then state:

“The Emperors of Rome did not reign by hereditary right, but were selected by the previous ruler, or by the Senate.”

Does this sound familiar? The Gemara then goes on to quote a verse from the prophecy of Ovadiah – which is very interesting in its own right, not least because of the following quotes from it:

“Even if you raise [your nest] like an eagle of if you place your nest amongst the stars, I will bring you down from there….. “[T]he house of Yaakov will inherit those who had dispossessed them. The house of Yaakov will be fire, the house of Yosef a flame, and the house of Esav for straw. And they will ignite them and devour them. There will be no survivor to the house of Esav, for Hashem has spoken.”


The allusions to Edom being America seem obvious. The bald-headed eagle is the American emblem – and appears on the logo of the CIA, amongst other things – and ‘the stars’ are also prominently linked to the USA, in just about every sense of the word, beginning with their flag, moving through the space exploration program, and ending with Hollywood. Let’s continue.


Rashi explains in his commentary on Genesis 36:43 that Edom is the ‘ancestor’ of Rome.

The Gemara continues to explains that Rome is ‘inferior among nations’ (quoting Ovadiah) because they:

“Do not appoint the son of a king as king.”

Clearly, the Sages aren’t impressed with the idea of ‘democracy’. The Gemara continues that Edom / Rome is “very despised”:

“Because they do not have their own writings or language.”

These descriptions also ‘fits’ the USA perfectly.


The Gemara now introduces us to the Roman Emperor Antoninus, who had a close relationship with Rebbi, Rabbi Yehuda HaNasi.

The discussion begins with how the Roman Authorities – aka the Senate – are ‘persecuting’ Antoninus, and how Rebbe advises him to kill them off one at a time, and “to not contend with all of them at once.” Rebbe is scared to state this openly, because he’s wary of being bugged. The Gemara says:

“One can never be sure that a private conversation will remain secret.”

Admittedly, this does sound a little Trump-like. Let’s continue.

The Gemara next explains about how Antoninus has a daughter who is acting in a way that could cause her father to become embroiled in a public scandal, and again Rebbe advises him on what to do with her. Next, the Gemara describes how Antoninus is secretly sending Rebbi sacks full of crushed gold disguised as wheat, so that Rebbi will have money to pay the greedy Romans who will come after Antoninus. Then, the scene switches to the secret visits Antoninus would make to Rebbe’s house, where he’d kill the servants who accompanied him. The Gemara says:

“Every day, he would wait upon Rebbi. He would serve him food and serve him drink. When Rebbi wished to climb onto his bed he would bend down before the bed and say [to Rebbi]: “Climb up on me to your bed.”


Before we get into the next, really interesting part, I feel the urge to state the obvious, namely that Trump isn’t doing this for any Jewish sage, last I heard.

He’s not sending Rabbi Berland sacks of gold, he’s not letting Rav Kanievsky use him as a footstool, he’s not asking the Biala Rebbe questions about how to keep Ivanka in line… For sure, Trump has a problem with his ‘Deep State’ trying to take him out of action, same as Antontinus did, but without any of Antoninus’ corresponding personal piety. Let’s continue.

The Gemara now gets into a very interesting discussion that has reverberations for us, and our generation, and our confusion of how best to handle, and relate to ‘Edom’ / America. Antoninus asks Rebbi if he’s going to enter the World to Come, and Rebbi tells him yes. Antoninus then starts quoting the prophet Ovadiah at him, and says:

But it is written ‘and there will be no remnant to the house of Esav’, which implies that the descendants of Esav (Edomites / Romans) will not enter the World to Come. Rebbi responded: “That verse speaks only of one who acts in the manner of Esav.”

“This was also taught in a Baraisa: And there will be no remnant to the House of Esav. It could have been thought that this applies to all Edomites. To dispel this notion, [the Torah] states: To the House of Esav.

By naming Esav, it teaches that only where the Edomite acts in the manner of Esav is he condemned; otherwise, he may enter the World to Come.”

All this is a direct quote from the Gemara.


In the Artscroll notes it states:

“Edomites are barred from the World to Come only if they act like Esav (a barbarian who scorned God, committed murder and violated women.)….[A]ny gentile (even if he is not a ger toshav, who formally accepts the seven Noahide laws) has a portion in the World to Come, provided he does not emulate the barbaric Esav.”


