I wrote a whole long rant that I just decided to delete.

There are so many ‘false beliefs’ and ‘fake information’ circulating, it’s kind of disheartening.

But the bottom line is that people are free to believe what they want to believe, and at the end of the day, each person will have to live with the consequences of what they choose to believe.


So instead of pointlessly ranting, I am putting up these two prayers for the health of the Rav.

That’s a much more constructive thing to do.

As mentioned previously, the Rav’s health takes a nosedive whenever the situation of Am Yisrael is approaching ‘critical’ again.

Around 2-3000 people showed up for the tefillot at the Kotel yesterday, reciting 7 Tikkun Haklalis, and at the end R Yaakov Ades added on some more prayers.

It was quite the sight from the women’s section, to see all the men’s heads bobbing over the mechitza when they were jumping and singing Tehillim 150 so loudly.

I got a lot of strength from it.

But honestly?

I’m still not feeling very optimistic about what comes next.


BH, whatever God decides is going to happen with the Rav, may he continue until 240, it’s for the greatest good.

My job with that is just to keep following the Rav’s instructions, to keep doing the praying required, the real teshuva required, to try and get the Rav’s Torah completed, so the war can finish.

(They got to 70% on the fundraising. I’ll put a link at the bottom for where you can donate to help get it finished.)


But when it comes to the wider Am… I  have to say, I am starting to give up.

So many people are so good, so sincere, doing their best.

But also, so misguided, so following after false prophets and fake ideas…. that I am kind of approaching the point of ‘giving up’.

At least, I’m starting to lose hope that geula can actually come the sweetened way, where people have the ‘pain’ of attending prayer rallies at the Kotel, and the ‘pain’ of having to recite 7 TKs a day, and the ‘pain’ of having to pay some money as pidyonot, and the ‘pain’ of having to lengthen their skirts and chuck out their smartphones….

Instead of having the ‘pain’ of being totally dispossessed of house and home, or God forbid, having the ‘pain’ of seeing themselves or their family members getting blown to smithereens, whether in uniform, or out of it.


Rebbe Nachman teaches us clearly:

When people are not prepared to suffer ‘a little bit’, they end up suffering a lot.


In the Kitzur Likutey Moharan (translated as ‘Advice’ in English), Rabbenu says this (in the chapter entitled: Tzaddik):

Draw close to the Tzaddikim and walk in the paths they guide you along.

Follow their teachings, and then the truth will be inscribed within you and you will attain true emuna and prayer, and be worthy of coming to the Land of Israel and seeing miracles.

This is how the redemption will come.


He says a lot more besides, including this:

Before a person draws close to the Tzaddik, his heart is fat, his ears are heavy etc.

This means that his heart and his ears are shut and his eyes are blind to the truth. He is unable to come to his senses and return to God.

But when he binds himself to the Tzaddikim and follows their guidance, his heart, his eyes and his ears are opened. He sees, hears and understands the truth and becomes worthy of returning to God.”


People don’t like to hear this stuff, I know.

But if you don’t agree with it, you are arguing with Rebbe Nachman, not with me.

Bottom line:

If you want geula the sweet way, without wars, harsh suffering, more deaths – then:

Draw close to the Tzaddikim and walk in the paths they guide you along.

But if you prefer to have missiles rain down on you 24/7, to get kicked out of your home, and for the ‘wars’ to continue in Gaza and up North…. then ignore all this, don’t say 7 TKs a day, and for sure don’t make the effort to come to prayer rallies at the Kotel, and just carry on doing exactly what you’re doing.


Here are the prayers for the Rav’s health, the longer one is already a couple of years old, and I am not translating it into English.

The short one is fairly new, and I will translate it into English.





Answer, Merciful and Compassionate [One].

Create for Rav Eliezer ben Ettia a new lung and a new heart, as it’s written:

“Create a heart that is pure for me, Elokim, and renew within me a steadfast spirit.” (Tehillim 51:12)

And I will merit that by way of the lung resting upon the heart, to have holy ruach navua (a spirit of prophecy), as it’s written in Yoel (3:1):

“And it will happen after this, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh, and your sons and daughters will prophesy; your elders will dream [prophetic] dreams, and your young men will see visions. Even also upon the slaves and upon the maidservants in those days I will pour out My spirit.”


I apologise I’m not more upbeat.

I’m having a few days off again, to go and work on my emuna that whatever God chooses to do, it’s all for the best.

Ultimately, everything is just a function of ‘free choice’.


If you want to help get the last 30% of the Rav’s Torah completed, and the war to end:

20,000 ($5,500) pays for a section of Torah parchment – and get your names inscribed in the Rav’s personal Torah scroll.

5,000 pays for a page.

But any amount is gratefully received.

A parchment
A page
Anything smaller

Specify it’s for the Rav’s Torah Scroll in the comment box.


Am Yisrael is really so beautiful, so many of us are so caring, so good.

Just, the false prophets and the fake leaders and ideologies keep derailing all that ‘good’ we contain, and delivering it to the dark side.

And I don’t know what it’s going to take to really get that to stop, and to have redemption the sweet way.

May we just hear good news.



Another pray gathering is being organised for the health of the Rav, and for the matzav generally.

It’s 6.30 pm this Wednesday evening, June 19th, at the Kotel.

They will be saying seven Tikkun Haklalis together – but even if you only come for a little, and only say one Tikkun Haklali, or if you only stop what you’re doing wherever you are in the world at the time and say one Tikkun Haklali and / or your own prayer for the Rav to be healthy, and for the matzav here to improve – dayenu.


This is a recording I just got sent, where you can hear Rav Yaakov Salmanovitch speaking about the importance of coming to the atzeret, and how the whole thing with Rav is ‘above nature’, and how the tzaddikim require our prayers in order to do what they need to do in the world (in Hebrew).


This is the first atzeret that’s been called since before the atrocity of Simchat Torah.

If you read the One in a Generation books, you’ll find a handful of examples of where these prayer gatherings were called at very crucial times, like for example when the ‘stabbing intifada’ was going on in Jerusalem a few years ago – and literally, the day after the atzeret, it stopped.

And what’s going on these days makes ‘the stabbing intifada’ look like child’s play.

So please join in, in whatever way you can, even minimally.

We are praying for the Rav’s health – but as I keep saying here, we’re not really praying for the Rav.

We’re praying for ourselves, and Am Yisrael.

And so much ‘sweetening’ is required.


Don’t be apathetic, cynical or lazy!

Move forward with simple emuna, simple emunat tzaddikim, and just join the prayers.

Don’t let all the yetzers distract you from doing the simple things, the simple prayers, the simple actions, that really do turn everything around.

And may we just hear good news.

Hopefully, you’ll find this post very interesting and ‘enlightening’, if that word can still be used in a positive sense.

Our Sages teach us very clearly:

In every generation, there is an individual who has potential to become the ‘Moshiach ben David’ (MBD) of that generation.

In every generation, there is a person who is the hezkat Moshiach.

But in order to become the actual MBD, that person then has to fulfill all the requirements incumbent upon the ‘Moshiach ben David’.

This post is going to be plenty long enough as it is, so I’m not going to bring all the details of those requirements here. If you’re interested in reading more about that aspect of this discussion, try THIS as a very basic primer.


What we’re exploring more in this post is the idea that in every generation, there is a ‘hezkat Moshiach’ – who actually failed to ‘materialise’ in his job.

And this is something different from a ‘false messiah’, who is someone who was never, and could never, have been ‘MBD’ at any stage.

An example of a ‘false messiah’ is SHABTAI TZVI / SHACH – who was a Kohen, and so could never have been ‘MBD’ right from the beginning.

(We are also leaving alone the whole idea of ‘Moshiach ben Yosef’ in this post. It’s something the GRA and his students spoke a lot about, and again, it’s a whole discussion in and of itself[1].)


In this post, we’re going to take a closer look at what actually spurred the organised aliya of the GRA’s disciples beginning in the early 1800s.

Those disciples are known as the PERUSHIM.

And as part of that process, we’re going to take a closer look at what these PERUSHIM themselves believed about the GRA, in terms of him being the ‘Moshiach’ of his generation.

We’re going to cover a lot of ground, including more fascinating information about how it was the GRA’s disciples who decided that the ‘Three Oaths’ no longer applied to barring mass-aliya to the Holy Land.

And how, when the messianic fervor leading up to 1840 – (the year 5600 in our counting, when the GRA and many others believed that the geula would start in earnest, as per their understanding of the Zohar) failed, how that then lead to such great disappointment amongst the PERUSHIM and others, there was a wave of conversions to xtianity, and also, general apostasy, that devolved down into secular z-nism.


In this post, I’m not going to focus in on ‘Frankism’, or ‘Sabbateanism’.

There are for sure a lot of connections to be made, but first, we just need the bare bones of what actually happened clearly set out, and easy to follow.


Because the fall-out from what happened then is still affecting us greatly today, in so many ways.

And there is so much for us to learn from, as the ‘messianic fervor’ of our own days intensifies, about how the only way to get all through this is not with ‘predictions of the end’ or hanging on for ‘Moshiach to show up and save us’.

Rather, we need to move forward with simple emuna.

That everything is in God’s hands, except our own teshuva process.

It’s probably one of the most important posts I’m going to write.

And with that intro out the way, let’s begin.


The story begins with a book written by historian Aryeh Morgenstern, called:


It’s the precursor to the book he wrote a few years later that I’ve quoted a lot from already, called:


That last book gave us all the information about how the GRA (whoever he actually is….) got to Amsterdam in 1778, as part of his aborted attempt to move to Eretz Yisrael.

HASTENING REDEMPTION explains much more of the back-story of the PERUSHIM, including what was really motivating them.

What you understand very fast from reading the book is that the GRA’s disciples behaved in exactly the same way as chassidim acted around their own particular ‘rebbe’.

The GRA was the ‘Rebbe’ of the Perushim from Shklov and Vilna.


And they firmly believed their ‘Rebbe’ was the Moshiach of his generation.


Before I tell you their story, let’s quote something from Morgenstern’s preface:

“I want to note “The Disciples of the Ga’on of Vilna, Sabbateanism and the Jewish Essence”, a revolutionary study by Prof. Judah Liebes….

According to Prof. Liebes’s discoveries, R. Menachem Mendel of Shklov, the Ga’on of Vilna’s disciple, regarded Shabbetai Tzvi as the false ‘messiah’ who had stumbled and fallen down among the qelippot (the ‘husks’, kabbalistic imagery for the forces of evil.)

The Ga’on himself, meanwhile, was the true messiah, known as the ‘reviving serpent’ (nahash in Hebrew, the numerical value of whose letters equals that of mashiah, messiah), who had come to repair Shabbetai Zevi by revealing the secrets of the Torah, and later in the process, through the settlement of the Land of Israel by his disciples.”

(Bold emphasis mine).


Let that sink in.

It’s spiritual dynamite.

It shows clearly that whoever the real GRA and the real ‘Alter Rebbe’ of Chabad actually were, in terms of their Sabbatean family connections and leanings, the real argument boiled down to this:

Who was the true ‘moshiach’ of their generation – the GRA, or the Alter Rebbe?

(The answer was apparently always ‘neither’…. Maybe, we’ll get to that another time.)


OK, so now, what was happening around the time the GRA was being acclaimed as the ‘true moshiach’ by his disciples, the Perushim?

The Freemasons[2], including the Austrian Freemason Joseph II (brother of Marie Antoinette) had sponsored Napoleon to overturn the world, and uproot ‘organised religion’, beginning with the French Revolution of 1789.

The European nations’ ongoing war against the Ottoman Turks was also entering a new phase, where the Ottomans were becoming a weak empire, and were starting to lose ground rapidly, both figuratively and in actuality[3].

Satanic secret societies were flourishing all over the place, and had royals, nobles and ‘philosophers’ as their patrons.

Where the ‘Bad Baal Shem’ of London, SAMUEL FALK was promoting satanic ‘mysticism’, the BAAL SHEM TOV, on the side of good, was trying to channel all this awakened ‘mysticism’ back in the direction of serving God, and upholding the Torah and its commandments.

Lastly, the externally pious ‘Sabbateanism’ of Shabtai Tzvi / SHACH and Jonathan Eibshitz had now morphed into the nihilistic, openly satanic and externally ‘xtian’ movement under JACOB FRANK (with some help from WOLF EIBSHITZ, Jonathan Eibshitz’s youngest son.)


Long story short, the whole world was in uproar, the whole world appeared to be ‘at war’, and just like today, the observant Jews believed all this heralded ‘the birth bangs of the Moshiach’.

As we started to explore more HERE, the Frankist-Reforming-maskilim and the Freemasons were intertwined already by this point.

And messianic fervour was also reaching boiling point by the ‘xtians’ too, most notably the Protestants. This is a quote from page 11:

“In Protestant England as well, Napoleon’s expedition to the Land of Israel gave rise to theological deliberations over Israel’s return to its land.

