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The only protection

Things are pretty bad here in Israel right now. Jerusalem is quiet, thank God. Things are still being ‘sweetened’ here. But what happened yesterday is awful beyond words. Do you think it was just an ‘accident’, a ‘security failure’? Please go and read THIS. There is a news blackout on a lot of the details […]


Time to dance

Excerpt of Lesson 1:2, Likutey Moharan The main weapon of the Moshiach is prayer, which corresponds to the nose, as the verse says: “It is my praise to draw out My breath for you.”[1] That [i.e. Prayer] is the main life-source of the Moshiach. And all the wars he will wage and all the conquests […]

Tabula Rasa

All is good. The old blog has gone again…. And I’m waiting for God to show me what to do next, that won’t involve lashon hara, walking around with a critical, cynical eye all the time, or getting caught up in never-ending machloket or the pointless puppet show. Moving forward, this needs to be about […]