Before we get into a discussion of whether the USA has a history of acting like the arch-hypocrite Esav, pretending to be good, pure and holy while actually rampaging around the world slaughtering anyone who stands in the way of its economic goals and other materialistic desires, let’s just return to the Gemara in Avoda Zara 10b.

Antoninus is still having difficulties believing Rebbi’s assertion that he will make it into the World to Come, and tells him:

But it is written: “There (in Gehinnom) is Edom, her kings and all her presidents.” Apparently, all the leaders of Edom are assigned to Gehinnom! Rebbi replies that the verse isn’t talking about all Edom’s kings, just most of them; and that the verse states: All her presidents, and not all her ministers.

The Artscroll notes explain:

“A president is a ruler of Rome who is not a king, but serves at the behest of the Senate (see Tosfos). A minister is a royal adviser (presumably a senator) – Raavad.”


In other words, every single president of Edom / Rome / America is going to gehinnom.

But here and there, there may be some Edomite royal heads of state, and also the odd Senator and Congressman who may actually escape the rampant moral corruption enough to make it into the World to Come. The Gemara continues with more discussions about the relationship between Antoninus and Rebbe, and the Artscroll notes trace this back to the prophecy that Rebecca is told when she was carrying Esav (Edom) and Yaakov (Israel) back in Genesis, 25:23. I.e. the two babies are two nations, and when one is up, the other will be down.

“Two nations are in your womb…the elder shall serve the younger.”


The Artscroll notes then quote Rabbi Gedalyah Schorr, author of Or Gedalyah who explains that:

“Ideally, Yaakov-Israel and Esav-Edom were meant to enjoy a harmonious and complimentary partnership. Esav…was supposed to defeat evil, while Yaakov…was to promote good. Had Esav fulfilled his role, he would have been equal to Yaakov.”

This view is based on the midrash that states that six tribes should have descended from Esav and six from Yaakov, but this didn’t happen as Esav went bad, failed to live up to his spiritual job, and so Yaakov married Leah instead (who was Esav’s intended bride) and the whole course of Jewish history changed.

Again, Rav Schorr believes that the ‘perfect partnership’ between Edom and Israel did actually occur – uniquely – for one brief interlude in history, when Antoninus was (secretly…) subservient to Rebbe.


From what I can tell, this passage in the midrash appears to be the basis of the idea that Trump is some sort of Edomite ‘good guy’, but there is absolutely no discussion here of any sort of ‘Edomite’ aspect of Moshiach and there is also a very large distinction made in these sources between EDOM and ESAV.

Parts of the former can make teshuva and get some share in the world to come. But Esav can’t. This is a very important distinction to make, if you’ve been reading articles like this. Assuming Trump is a retread of Antoninus, the most that would mean is that he’s sneaking Rav Kanievsky sacks of gold and asking Rav Berland coded messages about what to do with Ivanka.

Even Antoninus couldn’t and didn’t free Israel from Roman rule, nor give permission for the Jews to rebuild the temple. And even making that equivalence between Trump and Antoninus seems to be stretching us past reality.  As we already mentioned, Trump is not sneaking billions to any Jewish sage, nor waiting hand and foot on any rabbi.

If I’m wrong about this, please do let me know, as clearly that would change things. Which bring is to the last part of this discussion, which is this:


Is it realistic to assume that America is the ‘good’ part of Edom, and not actually the bad, unfixable, ‘Esav’ part of Edom?

And that’s where the conversation is going to get a little sticky, because once you move all the brainwashing about apple pie and Uncle Sam out the way, you’ll find that American history is just one, big list of atrocities, genocidal actions and wars. Sure, they were always dressed up as being ‘good’ and holy, but really, they boil down to America using its military might to bully the rest of the world into doing what suited it best, economically.

(Btw, the UK preceded the US, and is also totally corrupt and the ‘Esav’ part of Edom. Anglo Saxon culture also included the Nazis, who were clearly also really bad. However, we’re focusing on the US, because that’s who is still empire-building, and controlling the State of Israel, in 2019.)


The United States committed the first ever genocide, when it brutally killed off millions of its native Americans over the course of a few decades, as I wrote about HERE.

For 250 years, it built its economy off the back of black slaves who were initially brought to America against their will, and then bred by their slave masters like so much chattel. No-one really knows how many blacks lost their lives amidst brutal conditions, worked to death by their pious, white American owners.

