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Another motzae shabbat, another dose of horrible news.

Eight soldiers killed by *something* (not a drone, or anything like that of course… because the people with the drones in Gaza are not Hamas….)

So no, definitely not a drone did this. Just some sort of IED or anti-tank missile, that just happens to be so accurate and effective it could pick out the tank in a column of tanks with the officer in it, and totally destroy it.


Personally, I am going totally off the news again, because even the tiny bit I read upsets me so much.

Because all this could stop in an instant, if enough of us would stop buying all the lies, stop wasting so much time ‘online’, and start doing more of the things that would really help ourselves, and our loved ones.

Especially, our loved ones in the army.


Here’s what I would do, if any of my close family members were in the army right now:

  1. Commit to saying 7 Tikkun Haklalis a day for them.
  2. Commit to upping my tznius in some way, even an extra cm on the skirt or the sleeves, or raising the neckline of my tops, or covering more of my hair, if married. (For women).
  3. Commit to making a real effort to guard my eyes more, like at the very least picking the option online to disable all images. (You can always make exceptions, after the fact, for the sites you trust and / or really want to see what images are going on.)
  4. Commit to paying some small, regular donation to Shuvu Banim, that you are very clear in your own head is being donated as a ‘pidyon nefesh‘ for the merit of whoever you have serving in the army.
  5. Get hold of some of the Rav’s prayers, and persuade the person you have serving in the army to carry them around with them in a pocket somewhere, so they are ‘connected to the Tzaddik’ in some way.


Of course, there are never any guarantees about anything.

But with this level of prayers, teshuva, tzedaka – and connection to the real Tzaddikim – your guy in the army would be in a WAY better position, spiritually, than otherwise.

And so would you.


So what’s the problem?

People don’t believe.

They don’t believe in prayers.

They don’t believe in the power of Tikkun Haklalis.

They don’t believe in pidyon nefesh.

They don’t believe that God really cares about what they wear, or what they stuff their minds with.

And they for sure don’t believe that Rav Berland is not only a tzaddik, but the Tzaddik HaDor.


And that’s why all this is so very upsetting, because if they did believe, we would already be in such a different, and way better, place.


I was chatting to one of my friends before Shabbat, who is a ‘closet supporter’ of Rav Berland.

During Covid, she was also a ‘closet non-vaccinator’, as her whole yishuv went totally nuts and was even banning her kids from using the library, if they hadn’t been ‘vaccinated’.

(Remember all that? Remember how full-on nationalist-socialist everything got? And now tell me you can still trust the government and the security establishment, and that the media ‘doesn’t lie.’)

Long story short, my friend was talking to someone else she met at a class about how the media lies about everything, and made an oblique reference to anyone who is being persecuted so badly in the media is probably one of the good guys. Especially if they are a rabbi.

The other woman came out with it:

Are you talking about Rav Berland?

(She was).

Lo and behold, my friend discovered another ‘closet supporter of Rav Berland’.

(Who also had to lie about vaccinating her kids….)



I think there are way more ‘closet supporters of Rav Berland’ out there than most people think.

Way, way more.

Just most people don’t want to risk drawing the attention of the psychos to themselves, or having to get into ‘fights’ with people who still believe the media never lies and the failed State is good and holy.

I get that.

But it’s a shame.

Because another way things start to change in the wider world is when more of us have the courage of our convictions, to start challenging ‘the narrative’ that so many people are blindly imprisoned by.

Gently, of course gently.

Just to dip a toe in the water, and see if the person you are talking to may also be a ‘closet supporter of truth’.


From my own experience with all the bullies and psychos I’ve had to deal with over the last ten years, most of them crumple very fast, when you don’t let them scare you into submission.

Because the lie has no leg to stand on, so even a little bit of ‘prodding’ makes the whole thing topple over.

So prod gently.

But prod.

Even though it’s uncomfortable for you and for the other person, because all this carnage ends when enough of us stop buying into the lies, and start to seek for the real truth.

And the real Tzaddkim, who are telling us the real truth.


OK, one more ‘out there’ story, and then I’m going back to the research on the Vilna Gaon’s Perushim, which will be the next very interesting post.

(In a nutshell, the Vilna Gaon was another in a very long line of ‘false messiahs’…. And all that got covered up when the year he said MBD would appear – 1840 – came and went, and apparently nothing happened. Then, a bunch of his followers in Israel converted to xtianity in Israel, and a bunch more turned into the radically secular, anti-Torah z-ists…. Who are still running our failed State today. There is nothing new under the sun.)


My friend told me there was a bris being held in Meron recently.

During the bris, the guy who was video-ing it fainted.

When they revived him, he told them what had happened to make him faint.

Through the camera lens, he suddenly saw all these ‘souls’ of dead people streaming to join the kedusha bris. Only he could see it, and only via the camera lens.

It was so overwhelming, he fainted on the spot.


Our world is not what it seems.

And we win this battle, this war, only via spiritual means.

Maybe, you can’t get the other guy to believe that.

But at least, believe it yourself.

And do what you need to do, to make sure that you and your loved ones can come through all this madness with body and soul intact.

Bezrat Hashem.

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    • Daisy
      Daisy says:

      Funny, I was going to post it, but you did it before me, asd.

      The guy who is presenting this, Shraga Shmaidler שרגא שמידלר, has other amazing videos; one, in particular, about the Rothschilds – who they REALLY were, and not at all what you suspect, Rivka: they were real Tzaddikim!

      Unfortunately I cannot find that one.

      Here is another very interesting video of his:

      I hope you enjoy this.


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