These assessments commingled religious expectations with political considerations. The power that helped the Jews return to their land and establish their national state there would gain a grateful and loyal ally in the East, reaping abundant political and economic benefits.”


Remember this, from the Economic Hitman a few years ago, explaining how ‘the Jews’ were being used right from the start to provide a ‘European bulwark’ in the Middle East, so the non-Jewish satanic masons could move in and exploit the region’s natural resources to the max?

That was always the plan.


So, the Freemasons, with some help from their ‘Frankist’ acolytes, leveraged ‘messianic yearnings’ on both sides of the Jewish-xtian equation to start making that happen.

And as the 1800s progressed, the world was gripped by one revolution, one ‘war’, one uprising after another.


Meanwhile, ZVI HIRSH LEHREN, the main funder of the GRA’s Perushim in Amsterdam, was also willing to dig deep into his pockets to fund their settlement in Eretz Yisrael – because he also believed that ‘the Moshiach’ was about to show up, and geula was imminent.

Snippet from page 12:

“Zevi Hirsch Lehren possessed…a powerful messianic faith….

On June 24th June 1831 he writes: ‘The earthquake that has now come upon the world in several countries, and the manner in which the fear of government has declined and descended to the dust – who can be sure that this does not entail preparation for the coming of King Messiah [!?]

For God, may He be blessed, thereby shows the worldly kings that He alone appoints kings and kingship is properly His. And the shoot of David will sprout and his glory will be raised up, and the kingdom will be restored to Jerusalem.”


LEHREN, for all his other faults and his descent from a bunch of Sabbatean bankers, really believed this.

To the point that he was willing to spend so much of his fortune on supporting the Perushim’s attempts to settle the Holy Land.

Morgenstern explains that ZVI HIRSH LEHREN was a big follower of the GRA, and that according to the GRA and his followers, the moshiach was going to show up in 1840.

(Who they believed that ‘MBD’ to actually be is a matter of speculation.

There is precedent from our own days, and certainly from the Sabbateans who preceded the GRA’s students, that the Perushim may have believed the GRA was going to be ‘reincarnated’ as part of techiat hametim in 1840, as the ‘MBD’.)


OK, so now on the other side of the story, let’s take a look at the main leaders of the Perushim in Israel at this stage, YISRAEL OF SHKLOV, and MENACHEM MENDEL OF SHKLOV.

Before we do that, a word on the ‘Three Oaths’.

Morgenstern explains that once the Tzar Nicolai I instituted the notorious ‘Cantonist Decrees[4]’ beginning 1804 (although they had been in the pipe for 25 years, before then), the GRA’s disciples believed this level of oppression of the Jews abrogated the ‘Three Oaths’, that had prevented mass, organised immigration to Eretz Yisrael up until this point.

He brings a latter from ISRAEL of SHLOV sent in 1830, to the Ten Tribes, where some of this idealogy is set out.

The idea that it was now OK for the Jews to try to ‘force the end’, by taking concrete actions to resettle Eretz Yisrael, was a radical departure from the traditional approach – and it’s something that at this time characterised only the Perushim, the followers of the GRA.


In the meantime, what actually happened to the Perushim after they moved to Israel?

There were three ‘waves’ of organised aliya, mostly from Shklov and Vilna, beginning in 1809.

Because the Ashkenazi Sabbateans under Yehudah Chassid[5] had run up massive unpaid debts in Jerusalem, around the building of the now ruined ‘Churva Synagogue’ and compound. The Perushim decided to settle in Tsfat, and not Jerusalem.

The first couple of years, things are going great guns for the Perushim, and the plan to resettle Israel, buy land, start the process of geula with an ‘awakening from below’ seems to be working.

They are being funded via some joint arrangement involving ZVI HIRSCH LEHREN of Amsterdam, and the ‘NOBLES of VILNA’ charidee organisation that also went by the name KOLLEL RASSEINI (that was under the control of SHNEUR ZALMAN, the ALTER REBBE[6].)

Then in 1813 – disaster strikes.


This snippet is from page 67:

“During 1813-1814, an epidemic raged in parts of Syria and spread to the Galilee; it claimed the lives of many new immigrants affiliated with the kolel of the Perushim. Among the victims were many members of Israel of Shklov’s family.”

That included his wife, his parents, four of his children and his son-in-law.

Of the 511 members of the Perushim who had made aliya between 1809-1813, only a few dozens – or around a fifth – remained.

The Perushim themselves understood this as a clear sign that God wasn’t happy about something, but then a big dispute opened up between YISRAEL of SHKLOV and MENACHEM MENDEL of SHKLOV, about why they’d been struck such a harsh blow.


MENACHEM MENDEL of SHKLOV argued that it’s because the Perushim had settled in Tsfat, instead of settling in Jerusalem, and rebuilding the Sabbatean synagogue, the CHURVA, and it’s courtyard.


It seems none of the Perushim were linking what had happened back to trying to ‘force the end’ with their aliya, at least not at this stage.

Why not?

Because they were relying on the fact that none other than the GRA himself had ordered his disciples to make aliya en masse to Israel, as part of his ‘will’.

Here’s another snippet from page 81:

“Some years ago, there came to light a manuscript by Aryeh Ne’eman, who immigrated to the Land of Israel in 1813 and served for many years as a trustee of the kolel of the Perushim in Jerusalem.

The manuscript mentions two previously unknown facts related to the aliyah of the Vilna Gaon’s disciples:

That the initiative began in 1800, only two years after the Ga’on’s death, and that the individual who initiated the project was none other than his eminent disciple, Hayyim of Volozhin[7], hitherto only known only for his moral, organisational and economic support for this aliyah.”


To make a very long story short, the Perushim fractured into distinct groups at this point, one coalesced around YISRAEL of SHKLOV in TSFAT, while the other group banded together around MENACHEM MENDEL of SHKLOV, and his plan to rebuild the Sabbatean’s CHURVA compound.

The groups started fighting each other over who should get more money, and control, from ZVI HIRSH LEHREN, and the ‘Nobles of Vilna’ (aka KOLLEL RASSEINI).

And things got so bad, they even started slandering each other to the local Muslim rulers.

There is nothing new under the sun.


In the meantime, MENACHEM MENDEL of SHKLOV and the people associated with him manage to get Ottoman permission to:

a) cancel all the old debts associated with YEHUDAH CHASSID’s group in Jerusalem

b) Rebuild the CHURVA.

They took this as yet another sign that the time for the redemption had arrived.

But it seems that God didn’t agree with them.


On January 6th, 1837, the group around MENACHEM MENDEL of SHKLOV dedicated part of the CHURVA they’d just rebuilt, which was the study hall called ‘MENACHEM ZIYYON’.

At exactly the same time, the devastating earthquake of 1837 hit Tsfat, killing thousands more people.


The Jerusalem Perushim claim that Tsfat is destroyed because YISRAEL of SHKLOV was against the rebuilding of the CHURVA.

Meanwhile, YISRAEL of SHKLOV and his backer ZVI HIRSCH LEHREN claim that he was miraculously saved from the Tsfat earthquake precisely because he was down in Jerusalem completing the purchase of another courtyard from the Arabs, to serve as an alternative Ashkenazi synagogue to the Churva.


Point is, in 1837, the Perushim were so convinced that the Moshiach was imminent, and that the geula had begun, they’d even starting changing the prayer liturgy in some worryingly familiar ways.

This is from page 131:

“On the premise that the redemption has in fact begun auspiciously, [the Perushim] changed the order of prayer and deleted, from the Lekhah Dodi hymn….the verse calling on Zion to rise from its dust.

They likewise abandoned the recitation of dirges as part of tiqqun hazot, all on the premise that the shekhinah had already risen from the dust of exile.

Reacting to this, Lehren says, ‘Regarding their omission of [the verse from Lekhah Dodi] and the dirges in tiqqun hazot, I would ask who introduced this innovation.

If it not a great man, one well-known not to have been misled by the error of Shabbetai Zevi… Then I would be suspicious that the practice had arisen from people misled by Shabbatai Zevi, for Hemdat Yamim [a book likely written by a Sabbatean) also says not to recite [these passages].’”

(Emphasis mine.)


Remember, ZVI HIRSCH LEHREN is writing about the ‘cream of the crop’ of the GRA’s students in Israel.

But as I hope you are starting to realise, ‘false’ or even just ‘failed’ potential messiahs always start off as tremendous scholars with tremendous followings.

Just that can devolve very quickly into very bad things.


The whole time the Perushim were in Israel, they were in close contact with xtian missionaries, many of whom were actually born Jews who had ‘converted’.[8]

We’re not going to digress into a whole discussion of the Frankists here, but it’s important to remember that the leading Sabbatean families had many members who followed Frank into ‘xtianity’, and who believed his teaching that all Jews had to ‘raise the sparks’ out of xtianity by converting to that faith.

(Externally…. Internally, it was a totally different story.)

Not every single ‘converted Jew’ at this time was a Frankist, or came from a Sabbatean-Frankist family.

But a lot of them, particularly the more privileged and wealthy ones, were.


So, the Perushim and also the chassidim in Eretz Yisrael have tight links with many of these missionaries and accept both financial and political help from them.

This is in stark contrast with the Sephardim in the Holy Land, many of whom were also secret Sabbateans, or from Sabbatean families – but drew the line very firmly with interacting with xtian missionaries in any way.


This sets the scene for what happens next to the GRA’s Perushim, after 1840 comes and goes – and no Moshiach shows up.

Snippet from page 165:

“And now we come to resolve and explain the words of the holy Zohar… Regarding what is written there explicitly with respect to the year 5600 was not realised….

For [the Messiah] was supposed to come in the six hundredth year of the sixth millenium… And, if so – why does our Messiah delay….?

And some people have become heretical on account of this, having seen that six has come, that is, the year 5600, and he [the Messiah] has not come, they said he will never come.”

– Aviezer of Ticktin, writing in Sha’arei Zedeq.


There is nothing new under the sun.

When we put all our hopes on ‘dates’ and ‘end time calculations’, instead of focussing on working on strengthening our own emuna, and improving our own bad middot, this is the despairing, heretical, ‘anti-emuna’ trap a person can so easily fall into.

And as it happened in 1840 – so it’s happening again, right now, in our days.


The xtians were here on the scene for a few reasons, not least that getting the Jews back to the Holy Land is also part of the ‘Anglican’ xtian tradition for how redemption unfolds.

With the next bit of their story that Yoshki then ‘comes back’, and rules the world for a thousand years, God forbid a million, billion, trillion times over.

But the point is, the ‘xtian plan’ is:

  1. Get the Jews back to Eretz Yisrael.
  2. Get the Jews converted to xtianity.

And yes, that exact same plan is still operating in Eretz Yisrael today, in our times, but that’s also a topic for another post.


Why do the Perushim accept so much help, money and influence from the xtian missionaries here?

The prosaic reason is they were so broke and poor, they felt they really had no choice.

But of course, they also had a ‘philosophical’ reason for why it was OK to co-operate with xtian missionaries.

This is a snippet from page 167:

“[For the leadership of the Perushim in Jerusalem], the involvement of Christian missionaries in efforts on behalf of the Jewish community represented the fulfillment of the prophetic promise that gentiles would help promote the return to Zion: ‘And strangers will build your walls.’”[9]

And the people who were dealing with the missionaries in Eretz Yisrael were the creme de la creme of the Perushim.

Snippet from page 168:

“During the 1820s, most of the dealings with the missionaries were conducted by Menachem Mendel of Shklov and Solomon Zalman Shapira; the meetings took place in the rabbis’ own homes.”


Again, to cut a very long story short, when 1840 (5600) came and went with no obvious ‘Moshiach’ appearing (or ‘re-appearing’….)

Many of the Jews in Israel lost their faith.

There was a spate of conversions to xtianity – including what Morgenstern calles ‘three of the Sages of the Jerusalem Perushim.’

These three were:

“Eliezer Luria (a second cousin of David Luria – a leading Lithuanian rabbi – and a third cousin of Shemariah Luria, the son-in-law of Hillel of Shklov);

Benjamin Goldberg; and

Abraham Nisan Walfin (the brother of David Walfin, a trustee of the kolel of the Perushim, and son-in-lalw of Menachem Mendel of Shklov.)”


In the end, Walfin backed out of converting at the last minute, after three years of deeply considering it.

Morgenstern doesn’t mention other individuals, but from my own research I turned up a bunch more surprising xtian converts in Eretz Yisrael, including:

SHABTAI BINYAMIN ROHALD – the great-grandson of MENACHEM MENDEL of SHKLOV, via his son, NATAN NATA of SHKLOV, who also became a missionary for the xtians in Eretz Yisrael.