No-one knows how many black women slaves were assaulted by their white masters. Blacks didn’t count as real people in America until well into the 1960s and the time of Martin Luther King Jr – and probably well beyond. Then, we have all the European Jews that were barred from entering the US before and during World War II, even though Roosevelt knew they were being slaughtered by the millions.

America held off from really joining the WW2 effort in Europe until the last possible minute, waiting for Stalin to have millions of his soldiers killed by the Nazis, and for the UK to be brought to its knees as an Imperial power. And then, the US decides they are going to drop not just one nuclear bomb on Japan, but two. And not just on a smallish city of 10,000 people but on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, where they killed almost a quarter of a million people, half of them in under a minute. This from Wikipedia:

Over the next two to four months, the acute effects of the atomic bombings killed between 90,000 and 146,000 people in Hiroshima and 39,000 and 80,000 people in Nagasaki; roughly half of the deaths in each city occurred on the first day.

This was totally cruel, totally murderous behavior. You want to try out your nuke? Pick a small target! Keep bombing in increments, until the Japanese gave up! Why bomb two such big cities like that, chik chak, with such terrible loss of life?

To this day, the United States of America is the only country to have actually used its nuclear weapons to destroy tens of thousands of people.


Post WW2, the Dulles brothers and Eisenhower decided to secretly ship 1,600 hardcore Nazi scientists over to the US, as part of Operation Paperclip.

That Nazi science has morally corrupted the US in a million different ways, particularly in the realms of medicine,  biology and economics and industry, which most people still are blissfully unaware of. (Btw, I think that number is way too low. If you include intelligence assets that were ‘taken over’ by the CIA and the British, the number of former Nazis working for the West bounds into the thousands.)

The US has spent decades since WW2 rampaging around the world, starting wars whenever its economic interests are threatened, that have totally devastated whole countries and left tens of millions of people dead, homeless or totally impoverished and with nothing to look forward to. Of course, American actions are always dressed up as ‘good’ and ‘holy’ and above reproach ‘, but really?

America is acting exactly like Esav.


Is everyone in the US acting like Esav?

No, clearly not. There are many good noahides / non-Jews in the US – and also in other parts of the Edomite Western world – and these people will be the parts of Edom who will make it to the World to Come, as described in the Gemara, above. But America’s politicians? America’s presidents? America’s generals? America’s elites?

There is absolutely no basis in fact or Jewish sources for believing that these people are even close to being the ‘good’ part of Edom.


What the sources do seem to clearly show, however is that the USA = Esav, mamash.

Right down to its ‘presidents’, senators, eagle emblem and stars and stripes flag. Here and there, there might be a good politician, but the Gemara is clear:

[A]ll the leaders of Edom are assigned to Gehinnom.

The LEADERS of Edom are all the politicians, heads of states and European royalty. But America itself is obviously acting like ‘Esav’, pretending to be 100% kosher, but really just a pig. And the sources are clear that:

[T]here will be no remnant to the House of Esav.


Which is why I find statements like this to be extremely puzzling:

“When Esau is seen helping Israel, it is a sign Moshiach is right around the corner,” Rabbi Kessin said.

In explanation, Rabbi Kessin quoted the Bible concerning the prophesied fate of Jacob and Esau told to their mother, Rivka. And Hashem answered her, “Two nations are in your womb, Two separate peoples shall issue from your body; One people shall be mightier than the other, And the older shall serve the younger.” Genesis 25:23

The rabbi noted an ambiguity in the Hebrew text that had vastly different import. “Due to the absence of pronunciation markings, the wording of the Torah text can be read either as ‘va’ya’avod’, meaning he shall serve, or ‘va’ya’aved’,  he shall enslave,” the rabbi explained. “Esau will help Jacob by either serving him or by causing him to suffer since suffering is a way to bring God back into the world.”


So, is Trump a possible reincarnation of Antoninus?

It’s possible, especially if you take into account Trump’s pronounced ‘anti war’ stances, but unlikely, especially if you look at recent tweets like this:

“President Trump is the greatest President for Jews and for Israel in the history of the world, not just America, he is the best President for Israel in the history of the world…and the Jewish people in Israel love him like he’s the King of Israel. They love him like he is the second coming of God… But American Jews don’t know him or like him. They don’t even know what they’re doing or saying anymore.”

