Calling for ‘war’…. was wrong

Remember, all those people ‘calling for war’ at the beginning of this nightmare?

While Rav Berland was calling for massive amounts of tehillim – a whole book a day! – and calling for no troops to be sent into Gaza at all, because they’d just get killed and wounded for nothing, in one ‘friendly fire’ incident after another….

All those people who were ‘ra ra war’ were doing exactly the opposite.


Let’s stop and reflect for a moment, on what has played out over the last few months, since Simchat Torah.

Which approach demonstrated more wisdom, more daat Torah?

While you are pondering that, Myrtle Rising has done a couple of really good posts on the subject, bringing rough English translations of recent interviews with Israeli military whistleblowers.

You can read part one HERE, and part two HERE.


Here’s a snippet:

[I]n direct opposition to basic common sense, the military elite sent in mostly Jewish soldiers on foot and in tanks, with the accompanying ongoing casualties (including the extremely traumatic incidents of “friendly fire”) ever since.

As Yossian states at minute 28:25:

A week ago…they sent soldiers into booby-trapped buildings when they KNEW the buildings were booby-trapped. And they could’ve knocked them down via the air force.

So they risked the lives of the soldiers — and brought them back in coffins!

And I’m coming to say that commanders of that type are not fit to command!


Remember Bezalel, whose platoon requested a sniffer dog before entering a booby-trapped building – and were refused by the IDF commanders?

After his shiva, my friend (who was connected to the family) sent me this video of Bezalel, the night before he was blown up in Gaza, together with other young men in his platoon:


Bezalel was not a ‘Na Nach’.

He wasn’t even a Breslover.

But my friend told me something made him get on the Na Nach van and dance his heart out, the day before he was blown up in a booby-trapped building in Gaza.

She wrote me:

He left this world be’simcha.



I still feel like crying as I’m typing this, and that’s only one young man, of the hundreds and thousands wounded and killed in Gaza for nothing.

(At least, ‘for nothing’ in terms of military achievements. Nothing is really for nothing in this lowly world, and when someone is killed al kiddush Hashem, just for being a Jew, as all these soldiers are – they go straight to the highest spiritual levels. For them, it’s a good deal. For the rest of us…. the heart breaks.)


It’s OK to make mistakes, to make assumptions that turn out wrong, to have ideas that don’t pan out.

But what is definitely NOT ok is to double-down, and refuse to learn from our mistakes.

Or, to refuse to even acknowledge that we were wrong, we misjudged this, we made a mistake.


A big part of getting ‘the nightmare’ to end, without any more deaths or maimed soldiers with serious PTSD, boils down to this:

We have to admit we were wrong.

We were wrong, to think that violence and ‘the strength of my right  hand’ was the real solution to the problem.

We were wrong, to think that ‘politics’ or ‘politicians’ were ever really working for the good of the people.

We were wrong, for wasting so much time, effort and energy on ‘St Bibi, St Pollard and St Trump’ – while the real daat Torah was telling us right from the start:

Pray the soldiers don’t go into Gaza at all!!!


Back in October, I was catching some flack for translating what the Rav was saying into English.

The ‘ra ra war’ crowd was sure, totally sure, that we were regaining Gush Katif and bombing Gaza back into the Stone Age.

They were following rabbis and ‘influencers’ who were telling them that.

And those people were totally, utterly and absolutely wrong.


All this connects directly back to the discussion of NARCs and narc traits, that have taken over our communities, our thinking and our opinions and ideas.

As we’re starting to unpack here on the blog, NARCs never admit they were wrong, they made a mistake, an error of judgement.

NARCs don’t learn from experience, they don’t change from ‘input recieved’, they are impervious to new information or different information changing their world view – because that would entail having to admit they’d got it wrong.

Don’t act like a NARC!

We can make teshuva all the time, we can change, things can change, the matzav can change.


And a big part of that, for so many people, especially in the dati-leumi / chardal community is to finally end their love affair with guns, violence and ‘the power of my right hand’.

Stop encouraging your children to enlist.

Stop buying into the guilt trip cooked up by the NARCs who run our failed State that it’s somehow a ‘mitzva’ for your son, your husband, your brother, to volunteer to be ‘suicided’ in Gaza, by people who won’t even give the precious soldiers sniffer dogs to enter a building they know is booby-trapped.

We get out of this mess with sincere teshuva, and real prayer.


The NARCs in charge are using our own bad middot and lack of emuna against us.

When we turn to God, stop trusting in politicians and ‘army’, stop pretending that we have all this right, and that we don’t need to be connecting to and listening to real daat Torah – like Rav Berland, in particular – that’s when all this turns around.

All this changes when we ourselves start to change.

So what are we waiting for?


PS: Some really interesting REAL information is being posted up on the kipaadu Telegram site, here:

More and more people here are starting to understand who was really responsible for all those dead and murdered Jews, on Simchat Torah.

And more and  more voices are starting to be raised.

Take a look for yourself, if you’re interested in the truth.


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  1. AK
    AK says:

    Such a tragedy that so many bought into this. It is a true miracle that thousands of soldiers didn’t die like the Rav said could happen, and look at where we are today. They keep returning to parts of Gaza to fight again because they didn’t finish the job last time. A well known member on our Yishuv ( I will not say his name) lost his grandson a couple of weeks ago to a booby trapped building. He said to his grandson that if they tell him to go into these buildings to flat out refuse. He didn’t listen to his grandfather and went in after his commander, and we know what happened in the end.

    Hashem Yerachem!

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      It’s so sad.

      And the evil people here sending the young men into these booby-trapped buildings are relying on the fact that these young men trust them, and would never ‘betray’ them, on purpose.

      But when a person is trained to ‘obey authority’ from day one… it’s very unlikely they are going to be able to say ‘no’ when it really counts, to someone in authority.

      Even if it’s going to get them killed.

      We saw the same thing with the shots.

      BH, the ‘narc paradigm’ will finally break, with one extra soul at a time seeing the light, in their own way, in their own life, until the Evils’ power over us all is finally totally broken.

      • AK
        AK says:

        I heard from another Rav that in 1967 it took them a day and a half to capture Gaza, and nine months later today, look where we are. Myrtle Rising says it perfectly when she says What they are really saying to the Charedim is you need to be cannon fodder too.

        And the gas-lighting continues… Baruch Hashem we are connected to the Rav and this wonderful Kehila of truth.

        Shabbat Shalom Rivka

  2. Yossi
    Yossi says:

    I agree with you 100%, but I can’t explain these then:

    “ Now we need to be in Gaza, to eliminate there a million terrorists every day.”

    “ They were against the army, but Moshe recruited them by force.”
    This one can be explained away by the fact that the medina is run by rashaim. But, why was the Rav talking positively about forced recruitment in the first place?

    When we published this article, it really threw me for a loop.

  3. Hava
    Hava says:

    I’ve been watching this situation, where the leadership of Israel never, never, never learns its lessons, day after day, year after year, decade after decade, war after war after war…since I was 13 in the very late 1960s. Do I need more words?!

    They must be doing this on purpose. Only God can, and will, help us now, be”H.


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