Snippet from the archived version of the Christian Witness to Israel website, HERE:

Christian Witness to Israel (CWI) has been involved in the work of the Gospel in Israel since 1847, when it commenced a school in Jaffa under the leadership of “Mr. Manning”. Manning resigned and returned to England in 1858. In 1921, Rev. Sabot B. Rohold appeared on the scene. Rohold, son of Rabbi Naphtha Rohold had been born in Jerusalem (1876). The details of his conversion are unknown.

A Mr. Joseph, associated with the Plymouth Brethren, had been working in the land and somehow came into contact with the young Sabot, resulting in God’s goodness in the young man’s conversion. Rohold graduated from the University of Glasgow and from the Free Church College in Edinburgh.

Between the years 1897 to 1906, he served as the Superintendent of the Boner Memorial Mission to the Jews in Glasgow. In 1908 he accepted a call to the Toronto congregation of the Presbyterian Church of Canada, where helped found the first Hebrew Christian Synagogue. He also participated in the founding of the Hebrew-Christian Alliance of America.


In 1919 Sabot returned to Palestine with Mr. Joseph, who was then quite ill and increasingly concerned about the future of the work he had founded in Haifa. He proposed to give the building he owned on the slopes of Mount Carmel to Rohold but the latter thought it wiser for Joseph to deed the property to the British Jews Society, as CWI was then known.

Two years later, Rohold offered his services to the BUS for work in Palestine and the Free Church of Scotland invited BUS to become its agent for missionary work among the Jews. Thus, an ongoing relation was established between CWI and the Free Church, which relation continues to the present day.

In the course of that time, the work has taken on different forms.

At first, there was no Jewish Christian presence to speak of in the land. The number of Jewish settlers was small and the medical, social and economic needs of the Jewish settlers most pressing.

CWI responded with a medical and colportage outreach, publishing material in Hebrew and actively promoting the welfare of the small but growing Jewish population in. Among projects undertaken was a small workshop where Jewish settlers were taught to work wood and leather.


I highly recommend you go HERE and read the whole thing.

You’ll learn that the HaGefen publishing house is xtian-owned – and that the Israel army is literally crawling with home-grown xtian missionaries….


To return 200 years ago – it was a plague of conversions – all subsequently hushed-up by the leaders of the Perushim.

So, some of the Perushim and their descendants converted to xtianity.

Other descendants of these Perushim become the leading maskilim and proto-z-ists in Israel, including:


(There are many, many more that could be added to this list.)


And then, the third group ‘retreated’ from any idea of being able to ‘force the end’ and rebuild the land with human activitism.

This snippet is from page 187:

“The Messiah’s failure to arrive at the expected time reignited the old disputes over the mechanics of redemption.

One emergent group within the kolel began to retreat from the accepted notion of hastening the redemption through construction and other action.”


Let me quote one more very interesting snippet from page 188, written by none other than MOSES TEITELBAUM[10], of what became Satmar chassidut, responding to the terrible earthquake of 1837 that killed so many in Tsfat:

“And it seems clear to me from the troubles that have over the holy city year after year – including its being despoiled and its women being defiled and so too, Torah scrolls in the sanctuary [1834], and this year, because of our many sins, thousands being killed in the earthquake – that the will of the Lord, may He be blessed, is that we not go to the Land of Israel on our own initiative; rather, we should wait for our righteous Messiah to lead us to our Land.”


I could carry on bringing snippets from Morgenstern’s very interesting book for another ten years, but that will do for now.

In this post, we learned together that none other than the ‘VILNA GAON’ sparked a messianic movement that brought many hundreds of his disciples to Eretz Yisrael, as part of an organised attempt to ‘settle the land’ and force the end times – ahead of 1840 (5600).

These disciples believed the GRA was Moshiach.

They followed his ‘will’ dictating that all his disciples should ascend to Eretz Yisrael, to prepare the land for the coming (or reappearance?) of the Moshiach in 5600 (1840).

And when that back-fired spectacularly, after one disaster after another occurred here in the Holy Land, and 5600 came and went with nothing except the Damascus Blood Libel to show for itself, his followers split into three distinct groups:

  1. Xtian converts and apostates who despaired of the Moshiach ever coming.
  2. ‘Proto-z-ists’, who kept going with the idea of ‘settling the land’ with human activism, but increasingly divorced it from it’s religious and spiritual component and association with geula and the coming of Moshiach.
  3. Hardcore ‘anti-activists’ who became the nub of the Ashkenazi extremists who began to terrorise the Old Yishuv’s attempts to modernise, or get out from under the yoke of the chalukah payments by developing some sort of economy in Eretz Yisrael.


Of course, all this got covered up in a million different ways.

And instead of joining the dots together, so we can figure out how the GRA was at the very least another ‘failed candidate for messiah’, his followers closed ranks, and started up the same sort of ‘cover up’ we saw happening around SHABTAI TZVI / SHACH, and later on JACOB ESKELES FRANK, and his bunch of followers who also had wonderful yichus.

There is a lot to learn from all this.

Not least, that the mitnagdim also had a ‘rebbe’, also acted like hassidim’, and also believed very much in mystical concepts, Kabbalah and calculating ‘the end times’ of the coming of the Moshiach.

But in the end – it came down to teshuva, not hints of the ‘end of times’ from the Zohar, or other places.

Exactly as the BAAL SHEM TOV had said, back in 1760, shortly before he died.

I wrote about that last year, and I’ll repost that next.


There is nothing new under the sun.

You want moshiach NOW?!?!?!?!?

Then instead of obsessing over ‘end times’, work on your own lack of emuna and your own bad middot.

That’s the only thing geula depends on – and the only thing that’s really holding it up.



[1] Take a look at the Gemara, Sukkot 52a.

[2] There were so many satanic secret societies at this time, with so many different names, but broadly the same goal of ‘uprooting religion’ and ushering in practices that ‘freed’ people from serving God, and obeying His commandments, particularly, in terms of human morality. I am referring to all of these secret societies as ‘Freemasons’, even though that’s not the real names actually used at the time.

[3] Large parts of Poland – especially Podolia, where the Sabbateans were still in full force – were actually under Turkish rule, 250 years ago.

[4] The Cantonist Decrees saw 10 year old Jewish boys torn from their homes and forced to serve 25 years in the Tzar’s army before being allowed to return. The point of the Decrees was to forcibly ‘assimilate’ the Jews. Very few of the Cantonists could hang on to their yiddishkeit in the face of all the beatings, torture and ‘punishments’ they were given for refusing to eat treif food, to give just one example.

[5] The Sabbatean aliya to Israel in 1700 was undertaken in preparation for the ‘reappearance’ of Shabtai Tzvi, at this point. It was funded, at least in part, by SAMSON WERTHEIMER.

[6] How all this is meant to fit together, we are still in the process of figuring it out. It could be, we’ll eventually discover that ‘CHABAD’ actually consisted of the GRA’s Perushim, and not the bubbe meises version of history we’ve all been taught.

[7] Even after five years of doing this research, I still can’t tell you who ‘HAYYIM OF VOLOZHIN’ really was.

It could be he is one and the same as ‘CHAIM BRODIE’, son of BENJAMIN BRODIE (RIVLIN….) and Rivka Shoshana FRANK, daughter of false messiah JACOB FRANK.

And / or, he could be a son of NATAN NETA NOTKIN, the big shtadlan of Shklov.

[8] In particular, the London Society for Promoting Christianity Amongst the Jews was very active in Eretz Yisrael in 1820. One of it’s key missionaries here was a converted Jew named Joseph Wolff. Another converted Jew named Michael Solomon Alexander was parachuted into Jerusalem as it’s first ‘bishop’. Both come from families of ‘big rabbis’ in Europe with ‘big yichus’.

[9] Isaiah 60:10.

[10] Written in June, 1837.

My friend just sent me this.

***UPDATE from my friend: Apparently in a later message today Rav Elmaliach said that after many tefilot on shabbat the din over the Rav was sweetened b”H. If I hear more, I’ll let you know.***


It’s from yesterday, from the Rav, via R Shlomo Elmaliach.


I will listen properly BH, and try to translate the main bits.

I don’t know what it’s saying yet, but if it’s headlined ‘a difficult message’…. that probably points to the tone of what is going on.

Check back here later this afternoon, for a translation, BH.



The Rav appears to be saying that because of the sins of the generation, there is a harsh din on him now he is going to have to ‘leave his body’.

(He also refers to himself against as ‘Eliezer ben Ettia, Moshiach ben David’. Get the hint already.)

The Rav’s health has been really bad for years…. we know that lots of prayers are required, seven Tikkun Haklalis a day, for him and also, for us.

It’s the collective soul of Am Yisrael that is so sick and diseased right now, as reflected by what’s going on with the Rav.


R Elmaliach says not to go into panic, but yes, to start praying a lot for the Rav to make it.

At least 7 Tikkun HaKlalis a day.


Like you, I have no idea what happens next.

The Rav has said previously that even Moshiach will die.

(Rebbe Nachman also stated this clearly in his works.)

Read this post bringing the Rav’s words from back in 2018:



Here’s a snippet:

The Rebbe says things, and people think that maybe the Rebbe is exaggerating, or that maybe the Rebbe is making things up….

We need to accept Moshiach dying with love

In Chayei Moharan 275 (or 35, in the old version), it says: The Moshiach is going to die, and his son is going to die. And you need to accept this with love. What can we do?! You want the Moshiach to live forever?!

True, the Rambam says that everything is going to stay the same: A person is still going to need to make a lot of effort with his Torah learning. He thinks that when Moshiach comes, it’s all going to be easy. No! He’s going to have the same difficulties. Whatever is happening now, is going to be happening then, just there won’t be the burden of parnassa (making a living).

But learning? Getting the intellect to really work? Removing all the veils and constricting masks from the mind? It’s going to be even more difficult to do it then, than it is today. It’s going to be even harder!


No more heresy, but the lusts will remain

There won’t be any more kefira (heresy), there won’t be any more apikorsut, people won’t be committing adultery – but they will still have to work on distancing themselves from their lusts. Otherwise, a person simply can’t learn Torah, and he can’t get away from the ‘bad’.

And when he does this, then he’ll complete what’s required to be fully human. Moshiach will be the fulfillment of humanity, to be completely different from an animal. He’s not going to have even a single trace of animal nature, or of lusts.

And when humanity will be completed like this, and a person will ‘leave the bad’, he’s not going to have any [external] obstacle standing in his way.


The challenge until Techiat HaMeitim

There won’t be the same tests of desecrating the Shabbat, but there will still be the big challenges of getting a grip on our lusts, and this will continue until the time of techiat hameitim (the revival of the dead).


But we need to fight against the lusts all the time! When a person is sunk into his lusts, he can’t learn.

He needs to resurrect his nefesh (the lowest part of the soul associated with the body), and live the way the soul was meant to live. This period of time, it’s olam haba, the world to come. When they write about the olam haba, the intention is that it will be a world without lusts. Don’t be like a horse[6]

The Rambam brings the verse [from Tehillim, 32] Michtam leDavid Ki Hasiti Bach (“A song of David on the michtam, I have sought refuge in You. Don’t be like a horse, like a mule, not understanding…”)

The meaning of this is: Don’t be stuck in your materialism, and don’t be immersed in your lusts!

When a person is sunk in his desires, he acts like an animal.


When the Rav gave this shiur over, at the end of 2018, his health was also really, really bad.

The whole kehilla was nervous that the Rav was preparing us for some very bad news, God forbid.

That seems to be happening again.

But prayer, charity and teshuva overturns even the harshest decree.

BH, the Rav will continue to stay with us for a long while yet.

But that depends on our teshuva, our prayers, and our yearning to really get this horrible situation to change, already.

Turn off all the rubbish you are wasting your life with online, and go say some Tikkun Haklalis.

We aren’t really praying for ‘the Rav’, we’re praying for us, for Am Yisrael.

And it looks like we’re approaching the stage where it’s make….or break.

Another motzae shabbat, another dose of horrible news.

Eight soldiers killed by *something* (not a drone, or anything like that of course… because the people with the drones in Gaza are not Hamas….)

So no, definitely not a drone did this. Just some sort of IED or anti-tank missile, that just happens to be so accurate and effective it could pick out the tank in a column of tanks with the officer in it, and totally destroy it.


Personally, I am going totally off the news again, because even the tiny bit I read upsets me so much.

Because all this could stop in an instant, if enough of us would stop buying all the lies, stop wasting so much time ‘online’, and start doing more of the things that would really help ourselves, and our loved ones.

Especially, our loved ones in the army.


Here’s what I would do, if any of my close family members were in the army right now:

  1. Commit to saying 7 Tikkun Haklalis a day for them.
  2. Commit to upping my tznius in some way, even an extra cm on the skirt or the sleeves, or raising the neckline of my tops, or covering more of my hair, if married. (For women).
  3. Commit to making a real effort to guard my eyes more, like at the very least picking the option online to disable all images. (You can always make exceptions, after the fact, for the sites you trust and / or really want to see what images are going on.)
  4. Commit to paying some small, regular donation to Shuvu Banim, that you are very clear in your own head is being donated as a ‘pidyon nefesh‘ for the merit of whoever you have serving in the army.
  5. Get hold of some of the Rav’s prayers, and persuade the person you have serving in the army to carry them around with them in a pocket somewhere, so they are ‘connected to the Tzaddik’ in some way.