Does this sound like the kind of guy who’d be sending Rav Berland secret sacks of gold, or letting Rav Kanievsky use him as a footstool?…. If you look through the history books, there are other Roman leaders who sound far, far more like Trump than Antoninus Pius….


I never got around to specifying who I had in mind in that original post, but go and read up about Crassus.

Snippet from HERE:

Some of Crassus’ wealth was acquired conventionally, through slave trafficking, production from silver mines, and speculative real estate purchases.

Crassus bought property that was confiscated in proscriptions and by notoriously purchasing burnt and collapsed buildings. Plutarch wrote that, observing how frequent such occurrences were, he bought slaves “who were architects and builders.” When he had over 500 slaves, he bought houses that had burnt and the adjacent ones “because their owners would let go at a trifling price.”

He bought “the largest part of Rome” in this way, buying them on the cheap and rebuilding them with slave labor.

There is nothing new under the sun.

I’ll be honest: it’s hard to write at the moment.

I have a lot of conflicting stuff going on inside myself at the moment, plus the enormous uncertainty of where is all this going, and how does it turn around, tachlis – I have started a few posts today, but deleted them.

But then, a friend I hadn’t seen for a very long time popped into Jerusalem with a book she wanted to give me, by R Doron Peretz.

This is what she wrote me:

As you may have heard –  Rav Doron Perez (Chairman of World Mizrachi Organization, and who lives in [a yishuv] with his family since making aliya 9 years ago from South Africa) published a book about 8 months ago called THE JEWISH STATE.
Having read it recently, during this tkufa, my husband was blown away by it’s relevance to the current wave of antisemitism that we are experiencing right now.


My husband was inspired to purchase many copies, dedicating the book to the safe return of Rabbi Perez’s son – Daniel Shimon ben Sharon – and to all the other hostages. We want to gift them to people we think will appreciate and benefit from it’s rich, well-referenced – biblical, spiritual and modern – content.

Attached is a picture of the book and one of the inside cover.

All of them have the dedication to Daniel on the left side .  Each individual book has a different picture of one of the other hostages on the right.



I don’t know Rabbi Perez personally.

My friend told me that the Perez family married another son 10 days after October 7th occurred – when the son pictured above was kidnapped from his tank and taken into Gaza.

Here’s R Perez talking about that decision, and the strange reality where you can marry one son while the other son is taken into Gaza by ‘terrorists’.



Also this morning, I suddenly started wondering about all the dead terrorists that croaked on Israeli soil from Simchat Torah.

Why aren’t we hearing about those dead Palestinians?!

Why aren’t they also part of this discussion about ‘Bringing them Home’ etc etc etc?!


Just now, Daniel Amram answered that question, here’s a Google translated screenshot:


This speaks for itself.

Doesn’t it?

Do you still want to tell me that the people running our country and ‘leading this war’ are working for the Jewish people’s best interests?



But the cognitive dissonance – the gap between what we see happening with our own two eyes, and what we believe – is getting so strong, that unless people start jumping over into ‘the world of truth’ very soon, I simply don’t know how their psyches are going to come through this in one piece.

Our country is run by gaslighting narcissists who lie as easily as they breathe.

When enough of us really just start to acknowledge what is staring us right in the face, so blatantly, and so repeatedly  – that’s when this will finally start to change.

Of course…. that’s not an easy proposition.


We were all raised with stories of ‘Moshiach ben David Gurion’, and the rest of it.

The brainwashing is very, very hard to erase – especially for those in the dati leumi camp, who were (and still are) being taught to revere the State as the holiest of holy.

You can tear up the whole Torah, if the State tells you to do that – and it’s dafka a big mitzvah to do that, even!

According to the ‘dati leumi’ rabbis who learned their craft very well from people like David Sinzheim and Avraham Kook.


Me personally?

I am zig-zagging between mostly just trying to ignore ‘the war’ and everything to do with it, as much as I can, as much as possible, and then having half an hour a day of feeling like I’m going totally nuts from the mad, crazy, insane, unfair, and just plain ‘evil’ stuff being done by our dear leaders.

And I’m also playing this song by Omer Adam and Yasmin Muallem (not shmirat eynayim friendly, but really great to listen to) on repeat:

In the end, it will be good.

The flowers will still bloom, it will be good.

In the middle of the darkness, that’s where the light is ignited.


BH, may that happen very soon.