Back to Meron, and some more thoughts

I just got back from Meron.

There’s an idea that the soul of the tzaddikim are more ‘present’ by their graves not only on the day of the hiloula itself, but also three days before, and three days afterwards.

Even though the failed State said they were closing Rashbi down for five days before Lag Bomer, and five days afterwards – they were lying.

As usual, and just like we saw with Covid, the main ‘war’ being fought here is in the media, to persuade people that there is no point even trying to get to Meron this year, because the whole thing is shut….


Baruch Hashem, quite a few people actually got through from Shuvu Banim on Lag Bomer itself.

Even though some of them were literally driving around on buses for 12 hours straight, trying to get in, before the gates finally opened.

Incredible mesirut nefesh.

In the meantime, some of my daughter’s friends literally also drove in to Meron on Lag Bomer – via a back route.


I’m not checking news sites, but it sounds like quite a few thousand people were also there on Shabbat, too, streaming in from all the neighboring yishuvim by foot.


Point is, once we stop believing all the lies and manipulation of the media, they lose the main way they can control us all.

There was not a single policeman anywhere on Mt Meron, that I saw, when I was there today.

All that’s stopping people from going is stories of rockets that conveniently fall in their hundreds the week leading up to Lag Bomer, ahem, but now – nothing.

We were up North for two days, it was totally quiet and peaceful.


We went to Elijah’s Cave in Haifa and Rashbi, and the trip really taught me, again, that the only real source of ‘strength’ right now is from the prayers and the True Tzaddikim.

Yes of course, learning Torah and keeping mitzvot are so, so important too, I’m not saying they aren’t.

I’m saying that mentally, what’s keeping me afloat is the strength of the True Tzaddikim, the 7 Tikkun Haklalis and the proximity to real Tzaddikim, alive and dead.

When the Rav was in hospital two weeks ago and we missed a few days of praying down in Ido HaNavi, I noticed a massive difference in my state of mind, and my ability to stay upbeat.


We’re all different, of course, but this is my experience.


Before we left for up North, my daughter came back from a bonfire lighting of a ‘big rabbi’ in Jerusalem, and told me:

Ima, we mamash saw angels in shemayim!

I asked what she was talking about, and then she grabbed her friends smartphone and showed me footage that her friend had taken of something purplish dancing about over the flames.

What is that?!

Her friend is a big follower of this ‘big rabbi’, and she told me all smiles that it was an ‘angel’, dancing above the flames of the big rabbi’s bonfire on L’ag B’omer.

Something about that just doesn’t sit well with me.

At all.


Then, the friend said that it had happened before, last year.

As my daughter was showing me that clip on her friend’s smartphone, which was plugged in and charging, the charger cable got set on fire by the Rashbi candles it was dangling over, and we nearly had our own bonfire in the kitchen.


I managed to find some old videos from 2022 showing something very similar to what my daughter’s friend took on her phone this year.

I’m posting that here, without any names, and then you decide for yourself, if this something ‘angelic’ or something ‘demonic’.


While I was praying at the Rashbi, and doing some more Tikkun HaKlalis, I got a ‘message’ that I need to finish the warped family tree stuff off ASAP.

To the best of my ability.

Even though like you, I myself don’t really understand why it’s so urgent, or so important to try to do that.

But that is the message I keep getting in hitbodedut, even though it’s so unpopular.

So, that’s what I’m going to try and do the next few days, so I can finally shut the files, knowing I gave the birur my best shot, and move on to something else instead.


I was pretty down before, during and right after Lag Bomer.

But now…. I’m feeling things are actually in a much better place than it seems.

God has our back.

The True Tzaddikim have our front.

And we just need to make sure that we’re carefully positioned and ‘protected’ in the middle, and following whatever instructions we get told, about saying 7 Tikkun Haklalis, trying to go to Meron even when it seems that is totally pointless.

The real ‘war’ is going on around our soul, heart and mind.

And if we stick close to God and the True Tzaddikim – in the end, with a lot of siyatta dishmeya, we will win.

Bezrat Hashem.

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  1. YD
    YD says:

    Why not make the LMNOPQRSTU123+ parade a military compound in Jerusalem wouldn’t that be a more likely target than Meron?

  2. Malka
    Malka says:

    People seeing things in smoke?🤣 If we are suppose to see something, it would not be “sort of” “kind of”. There is real work to be done. pride month. There is always focus on women tznius, but what about those who pride themselves in destroying morality of Israel? Any great plans to disrupt such events?

    • Daisy
      Daisy says:

      👍👍👍, I couldn’t agree more: they are like 🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷s in the Beth Hamikdash, unfortunately.

      Let’s call on the angels who destroyed their predecessors in Sodom for help: maybe Divine assistance can get rid of them for us.

      How about asking the Rav to write a special prayer for that? Anybody close enough to the Rav to ask him for such a prayer, that would draw those same angels back to earth, to Yerushalayim, to destroy the depraved crowd once and for all???

      • Hava
        Hava says:

        Great point there, Daisy.

        I can’t get many people to continue to protest with me online either, so I guess we need the destruction. But it must be clear that it was G-d who did it, not anyone in the crowd. No attempted murder on our part.


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