Of course, there are never any guarantees about anything.

But with this level of prayers, teshuva, tzedaka – and connection to the real Tzaddikim – your guy in the army would be in a WAY better position, spiritually, than otherwise.

And so would you.


So what’s the problem?

People don’t believe.

They don’t believe in prayers.

They don’t believe in the power of Tikkun Haklalis.

They don’t believe in pidyon nefesh.

They don’t believe that God really cares about what they wear, or what they stuff their minds with.

And they for sure don’t believe that Rav Berland is not only a tzaddik, but the Tzaddik HaDor.


And that’s why all this is so very upsetting, because if they did believe, we would already be in such a different, and way better, place.


I was chatting to one of my friends before Shabbat, who is a ‘closet supporter’ of Rav Berland.

During Covid, she was also a ‘closet non-vaccinator’, as her whole yishuv went totally nuts and was even banning her kids from using the library, if they hadn’t been ‘vaccinated’.

(Remember all that? Remember how full-on nationalist-socialist everything got? And now tell me you can still trust the government and the security establishment, and that the media ‘doesn’t lie.’)

Long story short, my friend was talking to someone else she met at a class about how the media lies about everything, and made an oblique reference to anyone who is being persecuted so badly in the media is probably one of the good guys. Especially if they are a rabbi.

The other woman came out with it:

Are you talking about Rav Berland?

(She was).

Lo and behold, my friend discovered another ‘closet supporter of Rav Berland’.

(Who also had to lie about vaccinating her kids….)



I think there are way more ‘closet supporters of Rav Berland’ out there than most people think.

Way, way more.

Just most people don’t want to risk drawing the attention of the psychos to themselves, or having to get into ‘fights’ with people who still believe the media never lies and the failed State is good and holy.

I get that.

But it’s a shame.

Because another way things start to change in the wider world is when more of us have the courage of our convictions, to start challenging ‘the narrative’ that so many people are blindly imprisoned by.

Gently, of course gently.

Just to dip a toe in the water, and see if the person you are talking to may also be a ‘closet supporter of truth’.


From my own experience with all the bullies and psychos I’ve had to deal with over the last ten years, most of them crumple very fast, when you don’t let them scare you into submission.

Because the lie has no leg to stand on, so even a little bit of ‘prodding’ makes the whole thing topple over.

So prod gently.

But prod.

Even though it’s uncomfortable for you and for the other person, because all this carnage ends when enough of us stop buying into the lies, and start to seek for the real truth.

And the real Tzaddkim, who are telling us the real truth.


OK, one more ‘out there’ story, and then I’m going back to the research on the Vilna Gaon’s Perushim, which will be the next very interesting post.

(In a nutshell, the Vilna Gaon was another in a very long line of ‘false messiahs’…. And all that got covered up when the year he said MBD would appear – 1840 – came and went, and apparently nothing happened. Then, a bunch of his followers in Israel converted to xtianity in Israel, and a bunch more turned into the radically secular, anti-Torah z-ists…. Who are still running our failed State today. There is nothing new under the sun.)


My friend told me there was a bris being held in Meron recently.

During the bris, the guy who was video-ing it fainted.

When they revived him, he told them what had happened to make him faint.

Through the camera lens, he suddenly saw all these ‘souls’ of dead people streaming to join the kedusha bris. Only he could see it, and only via the camera lens.

It was so overwhelming, he fainted on the spot.


Our world is not what it seems.

And we win this battle, this war, only via spiritual means.

Maybe, you can’t get the other guy to believe that.

But at least, believe it yourself.

And do what you need to do, to make sure that you and your loved ones can come through all this madness with body and soul intact.

Bezrat Hashem.

Yesterday, I saw a small clip of IDF soldiers launching a burning ‘bundle’ over a wall with a catapult.

Here’s how that looked:


Yah, they are burning trees in LEBANON, sure they are…


Yesterday, I had a big chat with my husband about how everything that is going on right now is an illusion, a test of emuna.

I don’t mean that there are no refugees, that there are no soldiers being killed in Gaza (may there be no more soldiers killed and wounded anywhere…), or that evil isn’t running riot at the moment.

All that is true.

But the ‘illusion’ is what all this means for us, and our state of mind.


Take all the hysterical headlines about ‘the North is burning’.

Objectively, it’s not great that there are a ton of fires up North.

We can argue about what’s causing them – but the point is, there are ALWAYS fires in Israel in summer time, like the one that consumed the Carmel back in 2010 and killed 40+ policemen.

(Trying to type that last bit with a straight face.)

Those fires weren’t ‘Hezbollah’, and there was no hysterical hyping everything up, that people need to leave their homes permanently, because some trees were burning.


Remember 2016, when there was another massive fire in Haifa?

More than 500+ apartments were burnt down.

Was that also ‘Hezbollah’?


Point is, the Rav told us all right at the beginning of all this, that whoever would listen to him, and would just focus on doing teshuva and praying, instead of following all the lying news, wouldn’t need to leave their homes.

At the time, it sounded kind of incredible, even to me.

But now, it’s becoming more and more obvious, that just like the plandemic beforehand, we are being fed manipulated images and BS storylines, to achieve an end, a goal, that is the whole point of all this.

And just like with the plandemic, if you can drown out the news and just carry on with normal life, as much as possible – eventually, the ‘illusion’ will crumble, and you’ll come through all this in one piece.


I know, I know.

So many people are still buying the illusion at full price, and paying very dearly for it.

There is nothing to do for others, except to pray for them, that God will open their eyes in time before they get their eyes ‘opened’ in some other, way more painful way.

And if it’s that last option – then so be it.

Everyone has free choice.


What I was talking about with my husband yesterday is that there are no ‘free rides’ to cross the narrow bridge to the world of truth.

When we started this journey more than 20 years ago, crossing the bridge meant we had to get to grips with making aliya.

Then, we had to get to grips with really starting to make some real teshuva, including developing a real relationship with God and understanding just how arrogant we really were, and just how stuffed full of bad middot.

And then, we had to get to grips with being ‘Breslov weirdos’, which in turn led to us turning into ‘Breslov outcasts’, because 18 years ago, you could count the number of Anglos who were into Breslov and going to Uman on one hand.


And then, we had to get to grips with understanding that so many of our relationships were actually majorly ‘toxic’.

Literally when that realisation hit, we lost pretty much everyone we knew, overnight.

And then, we had to get to grips with how ‘toxic’ many of our own habits and ideas were too, especially when it came to parenting our kids.


I’m giving the short version here, but it includes:

  • Losing our house twice over because we were following the dictates of our soul, which means we’ve been renting ever since.
  • Moving to Jerusalem the day before the ‘stabbing intifida’ kicked off, to a 65 sqm rented apartment from a house that was 200+ sqm – while our kids thought we were insane.
  • Multiple miscarriages.
  • A failed business.
  • Tremendous confusion and doubts and bilbulim about what we were doing, and if we were taking the right path, considering just how many difficulties were multiplying every day.
  • Tremendous social isolation and loneliness.

But in the end, all that got us to the Rav and to Shuvu Banim.

And that is when life really started to sweeten in a radical way, albeit with still some challenges, because you don’t get anything for free with the Rav.


And now?

Life is good.

Even right now, Baruch Hashem.

And why is it ‘good’ right now?

Because we aren’t invested in the world of lies, mostly, and we’re not being pulled down by it (too much….)


When my S-I-L was debating whether to ‘volunteer’ to go to Gaza after Simchat Torah (because he’s not a combat soldier by training, and didn’t get called up) – we told him emphatically NO WAY!!!!!

Of course, he could still have gone anyway, but the point is that if we’d been cheering on ‘ground invasions’ and encouraging him to go and fight – we would now be dealing with a very different situation, in so many ways.

But we followed what the Rav was saying, all the hints, and we understood all this is an illusion. And a thousand soldiers can be killed, just from ‘friendly fire’.

Exactly as we are all seeing happening, that ‘Hamas’ is not the entity that is killing and maiming our soldiers in Gaza.


Life is built step-by-step, from the choices we all choose to make.

20 years ago when we made aliya – leaving good jobs, good friends, family, ‘the good life’ – people thought we were totally nuts.

As our aliya has played out with all its difficulties, until pretty recently, people thought we were totally nuts.

And now?

My brother in London who has a nice house / job / friends / family / ‘the good life’ is permanently stressed, and looking for some way he can get here that won’t be too big a sacrifice for the rest of his family.

No-one speaks Hebrew.

They are teenagers.

It’s not easy.

At all.


But the point is, even in chul, it’s still all an illusion.

The battle right now is to understand the value of every small mitzvah we do, every small bit of yearning we have, to do better, be better, get closer to Hashem, to our souls, to others.

And to not get pulled under by the massive wave of yeoush that is trying to pull everyone down.

Breslov teaches that at the time when ‘the test’ is about to end, you have an experience, a day, where you literally feel like you can’t stand up in this for a second more.

If you hang on to God at that point – that is when it all breaks, and turns around for the good.


So, hang on, dear reader.

And even, do more than that.

Start to enjoy life again.

Start to focus on the good, start to make whatever teshuva you really need to make, especially in terms of ‘how we think’, to see that each of our lives is so very full of ‘good’.

Right now.

And if that’s not your experience, then do some hitbodedut to see what is stopping you from feeling happy with your life, and what’s really in your hands to fix or change.

Don’t wait for Moshiach to show up and come and ‘rescue you’ from your misery and despair.

That’s not his job.

It’s ours.


God wants us to take responsibility for ourselves, and to knuckle down to the hard work of trying to develop more real emuna, more humility, more honesty and more gratitude.

The less lies we tell ourselves, the easier it gets to spot what is ‘an illusion’ and what isn’t.

And then, the easier it is to ‘live real’, and to not get pulled into the yetzer’s net, telling us all that ‘fires only happen because of Hezbollah’, or ‘people need to leave their homes because there might be a war in [fill in the year]’. Or, ‘you can’t be happy, because so many people are suffering right now.’


For that last one, let’s change it to this:

You can’t be apathetic, because so many people are suffering right now.

There are a lot of tikkunim going on, and some of them are v.v. painful.

I am praying every day for soldiers, hostages, refugees, young men with their legs blown off, to be able to come through their tests in good shape, and still enjoy their lives.

That’s the focus of the 7 Tikkun Haklalis I try to say every day.

But the rest of the time?

I need to search out ‘the good points’, and to be happy and grateful for all the tremendous good God is giving to me right now.

Even in the midst of the madness.


It’s up and down, all this.

It’s a massive test, a massive emuna-rollercoaster-ride.

But ultimately, this world is just an illusion.

And if we can remember that, at least more of the time, it’ll help us to weather the storm, until the evil finally breaks, or even, just ‘this current incarnation of evil’ finally breaks, as it always does, and the revealed ‘good’ can start to ascend in the world again.

May it be speedily, in our days.

One of the names that keeps coming up in this story – but which has been almost totally ‘scrubbed’ out of official Jewish history is TOBIAS BOAS.

I know you never heard of him.

Before a few weeks ago, I’d also never heard of him – and that spurred-me on to start trying to pull together more information, because this gentleman and his family are in the middle of so much stuff in Amsterdam.

Here’s a quick rundown:


The BOAS family have the creme de la creme of the rabbis and Jewish bigwigs knocking on their door in the Hague – including the CHIDA, and apparently also the ‘VILNA GAON’ and his brother ISSACHAR BER.

They own a massive bank, which is giving massive loans to non-Jewish royals including:

EMPEROR JOSEPH II of Austria (Freemason, who is having an affair with JACOB FRANK’s daughter, EVA.

STANISLAUS AUGUSTUS – Last king of Poland, and employer of NATAN NOTA NOTKIN of SHKLOV.


TOBIAS BOAS’s kids are married to a whole bunch of interesting people.

His daughter ABIGAIL BOAS is married to the leader of the maskilim in Berlin, NAFTALI HERTZ WESSELY (and that information has been almost totally scrubbed out of existence….)

TOBIAS BOAS is obsessed with finding the lost Ten Tribes.

He’s a big shareholder in the DUTCH EAST INDIES COMPANY.

And between 1741-1745, he helps to ‘undo’ the order of EMPRESS MARIA THERESA (the mum of MARIE ANTOINETTE and JOSEPH II, above) to expel the Jews from Bohemia.


And yet…. None of us have ever heard of him.

Let’s try to fix that – and also, figure out why so much effort has been made to scrub him and his family out of existence.


Our first stop is the ‘JEWS OF THE HAGUE’ historical pages, in Dutch, HERE.

(It’s in Dutch, but Google translate it.)

To give some basic background to what was going on in the Jewish community of Holland, in the 16th-17th century, it’s basically made up of marrano Sephardim from Portugal, who ‘re-adopt’ Judaism when they arrive in Amsterdam.

I know I say this a lot, but we have to remember that most of these people and their families had been ‘acting catholic’ for at AT LEAST a 100 years.

You tell me, just how much real yiddishkeit a person could really retain in their soul when they’d been genuflecting three times a day in a satanic catholic mass and eating pork for breakfast…

It’s not a simple matter at all.


So, the Dutch lowlands begin to rebel against the Spanish Empire in the 17th century, protestantism becomes the national religion – and then the Portuguese marrano traders flock to Holland, and particularly to Amsterdam, where they can openly return to their Jewish roots.

At least, in some way.


When the false messiah SHABTAI TZVI / SHACH turns up, all of Amsterdam goes crazy about him.

The Sabbateans take hold in a very strong way in Amsterdam. And although it’s been covered up, their grip continues……even until our days.


Then in the 18th century, the Ashkenazi Jews also increasingly start to move to Holland and to build their own Ashkenazi communities in places like Amsterdam and the Hague.


Our very own TOBIAS BOAS is domiciled in The Hague.

Here’s some pertinent info from the joedserfgoeddenhague site, which I’ll bullet-point to keep it more manageable, and put my additions in square brackets, before we unpack it more, below.

  1. The first known synagogue in the Hague is operating in the home of the Sephardi merchant JACOB PEREIRA. [PEREIRA comes from a family of very wealthy and fanatical supporters of SHABTAI TZVI.] The services are mostly held in Portuguese.
  2. Starting in 1694, an Ashkenazi shul is set up in the home of the Ashkenazi butcher TOBIAS MAGNUS.
  3. MAGNUS is the maternal grandpa of TOBIAS BOAS. His daughter MERYA (MIRIAM) marries CHAIM AVRAHAM HYMAN BOAS.
  4. CHAIM AVRAHAM BOAS sets up a fancier shul in his home, called SOLOMON’S TEMPLE.

(No connection to the masons’ obsession with Solomon’s Temple, no sirree, just a CO-IN-CID-ENCE.)


  1. There are only ‘intermittent’ Ashkenazi rabbis in the Hague, until R SAUL HALEVI shows up in 1748. [He is connected to the Vilna Gaon and his brother, and the person they write to in Holland, to help them track down rare books of kabbalah in YEAR.]
  2. Pay attention to this next bit: Jewish merchants in the Hague are very limited in what local guilds they can join, in order to do business. The main guild most of the Jewish shopkeepers belong to is called: Saint Nicholas Guild or Kramers Guild. [‘Kramer’ is one of the surnames given to the Vilna Gaon’s family, suggesting the GRA’s family was in Holland, selling stuff, way before the 18th century..]
  3. The Hague’s Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi, SAUL HALEVI (1712-1785) is married to DINA LOWENSTAAM, the daughter of ARYEH LEIB LOWENSTAAM, the Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi of AMSTERDAM. They get married in RZESZÒW – which also happens to be where JACOB FRANK’s family comes from.
  4. SAUL HALEVI is very closely aligned with TOBIAS BOAS and his family – BOAS pays his salary, and also gives him a nice house to live in, for free.

  1. The BOAS family originally comes from Western Poland. TOBIAS’s grandpa ISAAC CHAIM makes the move, with his father ABRAHAM (CHAIM) BOAS really starting to make the family’s money, when he starts trading gems and gold. [Only people who were connected to the Portuguese marranos who monopolised this trade could get into that particular game.]


OK, with that basic background out the way, let’s now zoom-in to take a closer look at TOBIAS BOAS himself, this guy:


He’s born in The Hague in 1696.

He’s apparently married three times:

First wife is DUYFJE LEVI, who he marries in 1712.

Second wife is SARA SYMONS of Amsterdam, who he marries in 1722.

Third wife is SCHEBA MOZES GOLDSMIT, the widow of Michael Mozes Goldsmit of KONIGSBERG.

Let’s quote the joedserfgoeddenhague site a bit now:

From the first two marriages he had sixteen children, eleven of whom reached adulthood.

Boaz married his children to prominent members of the European Jewish elite, such as the Gompertz, Wertheimer, Oppenheimer and Kann families.


This guy is Jewish royalty!

And he’s marrying his kids to (Sabbatean….) Jewish royalty all over Europe!

And he’s very closely connected to royals across Europe too, here’s another relevant snippet:

In 1727, Tobias took over his father’s banking house, but still continued to trade in jewels.

The wealthy Boas occupied a key financial position both in the Republic and beyond its borders. He was financier of the Oranges and helped the Republic with large sums of money during the crisis of 1750.

The banking firm’s clients included the emperor of Austria, the king of Sweden, and The King of Poland.

Tobias Boas issued loans of millions to various royal houses in Europe and also to the stadtholder’s court. At the same time, he remained a merchant in precious stones. In addition, he was known as very generous to the poor.


(We’ll unpack the relevant parts of all this to our story in a moment, hang on.)


We also need to know that:

Boaz owned a large library and had collected books in the fields of mysticism, philosophy, and rabbinic literature, and owned rare Bible editions.

I.e. – if someone was interested in tracking down ‘rare volumes’ of kabbalistic teachings in Holland, TOBIAS BOAS and his library would definitely be on their list of places to visit.


Via his connections with the DUTCH EAST INDIES COMPANY, Tobias Boas is constantly asking scouts for any information they may have about the lost 10 Tribes.

For example, he writes one very famous letter to EZEKIEL RAHABI, head of the Jewish community in Cochin, India, which RAHABI responds to with a whole scroll detailing the history of the Jews of Cochin in 1768.

Meanwhile, his son SIMEON BOAS is recorded as travelling all over the world to meet ‘Catholic clergy’.

Why? No-one is explaining that part of the story.


Here’s another relevant snippet from the joedserfgoeddenhague site:

in 1745, Boas, together with the Gomperts family from Nijmegen, asked the administrators of the Republic to urge Empress Maria Theresa to stop the expulsion of Jews from Prague.

Later, in 1781, Maria Theresa’s son Emperor Joseph II would come to visit him in The Hague.


In an alternative account of this Jewish expulsion from Prague, ISSACHER BER ESKELES, father of the Frankist banker and mason, BERNHARD ESKELES, is said to have overturned the decree, together with one BARON D’AGUILAR, a marrano Jew and favorite of MARIA THERESA.

I don’t know which account is correct – or which people are actually the ‘real’ personas, here.


Point is, BOAS has connections to the same royal circles where freemasonry, secret societies and Frankist Jews are also hanging out, in great quantities.

He’s also being visited by people like CASANOVA (another big player in secret masonic circles), and kings come to see him, in his home, called SOLOMON’S TEMPLE.

Another snippet:

Boas was also held in high esteem by the Swedish royal family. In 1780, King Gustav III visited him in his house in The Hague to see jewels. Also, Tobias Boas maintained a good relationship with the Polish king Stanislaw August, who had even requested him to educate one of his (bastard) children.


OK, now let’s take a look at more of the Jewish personalities who are known to have been hanging out with TOBIAS BOAS in the Hague.

The Dutch Jewish site mentions the following people:

ABRAHAM HAMBURG, also named Abraham Nansich or Rabbi Abraham of Nasig (Nancy), lived from 1757 to ca. 1778 in the house of Tobias Boas, as the family’s tutor.

ABRAHAM NANCY is interesting for a lot of reasons, not least, because he wrote a publication pushing the smallpox ‘vaccination’ that was published in London in 1785.

(The masons had a huge role to play in creating and pushing that smallpox ‘vaccination’. But we’ll leave that story for another post. Maybe.)


Other tutors in the BOAS household included:

Josef ben David Heilbronn from Eschwege was probably also a house teacher with Tobias Boas
he had been a house teacher with the Kann family in Frankfurt am Main in the years 1753 to 1762.

 Rabbi Abraham, the son of Model from Oettingen (ca. 1760)


Other visitors included:

Chaim Joseph David Azulai (1724-1806) – the CHIDA

4) Mordechai Tama, he translated Arabic responses of Maimonides into Hebrew and published them in Amsterdam. He published another work in 1779 in The Hague with Löb Soesmans. Abraham and Simon Boaz financed the publication.

5 Naftali Herz, the son of Jehuda Löb Ulman of Mainz, a pupil of the German philosopher J. C. Wolff. Philosopher Naftali Herz lived in The Hague from about 1765. This author wrote in one of his works that he had found refuge in The Hague around 1765, when he had fled ‘the enemies of truth and Justice’.

He was highly critical of supporters of Rabbi Shabbatai Tzvi who proclaimed in 1665 that the coming of the Messiah was imminent.


Apparently, DINA LOWENSTAAM, the wife of SAUL HALEVI was also busy learning Torah in the Hague, and had a reputation as quite the scholar.

When the CHIDA was visiting with her husband, he recorded her standing behind a curtain and vigorously joining their debate on matters of halacha etc

(‘Women’s lib’ is a recurring theme amongst closet Sabbateans. Remember, SARA SONIA DISKIN also wore a tallit katan and gave over psakei din...)


But there is no mention of the VILNA GAON, nor of his brother, visiting TOBIAS BOAS.

In fact, there is no mention of them – at all – in the CHIDA’s diaries whatsover.

And what makes this even more strange, is that the GRA and his attendant, probably BARUCH SHICK of SHKLOV, are meant to be in Holland at exactly the same time as the CHIDA is there.

Presumably, visiting exactly the same people.

And yet, not a whisper about ‘ELIYAHU BEN SHLOMO’, the Vilna Gaon, in any of the CHIDA’s writings.


Call it siyatta di shmeya, but my good friend C. happens to have the diary of the Chida, and she’s been reading it off and on.

After THIS post about Baruch Schick accompanying the GRA to Amsterdam, she went to look up what was written in the CHIDA’s diary for that time period.

As we said, the CHIDA and the GRA are meant to be Holland at actually the same time, visiting exactly the same people.

The CHIDA even mentions MOSES LEHREN a lot – the father of that same TZVI HIRSH LEHREN who funds the GRA’s disciples, the PERUSHIM, in the Holy Land some 30 years later, and who is a big ‘follower’ of the GRA’s teachings.

And yet….

It seems that the ‘GRA’ either was travelling under an assumed name…. Or he isn’t who we have all been told he was.


OK, let’s pick up some more pertinent details about TOBIAS BOAS, before we draw this post to a close.

He has so many interesting family members that he’s been deliberately ‘dislocated’ from.

One of them is his son-in-law, the famous maskil NAFTALI HERTZ WESSELY.

I only know this because I read Morgenstern’s book on the Vilna Gaon.

On page 184, where he’s discussing the GRA’s obsession with tracking down the 10 Tribes, he writes this:

Another personality who searched for the ten tribes during this time was Tobias Boas (1696-1782) of the Hague…one of the greatest bankers of the Netherlands….

The pertinent point….is his role in financing the activities of the Dutch East India Company, the Hague-based shipping company…

Boas exploited his access to this company to spend “more than 20 years” (1762-1782) searching for the ten tribes in Asia.

His son-in-law, the maskil NAFTALI HERZ WESSELY, described Boas’s activities at length in the journal Ha-me’asaf.[1]

It is noteworthy that even though Wessely, as a progenitor of the Haskala movement, is considered a rationalist, he believed in the existence of the ten tribes and took an emotional, credic interest in the cause of searching for them.”


There’s a lot to learn out from this.

Not least, that that same Berlin circle of ‘initiated’ maskilim that BARUCH SHICK the mason was hanging out with, were also looking for the Ten Tribes.

At exactly the same time the GRA was trying to make his aborted trip to Eretz Yisrael, via Amsterdam, as some sort of ‘Moshiach’ figure.


As I mentioned, this link between BOAS, the Netherlands banker with tight links to the Dutch East Indies company, and his son-in-law, the Berlin maskil NAFTALI HERTZ WESSELY has been hermetically scrubbed.

That by itself tells you we are over the target.


Going backwards, BOAS’ family are connected to the known Sabbateans that include GLUCKEL OF HAMELN. (She writes about how her father-in-law sold his property in readiness for the move to Eretz Yisrael, when SHABTAI TZVI / SHACH fever was gripping the Jewish world.)

While fake history tells us that the Sabbatean craze blew out pretty fast for nearly everyone – they are lying about that.

It just went underground.


Going forwards, we find more ‘strange scrubbing’ of BOAS’ family tree.

While the joedserfgoeddenhague site told us clearly that:

From the first two marriages he had sixteen children, eleven of whom reached adulthood.

Boaz married his children to prominent members of the European Jewish elite, such as the Gompertz, Wertheimer, Oppenheimer and Kann families.

When you go to sites like geni, you find it’s very coy about who his kids actually married.

But let’s unpick a little anyway, as much as we can.


The one kid I want to focus in on here is SIMEON (SIMON) TOBIAS POLLAK,to give him his full name.

His mother is wife number two, SARA SYMONS KANN, who TOBIAS BOAS apparently divorces.

In turn, this SIMEON marries twice – both to interesting people.


They have a daughter together called ESTER who marries one MARX MORDECHAI CERFBERR.


You’ve heard that name before, in THIS post about Napoleon’s ‘Sanhedrin’.


[I]t looks like those Jewish-Jesuit RATISBONNES we wrote about HERE, who bought up a ton of land in Jerusalem – Ein Karem and the Old City, and built monasteries on them – are the grandchildren of this same CERF BERR, B-I-L of David Sinzheim, and arms dealing philanthropist….

That’s where we learnt that ESTER CERFBERR’s daughter ADELAIDE marries the head of the French rabbinical ‘consistoire’ under Napoleon, a guy called AUGUSTE SUSMANN HIRSH RATISBONNE (1779-1818)

Not a few of his kids go all ‘Jesuit’, buy up a ton of land in Eretz Yisrael, and build massive monasteries in the Old City of Jerusalem, Ein Karem – and also, over the tomb of ELISHA the PROPHET in Haifa.

(These Jesuit-Frankist kids are also part of the PRIEURE DE SION catholic secret society….)


It’s a small world!

And remember what we learned above, that:

SIMEON BOAS is recorded as travelling all over the world to meet ‘Catholic clergy’.

There are no CO-IN-CID-ENCES.


In the meantime, SIMON BOAS’s next wife is ROESLE ROSETTA ZUR KANN – his first cousin.

His wife’s grandpa is one MOSES LOEB KANN, of Frankfurt.

If this name sounds familiar, it’s because his Frankist descendants had the famous bank in NY, KUHN-LOEB and Co, that was busy helping JACOB SCHIFF to finance the Bolshevik Revolution.


The KANN family are very interesting – and also very ‘scrubbed’, mostly, out of real Jewish history.

They were at least partially responsible for booting the PNEI YEHOSHUA out of his rabbinical post in Frankfurt (after they’d pulled some strings for him to be appointed as ‘their guy’….) when he dared to start publically challenging the Sabbatean practises and heresies of JONATHAN EIBSHITZ.

You can read more HERE – it’s a PDF published by Prof. Sid Leiman, entitled:

The Stance of Rabbi Jacob Joshua Falk in the Emden-Eibeschuetz Controversy.


And there is more information about this communal ‘war’ that erupted in Frankfurt, again over power and money, on the Encyclopaedia of Judaism page for MOSES KANN, HERE.

MOSES KANN was the son-in-law of (the Sabbatean funder of Yehuda Chasid’s trip to Israel) SAMSON WERTHEIMER.

Samson’s sons-in-law were:

Moses Kann of Frankfurt-on-the-Main; Issachar Berush Eskeles, father of the Vienna banker [and known Frankist-mason] Bernhard Eskeles; Joseph, son of R. David Oppenheimer; and Seligmann Berend Kohn, called Solomon of Hamburg.

His youngest son, Joseph Josel (b. 1718), married a daughter of his stepbrother Wolf.


And here’s another interesting snippet from the Geni page for this same MOSES LOEB KANN of Frankfurt, grandpa of TOBIAS BOAS’s 2nd wife, SARA, and S-I-L of SAMSON WERTHEIMER:


“In 1770, the grandchildren of Simson Wertheimer gathered in Munich to make arrangements for the security of the foundation.

The transaction was signed by Samuel Wolf Wertheimer also in the name of his brothers Abraham and Joseph, Isaac Moyses Kann, Isaac Seligmann Kohn, David Joseph Wertheimer.

Witnesses: Moyses Enoch of Berlin, Latzer Seligman of Schwabach.

[The text of that document said]:

‘By decree of January 19, 1780, Samson Wertheimer (died 1787, son of Löw), Samuel (son of Wolf) and David (son of Josef) were appointed as foundation administrators.

In 1783, David Wertheimer, Simson Wertheimer (probably son of Samuel), Samson Löw Wertheimer, Seligman Berend Salomon in Hamburg, Simson Löw Zurkand (Zurkant = Zur Kanne = Kann) in The Hague and Abraham Wolf Wertheimer were summoned.

In place of the now deceased Samuel Wertheimer and Simson Löw Zurkant, Abraham Wolf Wertheimer in Munich and Joachim Zurkant appointed administrators.’


OK, so now what is that WERTHEIMER ‘FOUNDATION’ all about?

It was set up by the known Sabbatean SAMSON WERTHEIMER to provide funds for the settlement of the thousand or so Sabbateans that accompanied YEHUDA CHASSID to the Holy Land in 1700.

This is exactly the same ‘idea’ that occurred 100 years later, when TZVI HIRSH LEHREN of the HAGUE took over, and started funding the Vilna Gaon’s Perushim in Israel.

But that story will have to keep for the next post.


Last thing for now.

I have more than a sneaking suspicion that TOBIAS BOAS became the second father-in-law of JACOB FRANK (ESKELES FURTH).

(His first F-I-L is SAMUEL FALK, the ‘bad Baal Shem’ of London, who starts up a bunch of satanic secret societies with his twisted, fallen kabbalah.)


Look at this ‘clue’ from the Geni page for JACOB FRANK, put together by Frankists descendants who keep putting a bit too much ‘truth’ out there (albeit, mixed up with a bunch of lies.)


It could be that they were related like this:



Simon has a brother, PHILIP POLAK GOKKES, who is meant to marry DINA MOSES GUMPERT, the exact same woman as ABRAHAM CHAIM BOAS, the dad of TOBIAS BOAS marries.

That would make TOBIAS BOAS the uncle of JACOB ESKELES FRANK…. And ‘Hannah Boas’ his first cousin.

And we know that these people just married each other over and over and over again.

It fits with so many other piece of the puzzle.

No wonder, they tried so hard to scrub him out of history.




[1] Kingsberg, Sprin 1790.

I went into Shavuot feeling exhausted this year – even before any plans to stay up late and learn.

The Rav was back in hospital with the same serious heart condition that struck last month, and then got ameliorated, after two weeks of very expensive treatment in a private clinic in Israel.

We didn’t know if he was going to be with the kehilla for Shavuot, and just a few days earliers, the Rav had said no-one should be missing from the prayers on Shavuot.

There was also R Elmaliach’s schedule, that another aspect of the ‘soul of moshiach’ was meant to be revealed on Shavuot, at least in some subtle way.

An hour before the Chag, we heard the Rav was back home.

The gabbaim had to agree to pay for a private doctor to be in attendance on the Rav the whole of Shavuot, before the hospital would let him come home for the chag.

(Private doctors cost $5k a day….)


So I got to Ido HaNavi, and I sat and did some of my tikkun haklalis for quite a long time, until the Rav finally came out.

I was so pleased he came out.

But I also needed to get home, and I was feeling really exhausted, and also, full of a very deep yeoush, that we seem to be stuck in this mode of hanging on by our finger nails to the edge of the cliff.

How much longer can this go on?



On the way home, I was really starting to ponder on how I can change my own mindset, so that I have the stamina to keep going happily, regardless of what happens or doesn’t happen in the world.

I didn’t ‘get there’ totally, but I had some insight that most of the problem is a lack of gratitude and inflated expectations of what ‘life’ should really be like.

It’s a huge zchut to daven with the Rav, but we’re not really part of the kehilla in terms of having friends, and certainly not in terms of ever being invited for meals, or inviting others to us.

Usually, that doesn’t bother me.

But this Shavuot, I have to admit to feeling a little lonely.


So, there was the internal battle going on as I walked back home, between trying to ‘see the good’ – and there is so much of it! – vs feeling washed-up and a little despairing, that ‘life’ is stuck in the same old rut at the moment.



Close to home, one of my neighbors stopped me, and told me she was organising a shiur on Rebbe Nachman, and the story of the tainted grain, for the following day, and would I come?

My neighbor is not Breslov.

I told her I’d love to come.


Probably because I was in a funny mood, the food was not as good as it usually is on Shavuot night.

My foccacias dried out too much, my antipasi vegetables weren’t as ‘on the ball’ as usual.

I could feel that yeoush tugging me down again.


One of my daughters was going to Kever David, but the other one was going to try to hear Ben Shapiro speak in some shul somewhere in Emek Refaim.

I decided to try Ben Shapiro.

Not because I like him, or I’m ‘into him’ the way my daughter is, but because I wanted a walk somewhere, and I still had a Tikkun HaKlali to get done before I turned in for the night.

On the way, we passed a young man on an electric scooter – who’d had both his legs blown off.

My daughter had bumped into a friend so she missed it, but my son-in-law and I stared after him, and we were both pretty upset by what had happened to him.

The yeoush started knocking again.


We got to the location for Ben Shapiro ten minutes late, and while that’s early in Israel, we forgot we were dealing with punctual anglos.

The place was packed.

I suddenly felt like I’d left Israel, somehow, and got transported to the Upper West Side. It was total ‘culture shock’.

Thank God, I couldn’t find a seat, or even somewhere to stand, where I could hear anything.

My daughter was more determined to stay, but I said my goodbyes and went to do my last Tikkun Haklali for the night outside.

I am sure I was the only person there who started the night with Rav Berland, and finished it with Ben Shapiro.


On the walk back home, I was pondering more about this whole ‘how to hang on’ struggle I’m experiencing at the moment.

And I started trying to unpack it more in a chat with God.

Q: What am I trying to ‘hang on’ for?

A: That the whole of the evil and the lies should be finally revealed, uprooted and destroyed.

Q: And if that doesn’t happen right now, or in my lifetime, even – does that negate the whole purpose of being alive?

It took a moment for the obvious answer to come:

A: No! Of course not! I am here to do my own tikkun in the world, and to fix my own soul, regardless of global evil ‘being destroyed’.

Q: So why are feeling so down and whiny? You are doing your tikkun every single day. Aren’’t you?


I came home feeling happier.


The next day, I had a list of things to try to get done, spiritually.

That included:

Saying more prayers for my single daughter to get married.

Saying 7 Tikkun HaKlalis.

Reading Megillat Ruth.

Doing my daily hour of hitbodedut.

Because my yetzer is working overtime at the moment, I have been having this ongoing feeling that I’m not doing enough, spiritually.

I didn’t stay up learning all night on Shavuot…. I didn’t finish the whole book of tehillim like one of my daughters did…. I picked Ben Shapiro over Kever David…. I didn’t invite a bunch of people for the chag….

Yadda yadda yadda, feeling bad and ‘not good enough’ all day long.


In hitbodedut, I made a real effort to shut the yetzer up, and to try to focus on the good.

Q: How much effort went in to buying the stuff for chag and making the food?

A lot. I was cooking most of the day, even though it didn’t come out so wonderful.

Q: How much time do you spend every single day on prayers, hitbodedut and 7 TKs?

A: Two and a half hours. (And that’s not including the days when I go down to the Rav to join in with the prayers.)

OK, so what’s with all the beating yourself up?!? Enough already! Stop whining and start enjoying the chag!




My neighbor’s shiur was nice – not earth-shattering, but I so appreciated the effort she’d put into pulling it together and hosting it.

She’s a big talmida of one of the main persecutors of the Rav in the dati leumi world, and she has pictures of most of the people I write about on the blog all over her ‘Tzaddikim’ wall.

But I realised, it doesn’t matter.

At least, when I’m making the effort to see the good in myself, my life, and the people around me, it really doesn’t matter.


Post-Shavuot, the Rav went straight back to hospital.

I will try to keep you updated here about what is going on – but join the WhatsApp group if you want to be more in the loop.

(I’m not in that group as I don’t have a smartphone.)


The main battle going on is in our heads.

The yetzer is working overtime, to convince us all to throw in the towel, and that there is nothing left worth fighting for, and nothing good to look forward to.

That’s baloney.

Each person’s life is still so filled with good.

Just right now, we have to dig a little deeper to see it.

And even if ‘Moshiach doesn’t come’ this year – so what?

I still have my spiritual work cut out for me.

I’m not waiting for ‘Moshiach’ to come and rescue me from my own misery, my own bad middot, my own lack of emuna.

That’s my job to do.

And boy, is it a full-time position.


Let’s quickly recap where we got to in the first post.

(You can read that HERE.)

The ASIATIC BROTHERHOOD is set up using ‘old kabbalistic mysteries’ learnt from an anonymous Sabbatean preacher who is based in Jerusalem, at least in 1743.

This initial Jerusalem-based Sabbatean, code-named ‘AZARIAH’ passes this twisted kabbalah onto a German catholic called BISCHOFF.

He in turn passes it on to a catholic and ex-member of the ROSICRUCIANS, Von ECKER, who then formally begins the ASIATIC BROTHERHOOD in 1781, together with two Jewish Frankists.

Those Frankists are: 1) MOSES DOBRUSHKA (aka THOMAS VON SCHONFELD,) who converts to xtianity, and is known to be married to ELKE, the first cousin of BARUCH SHICK of SHKLOV, the ALTER REBBE’s grandson.

(Shick’s father, PINCHAS ROSANES SHICK, is the brother of ELKE’s Joss’s ‘unnamed mother’ SHICK.)

And 2) EPHRAIM JOSEPH HIRSCHFELD from KARLSRUHE, who knows a lot of kabbalah and talmud, doesn’t convert, and believes ‘enlightenment’ to be about trancending ‘man-made religion’ as opposed to anti-spiritual ‘scientific endeavor’.


The Rabbi of KARLSRUHE at this time is ASHER LOW / LYON, the son of the SHA’AGAT ARYEH – and also the first cousin of BARUCH SHICK of SHKLOV.

ASHER LOW’s sister is married to SHABTAI NOTKIN – the son of the ‘big shtadlan’ NATAN NATA NOTKIN of SHKLOV (whose descendants also take over Eretz Yisrael. More on that another time.)

EPHRAIM JOSEPH HIRSCHFELD sounds very similar to BARUCH SHICK of SHKLOV – who was also known to be a member of the ASIATIC BROTHERHOOD, to have learnt medicine, to have hung out with the Haskalah circle in Berlin – and whose descendants then took over most of the leadership positions in Eretz Yisrael.


So, we left Part I at the place where DOBRUSHKA and HIRSHFELD / SHICK are in Strasbourg, hanging out with LOUIS CLAUDE ST MARTIN.

You can read more about him on Wiki HERE, but the basic point to note is that this dude is BIG in ‘satanic secret society’ world – and his students found the MARTINISTS, who have this as their symbol:


That’s not a CO-IN-CID-ENCE.

(And it predates the use of this symbol on the Israeli flag by well over 100 years.)

Here’s a snippet about LOUIS CLAUDE ST MARTIN, that sets the general tone:

He was born at Amboise, into a family from the lesser nobility of central France.

As his father wished, he tried first law and then the army as a profession. While in the garrison at Bordeaux, he came under the influence of Martinez de Pasqually, usually called a Portuguese Jew (although later research has revealed the probability that he was a Spanish Catholic), who taught a species of mysticism drawn from cabbalistic sources, and endeavoured to found thereon a secret cult with magical or theurgical rites.

Around September 1768, Saint-Martin was introduced to the Elect Coëns. From 1768 until 1771, Saint-Martin worked at Bordeaux as secretary to Martinez de Pasqually.


BH, if you’ve been with me a while you’ll already understand that this is no problem with describing MARTINEZ DE PASQUALLY as both a ‘Portuguese Jew’ and a ‘Spanish Catholic’.

Whoever else he really was, he’s clearly a marrano, and I’m willing to wager good money that he’s deeply connected to the Sabbateans hanging out in Israel – and also, in Amsterdam.

More on that in another post.


The point is, that the FRANKIST ASIATIC BROTHERHOOD joins up with the French-Revolution-promoting MARTINISTS, and that intersection happens in Strasbourg.

Now, are you starting to understand how a Czech ‘Frankist’ like MOSES DOBRUSHKA could apparently end up playing such a leading role in the French Revolution?

But there are more secrets to learn.


In the book by Aryeh Leib Morgenstern called HASTENING REDEMPTION, he says this (on page 10):

“[Napoleon’s] campaign was accompanied by rumors of his intention to turn over Jerusalem and the Land of Israel to the Jews and assist them in renewing the kingdom of Israel….

The rumors told as well of a particular decree issued by Napoleon on 20 April 1799, in which he promises that following his victory, he will return the Land of Israel to the Jews and help them establish their state there.

Investigators differ on whether Napoleon actually issued such a decree.”


That last sentence is basically telling us that for sure, Napoleon issued this decree, and now the fake historians are trying to cover that up.

I’m trying to stay focussed on the ASIATIC BRETHREN here (whose original name was FRATRES LUCIS, or ‘Lucifer’s Brotherhood’…) but the connection with Napoleon and the French Revolution is a very important one, going forward.



If you want to read a little bit about the evil kabbalah about MARTINEZ de PASCALLY, go to the Wiki page HERE.

It’s fairly tame, but gives enough of the flavor of how easily all this stuff devolved – quickly – into pure Satanism.

A person can’t “practic[e] certain rites, where the disciple is to enter into relations with angelic entities” without losing their soul to the dark side.

It’s called ‘demonic possession’ – and we’re sadly seeing that happen all over the place these days, including recently at the Eurovision Song Contest.


If you want to know more basic info about MARTINISM – the secret society that seems to have been very focussed on ‘returning Israel to the Jews’, via Napoleon, HERE is the Wiki page for that.

This is the bit that is taking my eye, for the purposes of this post:

As a mystical tradition, it was first transmitted through a Masonic high-degree system established around 1740 in France by Martinez de Pasqually, and later propagated in different forms by his two students Louis Claude de Saint-Martin and Jean-Baptiste Willermoz.


I’m thinking that this marrano MARTINEZ DE PASQUALLY is linked to the Sabbatean ‘AZARIAH’, who started transmitting twisted kabbalah via the German BISCHHOFF at exactly the same time, in 1743.

But we’ll leave that alone, for now.

This post is plenty big enough as it is.


So back in Berlin, who do we find described as being a ‘good friend’ of EPHRAIM JOSEPH HIRSCHFELD – and also, crucially, THE ASIATIC BROTHERHOOD?

(From HERE – an old publication that lists a lot of information about these secret societies.)

Why, that would be none other than MOSES MENDELSSOHN, the so-called ‘father’ of the haskalah.

MOSES MENDELLSOHN was also a leading mason in the Berlin Grand Lodge.

I am not shocked.

I have a sneaking suspicion that MOSES MENDELSSOHN may be yet another alias for MOSES DOBRUSHKA.

As they’ve done a great job of scrubbing all the links that would surface that link easily, it’s not an easy theory to prove.

But there is a huge amount of ‘overlap’ between these two characters.


Also, the late R MARVIN ENTELMANN brought evidence from the Schiff archives in New York that the ‘Sabbatean-Frankist’ leadership passed from JONATHAN EIBSHITZ to ‘JACOB FRANK’ – and then, to none other than ‘MOSES MENDELSSOHN’.

That’s always puzzled me a little, to be honest.

But once we understand that it’s at least possible that ‘MOSES DOBRUSHKA’ = ‘MOSES MENDELSSOHN’, it opens up a lot more connections in a more understandable way.


(BTW, R Entelmann links MOSES MENDELSSOHN and his circle very clearly to the ILLUMINATI operating in Berlin. Haskala and ‘reform’ were literally crawling with satanic-masons, many of whom were also Frankists, but not all of whom were. Maybe we’ll come back to this another time.)


OK, let’s finish off where we started, by returning to theomagica.

In part 4, we learn this about the ASIATIC BROTHERHOOD:

The most important source on the teachings of the order is a large, anonymous tome published in 1803. Until the advent of the internet and digital book collections it remained so incredibly rare that in fact very few people knew it had ever been printed…..

The full title of the book is ‘The Brethren St.Johannis the Evangelist from Asia in Europe or the only true and genuine Freemasonry next to an appendix, Fessler’s Critical History of Freemasonry and its voidness, by a High Advanced One’ 


Theomagica did a great job of translating the chapter headings of that book into English, and then making Pinterest images of them.

(See that for yourself HERE.)

Here are some of the headings that took my eye:


Notice how these are all pseudo ‘scientific’, with a strong kabbalistic / ‘occult’ overtone.

Exactly the sort of stuff BARUCH SHICK of SHKLOV was turning out and obsessing over.


The ASIATIC BRETHREN also incorporated other occult-satanic stuff from two other orders that became ‘included’ in it, namely:

Order of the Knights and Brethren of the Light’ (Orden der Ritter und Brüder des Lichts),

And the: ‘Grünstädter System


Now, here’s a bit more on how the ASIATIC BRETHREN were so keen on ‘blurring the distinctions’ between Jews and xtians.

Snippets from HERE:

Upon admission into the order Christians were required to assume a Jewish internal lodge name; Jews on the other hand were asked to assume a Christian-sounding pseudonym….

Along the same lines the AB celebrated both Christian as well as Jewish holidays within their lodges. This went as far as stating in the order’s constitution that even Jewish members would have to eat pork and drink milk during some of their annual ceremonial rites (Katz, p.250f).


So now, you tell me, how BARUCH SHICK of SHKLOV, the grandson of the ALTER REBBE and student of the GRA, could be part of this ASIATIC BRETHREN and keep his soul intact?

(Even if they weren’t actually slaughtering cats and babies in weird satanic rituals….)


However, later on, we learn that the ASIATIC BRETHREN was also into ‘magic’, and creating ‘magic mirrors’, and alchemy, and other rituals enabling contact with the spiritual world.

Without belaboring the point, it should be obvious to anyone with half a brain cell that you just can’t mess around with this stuff without risking some serious ‘demonic possession’.

At the very least.


Let’s end this part of the exploration about how masons took over our community and country to remind ourselves that it’s no coincidence that ‘BARUCH SHICK of SHKLOV’s’ descendants came to play such a leading role in the Jewish community leadership in Israel.

The masons made sure that ‘their guy’ would have his family in the key positions.

And that’s still happening today.


PS: Just one more quote from Part 5 (HERE) about the ASIATIC BRETHREN, where theomagica really starts to explore more of how they were ‘practising magic’ to achieve gnosis of God…


Remember what BARUCH SHICK of SHKLOV, the grandson of the ALTER REBBE was meant to be learning, including translating Euclid for the Vilna Gaon, and join the dots up yourself.

  • Firstly, leveraging arithmetic the AB taught sophisticated numerological speculations. As they believed in the rational order of nature, numerology combined with arithmetic was one way of uncovering the hidden site of creation.

  • Secondly, both practical as well as spiritual alchemy was another way of discovering how the chains of creation were interlinked and could be influenced.

  • Thirdly, the AB equipped their higher members with the magical names, seals and ruling hours of the planetary spirits. In a curious turn on the grimoire tradition, they even provided the names and seals of the Olympic Spirits of the Arbatel and called them the ‘adversary spirits’ of the planetary angels


In case you didn’t know, a GRIMOIRE is this:

grimoire (also known as a “book of spells“, “magic book“, or a “spellbook“) is a textbook of magic, typically including instructions on how to create magical objects like talismans and amulets, how to perform magical spells, charms, and divination, and how to summon or invoke supernatural entities such as angels, spirits, deities, and demons.


Are you convinced that this stuff is really ‘bad news’, yet?

Here’s some of the movements that ‘took over’ from the ASIATIC BRETHREN:

The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn in England, Francesco Brunelli’s Arcana Arcanorum in Italy, and even Theodor Reuss’s original Ordo Templi Orientis idea, were all more or less inspired by the Asiatic Brethren. ”



Go to the Wayback machine, and start reading THIS.

You’ll learn a lot more, about how these satanic-masons took over the Jewish community, and Eretz Yisrael.


OK, BH in the next post on this subject we go back to Amsterdam, where ‘the Vilna Gaon’ is hanging out with TOBIAS BOAS, and a bunch of Berlin maskilim (or ‘initiated ones’).

Look out for that.

Part of the reason ‘the masons’ have been able to take over, and to do so much damage to both the Jewish community, and the wider world, is that most people have no idea just how ‘bad’ all this stuff really is.

Yah, it’s just a bunch of people doing funny handshakes and getting each other good jobs and nice business contacts!!!

The nepotism problem would be bad enough, in many ways, and has also meant that ‘only masons’ get jobs like being the PM or President, or any other important position, like head of the army, police, central bank, TV network or court.

And if a ‘non-mason’ happens to get anywhere near a real position of power – he’s either blackmailed, corrupted, threatened or killed.

That’s how it is.


So, the nepotism is one problem, and perhaps, the more ‘obvious’ problem in all this.

But the real problem with masons, and all these ‘secret societies’ that are built around the same pattern and principles, is that at their core, they are literally satanic.

The small guys at the bottom of the pyramid usually don’t understand that – for them, it’s really just a club of funny handshakes, weird (but ‘meaningless’) rituals – and good business contacts.

But they are giving their energy, their ‘soul power’, literally, to the forces of evil.

Whether they know that, or not.

Whether they believe that, or not.


And now with that intro out the way, let’s take a much closer look at the satanic-masonic-Frankist secret society that is at the heart of the subject of ‘how the masons took over our Jewish community 200+ years ago’.

Which goes by the name of THE ASIATIC BROTHERHOOD.


As we’ve seen many other times with the Frankist real history, some solid attempts have been made to obscure and ‘scrub out’ the real importance of THE ASIATIC BROTHERHOOD.

But in its day, it was in the same league as it’s ‘rival’ THE ILLUMINATI lodges.

Except it went underground much earlier, and had a lot of interesting members from the Jewish community who belonged to the creme de la creme of the elite families with yichus.


Some of the known members of THE ASIAN BROTHERHOOD include people I’ve written a lot about here, including:

BARUCH SHICK of SHKLOV – translater of Euclid, student of the GRA, and grandson of the ALTER REBBE of CHABAD. His descendants are literally running all sides of the show here, in Eretz Yisrael, from the Eida HaChareidit to the secular z-ists who made the Ha’Avara agreement with the Nazis in 1933.

BERNHARD ESKELES – Frankist-reforming banker, and descendant of the HANNUKAT HATORAH from Cracow, family member of JACOB ESKELES FRANK.

NATHAN ARNSTEIN – business partner of ESKELES – and somehow connected to all these ORNSTEINS / HORENSTEINS who took over the chassidic world, and especially the flow of charidee funds into Eretz Yisrael.

And a lot more people, besides.


OK, so let’s learn a little more about why this ASIATIC BROTHERHOOD is and was just so very bad, spiritually.

(Much of this information is a condensed presentation of the information you can find on the theomagica.com site, HERE.)

First, who founded it?

We are usually told that it was founded by a xtian mason, Hans Heinrich von Ecker und Eckhofen, and the Frankist ‘Jew’ MOSES DOBRUSHKA, almost certainly a made up name.

MOSES DOBRUSHKA is said to be the grandson of JONATHAN EIBSHITZ, the nephew, cousin or second cousin of JACOB FRANK (ESKELES).

And what is beyond doubt, is that he’s married to ELKE,  the first cousin of BARUCH SHICK of SHKLOV, grandson of the ALTER REBBE.


MOSES DOBRUSHKA famously converts to xtianity, adopts the name of: FRANZ THOMAS VON SCHÖNFELD (aka JUNIUS FREY) – and then, shows up in Paris egging-on the French Revolution.

MOSES DOBRUSHKA’s sister even marries FRANCOIS CHABOT, another leader of the satanic ‘French Revolution’, who converts Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris into ‘The Temple of Reason’.

That link leads to the Wiki page for the satanic ‘Cult of Reason’ this Temple was meant to belong to.


At the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris, on 10 November 1793, a special ritual was held for the “Feast of Reason”: the nave had an improvised mountain on which stood a Greek temple dedicated to Philosophy and decorated with busts of philosophers.

At the base of the mountain was located an altar dedicated to Reason, and in front of it was a torch of Truth. The ceremony included the crowd paying homage to an opera singer dressed in blue, white, red (the colours of the Republic), personifying the Goddess of Liberty.


Some time down the line, both men are both publically guillotined for some fishy business going on with the FRENCH EAST INDIA COMPANY.



Just notice at this stage that the Frankists, and their masonic buddies, were playing a leading role in the French Revolution, that also was essentially ‘satanic’ in nature.

Napoleon banned marriage, closed down churches, and tried to make the week 10 days instead of seven, so they could prevent people from keeping ‘the sabbath day’.

Most people don’t know this stuff about the French Revolution.

Because if they did, they would understand the Russian Revolution a century later was planned with exactly the same satanic end-goals in mind.


There were actually five ‘founding fathers’ of the ASIATIC BROTHERHOOD, who were:

Hans Heinrich von Ecker und Eckhofen – Catholic, former member of the ROSICRUCIANS

Franz Thomas von Schönfeld (aka MOSES DOBRUSHKA) – Frankist, close family of JACOB FRANK.

EPHRAIM JOSEF HIRSHFELD – Frankist, joins in 1782 (I suspect he is one and the same as BARUCH SHICK of SHKLOV. Read on.)

‘Justus’ BISCHOFF – Franciscan catholic who spent some years living in Jerusalem

‘AZARIAH’ – who theomagica.com believes to be an imagined founder, but who I think is probably either JACOB FRANK himself, or his father-in-law SAMUEL CHAIM FALK, the bad Baal Shem of London, who was busy setting up a bunch of satanic ‘black kabbalah’ secret societies all over the place, including THE GOLDEN DAWN.


OK, now let’s quote a bit from theomagica.com:

Lodges of the Asiatic Brethren have been confirmed for Vienna – where their original headquarter was – Prague, Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt and Innsbruck.

Equally, due to member lists found amongst the order’s papers memberships of several powerful potentates of the time are confirmed, the most influential of whom certainly was the future King of Prussia, Friedrich Wilhelm II.


The ASIATIC BROTHERHOOD were major players, in the ‘satanic-masons’ game – and they brought together a lot of Frankists from Sabbatean families with royalty and other nobles – and satanic xtianity.


This is another quote from a contemporary writer, Von Goue, who describes the ASIATIC BROTHERHOOD like this:

Their gatherings they call Melchisedek-Lodges and offer their services to include Jews, Turks, Persians and Armenians.

The order aims to be a fraternal association of all righteous and (currently) separated human children. (…)

The order’s teaching are partly moral, which means one is taught how to govern the spirits by breaking the seven seals, and partly physical, which means one is taught how to produce miracle cures (Wunderarzneyen) and how to create gold.

The order expects blind faith and blind obedience; it’s regulations are the true teachings of the son’s of Loyola.”

— VON GOUE, LEIPZIG 1805, P.411


(The ‘Sons of Loyola’ is basically a reference to the Jesuits – who are the real ‘power behind the throne’ with everything that is going on. Just, they have their ‘externally Jewish’ fall-guys in place to deflect that onto the Jewish community. Smart.)


All the non-Jewish members of the ASIATIC BROTHERHOOD had ‘Jewish names’, even if they were not Jews. At all.

So, while BARUCH SHICK of SHKLOV (the ALTER REBBE’s grandson) was called: PETRUS ben K-eL CHAI, the German, non-Jewish founder BISCHOFF’s name was ‘ISH TZADDIK’.


On the ORDO AB CHAOS site HERE, we find a few more details of the non-Jews who belonged to the ASIATIC BRETHREN.


According to the anonymous Rituals of the Fratres Lucis, Saint-Martin, along with the chief occultists of the period, including Emmanuel Swedenborg, Comte de Saint Germain and Count Cagliostro, were all members of the Asiatic Brethren….. The Asiatic Brethren also composed a Sanhedrin, over which presided the Duke of Brunswick [FERDINAND, DUKE OF BRUNSWICK-BRAUNSCHWEIG-LUNEBURG-WOLFENBUTTEL.]


Just to go off on a tangent for a moment, when the anti-semites accuse ‘the Jooooos’ of writing things like the PROTOCOLS of the ELDERS of ZION, the people who really wrote that stuff is the masons.

Most of whom were not Jewish, at all, but had ‘Jewish names’ from their twisted-kabbalah-practising secret societies.


OK, so when was THE ASIATIC BROTHERHOOD founded?

Here’s where the story gets even more interesting.

The official story is that Hans Heinrich von Ecker und Eckhofen is meant to formally found it in 1781, after receiving ‘information’ from BISCHOFF, who spends time in Jerusalem before returning to Europe.

While BISCHOFF is in Jerusalem, some unnamed Sabbatean Kabbalist who is given the name AZARIAH ‘initiates him’ into the secrets of dark kabbalah – with a specific focus on Eretz Yisrael.

That’s why the order is called the ASIATIC BROTHERHOOD – it’s focussed-in on Israel, right from the start.


So, BISCHOFF unofficially starts the secret society 38 years earlier – in or around 1743.

We know that the Sabbateans who ‘ascended’ to Israel with the Sabbatean JUDAH HACHASID in 1700 settled primarily in Jerusalem.

We also know that the Holy Land is crawling with Sabbateans still in 1777, when MENACHEM MENDEL of VITEBSK complains that the inhabitants of Tsfat are ‘thoroughly wicked, believers in Shabtai Tzvi’ – which is why he moves to Tiberius instead.

The details fit.


What this means, is that THE ASIATIC BROTHERHOOD wasn’t just some Frankist creation.

It was the continuation of the twisted kabbalah of Shabtai Tzvi, mamash, that had been incubating in the Holy Land, given a new ‘Frankist’ twist and exported back to Europe.


There is probably so much more to say about this, and how it connects with the satanic gnosticism that was the original seed-bed of what became ‘xtianity’.

But let’s try and keep focussed here on the ASIATIC BROTHERHOOD.

The other ‘Jewish’ founder, at least officially in 1781, is one:



Here’s another snippet from the theomagica site, about who he actually was:

Hirschfeld was born as a son to a Jewish cantor in Karlsruhe who held considerable knowledge in talmudic and kabbalistic studies (Katz, p.245)…

Hirschfeld’s father… had aimed to create and strengthen his family ties to several Christian families of noble decent.

As a protege of these powerful allies the young Hirschfeld was allowed to visit a higher school and study medicine initially…

Early on in his life we find him working as a teacher and accountant for several aristocratic families, such as ultimately the famous 19th century banker David Friedländer….

Different to many other Jews of the time who aimed for access to Christian secret societies and a place on the social parquet, Hirschfeld never converted to Christianity and always held on to his Jewish roots.


You know who else was in Karlsruhe at exactly this time?

If you said ASHER LOW / LYON, the son of the SHA’AGAT ARYEY – award yourself a million brownie points!!!

To put this another way, EPHRAIM JOSEPH HIRSHFELD is doing much of what ‘BARUCH SHICK of SHKLOV’ is said to be doing, at exactly the same time – including studying medicine, hanging out with the Berlin haskalah circle, and playing a major role in the ASIATIC BROTHERHOOD with his deep knowledge of Talmud and kabbalah.

(You recall that BARUCH SHICK of SHKLOV’s mother is meant to be the sister of the SHA’AGAT ARYEH, while her brother ASHER LYON is rabbi in Karlsruhe. It’s always a very small world…)


In the meantime, in 1790 HIRSHFELD and Von ECKER fall out, HIRSHFELD is banned from the order – and then, he tries to take Von ECKER to court.

Here’s another snippet from theomagica:

Now, what is particularly interesting about this conflict is Hirschfeld’s opinion on Kabbala as he expressed it in public documents as part of the related law court.

He argues very confidently that Kabbala as such was not based on any particular religion, but rather formed an open path for anybody interested – be they Muslim, Catholic or Jewish – to transcend the limitations of one’s own religious tradition and to gain access to “the one and only, true, pure and all embracing religion.” (Katz, p.267)


This is the basis of the ‘one world religion’ we are still dealing with today.

And it’s rooted in the poisonous, twisted ‘kabbalah’ of those satanic heretics who have been hiding out within the Jewish community for at least 2,000 years.

If not much, much longer.


Here’s a quote about this from HIRSHFELD himself:

“But because it is in the principles of the true Cabalistic that lies the one and only, true, pure and all-embracing religion, nothing is more natural than that all kinds of religious members are coming together here (in this order).

It is here for example that the orthodox Jew, Mohametan and Christian learned the sacred three-in-one as well as the true faith in the unbiased doctrine of Christ – of which the first two mustn’t know and the third downrightly knows nothing (…).”



HIRSCHFELD’s notion of ‘enlightenment’ is not scientific achievement, per se, but that all the ‘man-made’ religions fall away (including our God-given Torah-based yiddishkeit!) to leave behind it just the ‘real religion’ of kabbalah.

Again, this sounds very much like the real root of the ‘disagreement’ between BARUCH SHICK of SHKLOV and the Berlin circle of MENDELSSOHN and DAVID FRIEDLAND – who HIRSHFELD (aka SHICK?) was working for as a tutor, and in close contact with.


In 1792, HIRSCHFELD is actually imprisoned in a debtor’s prison for a few months, in Schleswig.

Another mystery figure called ‘ISAAC ben JOSEPH’ shows up to pay off his debts – 550 thalers – and get HIRSHFELD freed.

They both then disappear out the picture, show up together in Strasbourg for a little while, and then HIRSHFELD returns to KARLSRUHE – when he’s not spending time in JACOB FRANK’s court in OFFENBACH (which has now been taken over by his daughter, EVA FRANK).

He dies in 1820.


‘ISAAC ben JOSEPH’ appears to be none other than MOSES DOBRUSHKA, using yet another one of his aliases.

While the historians are baffled as to why he would show up and spend a huge amount of money to free his main ‘rival’ in the ASIATIC BROTHERHOOD – we’re working on the assumption that both these men are related to each other, and are close family.

But here’s where we really start to pull all this together, with the focus on Eretz Yisrael, and how it was taken over by the masons.


While they are in Strasbourg, DOBRUSHKA and HIRSHFELD hook up with another leading ‘satanic secret society mystic’, by the name of LOUIS CLAUDE ST MARTIN.

(He’s mentioned above, as also belonging to the ASIATIC BROTHERHOOD).

He’s the founder of the satanic sect called THE MARTINISTS.

Here is their symbol:

What do you notice?


Let’s continue this discussion in part II.